Ookami Kakushi – 05 – Big Bad Wolf is no more – OH DESIIIIIIIIRE!!

These guys are our next big theory. I kid you not

That would totally make Hiroshi to be the Little Red Riding Hood. Crazy logic. But do not worry, everyone. Oyashiro-sama has listened to all your prayers. There is no longer more Yaoikakushi, Yaoi & Wolf or Hidden Yaoi. Bummer for those who enjoyed it but great news for the rest of us. Time to go pick this up again in case you dropped it because of it. For those who are taking an interest in OKK again. Welcome back!


The Tokyo guys are here to put pressure on Isuzu’s family like they’re from the mafia. They suggest that Issei’s  family to go to the old town for the time being but the family begs them to give them time to solve things up as family. The committee group doesn’t mind. Meanwhile, Issei is in his room acting all creepy. Family not wanting to go to the old town? Does it mean that they used to be from there? Also it occurred to me that committee group wasn’t  keeping an eye on Hiroshi like we thought in ep 3. I think that they were actually keeping Issei on check. These guys haven’t been following Hiroshi around, right? So my guess is that they’re only interested in the infected villagers.


Next day at school Hiroshi is still very shaken up about what he witnessed last night. Kana sneaks up behind and scares him to death. Apparently, Hiroshi went back to the crime scene and today in the morning the police box to ask around (just like I said!) but he didn’t find anyone there, same goes for the crime scenes as it was bloodless. I think the issue isn’t about them being gone but rather were there even someone there in the first place? Hiroshi is assuming they were there in the first place. This could easily lead him to flawed conclusions. Hiroshi confronts (if you can call it that) Nemuru who has been staring at him with intensity for than once. Hiroshi asks her if she has anything to say to him. Nemuru claims she doesn’t have anything particular to say. The teacher on steroids starts class. He looks more like a gym teacher.

On a separate note, I’m totally feeling the electric guitar sounds. *dan dan dun!* Were they always there or I just noticed them? Anyway, they’re awesome.

Kaname tells Hiroshi about the urban legends about cannibalism demons who saved the town, golden red butterflies, and a disease in a hospital. Because Hiroshi is interested in understanding what he saw yesterday and he asks Kaname about if she knows about a girl with a psyche.Is that really a good idea? Kaname tells him COOL STORY, BRO. Hiroshi doesn’t pursue this any further when he sees Kaname thinks that it was a joke. So far Kaname and the pharma appear to be the only ones that are from the outside aside from Hiroshi’s family.. I think Kaname’s deep interest in the supernatural is what is keeping her alive. Remember how she said she didn’t get Hiroshi’s appeal?

The monster ‘sucks the victim’s life right through the mouth’ she says. I can’t believe such a claim but I’ll give it a twist to attempt to make it more real. The only thing I’m sure is that it’s related to the mouth. Since I’m thinking of these people as ‘wolves’ I could relate this ‘illness’ to one that mammals have. Good? I’ll expand on it later.

I get what you mean R07 Hiroshi’s dad, it happens to most people anyway. Anyway, I heard that EP6 wasn’t so great. If anything you should make the mystery harder, not easier. On a related note, I should start writing that episodic for EP5.

Hiroshi asks his dad if he knows about a story about girl with a psyche but he denies it but tells his son he’ll look into it. Heh, it’s so weird to see a normal parent in these shows that I almost find this atmosphere creepy.

Crucial commercial is crucial. That’s the only thing you need to know.

After dinner is over Hiroshi goes outside to take out that trash. Damn, that’s a long walk. Couldn’t he just put the trash outside and wait for the garbage truck to come and get it later? Or if it was relatively close he should’ve run back to his apartment instead of running off in the opposite direction.  The streets are  so freakishly dark too that he couldn’t see Issei sneaking up on him like a total pro. These town people should invest in more lights posts if they want to prevent these incidents like these from happening. Or maybe they want that. On a very separate note, if I were Hiroshi I’d start questioning why the moon is red so often in this town!

All is futile when you’re against Issei when he unleashes his endless nine yaoi powers. To him Ookami Kakushi is not  a mystery. It’s FANTASY! I’m sure such scenario crossed the mind of many fangirls only the excluded these two and included Schneziel and Kanon but let’s not get off topic. Issei wants to jump Hiroshi’s bones like Kinzo is to Beatrice. Anyone else thought Hiroshi’s scream was plain hilarious? The Aaah! was so strangely funny.

In the end, Hiroshi is captured by Issei and just as Hiroshi has his rapeface on (that’s the only thing he’s been good at lately) the clueless girl from last episode appears and accidentally saves Hiroshi’s trappish skin. Hiroshi takes his chances goes SO LONG SUCKERS and runs off. This guy really isn’t When they Cry material. No way he is. Rena and the gang went up against commando guys and I’ve seen Ushiromiya beat demons with fountain pen. There’s more courage in Keichi’s pink finger that there is in all of Hiroshi’s body and his next 10 reincarnations. God, I’m disappointed with this guy. His new nickname should be Hiroshi the cowardly trap.

The vigilante committee had already Issei in their radar and they go after him when they see him kiss a girl. How could he! All of them restrain Issei’s classmate and take her in custody. Do they need that many? Surprisingly, the group let Issei escape.. or leave somebody else to take care of him.

Issei is exhilarated like he just watched the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie and he doesn’t plan on going back to what he used to be. He is easily cornered by the loli wolf’s gang and is put down. The killer takes off her mask and we can see her shedding tears. Similarly, this makes us question what  exactly happens to the infected partner of the fallen wolves.  Shouldn’t they all be put under quarantine? Apparently, the group is taking the unfortunate girl with them. Isuzu’s family can’t do a thing to avenge Issei and they can hope that nothing bad happens to Isuzu. They mentioned how it’s their ‘law‘. Can’t they just move to a different town? I think I know why they don’t do that. Because they must stay in that town. Have you not read Onisarashi-hen? Well, time to go check it out.

Sacrificing to god!

Nemuru’s grandfather is having a conversation another old guy where he tells him to deal with Issei’s family should there be any problems. Nemuru comes back and is welcomed by his grandfather, letting her know his concern on how tough Nemuru has it. Tough? Is that the correct word for serial murder? This is no extracurricular activity. Either something is very off or they are talking about something different. How she mentioned that it was left to the ‘godlike’ people made me doubt the possibility that these committee group are the ones that do the actual killing. Although I denied the possibility that big group that follows the wolf leader ‘existed’ in my last post. I thought that the followers would be the ones from the committee group but it isn’t it the case. So I suppose both groups are separated but working together.

Is it just me or this guy looks surprisingly evil? Pharma dude is having a conversation with Nemuru’s grandfather. I face palmed myself hard when I noticed that Kaori’s boyfriend and the pharma guy are the same person. Pharma guy wants all the data the hospital has on the patients that have the disease to be handed over to him so he can study it and give more support to the doctors.

Based on past eps he seemed rather desperate and sorrowful but when he has the glasses on he seems evil, almost like he’s truly enjoying this. It’s like this is a different person. It’s obvious that he wants them those charts for a different reason. It’s quite possible for him to have a second or third agenda. The claim that his girlfriend should make us sympathetic to him but the way he acts says this couldn’t be simply revenge. Is there more to him?

Next day at school Isuzu is back again so  Hiroshi is relieved to see have her back even though her onii is such a weirdo. Shouldn’t he be worrying about what exactly is wrong with Isuzu’s brother? Hiroshi hears the sound of  small bells whatever you call them when Isuzu is sitting down. I already addressed this but, shouldn’t Hiroshi question why she has that thing on? I think he thought of something when he heard it. He has that look on his face like he thought something was off or he remembered something. Who? Probably the sound the psyche made when the loli wolf  ‘killed’ that girl last night.

I think that Isuzu’s clinginess behavior comes to an end for this arc. The next time we’ll see her she’ll be lvl 5 and ready to bid farewell to us. Isuzu tells Hiroshi the truth that Issei has been murdered–or so the show makes us believe. No red, no corpse, no crime. I can’t just accept this.

I still can’t see why it has been determined that Nemuru is the actual killer. Sure they both look similar but.. I don’t know. I need more evidence that she is. Maybe because it’s too easy to think she is the one? However, based on Isuzu’s reaction when she saw her walking towards their direction it is solid proof that she knows that Nemuru or her family is responsible for whatever happened to Issei. I guess even Issei’s spider-man‘s powers mentioned by RP weren’t enough to save him. God, that remark really cracked me up.

[end of episode 5]

< Let us think this logically>

Issei’s supernatural powers – Is the guy fast or what? He practically teleported where Hiroshi was. He was like he is one of those lickers from Resident evil games while chasing after Hiroshi. I can’t believe such things. I don’t know how much of it was true but we can be certain that at least he was there and he did something made the committee guys put a stop to him. Moreover, Hiroshi’s paranoia could be going off the charts. At the moment when he was caught by Issei he completely stopped thinking and accepted the idea that this was all supernatural. In fact he remembers the urban legend that Kaname told him about and he is completely sure he is going to get the life sucked out of him. It’s key to mention that he wasn’t worried anymore that he was going to be molested by Issei like previous time but that he was going to get killed in the same way the legend tells. Therefore, he now believes that such supernatural events are completely possible. This is terrible for him as it indicates his mind is breaking down. Like I said before, Hiroshi’s state of mind is to be put under QUESTION.

Issei’s girlfriend being taken – Allow me to explain the situation you’re in <miss> supporting character.  It is actually quite simple. I’d appreciate it if you follow along. Based on my previous post I deduced that ‘it’s possible for them to ‘reincarnate’ or be ‘cleanse’ and have their memories erased and by that I mean being forced to not act in the same way they did before rather than having them killed.’ While this was theory was made in the moment I felt that there could be some truth to it, as it turns out this is could be it. Based on the short conversation they had with the girl, it was mentioned that she was going to be taken into custody by force and that she would not be who she is now. It was hinted that they would deal with her appropriately, in this case they mentioned a treatment for her since she has involuntarily become part of the problem they decide to ‘cure’ her and by doing so she’ll probably keep quiet.

This is a bit something different yet  similar to what I referring earlier.  I was referring to the one being ‘cleanse’ being the ‘fallen wolf’ rather than the infected partner. The part when they said ‘she wouldn’t be who she is now’ implies that the treatment or drugs they’ll give make her forget who she used to be, the ‘cleanse’ part refers to the lost of memory and also she will start anew somewhere else with a new identity whether this is forced or not it’s not clear. This could be consistent with the pharma guy’s girlfriend who looks like Kaori. In that case Kaori was the fallen wolf so maybe they used this method for both of them. To summarize and I’ll rephrase my previous claim into this, the ‘cleansing’ part represents that the infected both or either the villager or the outsider will be separated from their closed ones and be forced to start anew if we believe they aren’t  actually killed.

Higurashi Theory – *Higurashi spoiler – DO NOT READ*- Remember how in Hinamizawa the villagers have this hereditary disease made them go all crazy so they couldn’t leave the village because it kept them sane. Nevertheless, the people who weren’t from the town would get the disease and went eventually insane when they’d experience extreme stress. Well, I’m getting the feeling this might be it, maybe with a couple of twists. We can easily explain the supernatural events that Hiroshi ‘saw’. We can explain the paranoia and part of the mysteries with it.  So far there are 2 outsiders who are getting too deep in this mystery and who believe there must be a supernatural force behind this. This leads me to believe what the villagers might be the ones who can see the real ‘truth’ of what we see on-screen. This is part my 5th claim from last week about the murder, [..] however, the shocking non-existent/lack of blood allows to further theorize that the crime was NOT committed in the exact way Hiroshi witnessed it. The possibility that Issei’s corpse is gone and so is all the blood disproves that what we saw on-screen as absolute truth.

even these gals are celebrating Issei’s departure

Committee group – We all knew that Nemuru’s grandfather was into some shady business but this without a doubt confirms that he is deep if not the one in charge of dealings with the fallen wolves cases. What puzzles me in the scene between him and his granddaughter is how he expressed his concern for her. You have it tough, don’t you? That sounds like she is only having a bit of trouble with school or something not this serious. Is Nemuru really the one doing all the ‘cleansing’ here? Surely, if you plan on getting people murdered it’s not mandatory to send your own granddaughter to do the job, right? Why can’t he leave it to the committee goons? Maybe it’s the way the show works but it seems impractical to me.

Godpeople – I watched both subbed versions of this episode and there were parts that were different like when Nemuru informs her grandpa about the situation you may ignore this claim.

I thought they were the same. Based on their conversation they might not even know who the god people are exactly. They might have similar objectives but not necessarily they have the same goals. Here we enter the part where religion comes in. It would be way more practical to do the killings in a more common way rather than having a girl swinging a psyche around. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the committee group kill anything in this show. Isn’t that weird? For what they show us it is the ‘godpeople’ who carry out all the killings in this show. How unpractical is to leave everything to one single little girl?

Committee/Godpeople.. evil or not? Since they’re making us think that they’re killing people we’d usually think they’re horrible people but the case seems to be that they’re trying to prevent the disease from spreading around. I think that if they were truly evil than they would’ve killed Issei’s whole family and his 5 second girlfriend right on the spot. They even mentioned a treatment for her. Also like I said before. No corpse, no crime. This goes back to my fourth claim from last week:  The fact that there was no body to be found contradicts the claim that the woman was killed in that very spot in the first place. The hair pin found at the scene is the only reason why it’s plausible to believe that someone was at least  badly hurt BUT it doesn’t guarantee the person was indeed killed. No corpse, no dead body. This could be even turn out to be true for Issei.

The hint that there could be another Kaori somewhere makes us doubt they completely eradicate the existence of a person. Granted, they do something to them but I’m not seeing pure malice from the group. The loli wolf even seems to suffer from doing such things. As I explained above in Issei’s girlfriend being taken away claim, maybe there’s another method we don’t know about. What exactly is special about this year they mentioned?

Drugs and Issei – Issei has been hated by a fair number of good reasons but everything could be because of the drugs he hasn’t been taken. In ep 3 When they harass along with the book of prophesies remark I mentioned the possibility of drugs even before they were introduced in the story I mentioned that […]Someone will go crazy because of or for the lack of them (pills). We can now totally see that this is definitely true, as drugs Issei has been taking isn’t enough to stop the illness.

Furthermore, if we follow Blindability ‘s reasoning we could arrive at the same conclusion that  “Issei has been putting her health before his own in the crisis of a medication shortage, ensuring that Isuzu has enough to fend off the symptoms of the sickness.” Like she mentions, this could be Issei’s redeeming factor in the whole story. We all know that in R07’s work, most characters have at least one good side to them among the bad things they do. So it’s very possible that this happened because Issei wanted her sister to be safe. So he put himself in danger because of the shortage of drugs at that time. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but highly likely this is what really happened.

Old town Freebie  [your theory goes here]

Main theory

The very diseaseOk, I mentioned rabies before as merely an example. I’ll explain what I meant by that.  How does dog with rabies transmit the disease to others? By biting. How would a human transmit it to another human in a normal way? By kissing. Of all of things kissing would be the easiest way and quickest way too past fluids from one person to another (disease) among the many. In this case, similar to rabies this disease would be transmitted via the saliva when doing so. See, where I’m going with this? The disease the committee group is trying to prevent them from transmitting it to non-infected people of course. There are many ways of transit it to other people, the show just makes it seem like kissing is the reason when in fact it’s everything in their system that it is screwed up. Showing kissing is just the easiest way to transmit it to another person. Which makes us doubt how these people even have actual families if they don’t adopt children. I’ll explain.

The disease  makes the humans who have it to become more sexually aroused, no matter who the other subject is as we have seen. In other words, they let themselves go wild and succumb to animal instincts therefore become a threat to others.This is true with the last previous claim saying that it could be some sort of disease probably generated in the very village, fallen wolves and all that that triggers the animal instincts on people. Isse’s frantic state after he kissed his gf is a perfect example for this theory. This also explains the committee’s group’s actions up to this point. Additionally based on the conversation Issei and Isuzu had I got the impression that Issei wasn’t worried about his parents so maybe only the young people who need them after all. If anything this concludes that Isuzu needs them badly otherwise something similar will happen to her. Remember first episode?

IN CONCLUSION: Based on the all evidence up to this point I can conclude that : the disease may go away when they are much older or at least the risk greatly  goes down making it safer,  therefore the real problem could be villagers from a certain age rather than all villagers. So far the ones who have been ‘cleansed’ all have been relatively young people  so this could indicate that this is only a problem that happens when they fail to get the drugs losing control, therefore the committee is forced to put a stop to them. This is consistent with the committee group following Issei and not Hiroshi around back in ep3 and all their actions. Its’ possible that that’s the reason why Nemuru has an interest in Hiroshi’s actions as well as. Reason being she wants to keep people away from one another as much as she can so she is not forced to kill anymore. The commitee group has a similar job. In fact we can apply these claim for all past incidents if we believe that all victims were young! Unless a different case arises or more importantly decisive evident arises that contradicts ALL these claims I conclude this as TRUE!

– Shattered effect –


6 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 05 – Big Bad Wolf is no more – OH DESIIIIIIIIRE!!

  1. Wow your theories are getting more interesting. Oh I also think that Dad’s is 07 lol.

    I still think that it is impossible that all were already shown at episode 6. Things can’t be so easy. This is not a when they cry series but it is a 07 work.

    Yeah Hiroshi is not very cool. He lacks charisma. Maybe Battler or Keichi might give some of theirs to him.

    • The more complex the mystery becomes the higher the level of theories. The first episodes have been presently us with more and more hints and evidence little by little. I think that this episode is definitely giving us enough of evidence we can use to speculate much much further. I probably would like the show itself the challenge these claims in the next episodes of course. Not only because I want to know if they’re right or wrong but because that way I can shape up this investigation better. Much like in Umineko and in R07’s work, Trial and Error is a good way to find the truth.

      Hiroshi isn’t the best lead out there. I think he’s terrible imo but I think that his feminine demeanor is actually favorable to him in this case assuming the disease it is related to any kind of sexual interaction. Seeing how much of a perv Battler can be, he could himself or get somebody else killed in seconds, even more when the committee/godlike people won’t be listening to his counterarguments. Hmmn, maybe that’s the reason behind Hiroshi’s character and his trappiness.

      I’m glad I wasn’t the one who thought Hiroshi’s dad was R07 lol

  2. Hmm, this show is definitely getting better! And I was amazed at how closed I was. A simple kiss is enough to spread the disease, no sex required. People who fall in love kiss all the time, it’s simple human behavior. Therefore, in order to not kiss anybody, the infected try not to fall in love. The “rule” is that they mustn’t spread the disease. In order to get better, they take the pills made from that fruit or simply with the fruit itself. Whoever spreads the disease gets killed because he broke the rules, and by breaking the rules that means you’ve gone mad and become a “god” – whatever that means. The newly infected is then explained the situation and begins treatment with the pills.

    On the show’s culture: That wolf statue and fruit means that the family who lives in that house has just lost somebody.

    On the guy talking with the doctor: Since we can assume that this disease is something unique of this town, it would be easy to guess that some pharmaceutic company is taking interest in studying it. That is why the guy requests data.

    On Isuzu: Seems like she’s trying to get away from Horisho in order to continue living like her parents want. I’m also quite sure that she just broke a rule telling the newbie in town that her brother got killed. See how she first mentions that her brother “moved” when she sees purple-haired girl, and then finally confesses that Iseei was assassinated showing no care about purple-haired girl still hearing them.

    On purple-haired girl: I seriously need to learn her name >_>. Oh, and she does look like a spy for me. It would be normal for the old town to have “spies” in the new town to keep under surveillance everyone infected. Coincidence that she is in the same class as Isuzu? I think not.

    On Isuzu’s parents: Well, that clears some confusion I had in the last episode. The parents do know about the infection and did care about Issei. It’s good to see that they also got a warning from the “cleaning group a la Higurashi”, instead of Issei being taken away immediately. As for whether or not they’re infected…I still don’t know. It’s kinda possible for them to have children and love each other and never kiss, but I seriously doubt that since infected people tend to succumb to their wishes of kissing and then there’s that eye-glowing thing that shows they’re nuts. But I also liked a lot your theory kekakudoori. Maybe the infection is indeed something hormonal, and what better than teenagers or young adults? Or maybe the infection is in the blood, but doesn’t affect every generation. I’ve heard of diseases that only affect some generations.

  3. i wish i could play the game so i could know the story and then spoil it like hell haha :) ^_^ -evil grin- hehehe

    • *dramatic finger pointing*
      That won’t do any good good as long as I don’t believe in it!

      The culprit has already been determined in accordance with Knox’s 1st, 8th, and 10th. It can only be the Dancing Wolf! –

  4. I’m curious about the disease. I really like your theory about the kissing transmitted disease, but it makes me wonder about the guys who have been kissed. Just like Issei’s girlfriend, the Kaori-like girl from before kissed her boyfriend and then was killed. Was the boyfriend taken to “be cleansed”? If the disease exists, how much time does it need to start showing symptoms or to go past the point of no return?

    I really need the Pharma-dude’s name. It annoys me that his name hasn’t been mentioned. Of course, I’d probably fail at remembering it but I’d know he has a name.

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