Sora no Woto – 06 ¬ Organized Soranowoto ¬

and they said they didn’t have a mafia

The squad led by Fecilia fakes out a whole scene to make them seem like a powerful force to not be trifle with in front of actual gangster. For more effect they literally put out the big guns and did the whole say hello to my little friend scene. Lots of empty shells were flying away all over the place They had the whole gangster thing down. The camera from looking from below and the seriousness, like they were the Sorapranos. Among all the fake out scenes there was one thing for sure, that they all stick like family in good and bad times . We learn that what they are doing could send them to jail if the army were to find out. Kudos to Ficilia in her role as a godmother and the rest for playing their parts like pros. Nah, I won’t question how they managed to missed all shots  even if purposely.

I wanted my moe show and all I got was this lousy t-shirt, amirite?

Meanwhile, we had this Baccano! Durarara! back and forth I-don’t-know-where-this is-going-but-is-going-somewhere deal throughout the episode. Featuring Kanata on her day off and the double life the squad leads in order to survive in this town. Not that much happened on Kana’s end other than us learning that dolphins are not really loving animals we thought but are actually mammals to be feared. There’s a story about a kid from the orphanage trying to get back her deceased mother’s memento who Kana met the kid while trying to buy a cool gangsta t-shirt in town with her first paycheck. She should’ve picked a t-shirt that said Row row fight the powa, Hate the game not the player, Got moe?, The owl did it or I’m with stupid for more impact imho. Mind you, the only problem would finding that actual person. Personally, I’m shocked she didn’t mysteriously bump into a Haruhi 69 t-shirt. Lack of references in Soranowoto are starting to scare me.

They solve the kid’s problem, not exactly and much appreciated not a la Kobato way. They actually did it accidentally when they caused a bunch of rocks to fall down while saving said orphan, making the gangsters’ car to be completely destroyed. They run off never come back to town. Take note. This is how you properly fix a person’s problem, Kobato-chan. Sadly, Kanata didn’t receive any candy but she got the satisfaction of helping somebody. Also, pick a better outfit next time you go out, Kanata.

No actual complaints from this end. This could easily be considered a filler episode but I’d like to point out that this is is the first time that they show us what they actually do when they are off duty which is actually not a bad thing. I’m not sure about the next ep but this one was enjoyable enough without getting too carried away imo. Unless you were expecting this show to be something else that isn’t, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Time to revise what you want out of this show.