Liar Game – 109 – Nao flaming idiot

Nao. She still is.

Chapter 109. Talk about fast. Didn’t they release a chapter the other day? I wish they would release other manga in such way too. Gamble fish sure would like to have this privilege.

Not much happened. We learned that actually Nao is part goldfish (part of her mother’s side probably) which totally explains why she has her mouth open 50% of the time like she’s out of the water (A fly is bound to get in :O) and why her eyes are so freakishly huge. Mystery solved.

If anything Liar game has taught me is not to underestimate transsexuals and also blonds, but that’s aside the point. Fukunaga is the man or the woman in this case? He is as resourceful and as cunning as ever. I got a kick out of him calling her a flaming idiot. It’s so damn true. I know it’s the whole premise of Nao helping everyone but she even outdoes herself at being a martyr. At any rate, Fukunaga helps Nao and give her chair he found after she refused to take her old one back from 4-eyes, for a price that is. I guess that tight t-shirt didn’t do a thing for Nao after all aside from not letting air go to her head.

I kinda feel bad for totally forgetting all about the coins/token they gave them until this point. It was so obvious that they would be used to buy off the losers to get them in your team. Then how come Yokoya hasn’t done it already? He is so into controlling people that I figured he’d be the first to do it.

4 players have lost already. We can guess who they are. Yokoya and his squinted eyes are responsible for possibly thinning out the competition as usual. Where’d his mouse go anyway? Next chapter? In a few days?