Ookami Kakushi – 06 – Love is like a drug

This grampa is no Goldsmith

Villagers are having a meeting discussing their current situation and what should be done next. They mention how they should eliminate the ones causing trouble (fallen wolves) but other villagers said how that’s just not possible and that it’s better if they continue to deal with them one at a time. One of them, a guy in a suit, proposes that they should kill that one (god) to solve their problems if they are to survive. They don’t exactly agree but they see his point. This guy looks like trouble if you ask me.

Just how exactly is this one they wish to eliminate? The best lead we got is that is at least an actual person (human-like not immortal) and not a thing or inanimate object.

definitely this guy doesn’t have a secret agenda

The pharma dude has agreed to give his support the clinical center controlled by Nemuru’s uncle to some degree. Here I’m once again mentioning how evil he looks in these scenes. Sure his gf got killed and he must be extremely pissed at the world, normally anyone would but I do wonder how far he is willing to take this vengeance of his. It’s irrational to believe that he would voluntarily give his help to the bunch of people who probably killed the love of his life in the first place. What’s more he hasn’t shown any signs of being infected thus forced to ask for help, does he? Ah, don’t tell me he already came up with a plan to get everyone in the village killed by giving them drugs that would have the opposite effects ending up in a total massacre. No need for gas poisoning. We’ll see if I’m onto to something here. Maybe, this is just me considering the worst case scenario in these shows but it’s sometimes crucial to foresee your opponent moves to some degree.

Meanwhile in Hiroshi’s home everyone thinks that Issei has gone off to Tokyo to study. Heh, who told them that? Hiroshi? Back at school Isuzu has returned to classes like everything is normal and everything resumes like nothing ever happened. Hiroshi is worried that Isuzu is trying too hard to act normal despite knowing her brother is dead. The interesting thing is that she mentions how she really wants to confide in Hiroshi but just can’t. Can’t blame her. Who would trust in Hiroshi the cowardly trap for anything? Maybe at some point of the story Isuzu will trust in him and tell his what’s going on before bad things start to happen again.

It looks to me like her skin is dying. Either that or Kaori got the T-virus

Hiroshi is still accompanying her little sister to her violin lessons with pharma guy gf Kaori. Mana has been getting slightly better at it but needs a lot more training. Maybe she should ask Kanata for some tips on how to learn to play an instrument in a few episodes and possibly ask Rio and Felicia if they have room for Hiroshi in that squad to get him to man up a little.

The lesson comes to an abrupt end when Kaori starts feeling ill. On their way back home Hiroshi and Mana see a group of villagers chanting possibly heading to Kaori’s home. As we can see either Kaori’s illness is getting worse… or it was always this way. I would expect her to be a little more terrified to see what’s happening to her body but she isn’t. Based on her expression it tells us she already knew something what’s wrong with her body so this could only indicate that she knows what’s going on and the illness is only getting worse and worse by the day.

Isuzu found her favorite anime

Isuzu, who had seen Hiroshi come back to the building,  is having an argument with herself about how real her love for Hiroshi is and how it was love at first sight. Clearly, this is in blue because her argument is much debatable, what’s more after Isuzu acting all strange and saying she will not allow anyone to get in her way. I don’t see how great Hiroshi could possibly be unless we consider how greatly he can fail.  Ha! Isuzu must be a big fan guys with trappish looks to go this far. You’d think that she would stop herself from having any of these thoughts after knowing that her brother was eliminated by the committee.

Hiroshi is so bait

The next day Isuzu misses school again and Hiroshi goes to check on her. Isuzu’s mother doesn’t let enter him her home. Notice that the committee group has left a set of hassaku and a statue in their front door.  Did they not say they had very few of those? I wonder if they also give them to the rest of the family members so they can treat themselves just in emergency.

  • Why don’t they just take that thing inside? Are they prohibited to even touch them? Is it like a sign warning others of what just happened to this family might happen to them too? This is similar to the one outside of the house that Hiroshi saw the other day.

It’s interesting how the mother is blaming Hiroshi for what happened to Issei. ‘He tempted me’. Such a common and weak defense for a counterargument in any case. If we are to ignore Issei’s fabulousness this could possibly indicate that there is something that only outsiders have, or at least, that Hiroshi has that triggers something in the villagers. Remember the first ep when one of Hiroshi classmates wanted to take him somewhere? It escapes me exactly why he did that and what was his goals but he got shortly killed the next day possibly because of that. Come to think of it, none of the other classmates tried to pull anything like that again.. So far the only ones who have been killed is because they broke the law/ fall in love. Seeing how this is unrelated to why Hiroshi’s classmate was killed I’d be forced to question why reason behind his death.

Nemuru getting ready for the next Comiket

In Nemuru’s crib the servants are getting her ready to set her loose so she can smite any couples from having premarital sex. Ya, that’s probably what this is coming down to, that is, if you haven’t been reading my last posts where I fully explained the situation. I’m sort of disappointed that the killer is indeed Nemuru.. It was too easy to tell she was so the Wolf that I thought there could be something else to it but it appears there isn’t. Like I said before her grandfather is way too relaxed for one who is letting her granddaughter carry this burden by herself. Why doesn’t he do it himself or have the committee people do it, huh? Do your damn dirty work yourself!

Notice the unique form of the pupils.  Now compare it to the moon.

Isuzu has called up Hiroshi on the phone so they can meet up at the park . Late. At night. If I know anything is that nothing good comes out of phone call conversation in R07’s work. NOTHING.  Isn’t Hiroshi scared to go outside after seeing the hunters are out there killing people? Well, Hiroshi doesn’t know any better. In fact, I doubt he knows about anything at all.

Isuzu is more direct and aggressive in her approach than any shoujo shows in existence, and does she know what she wants – or so she believes. She pushes her nails deep in Hiroshi’s trappish hide making him bleed profoundly. Damn girl, how long has it been since you cut your nails? Good thing that you aren’t scratching your neck otherwise you wouldn’t last 30 secs.

Is this the get-out-of-my-show-flag?

Kidding. Cosplayer Nemuru is here to stop this second-rate romance. Yeah, it’s not third rate because it includes some yanderism but it’s not first because it includes fail elements such as Hiroshi. She warns Isuzu to stop her whoring love for this idiot but Isuzu refuses to listen to anything. Apparently the few days she’s known Hiroshi for are enough to get herself killed. Logically this is impossible but I wouldn’t put it past human’s reasoning. I would believe more in her words if she didn’t have that crazy expression in her face that says otherwise.

Isuzu takes out her yandere gear (she has it too!) and fights the Wolf leader but is quickly defeated. How is even possible for her to hide those two knives? Unless Isusu has been secretly training in the ways of the ninja this just isn’t possible. Isuzu retreats and takes Hiroshi with her and fights away, well technically she jumps very high. Now, we can accept that Isuzu knows how to do a double jump and she has shot for Japan at the Olympics <Good> OR this isn’t exactly what happened and they just ran together until they felt safe. On one hand we have the Olympics hand and on the other we have logic. Tough choice.

I don’t know, I’m not a fan of grapefruits myself

Isuzu confesses her love for the 9,001th time to Hiroshi but is no different this time either. Hiroshi stays silent like the cat got his tongue, but also any decisiveness and any manlyness in him. Sure, there are countless possibilities but here’s an idea dimwit, say yes or no! This result in Isuzu pulling a Kotonaha bad end on Hiroshi and jumping off from building. Luckily, Nemuru’s pack, the wolf gang, catches Isuzu in midair saving her life.

Probably.. not.. then again. It’s complicated.

Hiroshi wants to go after Isuzu (what was he planning to do anyway?) but Nemuru stops him saying it’ll only make things for her.  She stops Hiroshi from embarrassing himself as a main character any longer and knocks him out cold with her psyche. You need to eat your veggies more often, bro.

[End of episode 6]

Years later, they opened a Tropicana company in Japan and the problem was solved.

[Case closed – Keikakudoori files]

< Let us think this Logically >

— It’s terribly difficult to deny everything here if I don’t at least accept the existence of some supernatural elements in the story. For instance, I can doubt any of what happened after Isuzu met up with Hiroshi in this ep but this is not consistent with the rest of the story! The fact that villagers mention how they are from a different species and the effect that the Hakkasu harvest is needed for the villagers to stay healthy completely screws up the anti-fantasy approach. This is the greatest weakest of the anti-fantasy approach, when you aren’t unable to explain all mysteries using logic. Unless, everyone except the us, the viewers, are having massive delusions it’s impossible to even think this could be solved thinking there isn’t a single supernatural element involved. Something definitely happened here. Isuzu broke the laws. Isuzu is probably not dead. Nemuru is the wolf leader. Hiroshi is probably delusional so we can’t know what exactly is true and what isn’t as long as we see things from his perspective. Still, we can’t give up. We can’t stop thinking just because we can’t properly explain everything! —

Failed Hassaku Harvest- It tells us that that’s the reason why Issei and possibly other people couldn’t get the proper amount of drugs they needed therefore why these incidents have gone up in numbers.

Village – This episode made Nemuru’s grandfather appeared to be less powerful than I initially thought. The suit guy was putting great pressure on him to make a decision. If anything the way the village operates isn’t as dictatorial as I thought. Nemuru’s grandfather is probably doing what he thinks it must be done for the villagers to keep living. Still, isn’t is strange they would just accept the help from outsiders to solve their problems?

Kaori’s illness – I already mentioned what I thought of her reaction to her illness. But here’s the thing. She is so far the only one who has presented this strange symptoms out of everyone we’ve seen so far. There shouldn’t be anything special about her if she was just another villager but it’s crucial to mention that she is also the only one who has been hinted to be the same person who had been killed/cleansed before. If we put two of these claims together we can arrive at a much questionable conclusion that they could’ve found a way to keep a person alive even after apparent death. The term death in this case is a debatable term used for a person who stopped being who he or she used to be! I’d like to point out that I don’t particularly believe in this claim mainly because it screams fantasy if I am to even consider people can come back from the dead! I’m merely opening the possibility that Kaori’s illness is a subject to be explored because it is surely connected to the questions mentioned above

Fantasy elements – It seems unlikely that simply by pushing your nails onto someone’s skin one could make them bleed that much. What I found more interesting is that Hiroshi noticed Isuzu’s fangs. Here I’m mentioning again how Hiroshi already bought into the supernatural theme last episode after accepting that Issei he met the other day was an actual ‘monster’. Possibly this tells us he thought he was going to get killed in the same way hence his extra cowardliness. He still sucks though.

Fantasy elements #2/??? : Knives – Ok, a huge flag went up when I saw Isuzu pulled out those two knives out of nowhere. I mean I could buy into it if she was wearing a coat or a long sleeve t-shirt but she wasn’t. In fact it’s not possible for her to carry those with her and having Hiroshi not notice it unless she was hiding in her very pockets. Because what we ‘saw’ was probably from Hiroshi’s view we can’t even that’s how it happened. There surely was a confrontation between Isuzu and Nemuru but it’s very possible it wasn’t exactly like we saw it happened.

Wolf gang – each time I’m starting to believe that there is an actual group of followers following Nemuru around. Blue truth destroyed? Ha. Interesting.

That must be some dream. Didn’t I tell you to lay off that crap?

Pharma guy – I’m also surprised at how weak Nemuru’s uncle is, no, not exactly weak just how desperate he is to get help to put the villagers’ illness under control. The pharma dude is totally taking advantage of this fact and he is also pressuring Nemuru’s uncle into working with him, whatever that means. He mentions the ‘Gods’ and also the Isuzu mentions how this town is where the Will of the Gods is followed or something like that. The pharma guy (I still don’t know his name!) definitely knows something that we don’t. Like I said, he is looking more evil each episode for some reason. You can just blame it on the fact that he looks similar to Mikami from DN. I knew he reminded me of someone! Kami! Speaking of gods.

Hassaku, Hassaku, Jouga Hassaku, s-sour sour sour! – Isuzu mentions how sour she thought the Hassaku oranges were but only after meeting Hiroshi it just became unbearable for her to keep eating them. Hmm, I would suspect there is something to her words so here goes. The Hassaku fruit that only grows in these areas is what it is keeping the illness (see last post) under control so I’d suppose they are good for them regardless how bad they may taste. I would suspect that they’d only need to eat/take drugs if they feel they don’t feel but here I’m getting the feeling they consume them in the regular basis. I can theorize that Isuzu thinks that taste of is getting worse because the stronger the feeling, the more harder is to go with it. To make it easier compare it to common cold. When you have a simple cold you can get rid of it taking a cold medicine. If you have a very serious cold, then you must take stronger medicine and because of your condition it becomes harder to shallow it. Simple enough? Isuzu’s reaction to it is probably her body and mind not allowing the medicine to ‘destroy’ her ‘love’ for Hiroshi.  You know what this could mean, right?

First Love – Isuzu’s claim can be so easily shattered that is comical but seeing the current date I’ll only put her love in doubt out of courtesy. Do you believe in Isuzu’s love for Hiroshi? — without love it.. Whether or not love at first sight is possible or not is a debatable topic as it might not hold true for everyone. OKK seem to be emphasizing the importance of first love so I’m expecting it to the related to the mystery in question, therefore this first love that Isuzu so-strongly claims is like a death sentence for her where if she doesn’t get it she never will. Are they possibly implying that their first love is something they must avoid if they are to survive until they get older or whatever? This is slightly far-fetched but Isuzu’s strong determination for her love to be accepted by Hiroshi like it was the end of the world makes us ponder about the importance of it. How crucial is this first love they speak of? I’m curious to know if this reasoning can be applied to the past incidents. I’m sensing high levels of inconsistency.

The Moon – Too EASY! Almost like a freebie they gave us. The difficult of this mystery is so far medium in case you were wondering. Definitely nothing even near the level of complexity of the When they Cry series but very amusing nonetheless. In the first ep they mentioned how it was mandatory for the shops to close and possibly for the villagers to stay indoors. Isuzu mentions how this is something they must do. Hiroshi is puzzled by this strange tradition. Nemuru in this ep mentions how everyone will eventually have a red moon where they will go insane, this is referencing to Isuzu acting all crazy for Hiroshi. If you recall a great majority (if not all) of the past incidents where Nemuru is forced to past judgment on the fallen wolves happen at night where we can see a huge red moon. It is only possible to conclude that the red moon is what additionally triggers the curse the villagers live with, almost like giving them the final push before they lose themselves. And that’s the reason behind the Curfew they have and the committee not wanting people to go late at night! Did you figure it out?

The Gods – Nippah! Higurashi theory nano desu. Do no read if you haven’t watched Higurashi! Yes, there are people who will do it regardless. Don’t read damnit. Ok, here goes. If we recall Rika was considered to the ‘queen’ and the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama (a God) therefore she was treated as an important and respected figure in the village. Tanako and the Tokyo guys thought of her as the Queen and it was mentioned at some point if she was to die/be killed  a terrible incident would definitely occur in Himazawa. I wonder how similar this ‘God(s)’ is to Rika in these terms. The villagers already mentioned that person importance yet they wish to get rid of that person if there is no other way out. Remember what happens each time after Rika is murdered? Something terrible. I will make a reckless claim here (mark my words) and declare that something horrible will happen if the get rid of that person they call God. Assuming that this person serves as the base for this village, it’ll only natural that everything will fall part once that person is gone! This is definitely consistent with a first bad end and time reset if they were to happen.


[Theory-making for ep6 completed]



9 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 06 – Love is like a drug

  1. I like your Kaori Theory It sounds quite interesting. I was expecting new like this to be shown at this time of the series. that why I said that not all were solved.

  2. Ok, this episode was just over the top. It was really good.

    I’ve been wondering why the heck would the old town allow more people to move into the new town if they are trying to contain some sort of “disease”. This episode made it clear, it’s not always as bad as it is now with the poor Hassaku harvest, and the people want the town to grow, in population, economically, etc.

    By now, I’ve already accepted the presence of supernatural events in this story. If you think about it, every 07 work does have supernatural events. In Umineko, it’s basically the whole plot, although magic only exists for those who believe in it, and well, the white witches. In Higurashi, Rika was able to live through hundreds of worlds thanks to that God. So in Ookami, I’m assuming this is related to the disease. In Higurashi, the killings were done by Takano, and in Umineko, we all know there’s a true killer behind all the farce of magic, but here I’m betting that it [blue]IS possible for a disease to give people super strength and perhaps velocity. [/blue]

    Now, I thought that the “disease” could go away after some time. Yet it seems that the violin-girl is suffering from not taking enough drugs (probably), but her symptoms are completely different. Instead of insanitys, super strength, she has a weak and aging body and keeps her sanity intact. Weird. I wonder why Isuzu’s parents don’t show this. Or perhaps Isuzu’s parents don’t have the disease, and it’s selective. Wait a second, didn’t Isuzu’s mother just say that it was a bad idea to have moved into the town? Then perhaps the disease affects only those born/grew up in the town, which would explain why all victims have been quite young so far, and violin girl looks like she’s lived there for a long time. I wonder if this’ll affect Mana.

    On Nemuru, I think I understand her at last. She’s a fallen god, like all victims. But she tries to be emotionless as possible, Rei style. I noticed this a lot at the start of the episode. Teacher made a joke, and everyone in the class laughed except Nemuru and Hiroshi. But at the very end, I believe that Nemuru is developing feelings for Hiroshi. Look at her eyes at the final scene of the episode.

    The moon – Wolves get excited and howl to the moon.

    THE GUY: This is bugging me. Who is the person that needs to be killed instead of sacrificing everyone else? Why haven’t they done it before? It must be some very important or respected person…

  3. Hassaku, Hassaku, Jouga Hassaku, s-sour sour sour! – This one was easy. Hassaku make those infected keep under control. We saw that when Issei was about to rape Hiroshi and the Hassaku made him stop, regain control, stop his feelings of insanity and raping madness xD. Isuzu LOVES Hiroshi. At first, she was taking the medicine and didn’t like it because of how it tasted. But after meeting Hiroshi, her main problem with taking the Hassaku drug is that it keeps her under control, it limits her feelings towards Hiroshi, it’s an obstacle between she and Hiroshi. It’s the one thing that kept her from completely admitting and confessing her feelings for Hiroshi. So that’s why it become unbearable. It kept under control her love, when Isuzu wanted her love to flow.

    God, I sound so feminine xD

  4. I knew since the first episode Nemuru was the white haired girl. While being right makes me happy, it bothers me that it was a bit anticlimatic. It gives me the feeling that it might not be what it seems. And I’m liking Pharma dude even more, probably because our supposed “main character” is still useless. Go figure.

    On another note, I’m a bit glad that it seems that some supernatural element is directly involved with the mystery. In Umineko I never denied the possibility of magic, I simply don’t believe that the culprit is a witch. Magic exists but it’s not the cause of the murders. So I’m hoping that the supernatural element is proved to be a part of the mystery. But that’s probably just me.

    • Yeah, I was also dissapointed that it was indeed Nemuru. Personally, I wished they’d put some better twist on it like an evil twin, double personality, etc but it seems this is probably it, oh well. The pharma dude (what’s his name!?) might be evil but he’s far more interesting than the so-called main character. Now that you mention it, that’s the reason why he’s that interesting, simply because the other male characters aren’t lacking in all aspects.

      The supernatural part hit me hard in this episode so now I’m more open to the high possibility that there is some of elements I can’t logically explain after all. All I need to do is the hardest part. Separate the truth from the delusions.

  5. Well, I like your review of episode 6.
    I agree with most of it, and I think they are playing on the fact that Hiroshi is oblivious too everything a little to much. Anyways, I like the anime so far, and I have my own conclusions too.

    BTW, I still don’t get WTF was up with Issei, but I watched episode one again and looked at Ogaswar… I forgot his name, and I saw that the “Jouga Wolves” seem to all be, well, for a lack of a better term(it is 4 AM here), “attracted” to him somehow(either that or Issei was just gay, literally… but let’s not go there). Well, I would like to hear what you think of what I’ve typed here.
    Thx! ^^

    [lol, Tropicana…]

    • Good observation. These shows are more interesting if you draw up your own conclusions as you go along.

      It’s true that Hiroshi is oblivious to his surroundings. I think he is unable to put one and two things together if you ask me. Just like the show mentions he’s below average. I’d think that he’d at least comment some of what happened to his family even though they might not believe him, seeing that people are getting murdered and all that could possibly be of some importance to their well being.

      The jouga wolves (including Issei) are attracted to Hiroshi for some unknown reason that much is true assuming they aren’t gay per se, as I mentioned, this is because Hiroshi is an outsider or because there’s something special about him that triggers these reactions in all of them. Issei himself mentions Hiroshi’s smell (like the Hassaku fruit) and Ogasawara didn’t want to let go of him either. I also watched half of 1st ep and I noticed the part where Kaname mentions how everyone is interested in Hiroshi but she can’t see the appeal. Also, Hiroshi also mentions that he was never popular before. That’s our final clue for there’s nothing special about Hiroshi. It corroborates the claim that outsiders like Kaname are unaffected by whatever Hiroshi has because they’re normal. So the problem are the villagers themselves. We can easily explain Isuzu’s unexplainable and devoted ‘love’ for Hiroshi this way. The most logical theory I’ve come up with is that Hiroshi’s (powers?) can override a person’s common sense and make them do things they normally wouldn’t regardless of gender.

      • But Iseei also felt attracted to some girl in the car I think. And the girl that we saw a few episodes ago (the one that got killed in front of Hiroshi) never had any contact with Hiroshi. And the villagers said that this year was worse because of the lack of Hassaku, worse, that means that it has obviously happened before Hiroshi arrived at the place. So, should we assume that Hiroshi does indeed have something amazing that makes a lot of the people of the town react to him, then a lot of people before have also had it.

        Although I really don’t think that Hiroshi has anything special. It’s just that he arrived during a year of bad harvest of Hassaku.

        • When they’re in that state I doubt that it’d matter who the person is, hence the regardless of gender statement. Issei never showed any love for that girl like Isuzu did for Hiroshi, he just felt his body was out of control because of the lack of drugs and did whatever he felt he needed to. He was, simply put, a mad dog. Hiroshi’s unknown appeal is one of the possible ways in which it’s possible why the locals near him are interested in him as explained above. I wouldn’t expect a single person to affect a village in such way. That’s not very logical or consistent with my theories.

          Both of them are, of course, different cases. One is related to Hiroshi (Issei, Osagawara, and Isuzu) and the other is the problem that the very villagers have among themselves, thus the the problem are the villagers themselves part. Hiroshi’s unknown powers is possibly just a bad factor of the many in this equation.

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