Anime critique : Sora no Woto – Melody of peace

Sora no Woto was a great way to start the year. Not too out of this world but not bad at all either. It was easy to watch weekly  seeing it deliver a dose of relaxing atmosphere portrayed in a show that is centered in the middle of war struggles between nations.  The way how it fused elements in the story was well done by constructing  and slowly building up the story one step at a time then lastly answering questions the viewer had about the platoon girls and the story. Initially, I wasn’t so sure if I was going to like Kanata’s  (or the others) much out of place character in Sora no Woto. Seeing the circumstances they were in it initially the light-heartness appeared unnecessary and felt that the show might be heading for a much shallower story with merely doses of pseudo drama popping up every now and then. Good to see that in general Sora no Woto tried to stay clear of this.

On the negative side, while I enjoyed the show there were times when I felt the drama of Sora no Woto using the apocalyptic world theme was forced at times. There is a clear reason for this. The theme of ‘the world will end/have ended’ wasn’t developed as much as the show should have making it seem a bit overdramatic and maybe to some tiresome. More than once it is mentioned the ‘end of the world’, however, the lack of information on the biggest point of concern in which the story heavily relies suffered from under development with only a couple of scenes such as Filicia’s flashbacks finally shedding light on the war. Also how they disregard other aspects such as explaining the urban legends and even going as far as mentioning angels (even showing proof) in the last episode by quickly introducing elements that we weren’t sure of their existence in the first place make the story seem sloppy or just something we  have to ‘accept as it is’. The story was compelling enough, but they also disregarded a few aspects of the story such as the ones mentioned above. There were even moments when I thought that I missed a couple of episodes where those were explained in greater detail. I think that if they would’ve developed these plots the impact of the show would’ve without a doubt been greater.

In conclusion, the struggle to keep the town safe and making things ‘right’ felt more real to me than whenever the theme of ‘war’ was mentioned. This is because of the show centers more around friendship and the search for peace than any other. The way how the show handled itself juggling between the main characters’ stories and the villager’s was decently done making it more interactive and even  doing so introducing comical moments. In general, the tactic of giving the viewer a further background information on the villagers they protect and their everyday lives after (and during) the war, was a good concept.  Although Sora no Woto sacrificed part of the main plot to focus on these aspects and risk not catching the viewer’s attention if he felt the weekly story wasn’t engrossing enough (which I’m sure it happened more than once) I think that in great part Sora no Woto accomplished its mission even if a part of the viewers might feel the story didn’t meet all their expectations.

Verdict – Sora no Woto ends with the finalization of all their efforts combined to stop a great war between nations that otherwise was impossible, proving that in fact not everyone wants to shed unnecessary blood but rather live peacefully. Also that even though their group was small they could make a difference if they tried. While the show isn’t out of this world and it suffered from some predictable moments such as the ending, the show developed a nice formula with enough balanced elements that worked well, even overwriting its few flaws in the end. Not to mention that even a continuation to this story is possible.


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  1. I only watched the first 3 or episodes of this, and dropped it because I just couldn’t stand girls like them being mixed with the topic of war. It annoyed me for some reason. Seeing that ghost episode, the moment in which one of the girls shoots an owl…and misses…that scene just told me “This ain’t worth it.”.

    I’m surprised you could stand it :P. On other news, if you’re up for some bloody entertainment, I just watched an anime called Baccano! and it’s one of the best animes I’ve ever watched. And believe me, I’ve watched many, many anime.

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