First Impressions : Heroman is NOT amused

Joey Jones saves the world while trying not to get flash kicked by the locals

Holy.. Who called Guile to this show? Joey Jones must be Japanese and Will must be the real American. Bandit Keith demands that Heroman get its facts straight! Like getting some sunglasses for a change.

Heroman stare down of doom is only found in few. Personally, I’d like to see a stare down battle between Charles Zi Britannia vs Heroman or Byakuya vs Heroman or Lunge Heinrich vs Heroman or Dlanor A. Knox vs. Heroman or better yet Heroman vs Heroman. Enough. Stop looking so mighty, Heroman! I know your weakness. Your energizer batteries don’t actually keep going and going.

“shut up, kid. I’m trying to think here.”

Heroman is created by lightening and automatically gets a mind of its own and obtains a fashionable outfit for reasons I rather not know about. The very moment Heroman is created it activates his special ability, it automatically gets a bonus from as many flags are on the field and receives a boost allowing him to massively look  down on trappish characters. This guy is alright in my notebook.

For some reason I could not stop cracking up whenever I saw Heroman put that serious face. He had this craaaazy look on him. Real serious. Super dead serious superobot ready to crack some alien heads. A combination of being pissed and of having general disapproval like most people when they checked out chartfag each anime season. I liked Heroman’s attitude. He has this ‘shut up kid I’m trying to think here’ look that demands respect like he owns the place.

I had to recheck the character description to corroborate that Joey Jones was a guy and that he was just going for the Mello look.

One thing for sure though, Hero man is the strong silent type. Heck, I’m already wondering if Heroman is going to be voiced at all! I think it’ll be fine if he wasn’t, right? No, more like I don’t want to hear his voice since it will ruin the blue, red and white seriousness  throughout his Michelin-like body of righteousness. As for the rest. The story was uninspired. Crazy professor, who just happens to know the main character, who btw couldn’t fathom the idea of triggering an alien invasion thanks to him trying to contact friendly forms from outerspace. Parents no where to be seen again. Girl has a crush on main character who just happens that her family isn’t so rich after all, otherwise he’ll have a chauffeur doing all the driving. Everybody knows that. I have little interest in Heroman but I have even less interest in Wolverine anime as one might guess. That is saying a lot. Above all, I think that fact that Heroman not wearing his undies on top of his clothes is already great progress for the show.

Interest: Low


8 thoughts on “First Impressions : Heroman is NOT amused

  1. LOL seeing as how I also found the show somewhat too much of a throwback to my childhood, I enjoyed this post.

    It could be good, but it was meant more for kids, really.

  2. It’s a kiddy show, but I’m gonna watch it anyways. I have hopes in this show since it’s Bones and some guy called Stan Lee. (Woah, I just checked his Wikipedia page, it’s the guy who came up with Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, Hulk ,Iron Man ,Thor ,Daredevil , and Doctor Strange.

    It’s full of cliches and predictable events, but it might end being worth it.

  3. All will cower under the gaze of Heroman. He looks like a disaproving strict father staring down at his kid who just came fourth in the school races

    • You know, wasn’t it because this show obvious connection to USA, for a second there I wondered what was more possible: Lesbian main character or the main character is actually male.

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