Ookami Kakushi – 09 – Quite Elementary Indeed

Ookami Kakushi has been giving clues way before they explained how the mysteries go down in this show. Pharma dude here is still pimp even though he disappointed last week hitting (or attempting) Nemuru. He’s back with Keikaku doori glory, although tricking dumbass Hiroshi isn’t much to brag about. At least fooling a whole village of werewolves is.

I bet. Leaving people behind. Running away. Failing in all sectors. Him being the main character.

In your dreams, Hiroshi.

Actually, that’s exactly the case. What dreams could he possibly not have hearing Nemuru in the background panting and moaning.

Actually, Hiroshi is more into tentacle rape as he ditches the comfy dream he was having a few seconds ago. A shame that he didn’t start hallucinating or getting killed. I really thought this was it when I was Nemuru back with her cosplaying clothes then it  hit me that it was not real. For starters, it was just not possible for her to get her scythe back so quick. I sure wouldn’t miss Hiroshi if she  would’ve killed him. I doubt anyone would.

start working on the next EP.  Much appreciated.

Kaname who was let go by Nemuru has been attending school. She hands Hiroshi’s dad a copy of the jouga rap or whatever info she found. Meanwhile, Nemuru is still locked up with Hiroshi in the store room. Then Nemuru starts the revealing the secrets of the story.  I literally went into keikaku doori mode when I heard her say what I already knew. It was really assuming how everything went exactly as I predicted way prior to this moment.

Simply by

the existence of past clues

this level of reasoning

was already possible

What do you think, everyone?

Do I ever not live up to my name? Those who follow my theories already knew how far my reasoning goes, of course. I’d like to say that it was difficult but in fact it was hardly a challenge compared to other R07’s works. Back in ep 3 I already had a fair idea where this was going. The only thing left was hearing the confirmation of a few facts, which Nemuru just revealed.  In fact if you’ve read my other theories scattered around this blog probably you know the answer to most secrets in OKK before they start giving clues like candy like they’re doing now. I know this is 12 eps but this is way too easy for a R07 work.  Seeing how straightforward it has been I’m starting to feel OKK isn’t on par with my theory making, which it’s probably true. Easy mode now?

This was the part when you’re supposed to prove me WRONG, R07. Isn’t that how it works?

Moving on Nemuru’s uncle has been giving DEATH COFFEE. God knows what it’s made of but his Starbucks did him in for good. Explosives perhaps.

I already stated that Nemuru trumped Isuzu in all aspects. But wut iz this with moe Nemuru? Hiroshi has the most BRIGHEST idea of cutting Nemuru loose even after listening to her story.  Yeah, that’s very logical. I don’t know if he’s always this stupid or he just tries very hard. Maybe a combination of both. Oh yeah, favorite female character of this show. Nemuru.  Second is Kaname.

Someone get Shion in here.

Nemuru has a tail?
That’s actually the biggest twist in this whole episode. The next episode looks more interesting. Mainly because the suit guy is getting killed.


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  1. What Do I think. That yes Yiu have found a good answer to what is happening in Ookami in episode 5. to all that is show here. I think too that It can be a good solution

    But I do not believe it. The moe Nemuru is so moe (moe Beato in anime was too moe too)I think that most part of this ark is hiro-kun desillution .

    mmm The coffee What about mini-bombs?

  2. Actually, seeing Pharma dude back to his madly awesomeness is cheering me up from my really crappy week. He lost points for hitting Nemuru, but he seems to be one of the most competent adults, male and characters in the entire show. He has figured out Hiroshi, as he knows that he can walk away from the place and Hiroshi won’t try to do anything, like trying to escape. In fact, he also knows that Hiroshi will do something stupid because he is Hiroshi.

    Since you’ve already answered the mysteries, I’m only tagging to see Pharma dude’s awesomeness. Congratulations, though it’s obvious that the challenge wasn’t fair and was much inferior to you. Still, a win is a win, I think.

    Now that the mystery is over, I’d much like to see some people thinking IN the show. Kasai or whatever is just an idiot, poisoning the doctor then going out, leaving the man in a room with a phone. He could have waited for the old man to die, but apparently that was a complicated thing to do. Then Hiroshi’s dad is all ‘okay’ by having “some friend” calling to tell that Hiroshi’s not coming home. Kaname is pretty much the other character that bothers thinking, as she immediately notices that this is something WRONG.

    That’s why my favorite characters are Kaname, Nemuru, but specially Sakaki. Sakaki is the one doing the most stuff, which earns my respect, Kaname is doing what most of the cast aren’t doing, which is thinking, and Nemuru is the one with the strong will and avoids falling prey for that idiot. If I could choose, I’d have a good end for Sakaki and have Hiroshi die. Can’t Hiroshi just give up and die?

  3. What do I think? You should take a break from R07’s work. When you can actually solve them, you know you’ve gone too far. And consider detective as future job.

    Looking back at my comments on past posts, I can see my mistakes. It’s quite fun and annoying at the same time. While I had a general idea of the whole thing, and totally got right everything regarding Nemuru, I didn’t quite figure one thing that you did. Hiroshi was special after all. I thought that it could be very well that all of that stuff happened to him because he’s the main character, but I suppose I yet again understimated R07. R07, keep writing, I want to [beat you] someday.

    Anyways, mysteries are solved? Ha. What about violin girl’s body? The pharma dude now that he has info on the whole wolf thing? There’s still a lot to see.

    It is all useless! I declare that there was no way that poison in the coffee could have made the doc spit so much blood. He was in fact given some drug, which caused hallucinations and the Black Witch defeated the law of gravity, crushed him against the walls of the room, and then threw a cake on him. That’s so much more logical.

  4. @ moichispa
    Moe Nemuru took me by surprise. Maybe it was because of the anime studios but I’ll never look at her the same way again. Same goes for Moetrice.

    @ Haya
    Pharma knows his game. I respect the genius of such people. The suit guy fails terribly as a culprit. I was, like, where are you going!? The old guy is still alive. Finish him off. Not that I dislike Nemuru’s uncle (in fact I liked him because he was defending his niece) but how things went down left much to be desired. Kaname is bright but there’s so much she can do. Pharma dude is still top fav male character even though he can be a bastard. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’d cheer for the anti-hero character. I’d be please if he gets a good ending.

    @ Sacchi
    I read your comments so I think you were close in some parts. A couple of tweaks here and there were necessary though. True. There’s a couple few mysteries left like Kaori and the old town (will they ever talk about it!?) I think the rest were already solved in past entries that I made like the fruit, curfew, moon, etc. Judging on what they showed us in this ep they probably start revealing everything so there will probably be more thoughts and impressions in future posts than theories. It’ll be nice if they turn things around somehow though.

    @ RP
    explosive coffee beans or Nemuru’s uncle blood pressure was too high. We’ll never know for sure.

  5. The gamemaster praises my work? I feel honored.

    The coffee probably had the drug from Higurashi. I bet that the uncle totally started attacking his own neck.

  6. If you look closely in the ending sequence, you’ll notice that Nemuru has a tail. But then again, I’m probably the only weirdo who watches the closing credits.

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