Ookami Kakushi – 10 – Simultaneous nodding – Dams be damned – Pharma dude’s evil keikaku

pharma dude is indifferent to third rateness

Even exaggerating a little Sakaki has been controlling everyone is this show like a chessmaster would rather well. Among werewolves, clingy girls and fail parents he is probably smartest one in this universe with a huge wish for revenge for the village where the not-so-hidden gods exist. That’s why I don’t mind him copying my haircut, but that is beside the point of this entry.

Hiroshi’s dad fails at being a parent almost as much as Hiroshi being main lead

Hiroshi’s dad (I still don’t know his name) enters the room and starts babbling about the jouga’s rhyme like we’re already in the middle of the episode. I thought he was coming in for give his son a boring but necessary father-son talk but he was there to talk about the jouga’s rhyme! What the hell! Does he ever question Hiroshi about what happened? Not only to last episodes but to everything he isn’t telling. Hiroshi’s dad role seems limited to being there and not doing anything unless he’s asked to. And for the great white wolf’s sake. Change your clothes, man.

Nemuru is being scolded for going against the rules but she is clearly not cool with what happened to her uncle. It wasn’t clearly explained but based on the conversation I got the idea that they let the Kasai, the suit guy, to get away with it. Probably it was a decision made by the group. That explains why he was so relaxed when he killed Nemuru’s uncle in such a flashy and careless way.

Hell yeah. Pharma dude!

For no real real he is in a dark room with all lights out. Maybe cause he’s cheap. Or he’s just cool like that. Pharma dude receives a call from Lelouch (sounded like him) I think Sakai informing about his past failure to get rid of the temptation. This is within pharma dude’s plan and he cooly tells the other guy that he’ll take care of all the outsiders. He’s like an evil version of Amakusa if you ask me. They actually sound alike.  No wait, they actually are voiced by the same person. By the end of the conversation it was clear this assassin deal was all a facade and he has no interest in any of the money these guys are paying him.

I like how the mood changes from the usual pace to hard rock guitar sounds which I’m guessing is pharma dude’s main theme. Cool song. I hope it’s included in the OST. Oh, that and the jouga’s rhyme too. I find Nemuru’s voice’s when she is singing it extremely mesmerizing.

The day of the hassaku festival is here. In fact, we waited so long for it to take place that I was sure that it had already occurred but we all missed it! Baka Hiroshi is not sure he should be there at all. One of the few times he actually said something logical as I completely agreed him on that one. A couple of eps back his life was in danger and not so long he was locked up in some storeroom yet he is here like nothing happened. What struck me as odd was that none of the other villagers said anything about it. Hey, aren’t you that trap that make people go crazy? There should be a wanted or a warning sign around town of him. Be warned of temptation. Temptation X k/m ahead.

Aside from his trappish powers, Hiroshi despite wearing glasses has great vision. He can totally recognize Kaori who is being carried on a pedestal by the locals. This doesn’t surprised Hiroshi as much as seeing Isuzu, who had just recovered, among the crowd. They explain what the ball rolling wrapped in paper that happened eps ago means. What did Kaname wish for? Easy. For 07th Expansion to release more VNs. Congrats on the new manga project, R07! I’ll be sure to check it out.

Issei’s girlfriend has escaped from ‘the center’ and is out there to catch herself a new boyfriend. She had this Predator vision/scan screen  when looking for preys. Iseei also got one but that one was of a different kind. Why was it that only this guy was giving a different aura than the others? My guess is that he was a normal guy just like Hiroshi. After forcefully giving the random guy a death kiss, Nemuru pops up with her wolf groupies to battle the rampaging fallen wolf. Now that I know of the existence of a tail even if fake I want to pull it for no reason. That is, also beside the point.

spineless villagers

Nemuru puts Issei’s gf down with a single strike then pharma dude appears revealing that he was the one who let her escape in the first place. Some security they got at the clinic.. first Kaname escapes then Issei’s gf. I was a bit surprised that no one questioned why Sakaki, a total outsider, knew so much of this. He turns things around accusing Nemuru and her people to be the real monsters here hiding the true from the rest. He reveals all the secrets that they’re keeping from the villagers, turning them to his side then quietly leaves. Are these people gullible or what? Not that he is lying to them but does it really take an outsider for them to finally do something about it?

gouge the chest and kill

Pharma dude was in all his glory in this segment. He totally nailed Sakai, the suit guy. Piece of cake, like he was taking candy from a baby or in this case a treat from of a dog, actually it’s not that easy but you get the point. Man… is Sakai slow or what? He’s worse at picking up clues than the less average Umineko TV viewer. It took him a good amount of time to figure out what was going on, sort of like he was watching Durara only without the hype. No, he never figured out what was happening until pharma dude stabbed him and told himself what was really going on. How did this guy get to the position he was in the organization I wonder. As we all know, it’s mandatory for the anti-hero/evil genius to reveal their plans even though it’s actually impractical to do that. Hello, Lelouch and Yagami Light. Oh, yeah. I would totally reveal my plans but I would make sure the enemy would be have absolute 0% chance of surviving. Sadly, pharma dude ignored this last part. Sakai.. dude.. you always sucked. You proved my point even further after trying to get his lackey to not reveal pharma’s plan to everyone.

if only you wouldn’t have allowed it..

Back where we were the parents of Issei and Ogasawara along with other villagers are mad that at Hiroshi for  making their sons sexually confused, not to mention putting the whole village in danger, not per se but Hiroshi reeks so much and I mean in all senses that it’s enough for any of the wolves to go loco for him. Is it really that hard to kill one single weak kid? Wrong? Forbidden? They got the pharma dude to do this for them which in the end is proving to be the end for all of them. Does no one own a gun in this show? Nemuru and even Isuzu who for now seems to be cured of her clingyness come forward to protect Hiroshi and Kaname. Then EVERYONE simultaneously NODS like saying it’s go time when words gets out that the pharma dude will submerge the whole town with his evilness. Wolf team force. Go.

End of episode 10

A couple of thoughts : The subs are from Formula btw. I think GG has given up on OKK and rather sub awesome shows like Thriller restaurant and playing fail mmorpg, which I’m sure will be pay off in the long run. Interesting episode I liked it more than the last one but it didn’t feel like we’re getting closer to the end. If it weren’t for the pharma dude’s doom plan to eradicate the villagers I would think we’re only getting to the good part of the story. I found the simultaneous nodding hilarious for no real reason although I don’t mean it in a bad way. So Isuzu and Nemuru are friends now? Give me a harem ending and I’ll be the one with blood boiling, Hidden God.

  • mitsu – regular people.
  • kamibito – villagers/wolves.
  • Isuzu got some actual treatment unlike Issei’s gf.
  • Pharma dude will probably use EXPLOSIVES to blow up the dam, unlike what I theorized about him making a drug that will kill everyone he took an easier and quicker way and came up with a flashy plan will submerge the town with TNT.
  • Kasai failed till the end.
  • Rhetoric question. tWhy doesn’t Hiroshi’s family just move out of the village? Not like anyone is stopping them from leaving.
  • It’s almost 100% clear there will be no reset this time.


Preview. Pharma dude is losing it. Big time.


7 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 10 – Simultaneous nodding – Dams be damned – Pharma dude’s evil keikaku

  1. I’m loving Sakaki, my awesome pharma-dude even more. He’s the smartest of the bunch and the one that’s moving the story. He’s the whole reason there’s a conflict right now and he’s the one who is actually DOING SOMETHING. While he let Kasai alone and didn’t make sure he was alive, I’m a bit willing to overlook it, since he’s pretty much played everyone like a violin. Hopefully this won’t be his downfall. Kasai was too dumb to realize he was a low, stupid pawn. The villagers actually swallowed everything and didn’t bother to think about it or question the truthfulness coming from an outsider. He goes as he pleases in the prison and lets the guys there escape. He has that amazing theme, has explosives, makes riots begin and walks away calmly after doing so, stabs people, rubs the fact that they are stupid and leaves. If that isn’t charm, I don’t know what it is.

    As for Hiroshi, his dad is the worst dad ever. At least the dysfunctional Ushiromiya parents care for their kids, albeit in a strange, bad way. His son was kidnapped, how could he let him go to the festival and didn’t even bother talking to him about the kidnapping, the fact that some people want him dead and that he’s responsible for the death of two people? I know Hiroshi is too stupid to realize the danger he was in and won’t have psychological problems in the future, but still, his dad is supposed to comfort him. Well, he’s dumb enough to not notice that his dad is more worried about some wolves song than his son’s well being. And… Hiroshi’s dad has a name…?

    I’m hoping more and more a good end for Pharma-dude. For all the effort he’s putting in his ridiculous revenge, he’s the one that deserves something good. I’d hate if idiots like Hiroshi get the good ending.

    • I doubt Hiroshi’s dad will ever be more than.. well, Hiroshi’s dad. Mana at least has an excuse of being little and is in a wheelchair to not do much but Hiroshi’s dad’s excuse? He likes just to write many fanfics. It was a bit comical how Kasai was standing there even after being stabbed and still wondering why pharma dude betrayed them. There’s a) that in the first place they shouldn’t trust him and there’s B) he probably isn’t doing it for the money. They should’ve become obvious once he said he didn’t care. Kasai was one of the worst of the show. A really weak piece indeed. He even wanted Nemuru to die! Even though he wanted to protect his ‘people’ which should be of some merit, he failed in other areas even after the very end.

      As for the ending, I’d like him to get some retribution but I’d hate to see Nemuru and Kaname meet a bad end :\

      • Yeah, Kaname and Nemuru are the only things preventing me from going “Go, Pharma-dude, annihilate everyone, show no mercy!”
        That’s why I’m hoping that something good happens to him. I’m hoping his good end is something where
        he doesn’t die and gets something unexpectedly good, which doesn’t necessarily imply committing mass murder.
        I’m sensing that in the end, it might go like Kaori becomes his Mieko or whatever and the only way to stop him is revealing the truth about her death. Like it was a lie or something and he just hallucinated everything, but that’d just destroy his character, undo everything he worked so hard for and it’d made me angry. :/

  2. mm Harem ending would be more effective in a pervert main character like in when they cry ones. A harem for Hiroshi is not the best option. Poor him

    It seems that we are near the end.

    About reset time I’m not very sure about that. maybe all the anime is one Arc/episode because ookami manga seems to have differences ans probably the Vn for psp too.However I think it might not be meta-scenes on ookami.

    • Hiroshi getting a harem would kill Nemuru’s character, not that moe Nemuru from last ep didn’t. Not that I’m complaining about last ep, just Hiroshi.

      Only 2 eps to go. Maybe OKK has only picked a certain arc or fuse all the arcs and created a new one for the anime for all we know. That would explain a few things.

  3. Hiroshi’s dad is just there to explain some stuff about the show and that’s it.

    Anyways, I think the mysteries are kinda done. I didn’t see any stuff that we should take note of, it’s pretty plot-driven now.

    Oh, and why doesn’t Hiroshi just leave the town? That’s been bugging me all episode.

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