Liar Game – 108 – Magical chairs

sometimes Nao outdoes herself

Here’s a second one. Don’t! By now I should be used to Nao giving freebies and going terribly easy on the enemy but her downright display of martyrdom never ceases to shock me. She’s like aiming to get the St. title before her name – and she is doing a terrific job.

Nao does not afraid of anything

As if the cover didn’t give it away. Nao has this Shannon attitude. Don’t worry, my boobs will protect me! (either that or Akiyama) /facepalm

Nice move on Akiyama for actually playing the game even if it made him look like a prick in the process. Hey, someone has to do it. This is still the Liar Game after all.  Good to see that out of Nao and him, he at least plays it when necessary. Not that it was of much help as he got trolled by one of the old man’s girls. It was fa too obvious the letter he got was a fake. Handwriting? Really?  He should gotten a  cool seal to make it seem more real. What is this? The old man even has a cult? He is as pimp as they come. What I really want to see is a no-eyebrows Yokoya vs this old man showdown.

As usual Yokoya has already figured out a way to ensure victory for his group. He has it easy though, Mr. Big and the steroids dude’s intellects are so below average that I feel like I’m rewatching OKK so they all fall right into Yokoya’s trap. Not only does four eyes needs a new pair of glass but some new sneakers. The guy trips after chasing one of Yokoya’s lackeys after a few seconds. Talk about P.E fail.

Next chapter Akiyama will probably bail Nao out as usual! Finders keepers, Nao. Finders keepers. Hopefully, her good deed in this chapter won’t go unnoticed.


3 thoughts on “Liar Game – 108 – Magical chairs

  1. I didn’t know you read Liar Game!
    Usually her good deeds alone don’t help her much. The way to maximize their usefulness is through Akiyama, like in the Pandemic game. Her intention of saving Four Eyes wasn’t successful, but Akiyama managed to use it to their advantage by getting the two guys to cooperate with their plan. So, if Akiyama learns of this, I’m sure he’ll make use of it.

    • Like Erika says, as long as it isn’t third rate.

      LG’s games are very interesting and keep you guessing. Plus, if it has a psychological battles and chess masters colliding then I’m there.

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