Anime critique : Hidden God [FINAL] – Everybody’s Gonna be Happy (-X)

apparently there is, Nemuru

It must be reverse psychology at work that the longer they took to sub this episode that more I felt like watching it. Putting a short story even shorter, the ‘last episode’ actually takes us where the ep 11 left off and throws us in the middle of the day in the everyday life of world known bakayarou Hiroshi and the wolf girls of the jouga town. The episode divided into three segments which are too irrelevant to actually blog about. Not that that has ever stopped me before. Critique followed at the bottom.

1- Fate has come to create the most derailed version of what would happen if there was no conflict in the village whatsoever. What better way to spend it than creating an occult search brigade?

2- Nemuru’s taken my remarks about cosplaying too seriously and she’s become an obsessed (and follower) frabbit cosplayer. She now has a HQ for usaeru fanclub at Mana’s room and talk about the greatness of pink rabbit mascot. Their conversations revolve around misunderstandings ultimately ending with Nemuru bringing Mana what she thought she wanted. To the displeasure of some (myself included) Hiroshi is not devoured by the rabbit of doom. And yeah, I think that moe Nemuru is the best thing about this episode even if it completely destroys her character.

3- Hiroshi’s days of being sexually harassed by jouga won’t be over any time soon, not that he seems to be that troubled by it. Just in case the godpeople aren’t feeling confident in themselves, Nemuru gives Hiroshi a hassaku spray. But that won’t save him from the claws of other strangers, even less when he crossdresses as a meido for a restaurant. Once again Hiroshi is saved till the end, now by Nemuru’s father who is in fact the famous and terrifying jouga monster. Back to the family restaurant they were in, Hiroshi reminiscences about his heroic actions and tremendous role in the story all of them while oozing total utter GARNESS the way through. Oh wait.. The show ending showing us a hassaku fruit and the small statue being carried away.  The end. I don’t even..  [ending theme starts] ~Wasurenaide..

It does feel weird talking about the last episode about a show that ended last week.  Anyway, that was a bit awkward. Not as hilarious as they intended that makes us consider the whole incident as a total gag. No, this isn’t REI. It was strange seeing Hiroshi remembering what happened throughout the show. I suppose that making fun of themselves helped Hidden God a little bit, easing a few sores that might’ve caused to some viewers and give hearty laughs to others. Take your pick.

Nemuru the huntress in Hidden God

Final Thoughts:

Hidden God started off fine, then it got relatively better then it started getting bad until the enthusiasm was being lost when the show started falling apart piece by piece. After the first episode I knew I wasn’t going to love Okkami Kakushi but I figured I could enjoy whatever the show had to offer and make the best of it. Frankly, Okkakumi Kakushi was average bordering bad. Above all I found it disappointing for many reasons. The show starts with a familiar premise that promise of bloody tour which never fully materialized. Bearing the name of R07, OKK was expected to deliver no matter what it tried to be. Surely, it wasn’t the best idea to expect Hidden God to surpass R07’s previous projects, nevertheless, a certain minimal degree of that formula  that made those projects so well liked was expected nonetheless. The hard red truth is that Hidden God couldn’t manage to impress or satisfy as much as one would want to. Unfortunately, I think that it didn’t even try to.

Featuring one of the incompetent male characters of the year, brainaic Hiroshi, is the ignorant main lead in a town of citrus loving werewolves who bound by sexual abstinence decree form the story of the least favorite one of the created by the mind behind the When they Cry series. Unfortunately, Hidden God doesn’t turn out to be as great as one would expect of any of his works. The show is one straight arrow, one that goes through clichés randomly presenting us with clues throughout the story which many of them actually turn out to be facts. Possibly one of the worst things (at least for me) is how flat the story turned out to be in the end.  I think I could’ve lived with it if the character would’ve been more interesting or at least the show would’ve given enough hints of  them being something more that the show made us believe. Not that the show has bad characters. Actually it has a few likeable ones, unsurprisingly none of them are the main lead. Mostly characters such as Nemuru and Kaname being the heroines of the show and Sakaki playing the bad guy scheming behind the scenes. They are the ones who basically keep the show together while the main lead still hasn’t gotten the huge memo that he, unfortunately, is main character of the story. It’s no exaggeration that Hiroshi in great part is what hurt the show greatly. The lack of interaction, involvement, assertiveness on his part gives the feeling that the show would be fine without him. In fact, I’m sure it would have, if it weren’t mandatory to keep him around just for the sake of story, which basically centers around the events that happening around his oblivious self in a small town where the villagers go crazy for someone who sports a fragrance stronger that the one promised by the AXE effect. One thing is for sure though, Hiroshi does stink.

Not all in Hidden God was bad. It has its good moments and I personally would’ve wanted them to last longer. As for the mystery it wasn’t the greatest but there was some fun to it in the first episodes when things didn’t seem to make that much sense. However, midway once the story has already built up, the mystery part goes away and it goes on a straight line explaining the why’, how’s  , and giving straight answers to general questions while ignoring the rest. There’s not much to it. This is one of those cases when things are because they are and other things happen because well, they just happen. If I had to put Okkami Kakushi in one word, it would be unsatisfactory, then again I was one of those who expected the most out of this show. It promised to be something else but accomplished very little leaving more than one dissatisfied. Maybe partly due to the whole fitting the show into 12 eps and making a sole route mashing everything together, which was probably a bad move on Studio AIC, however 20 something eps don’t seem that thrilling if you ask me. If you’re a mystery fan, don’t overthink OKK because the show sure doesn’t. If you’re a horror fan, then don’t expect much of it. If you’re expecting  this to be another great hit.  Don’t. Keep your expectations low instead because Hidden God doesn’t have many tricks up its sleeves. I think Hidden God is like Hassaku.It leaves a sour aftertaste.

Story : 5 Half the story interested me even if it wasn’t all that original. What came next and the conclusion killed it.
Art : 7 AIC made a decent job on this, at least they were consistent enough. I didn’t dig the Peach-pit designs though.
Sound : 8 Great ED and good OP themes. Pharma dude theme and Nemuru’s song were great.
Character : 4 Horrible main character that will make you want to pull your hair out at times. The rest of the cast are only as good as they could get. Exceptions apply.
Overall : 6


11 thoughts on “Anime critique : Hidden God [FINAL] – Everybody’s Gonna be Happy (-X)

  1. I knew that reading Umineko novel would be a problem. and this is it. Of onikakushi we can just see the anime so I wonder how would the original PSP novel be. Yes, there are some things that an’t bwe changed but even like this I think that some of the problems are because of the adaptations.

    Who knows . I just hope to get enough level of Japanese to read it someday, somehow.

    • Most of us won’t know exactly how good the original Hidden God is. Based on the series I don’t think it’s that interesting. There’s so much they can do. Probably the characters and the story are better explained. The atmosphere is also better and it has those sound effects like in those sound novels (they make a difference)

      Some things can’t be fully put in the animated version. This might’ve been the case.

  2. Great news.

    Umineko Season 2 has finally been confirmed for a Winter release 2011. It will be a 13 episode season (to be confirmed, I believe) featuring the answer arcs of games 5 and 6. In a very surprising twist of events, the Ending will be Caramelldansen being danced by our favorite witches.

    That’s pretty much what I understood from this Japanese TV ad:

    Awesome news!

  3. that happens when you stop reading something at 6. There is ni way that a second season were announced now that the Tokyo anime fair just ended.

    There was a joke on Umineko anime page too.

  4. I guess that watching the last episode with low expectations helped me a lot, thought it took me a while to watch it because I was distracted by GoW3 and FF13. Still, I had fun, especially when that idiot of a main character was told that the people at the TV station said he wasn’t special and was boring. The show making fun of themselves incredibly helped. Then listening to Sakaki’s theme when Nemuru’s dad appear and the minor appearances of the man in flashbacks made me smile.

    Of course, Hiroshi is really lame when he tries to sound cool and then comes up with stupid things. Why couldn’t he be more active and less of an idiot?
    I really miss Keiichi.

        • I’m not saying Hiroshi should use it. Nemuru could use it instead of her scythe. Or even better, give Mana some drugs, she’ll come near you with the excuse of hugging you, inject you the drug, you’ll fall unconscious, and then she beats you to death with the bat. Yes, that’s something that Mana is only capable of doing.

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