First Impressions : Angel Beats – No God, no Budha, no Angel

Iz dis sum Haruhi?

It’s gotta be.

It must be sum Haruhi

then it must be sum Yuki

then it must sum Clannad

then it haz 2 be sum Kanon 2006. What are you talking about? Before that Kanon didn’t exist. Everyone knows that

Angel Beats.. I was waiting for this. And I don’t mean it in the fanboy sort of way, I don’t usually do that except for a few. I was, after all, (still am) a stranger to AB just yesterday. All things in favor of Angel Beats is that found the plot intriguing. Quite messy. Quite fun. Quite Haruhi. No, wait.It has some similarities but it sure isn’t.

The story is relying on the fact that we don’t know what’s exactly going on. I sort of like that in my shows when the effect is done on purpose, if you don’t then you need to pay more attention. Yeah, I do believe that the show is doing it on purposely rather than being damn lazy about making sense at all. I might one of the few but I rewatched the first ep twice to make sure I was getting the info right. Still some parts of the story felt like I was trying to put pieces where they didn’t belong or maybe they are just extra pieces, like why did the president deny being an Angel when in fact she is one? And why does this world exist? It’s full of mysteries, that’s for sure.

Things I didn’t like:
The comedy –  Not going as far as hating it. Just that it throws me off whenever I feel they’re getting serious. Pick one and try to stick to it.
WHAT’S WITH HER FACE? –  Those eyes.. I can’t get over how bad her character design looks at times. She doesn’t look like the pictures I’ve seen around. More like a fish at times.
The concert – I don’t mean the music. Music was fine. More like the fact that show wanted to desperately fit some concert performance no matter what to please the viewers. God knows what they’re thinking, huh.

Things I liked:
Solid animation – as expected from KyoAn- I mean from P.A Works.
The plot – I said that already but who cares. Characters dying more than once? I’m in. Not the most unique way of hiding the fact from us per se (amnesia is back this season in case you missed it) but it’ll be interesting to see the main character make sense of the world he’s in. Even more what he eventually uncovers, like this world is fake, everything isn’t what they told him it is.
The battles – Hell, more like Angel Beating. Gantz came to mind first and the other was NGEV (although I’m not expecting AB to be anywhere near that gory) Possibly it did because it was a group of students are ganging up on a single character, oblivious to the real situation while wielding weapons enough to start their own revolution.

Things I found interesting:
Where’d they get the guns?
Why does this world exist? A school of all places.. even they even seem to have classes I think.
How come the ‘npcs’ and Yuri’s group are different? What and why makes them that different?
Why is Angel.. well, Angel? It wouldn’t be that strange to think that Yuris’ group got the story backwards and they’re the ones who are in the wrong.  I can’t accept her words ‘just accept things as they are’. I’m a natural born skeptic so  I can’t accept that easily. Also phrases like that indicates that I probably shouldn’t. Also, I never believed in Santa Claus either but that is aside the point.

We’re gradually getting better here. That’s good because I’m looking for something to blog or  talk about this season. AB  isn’t half that bad so you’ll probably see more Angel Beats around here every now and then in (un) episodics format or random thoughts.

Interest: High


5 thoughts on “First Impressions : Angel Beats – No God, no Budha, no Angel

  1. I’m really interested in this show too. Although the fact they’re battling an Angel makes me think that the show might be going for the trope in which the main characters are the evil ones.

    Also, a lot of questions about how this world works, but we’ll have to wait for them.

    One last thing: Prepare to love the main female character. This is Key we’re talking about. In the next episodes, we’ll get to know everyone like if they were our true friends. And then they’ll die. And we’ll cry. We’ll cry a lot.

    Let the tears start dropping! *thinks Clannad’s last episodes…*

    • I forgot to mention the Deux Ex that there’ll be at the end. *Thinks Clannad again*

  2. I agree. Character designs are horrible. That’s where they need KyoAni.

  3. To be honest, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this season. The only things I’m interested in are Arakawa Under the Bridge and RAINBOW. But I guess I’ll check out Angel Beats and see if I like it. If not, I’ll guess I’ll rewatch One Outs or something.
    That said, my hopes are actually on the Summer Season, when my Shiki anime is being aired.

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