First Impressions: Giant Killing – Senkou no Night Raid


‘We can’t LOSE.’ ‘Gotta train HARDER.’ ‘Steroids are bad for YOU.’ Ok, maybe the last one isn’t included – @ Giant Killing.

The characters weren’t appealing, the action and super powers part didn’t make the show any more interesting either. If you enjoyed it then you are blessed with the gift of extra patience – @ Nap Raid.

TL: laughter

Sengoku no Night Raid

Actually, let’s start with the most boring show of the season instead, so I can emphasis how great and not crappy the following show is. Yeah, I mean that. After the first +5 minutes had already gone by I was reminded that it is good damn idea to actually sit down and read the anime synopsis before actually watching the show.  It’s usually not that mandatory but in this case it was more than just a suggestion. I hardly knew what was going on, and the show didn’t try to lend me a hand either. Not it would’ve helped me a lot. By the time it got to the pic above I was as excited as a solitaire player. I can’t be the only one who found it that boring.

Literally they spent their spend running around and kung fu’ing anyone who came across their mission. Bam!  Slash! Pow! Night Raid was all that and, pretty much only that. This show was lucky I wasn’t extremely tired otherwise the first episode would’ve put me right to sleep better than sleeping pills. The characters weren’t appealing, the action and super powers part didn’t make the show any more interesting either. If you enjoyed it then you are blessed with the gift of extra patience. As far as I’m concerned this show could use some troll subs to make it more interesting.

At this moment, it doesn’t matter if Senkou no Night Raid has cool or serious missions. They must make them more interesting and not turn them into complete snoozefests. I was never much interested but after watching the first episode I’m even less interested in  it. Comparing the two the trailer looked so much better.

– Do I dare say, Studio A-1 go back to making moe shows? You handle those rather well. And you, woman..

– Get off my head!

Interest: Mission failed


Giant Killing

– actually, gentlemen. I’m not Tonegawa

Arguments aside why a game that revolves around kicking a ball isn’t known throughout the planet as football may still boggle your mind. Studio Deen kicks things off by hopefully NOT kicking you in the knee. Even though I just said that, Giant Killing has Madhouse all over it.

I swear this show should have been handled by them rather than Studio Deen. You know, actually, I wasn’t that displeased with the animation. The character designs in GK don’t look great, but I doubt the original source looked that great either. I think DEEN can do much worse when they feel like saving a few bucks.  When you aren’t getting ultra blurry magical flashbacks and people look human – things are good. I’d make fun more of DEEN but I think they do a good job themselves.

Giant killing might be their chance to gain some respect back this season.

Now, now, I don’t expect Giant Killing to be one of those super unique shows. I expect the story to be similar to other shows of the same genre. And that doesn’t exactly mean something bad. Mediocre team goes to the final thanks to its latest all talented recruit, or in this special case to a genius coach with much much personality. You know the drill, drama/jealousy/etc involved among the players happens halfway the show. ‘We can’t LOSE.’ ‘Gotta train HARDER.’ Steroids are bad for YOU. Ok, maybe the last one isn’t included. Anyway, it just works. On the other hand, the OP just confuses me for some reason. I feel like I just came across a parade.

after marathoring Captain Tsubasa, Tatsumi is all set

I already planned on watching Giant Killing before the season started. Now it was just a matter of fact much it would make me want to keep watching after the first episode. I can take average with potential. I can’t take terrible with no future. I believe that Giant Killing can definitely make it big. And not only in this story. Frankly, the first episode didn’t blow me away but I was satisfied enough and it left me wanting more. I’ll be sure to catch the following episode next week.

Interest: Medium (+)


11 thoughts on “First Impressions: Giant Killing – Senkou no Night Raid

  1. i really loved senkou no night raid ,the animation was amazing ,the character design was good and history very interesting , a mix of the historical genre and superpowers genre ,2 of my favorites ,definitively i loved sonkou no night but in the other side i think sports are boring for me and because of it i don’t like giant killing

    • Fair enough. Despite the action Night Raid started super slow for me, maybe because their first mission wasn’t exactly thrilling for a first episode.

      By the end of the ep they got this things are going to get good from here on vibe so I recommend they do that. With a better mixture of their powers, action, and the story they might whip something up. We hardly know much about the main characters so a background on who they are will do the show some good.

      On a positive note, the show can only go up from here.

  2. Yeah Senkou has a good animation and a good animation at the first 5 minutes. after that the show becomes a talking one and end being a bit boring.

    Didn’t try second one, sports anime are not my style

    • I’m used to (maybe too much) A-1’s bright and full of life backgrounds by now. Night Raid didn’t show me any of that so it took me a while to realized it was done by them.

      I see Tatsumi couldn’t recruit you :\

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  4. typing error: “Sengoku no Night Raid??”
    It’s alot later than the Sengoku period lol…

    even though the anime isn’t a historical representation, if you took the time to understand the historical background or even appreciate the kind of atmosphere at that time, it might be more interesting to you ^^

    • Yeah, I think that may also play a part here. I’m not familiar with the story so unless the show goes over it it’ll still sound jumble. So like you said, those more familiar with it will find it more appealing. Probably I’ll pick up the next ep and see if the situation changes.

  5. Senkou no Night Raid?

    Giant Killing?

    These two anime R quite great…!

  6. I picked up Giant Killing and I thought it was awesomeee.
    esp. tatsumi. :)
    eh, idk about sengoku no night raid though, art was goodd. but :/

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