Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – 02 – Purple haired menace

As if the two moles didn’t her away.  You know what they say about them. Actually, I don’t know either, I wanted to point it out. Fujiko wears a cape, therefore that means she’s an important character and probably a good one. “She’s the first to understand me since I arrived” Yep, she’s definitely evil. Might as well as have a neon sign saying it.

Korone follows Sai even to the bathroom. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was appointed to keep an eye on him 24/7 like  a professional stalker. Even though she said that she was busier checking out seabears. What’s with that smirk?

The students are so twittered that is scary. Everyone is all Facebooked in Ichiban that you can practically call anyone in your all friend list. No one told Sai that he was going to get a free Iphone the moment he enrolled here. Does everyone here have different hair colors? They could easily form a rainbow if they would form a line.

“Are you teasing me?”
“A little”
“Are you having fun?”
“A little”

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out but Ichiban gets some points by putting a kudere in this show regardless. Even though they might practically remind you of their past reincarnations, sort of like Hiroshi Kamiya’s work for the past years and just about  the great majority of tsunderes in anime.  Korone hides herself in the closet like she is a hikkimori in training. I thought  scenes like this wouldn’t happen so often seeing the main lead is a next cardinal/pope to be. It sure isn’t stopping him from being just about your average teenager.


I’m kinda liking the teacher with her whole give me a call when you feel like dying. She does want to dissect Sai as bad as I want a high quality version of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which is a lot to say the least. Rather than being a teacher she looks more like a doctor to me. I wonder how mandatory is actually in the anime industry to make all teachers wear glasses at some point.

Back to purple princess who in mere seconds top every single female in this show.  Hattari who? She hasn’t made a single appearance again and her position as main is fading away as we speak. On the other hand, Fujiko is sticking out from the crowd Mikako from Sora no Otoshimono. Thanks to this phone scene I’m reminded that I should go back and finish that.

Sai asks for her help on the little (gigantic) problem he caused the other day and make up with Hattari. Fujiko’s great plan is to make him go to the mountains and have a chit chat about how they can solve this issue. Disregard why they couldn’t just talk it over the phone instead. Fanservice is taking privilege. And I’m hearing no complaining.

Korone has a greater sense of humor that any android would normally be allowed to have.  I figured she’d have her moments but  it’s almost like she is the main character instead of Hattari, who just last week I guessed she was. I guess I guessed wrong. I’m not surprised that the Suzaku looking guy is serving as the representative of  90% student portion of the show. I’ll actually be surprised to see bystanders  in ecchi shows have some influence in the story at all.

Here I’m just confused. Do they want censorship in this show or not? One second they take away the field of vision reducing in 50% and reaching dangerous levels than in others they don’t even bother. It doesn’t stop there. Even though they’re taking away the pirate eye from last week, they’re giving me cataracts instead. Whoever thought this is starting to horribly remind you of Rosario to Vampire s2 is right. How frightening is that? Oh, is it clear that this episode isn’t a good as the first one?

What are those lines under his eyes? They’re like fangs or something. Or indication that he is the demon lord. Actually, I’m even more puzzled as why Korone has a rabbit like tail. Was she a prototype to be a bunny girl or did someone just got overly creative when he was asked to create a stop/reset button? More to the point, Sai should know that something is not right when you’re asked to solve problems with pills and weird-looking syringes. I mean it could’ve work for Onikakushi but it won’t work here.

This girl is another mystery. I don’t know much who she is but that’s probably because the show hasn’t said much about her except the quick flashback with Castlevania like music at the beginning. Nothing more awkward than having a nude invisible girl being chased by a dog and you plan to become the next cardinal. This invisible woman did not finish her training involving keeping her clothes on. That feels a bit off. Such antics are more suited for the cast of Ladies vs. Butters or for the cosplaying teacher Yoshinoya-sensei. I don’t know how important Soga’s role is but, it can’t be that good of a position when you’re main ability is of not appearing on-screen. Off you go. Now, I see you. Now, I don’t. I wish I could do the same to spam mail.

Fujiko is safe since somehow having the head of a relative isn’t featured on worst things to find in a girl’s room. What’s up with that? It sure is getting popular nowadays having headless people in anime. I’m more surprised that FMA Brotherhood hasn’t pull that one off.

After setting up her trap, Fujiko has managed to stir something up here creating a misunderstanding and furthering pushing Sai’s reputation to the ground so she can someone control the demon lord. Talk about planning for the future. No, not ahead. That’d make a terrible pun.


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  1. Is this the season of girls with beauty points under both eyes?. Night raid one has too

    • Now that you mention it that seems to be the case. Only that Night Raid didn’t make an enough impact to be memorable. It was all a blur amidst of the long dialogues and confusing story along with people with super powers which none of them had the power of entertainment.

    • Schools in Ichiban spends more money purchasing expensive cutting edge technology phones than anything else. Have you seen the overgeneric school uniforms? I’d think this is a public school if it weren’t for the teachers and Fujiko. Public school don’t have hot teachers and even less wear expensive lab coats.

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