Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo – Well, that makes sense..

Unlike Fumio, Kaoruko saws only boredom

Kirisaki Fumio’s just a highschool girl in love…
…but then she finds out that the guy she’s fallen for happens to love someone else.
…so she decides to go out and get a chainsaw.
And take it to school.
And then many things happen.

That’s actually most accurate.

transfer students always causing trouble in these stories

Interesting manga (only 6 chapters) about a girl going yandere with a chainsaw. When common sense starts clashing with sci-fi elements it was one huge signal that this possibly wasn’t exactly what was happening. Since the moment when they mentioned that the main character had an American chainsaw martial artist the story took a more comedic route even though I thought this was supposedly to be darker story… All I have to say.. Where’d  the ALIENS theme come from? That was a bit too much. Despite my final dislike for how the story ends (really?) I think that they at least dropped enough hints throughout the story indicating that it was going to be some messed up ending for a messed up story. At any rate, it has plenty comedic moments most of them Kaoruku being awesome and then some more, in great part due to Kagura Uguisu‘s art, which was pleasant to look at. I’m sold.  She should draw more!. Well, I’m all for Kaoruku not dying and I do agree with the idea of her getting her own spin off. It would be such as waste if she doesn’t.


3 thoughts on “Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo – Well, that makes sense..

  1. Oh were did you got the complete manga. I just got 2 chapters and it looks quite interesting.

  2. Oh I read it already. It was great. But somehow I think this manga might be like onikakushi, the first Ark of Higurashi. But yeah a second part must be epic . Even a movie for this one too.

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