Ookami Kakushi – 07 – T,There’s a girl out there!!

Will you please look in the name of — !

Geez. Isn’t it obvious? she wants you to be friends!

Mikami Teru Pharma dude gets a list from the guy who was stirring things up last episode. The suit guy and the Pharma guy made it sound like it was a hit list saying things like ‘I’m not expecting you do anything and I’m a handy guy. Also the response from the other guy saying that they never wanted such person in their village worries me. Do they mean Hiroshi? The pharma guy probably didn’t tell anyone about his connection with Hiroshi either. Who was the other kid above Hiroshi? I didn’t see Kaname in the list so this might not necessary be limited to only outsiders. Does Nemuru’s uncle know of these deals?

Kana once again demonstrates she is the humanly brightest in the story, well as intelligent as they can get here. She’s quite the intellectual rapist. Hell, she has the story all figured out already with little help. It’s a mystery after all so I understand that she can’t leave it alone if she is asked to do so. Apparently the book she was reading had a picture of Horo a big wolf figure roaming the mountains in this parts. However, she believes that instead of wolf gods, the natives are the descendants of the very gods in forms of werewolves. Her theories were OK until she mentions the werewolves part. That’s a little too hard to believe if I didn’t know any better. Also, the Ookami Kakushi rap song (in the Eng dub they’d totally turn it into that) in the previews are the clues to the mystery. Simply, by the existence of a song this level of reasoning is possible for Asagari Kaname. What do you think, everyone?

It’s good to see that Kaori’s attitude hasn’t changed in a bit. And she isn’t shy about expressing her feelings either! Isn’t it mentioned somewhere that even though a person would die and reincarnate he or she would fall again for the same person if they would meet again? Well, I think this might the case. In addition to repeating the very same words she told Sakaki years ago she also mentions how she wanted to go a university to continue with her studies. So they’re memories are cut short when they never met the person they felt in love with? Of course, this is assuming that this is the pharma guy’s gf.

Kaori goes back to the house and serves tea with the cake that Mana baked for her. Sadly, the pharma guy left before she got back. Here, once again Kaori shows us that she has a very strange disease, however, Mana doesn’t notice this… Kaori puts a serious and sad face and tells Mana they have something to talk about. The first being she can’t play the violin and the second is that sadly they are supporting characters. .

Here I was desperately waiting for Kaori-onee-chan to go psycho with that violin. Maybe she needs some Kotomi in her to turn that instrument into a deadly weapon. This isn’t how you play it. THIS is how you play it properly. Screeeeeeeech~

Ok, now there’s no denying (if it wasn’t obvious already) that Nemuru and the Wolf killer are the same. I found it out of place her Grampa’s reaction. And oh btw, I’m having someone taken care of. I just thought I should mention it, Nemuru-chan. Just who was he referring to? Issei’s girlfriend for a day?  Kaname?

Hiroshi is still not doing shit. I think I’d had it with him already. I want to new lead character now. In their conversation Sakaki (I like pharma guy better) tells Hiroshi about the tragic murder of his fiancée. Similar to what Hiroshi witnessed the other day there was no body or any evidence left behind. He claims he tried the police station but there was no one there. Empty or there was no one to begin with? Here, he’s assuming that there were policemen in duty at some point rather than they never existed like I mentioned in past posts. Maybe the committee group is the only one enforcing the law so they don’t allow police here. Strange how this happened 4 years ago yet the committee isn’t out there to get the pharma dude. Also how he hasn’t shown any signs of the disease.

Before they part ways the pharma guy asks Hiroshi for his help on something. After Hiroshi told him that he is sure that the killer is a classmate of his named Nemuru Kushinada he  says that understands the current situation and asks for his help. In case you didn’t notice since Hiroshi mentions Nemuru’s last name I’m sure the pharma guy already knows who she is connected to. Hint. Relatives. It’s assumed that he never mentions the villagers have a file on Hiroshi.

When Hiroshi comes home he is surprised to learn that Kaori decided to stop giving Mana free lessons. They decide on visiting Kaori next time to check up on her condition. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that there isn’t anything weird going on in that village seeing how relaxed Hiroshi acts.

Maybe the most interesting scene next to what follows next. Kaname who had been kidnapped by one of the committee people for abusing the public photocopier at the library digging to deep into what she wasn’t supposed to know. Well, don’t go making books about it hide them in the public library. Yeah, surprisingly there was even a book containing the Wolf rap she was searching for, which led her to being taken by the enemy. Based on their surroundings it’s easy to assume that they keep them locked up here 24/7. A radio, a bed, books, a sink, and a bed. They only need a gaming console and anyone would feel right at home. Bummer. I was expecting OKK to pull a Saw scene here, you know. Put the video in and a mysterious character appears right in the screen. Look, they already got a vcr set up right?

Issei got this girl involved in all this mess and now she has to pay the consequences. Yes, apparently this is the ‘Center’ they speak of. I thought it was going to be a clinic/lab like place rather than someone’s basement. Heh, it sounds like one of those weirdos you see on TV. She mentions the cleansing of the gods and how Issei became one and how she will soon. Based on her conversation it’s easy to assume that she didn’t know a thing before they filled her in the details.  I thought the everyone in the town was supposed to be aware of all of this.  The students at Hiroshi school and Isuzu’s parents knew well what was going on. I liked how Kana played along with this loony to get some information, however, it quickly comes to an end when Issei’s girlfriend notices that Kana isn’t one of them.

Hiroshi who is saved from all danger (unfortunately) is already up in his room. When he is going to close the window that was left open he can see Nemuru pulling a Rena Ryuugu waiting outside in the rain. This girl must’ve been watching too much Higurashi. That was one made for those who wanted to see what that scene would be like with better animation. I don’t’ know maybe it’s because she doesn’t look intimidating or because I have an extreme weakness for the kudere archetype but I was more worried about Nemuru’s condition seeing she is standing out there in that cold rain than Hiroshi. Hiroshi closes the curtain on her. That bastard.. Maybe she is really here to apologize for what she did or because she missed Valentine day.

Thoughts: Not what I was expecting. This episode felt flat compared to the last one when I thought they were ready to get things going. Hiroshi is still a horrible lead and I fear that maybe he has doomed this show from the very beginning. The mystery is unfolding very slowly yet I feel that I had solved most of the puzzles here without much effort. A piece here and a piece there. What I don’t particularly enjoy is how Ookami Kakushi doesn’t have an specific approach such as Higurashi or Umineko. Things are just happening without much impact. I’d like them to emphasize certain aspects of the puzzle to make the viewers understand what type of mystery is trying to be.

Preview : Intricacy

< Let us think this Logically >

Committee group – definitely not evil people. If they were  the Tokyo guys they would’ve killed Kaname and Hiroshi’s family a long time ago. The ‘Center’ is the place they keep them locked-up until they see how they should deal with them. At the very least, they’re human enough.

Pharma guy – I think I’ll continue calling him that. Ha. It’s their fault for introducing his name so late in the story. I had my doubts about how much he wanted to avenge his gf but now I’m sure he’s all business. I considered the possibility of him making up a story or something like that but seeing how often he reminds us of his revenge I suppose that I can believe his story as truth. It hasn’t been explained about the missing body though..

Infection/ Disease –
I either didn’t recall or they just revealed this to us, but the pharma guy’s girlfriend’s death happened 4 long years ago. If his girlfriend indeed had this wolf disease (was a God) like the show claims then she should have infected the pharma guy too, right? Without any Hassaku or some similar drug he should’ve fallen prey the same symptoms that the villagers show, right? Still, he’s still alive for some reason and isn’t showing any signs of being infected — or so we are led to believe.

Long sleeves –
They’ve mentioned how humid and hot the sun is at this time of the year. This climate isn’t the greatest for the hassaku crops as we’ve seen. Now this is something that has been bothering me since they showed Kaori showing signs of a strange disease. Long sleeves. A great majority (at least those who go outside) wear summer clothes. It’s hot out there so you’d normally wear t-shirts instead of long-sleeves or any sort of coat, am I mistaken? Even in the flashback the pharma guy’s gf was wearing a blouse, however, this Kaori is wearing long sleeves. At first I thought that it was just her character’s design but after seeing her illness we can totally see she had a reason. Where am I going with this? Well, the pharma guy (and maybe other people) wears long sleeves too.  I wonder if he is showing some sort of disease himself. It’s been 4 years already so I’d guess that something is showing up due to the lack of treatment. This is, of course, just a thought. It could be nothing.

Kaori’s illness –
I already talked about it in my last post so I don’t feel I need to mention it again. What is pressing is that fact that Mana didn’t notice it. So far the only one who knows about it’s Kaori herself so it’s hard to completely buy it. I think it’s been determined that Kaori is special, at least, she’s the only known character who is supposedly dead, yet alive, assuming she is the pharma guy’s gf after all, of course. If the disease creates delusions on people then I could easily deem this as Kaori’s own mind playing tricks on her (sort of like the worms eating Rena’s neck) Alternately, I could argue that this is a trick to make her feel unwanted seeing she’s ‘sick’, therefore she wouldn’t’ search for love from others. The type that’ll get her in trouble again anyway. This is consistent with what we’ve seen so far, but it just doesn’t quite feel right.

There’s a man girl out there – You know, we spent so much time in a delusional mode in Higurashi that I’m not sure that Keichi seeing Rena outside of his window was real or not. There are many things I think were real that probably weren’t even to this day. This, there’s a girl out there refers to someone being there, yet someone who isn’t. I already put Hiroshi’s state of mind multiple times so it wouldn’t be strange for me to doubt that Nemuru was in fact out there staring at him. Maybe she never left her home and this was all in Hiroshi’s head. Maybe she was really there. We can’t confirm this until she admits to it. Why can’t they wear anything other than their school clothes?

Pharma guy request – The favor was probably for Hiroshi to lure Nemuru to the Pharma guy’s location so he can deal with her.


3 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 07 – T,There’s a girl out there!!

  1. Oh, the Center! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that. It would make a lot of sense for the jail cells to be located beneath it.

  2. I’d have completely loved the fact that my ex-Pharma dude, aka Shuuichirou-something Sakaki, is manipulating a lot of people, is out of the villagers’ reach, gets a ton of information and is pretty much everything the pathetic main lead is not… if it weren’t for the fact that he’s using Hiroshi, the pathetic lead. So, the awesomeness of him using someone smart disappear, since it’s a bit expected for Hiroshi to be used. Stupid “main character”. Kaname with half his screentime figured out almost everything, and a lot more than the main character has within 7 episodes and witnessing an execution and seeing Nemuru in the Wolf suit twice.

    Whoever that wants to kill or dispose of Hiroshi gets my complete approval. I’m rooting for Pharma-dude and I hope that he can get more screentime to show some amazing trolling skills. (Though the trolling standard within this show isn’t really that high)

  3. I watched this a few days ago and forgot to post :P. So, I still think that you’re wrong and that Hiroshi doesn’t have super powers or stuff like that, but after this episode I’m convinced that he is immune. You know, for every disease there’s usually some immune people, and a list of them is what pharma guy probably got this episode.

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