The understandable, shallow, and moronic – Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl/Guy’s Room – Normal or just Abnormal?

someone doesn't want

someone doesn’t want

A survey done in Japan about the worst things in one’s room with a couple of surprises. Extracted from Sankaku Complex followed by thoughts.

Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl’s Room

10. Dolls (western or Japanese)

Playing with dolls is something normal when they were little but it’s just odd for older people to do. Cute? I don’t know. I would find her behavior strange seeing she still likes to have them. That’s about it. I’ll probably like the other person to stop doing it but it wouldn’t try more than that.

9. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit-eared characters)

How is this such a HORRIBLE thing? I’d say it’s conv.. I mean she probably has some fetish she only knows about or has some use for them. Maybe she is into cosplaying? Yeah, that’s probably it. She’s into anime, at least, that’s probably true.

8. Japanese travel souvenirs

So she travels every now and then. Unless I’m reading it wrong, I don’t see how this is a bad thing at all. What’s real reason behind being horrified about a person being knowledgeable of other parts of the country? No crime done unless the other person has accidentally taken back something illegally. Mind explaining this to me how this is a bad thing at all?

7. Idol posters

Here is your rival The guy you’ll never be and probably wouldn’t want to be except for the fame or the money and being harassed by fans. Chances are that no matter how obsessed she is with said idol she’ll never be able to end up with him. Either lack of confidence or plain jealously won’t make a difference that a relationship with that idol is going no where. Yeah, idols posters could be annoying.

6. Large amounts of pet clothing

Why is the image of Paris Hilton coming to mind the very moment I heard pet clothing? Don’t know but I do want it out of my head. I always found people that dress their animals odd. Not too overly creepy, but man they must be lacking something. Nature has given these animals fur for a reason, let’s leave them be. They aren’t babies and they probably won’t like it unless they’re subjected to this since little. Plus, you can only keep clothes on Horo for so much, right? Why’d you think Witches from SW don’t wear pants? I would find this thing for pet clothing definitely weird. I’d like to think these people only exist on TV.

5. More than 3 PCs

I see how odd it may seem for a person to have more than 3 pcs but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think she must need them for a reason, like general browsing, work, or gaming, etc. The general dislike for this could be due to her spending more time online or behind a machine for more time than she should. If anything she’s more loaded than I am.

4. Moe anime goods or DVDs

Wait, girls watch moe shows besides KyoAni’s? I wonder how other male anime fans would react to actually see girls have moe anime goods in their own rooms? The first question an anime fan would ask would be ‘oh, are you also into..?’

3. A model railway

HOW THE HELL DOES A MODEL RAILWAY TRUMPS DOLLS!? Absolutely ridiculous to have this on this list and having it come close to number one. It isn’t a horrible thing unless that railway covers the whole room, than it’ll be just obstructive. Still really?

2. A punching bag

Million dollar baby in progress. While I see no reason why she would one up in her room.. I mean she could have it  in a different room then again the place is probably not that big. Clearly chances are she’s a pro boxer that just likes beat your skinny hide up OR she just like to exercise A LOT, that is punching things and hopefully not you. It’ll be completely understandable if she the punching bag has a picture of Suzaku on top with a sign that says ‘hit me’ though. Hey better being it than you.

1. Sentai goods

Not H in case you were wondering. I didn’t think sentai would be number one. It even trumps moe goods! what the hell? Every time I’ve seen reference to sentai in anime it’s always looked down on as extremely childish to the point of being plain shameful for adults to even watch. I’ve watched a few as when I was little but I’m surprised that people would show that much hate towards this genre. Number one? I’d think that owning a gun or reveling that she’s a dangerous stalker would be in this list. Strangely enough sentai goods category isn’t in the worst thing to find in a guy’s room.

I never thought I’d use this pic again

Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Guy’s Room

10. Big stuffed toys

Big stuff toys. Why would they…? Here I’m picturing a huge elephant in a guy’s room. It would look more out of place than having Gendo Ikkari in Queen’s Blade or Kanata in Death Note. I would think the other person is strange if he had stuffed toys in his room no doubt and I’ll be left wondering why he has them in the first place. If you have a Barney in your room then I’ll never look at you the same way again. What kind of stuffed toys are we talking about anyway?

9. Children’s anime goods or DVDs

Kid stuff I get. Are they only referring to shows meant for little kids like doraemon and all that? Mind you, I wouldn’t find it appalling just not my thing. Sure there are some good old movies that were meant for kids but unless the other persons is really pushing it (like having hundreds of them) I don’t see that much of a problem with it. I do hope that they are not referring to anime in general, otherwise they can piss off.

8. Women’s magazines

Unless he is wants to know more about the opposite sex there should be no real reason to have them in his room. In any case, the guy can just google whatever he wants to know.

7. Framed photos of himself

Now I wonder how bad could this be? Sure he likes to see himself in his room more than most people. If he doesn’t have a single photo of his family or friends and only photos of him I suppose that that could strike as being odd to some. At least this is still  way up in the list unlike model railway.

6. Dolls (western or Japanese)

Big NO. No man should play with dolls. This is one of the few I actually find abnormal. In case you’re wondering I’m not referring to action figures as dolls, not that I have any.

5. Sewing/knitting kit

Knowing how to sew is rather resourceful imo. Holding your own without the need of asking anyone to sew your stuff up I would absolutely say it’s a good thing. Additionally, you could perform surgical procedures on yourself in a desperate situations.  There is nothing wrong with knowing how to sew. By the way, I don’t know how to sew.

4. Lacy or florally patterned decorations

Sounds like his ex-girlfriend or his mom redecorated this guy’s room. I’m not a fan of flower decorations but I wouldn’t say they are that bad but that’s just me. Still, I wouldn’t have them in my room. But number 4?

3. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit-eared characters)

The notion of nekomimi (I don’t find it that appealing just weirdly funny) is amusing, but not something you’d own, at least for yourself. What’s the point of having something with no one to try it on, huh? That’s  like having a hat but never use it or buying a game but never play it. Totally defeats the purpose of it. If I would see it this in a guy’s room I’ll think that he just have them for the lulz. He’s more conformable with his fanboyism than most fans or just too much of a fan.

2. Idol posters

You know I never got the idol deal in general. Singers, actors whatever, some of them are good others suck. I never got a single poster of any of the bands I liked and I doubt I’ll ever will.  If the singer is good I buy their cds and  listen to their songs that’s it. You can say that my level as a ‘fan’ would never reach one who would put posters up in his room. That said, How is this such a thing? He’s more of a fan than most people and he shows it. But wait, does voice actors also count?  Hmm, that might put a nice spin to it. I doubt I’ll have posters of them anyway as I am more obsessed with their voices.

1. Moe anime goods or DVDs

Moe in the perimeters have been detected. Well, whatever the definition of moe they are referring to. Are we talking common moe, loli moe, KyoAni moe? There are levels of moeness out there. Some of them I rather not to about. I suppose the other person’s idea is that he spends  more money more than he should on anime stuff or just mainly moe merchandise.


You aren’t guilty of any of them then you’re normal by Japanese standards. Manga or video games aren’t listed and whatever I own is either not listed  here or not laying around all over my room. Does that make me normal by Japanese standards or just abnormally normal? Out of the both lists I only found 2 I wouldn’t like finding and other two that would surprised me. Funny how nothing that like guns or something that would put a person’s mental or physical in danger was listed in any of the lists. For the girl’s list the general idea seem to be childish and independent that turns guys off. For the guy’s list the general idea is that they don’t like guys who don’t act manly. Ironic, how they seem to dig androgynous trappish looking guys! The other one is that they don’t like people who are into anime or to be exact moe. The prejudice against anime fans is overwhelming in Japan. This is funny seeing how everything comes from there. Their negative reaction to it could be due to being too exposed to it and to rampant fans who are too deep into it reaching abnormal levels. Personally, I’d like to hear what the people who were part of this survey would like to see in one’s room..


5 thoughts on “The understandable, shallow, and moronic – Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl/Guy’s Room – Normal or just Abnormal?

  1. I just have the souvenirs one. Does a Bernkastel figure counts as Nekomimi?.

    If the punching bag is bad the a girl umineko fan must be worse .

    • That in itself is a mystery.

      Anime merchandise that are horribly made can easily be multi purpose and become punching bags so everyone wins.

  2. I hardly have the things that men don’t want to see in my room. But still, the list has some ridiculous stuff there. I’d be disturbed finding knives, guns, diaries with names of people they want dead or pictures that show the guy is a stalker. And how is a sewing kit in the list? I approve men that can do that kind of things. It makes them more versatile and independent. Japan has different values indeed. :/

  3. 7. Framed photos of himself

    Seriously? What’s wrong with japanese women?

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