Mirai Nikki (special) – The Great Yandere Design – Just Yuno

Didn’t even take a second. Don’t question why she’s carrying a knife in the first place btw.

If one were  quick to judge you’d think that Yuno has been stalking Yukiteru. When in fact, she is protecting him from future danger. Of course! Isn’t that what really counts~? And of course, her yandere senses were right on the money so well that she ought to play the lottery sometime. You know there’s something mystifying about the endless cheerfulness only seen in Yuno’s face with no apparent reason that can’t be fully described

Knife. Check. Stick. Check. Link. COMBINE!

Wimpy Yukiteru was being bullied by the ‘I’m shinning’ dude. Now you know things are bad when you’re being bossed around by someone with less than quarter of average IQ and with spontaneous moments of shining. He’s sort of like a pop idol only without the drugs, implants or the fame. It makes me wonder why he hasn’t been killed yet. Unlike the infant diary user who it was clear he wouldn’t get to celebrate his next birthday. To emphasize the point, that’s what happens when you mess with Yuno.

Yuno’s natural yandere abilities provide her with quick thinking abilities. A good analogy would be comparing it to the moment between 0.99999 and 1. A mili second in thinking is what makes all in differences in Yuno’s world. Putting both a knife and a stick together to create spear is like giving a child some Legos or giving Rena Ryuugu a  machete. They’d just know what to do.

Better than they figured I can tell you that

Lol at Yuno hitting the 3rd instead. Well that was some short special. The author is holding on us for the time being, but that was some random and humorous special. I sure ddn’t expect to see Yuno randomly displaying her yanderism in such hilarious fashion. Until next release. I sure hope the next release doesn’t take that long.