Troll subs – Hakuoki : Fabulous Shinsengumi Kitan

rather resourceful

After being knocked out, Yuki Cross finds herself at a convention of Saiyuki rejects, in there  historical fabulouness ensues.  This brought to you by some awesome quality subs.


I, Keikakudoori, believe that is not possible to enjoy this show more than this fansub’s version.

Fabulousness : High
Interest: Very low (the actual show)

*Edit* Want to download it? Click HERE before it’s gone!


5 thoughts on “Troll subs – Hakuoki : Fabulous Shinsengumi Kitan

  1. Pretty much the best subs possible for this show. The cicadas bit had me pissing myself laughing. So far it’s the best new show of the season.

  2. Will you guys be doing the entire Hakuoki episodes? I mean, episode two came out recently and i want to see what you guys will do since the first one was so hilarious.

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