Ookami kakushi – 11 – Bang! Bang! [classified] Bang!

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Whenever you see the word classified up on the title you know there’s going to be some massive raging.

Kaname. Race you to the teeter totter.

I knew there was something awfully wrong when I found myself switching between episodic and unepisodic stylies for a serious show more than I should. God, I hate it when the main character pulls something like this in the last episode ‘I have to do something now’ Fucking procrastination I say. WTF didn’t he do something about it ages ago? No one likes you Hiroshi. Just give up. Moreover, what can he do, anyway? I doubt he can outrun Kaname even with a cramp in her foot.

Meanwhile, PHARMA DUDE has gotten himself a gun, which he hid in the forest so he doesn’t have a single thing to defend himself with when he’s attacked. Clever. He takes control of the dam who was only protected by a SINGLE person, or wolf ,whatever they are. But pharma dude is CHEAP and rather use a KNIFE instead of just shooting the guy. But, no the other guy sees pharma dude is sneaking on him and bounces around the wall like he’s a circus performer and counterattacks Sakaki. God knows how but poor pharma dude is injured (how is that even possible?) The other guy apparently has Hemophobia and Sakaki makes use of this opening and shots him to death. Bang! But guess what? They never show us where exactly they’re shot? Hell, I haven’t seen a real grotesque death in this whole anime. I’m surprised they even show blood! Is 4Kidz in charge of this crap?

Nemuru and her rare hunters

Let’s randomly use pharma’s dude name since this is the last time he’ll appear in the show, that way it doesn’t appear like I never learned his name. Sakaki has taken control of the dam and has unleashed the wrath of Poseidon on the everyone in the village of the not-so-hidden Horo’s long lost brothers, except they got nothing of clever or wise. How is possible Nemuru and her group evaded the whole wave jump just by jumping to the side? They wear customs and have lolis in this show. Just about anything is possible.

Meanwhile the pharma dude is overflowing with feelings of victory to the point it looks like he’s having a orgasm, definitely not due to the greatness of the episode or show I can tell you that. I don’t think his character is that bad. Sakaki and Nemuru (Kaname some too) have been doing EVERYTHING in the show while Hiroshi does nothing but gets people killed cause he reeks badly. Pharma dude got some support from me just because he is the only male character I don’t hate even though his revenge and plans are simpler than  the  multiplication table one. The map he is holding should indicate where exactly R07’s actual show is hidden beneath all this crappiness. Time to work on Higurashi shin or whatever Higurashi project he is keeping from us. You know you want to, Ryukishi07!

The contrast in this scene. Everyone is running desperately while Hiroshi’s dad is wandering like a dumbass with Mana, who if it was up to her would’ve dashed the hell out of there if she could. Get out of there, man. Get the fuck out of there – it’ s what I was screaming. There’s a hurricane Katrina out there and he’s just standing there like an idiot. Hiroshi’s dad takes the award for least likeable father figure of the year. And the year isn’t even over yet. Hell, we never knew his damn name. Give him a name to this man. I think I know why Hiroshi’s mom is not present. She either committed suicide or left him.

my ‘special luring scent’ ‘ – Hiroshi

Isuzu, smart as she is, has followed and gone alone to where pharma dude is. What she wasn’t counting was in Sakaki’s camouflage gear which gives him a boost in stealthiness and being more cunning than any of them combined. I would’ve been cool with pharma dude getting rid of Isuzu’s clingy wannabe-yandere hide for a change, but  Okkami Kakushi wouldn’t even give me that. Hiroshi intervenes and ruins the moment, like he always does. It’s like, when you think a supporting character in a show, where no one dies, is finally going to be killed.. just to be saved once again. Not that I didn’t see it coming.  It was just painfully predictable. Hiroshi’s existence is a sin. Why did you hesitate to pull that trigger, pharma dude? You had just about everyone’s support at this point. It goes without saying that I’m voting Hiroshi for suckiest character of the year. Any objections?

Nemuru steps in and tries to be martyr once AGAIN. Nemuru is the star of this show for me without a doubt. The character that is willing to sacrifice herself, so useless Hiroshi and her people get to see another day and have  a nice bowl of pedigree. I didn’t want her to have a bad ending but I  also wanted pharma dude to get some revenge. B-But how can Sakaki shoot Nemuru when she’s looking this moe? I couldn’t. And I can be as insensitive as a rock at times, even more to shows that are verging below average.

Wait, what? We never knew if there was any connection between Sakaki’s gf and Kaori. At this point, I doubt there was any. What are the chances of having two look-alike in the whole world and in the same village? Lower than OKK getting a better score than Higurashi but higher at being remembered by that show that R07 should’ve never created. OKK is a myth to some at this moment. It has its moments but I can’t say I blame them.

Yes, THE SHRINE MAIDENS CAN FLOAT! Damn supernatural elements but at this point I don’t care about solving any mysteries for this show. My theories have solved just about anything that was solvable here but compared to the flatness of the mystery itself I feel little satisfaction. They were ridiculously easy, then again maybe it’s because I help my dad solving FBI cases on the weekends, but that’s a different cool story.  Ok, that was a blatant lie but not as big as what OKK supposedly promised to us. I feel really disappointed. Kaori takes one for the team and goes for a swim with pharma dude to the bottom of the river. Pharma dude does not know what the fuck is going on until it’s too fucking late. You can’t be dead, man. What will it be of the show!? Oh, it’s already over?

Amakuza. Snipe them. Now

That was sad. Not exactly in the pathetic sort of way.  It was really the fault of those horny fleabags’ (not you Nemuru) that Sakaki got screwed over and lost his fiance. He just wanted some revenge (I’m sure the police wouldn’t have done a thing for him) but he took things to the extreme, leading to his demise. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know what it would’ve been of this show. He has some pretty cliche moments but at least he didn’t suck as much as the others.

at least you had a badass theme, Sakaki

Last remaining real theory from me for OKK. I don’t see a body therefore there’s a slight chance pharma dude is still alive. Sakaki will come back from the grave and become a) an actual doctor b) a mercenary. c) whoever is inside that pink bunny suit. At any rate, I’m sure his departure will leave some viewers unsatisfied.

Gotta love how they change what we just saw to this and by that I mean hate. Everything was solved and everyone prefer to treat this just as a bad dream. I feel like agreeing with this sentiment because I wish it was. I actually took a nap after I was done with this episode. It goes without saying that I had a nightmare. Actually it was a recurring nightmare of mine. It’s basically about those times when I think I’m watching a potentially good show, however, it turns out to be third-rate and I’m forced to write a bad review on it. I looked for dream interpretations online but they were massively vague.

Hiroshi’s dad is acting all NORMAL, like ‘I don’t know wtf just happened but I escaped without a scratch. That’s all that matters.’ I liked Mana’s attitude the most since it reflects viewer’s thoughts. ‘Hiroshi, you’re still a dumbass. You suck more than a hundred brand new vacuums combined. ‘

Another great example of great parenting, Nemuru’s father himself, who coincidentally I don’t know his name either. Either because they never mentioned it or because I just suck at remembering supporting characters’ names. So let me get this straight. The super old man has his (who doesn’t look like Nemuru’s father at all) people killed then his village saved by some strangers. Nemuru does all the work for him and he only thinks they should rethink the rules? How about some thanks for a change or accept some punishment. Nemuru is going to pretty much become another awesome mom, I’m sure. Also aren’t they supposed to stay like nuns their whole lives due to that freaky jouga disease? Nemuru… when you go to heaven just apply to Seirne Jungfrau. I’m sure they must have some spot AVAILABLE.

Mr. Hiroshi, this Court finds you guilty of extreme suckiness.

Allow me to speak. Fucking harem ending? Really? Is this what this is? I think it is. OKK has not even given me this. I said no harem ending! I liked how Hiroshi starts monologuing like an idiot near the end of the episode like his take on the horny and murdering wolves  and how his final thoughts are to supposed to be some deep intellectual crap. No, your pointless babbling didn’t get you any points, Hiroshi. If you want more negative points I can give them to you though.You can say that whatever Sakaki did was wrong but the only genocide I’m staring at it’s how this show has turned out. This is bad for the fans and for business. If this is coming from a R07 fan I don’t want to see what responses it’ll get from others.

Good god. They aren’t done. What have them done to Nemuru’s character? They’ve turned her into another haremette for one of the most fail male leads of 2010 (and on). So in the end everyone become good friends and forget everything that happened? Moreover, WHY DOESN’T HIROSHI JUST MOVE OUT OF THERE? NO ONE IS STOPPING HIM. IN FACT HE REEKS SO MUCH THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD WANT HIM GONE. Sorry, the caps lock was stuck for a few seconds. In the end, the good guys had their good ending and everyone who got caught up in this was screwed over. The end.

wait, it isn’t?

Ep 12. The return of the Lord pink rabbit of DOOM

Dance of the Moon Rabbit.wav

I don’t know if I should even bother blogging (or watching) the last episode. I may get creative instead, whatever that means. Unless this rabbit has great snipping skills (~nihihi) this is going to be some of those random filler eps they give us after the show is over so we can forget how crappy it was. Having rabbits in it sounds tempting though. Also I doubt they can screw up even more than they already have.  Alas, I don’t feel like betting..


12 thoughts on “Ookami kakushi – 11 – Bang! Bang! [classified] Bang!

  1. Ugh, so few answers. So much random stuff in this episode. So little that makes sense.

    I guess I’m obliged to support next week’s apparently rabbit-heavy episode (although that pink rabbit looks more like a frog).

  2. Why is everyone so stupid? If you’ve learned that there’s some guy trying to destroy the dam, the most reasonable thing to do is to go to higher places. But no, everyone just stares at the water.
    This episode just ugh…. It’s rage-inducing, and so much.
    The townspeople are useless morons. Sakaki got hit badly by those Idiot Balls because we couldn’t have Isuzu and Nemuru and others dead. I didn’t want Nemuru dying, but everything would have been wonderful if Isuzu had been killed. The only good things his hesitation brings is that he isn’t a complete monster, he has a conscience and he might be able to convert to the good side and take a different way of revenge: Like creating an actual Pharmaceutical company and ripping off everyone’s eyes with incredibly high prices for the medicine.
    Of course I’m disappointed in this turn of events. I expected some sort of downer ending for him, but this was too annoying.

    This episode has shown also the biggest problem in the series, the lack of plot. Sakaki, who is obviously hiding, leaves the show and everything goes to an “I don’t really care about this” state. I looked at the timer and realized the show still had 7 minutes left. The first thing I thought was: “It isn’t over yet!?”. Those 7 minutes are bland, horrible and annoying. They simply left a really bad taste in my mouth, having to endure that idiot, his stupid monologues, the show’s attempt to create him a harem and his “Oh, I know I’m a moron and I have done nothing intelligent or useful for this show, but it’s alright. Things are okay now, so no worries about me growing a backbone and committing suicide.”
    I really hope he has a terrible awful death and he gets the worst male character of the year award by everyone. Words cannot express my rage, or rather, words which aren’t foul and that let me keep this comment PG-13 rated.

    This episode is really bad for my head. During the first 10 minutes, I wanted to bang my head on the desk repeatedly so that I forgot this. Then, when I saw the harem ending, I thought of you and your last post. It sucks that even you couldn’t have got something good from this show. With Pharma-dude’s “death”, my faith had died. At least they should have given you the “no harem ending”.

  3. “creating an actual Pharmaceutical company and ripping off everyone’s eyes with incredibly high prices for the medicine.” That already exists in the world though. Too bad not in OKK.

    Too bad this ‘is’ the last real episode. I actually wanted to end it in a better way but it’s not really possible atm. Heh, I knew you were going to hate this ep and with all reason. Sakaki’s death has never and will never be confirmed in red so rest assured the ending they gave him is open for interpretation. I also the checked timer and there was plenty of time left.. what to do I thought. This can’t be good. Hiroshi was the root of most of the bad things that happened in this show. Seeing the fact that everything is solved by forgetting about it, not to mention Hiroshi dismiss this whole thing as something they should ‘move on’ make only things worse. I mean, really? In the end, his speech summarizing what just happened isn’t enough to give the viewer a satisfaction they need since a) the one giving it didn’t do enough (if anything) and b) they haven’t solved anything at all. In fact, they’re almost back to where they initially were before Hiroshi moved in except people wised up and left the jouga alone. The worst thing is the Hiroshi himself still does not get it. He was the cause of most of the bad things that happened and his remorse and atonement is too little and close to non-existent. I doubt Hiroshi actually changed at all. I’m very much sure of this. He is still carefree as always and will remain that way. ‘I messed up but oh well’ seems to be his way of thinking.

    Btw, they never solved his smelling scent problem which should still pose a great problem for the village.. yet no one addresses this at all..

    • Sakaki would be the ultimate troll if he were to implement that in OKK.
      Hopefully, he’s now in a better show where he can shine more or he’s left the village and accomplishes his revenge through indirect ways.

      Hiroshi is indeed the worst case of a Static Character. And he’s so annoying because he never got a clue, never did a thing to help and was the cause of everything bad that happened. His presence is a mistake. I’d love to see a “You’re incompetent” red for him.

      I think it’s because they are all “Oh, but we’re developing a new medicine now so we’re okay to have him here.” Or he took a bath.
      Now, in all seriousness, they stopped caring to explain those “minor” mysteries or problems. They never mentioned Kaori’s relationship to Mieko, they didn’t bother with Kaori’s own disease, no one cares about Hiroshi’s scent, the season’s crops are still bad and they should be damaged due to the destruction caused by the dam, the clinic needs a new manager. The producers or the show or whoever is adapting this simply took Hiroshi’s stand of “I forgot about it, it never happened”. Urgh.

  4. Man, the show has its faults, sure, but this post reads more like ranting for the sake of ranting. As for the mystery aspect of it, if next episode previews would stop with all the spoilers, it would have been more of a challenge. I doubt you had everything figured out by the sixth episode though.

    • I think the mysteries were fairly easy by R07’s standards so I was disappointed for most part. I made many theories as I went and most mysteries were indeed solved here in past posts or in the comment sections. The disease was theorized in ep 5 and what it’s later revealed in ep 9 of the show I mentioned it in ep 6. Lastly, in ep 9 I linked by those previous posts that I made. Before that I went as far as to make theories involving supernatural elements and ‘what ifs’, but they weren’t all that necessary since they end up embracing the whole supernatural theme in the end. OKK took an easy route and went on a rather straightforward path ultimately revealing everything in 9 as we saw, which at that point I stopped making any type of real theories seeing there was real point. Regular reader can vouch for these claims. As for the rest of the mysteries, the show has left a few unanswered questions which.. they hardly addressed. Some answers to some of them can be found in my past entries, that is, in case my reasoning is correct.

      Actually, I’ve gone fairly easy on OKK before, hoping something good would happen in the end. To me this ep did not deliver what a ‘final episode’ should and decided to wrap up things in a badly manner, not to mention giving us a random last ep next week was not a good move on their part. These are thoughts on ‘final episode’ anyway (seeing the real story ends here). This is not supposed to be a review of the series. Although I’m not optimistic they will be that different if I were to write one. The way how they’re worded might be different but at core the opinions will be similar. I very much enjoy R07’s work and I expect much of him. Too bad that OKK is still bordering average :\

    • I disagree. Ranting over huge disappointment has been approved. Your objection has been [denied].

  5. “This is bad for the fans and for business. If this is coming from a R07 fan I don’t want to see what responses it’ll get from others.” – Really? Everyone else dropped this show long ago probably…

    10 bucks the next episode is better than this just by the fact it isn’t related to the main story. Oh, and it has BUNNIES. I bet they’ll be able to shoot golden “lines” like arrows that can move at will, hit several targets, go through doors, and at the very end, when we think this show can’t get better, every single character except Mana will get killed, and we shall all sit up and applaud this magnificent ending!

    Meh, I had so many problems with this episode. So easy to take control over a dam. So easy for normal beings to catch up with those with super speed. Pharma dude has orgasm of victory and won’t shoot anybody. I was seriously like “SHOOT EVERYONE PHARMA DUDE, SHOOT THEM ALL. YES! YOU HAVE HIROSHI AGAINST THE FLOOR! PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER YOU PUSSY!”. As for the whole “everyone moved on like if nothing had happened”, that didn’t matter too much to me because Hiroshi does mention that most of the New Town moved away.

    I believe that Ookami Kakushi did have one great mystery that hasn’t been solved yet. Who wrote this crap and kidnapped the real R07, then used R07’s name!?

    • At least he should’ve done us all a favor of getting rid of Hiroshi. That would at least give it some depth to the so-called ‘main character.’ I found it hilarious how it was solved with everyone just moving away from the town. I mean, really? They could’ve done that without Mr. Useless. The only problem was that Nemuru’s people never said a thing about it and actually wanted them in the town, yet they wanted people to stay separated from one another.. yet they wanted them there. Where’d the logic go in this show?

      I don’t know the answer to that mystery, but it will have some negative on R07’s name regardless. Especially for those who haven’t watched or read his previous works. To everyone else, if you’re new to his work. Do not watch OKK or at least put in on hold. That advice should be on everyone’s reviews imo as a precaution.

      • I think logic used its common sense, decided that this was crap and ran away from the show.

        Agreed, this is shameful to R07’s reputation >_>

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