Sora-no-Woto # 05: Girls vs Wild – Mission Successful?

The squad is ready to laze around like there isn’t a war to be win out there. Unfortunately for them Rio and Felicia had other plans in mind for them that didn’t include tea.

It’s called teh interwebs. They received letters from their family and acquaintances. We all know who the sender are for most part but we don’t know who is sending those letters to Rio or is it aimed at the squad in general?  Should it matter? Actually, I’m more  shocked seeing that Kanata can control a tank than anything in this episode.

Kurehara is more than interested in seriously OLD guy and offers him some wine before he leaves. Before she gets to do anything Felicia steps in and ruins the moment. Some people can totally not read the mood, huh.

This squad is so relax that you’d think Welkin Gunther is in charge here. They gotta start being more strict around this place. Can’t do chores? No lunch. Can’t follow orders? No breakfast!  Can’t play the trumpet properly? No .. Ah, I suppose that’s how Kanata learned so FAST. Girl had motivation.

I don’t know how serious they wish to be when they mention field trips. These gals aren’t earning their paychecks imo. Work hard or not food for you–should be the law around that fort.

Oh they meant that. Isn’t it a bit too much for them? What’s the point of having a person carry such heavy baggage in battle if it terribly restricts their movement? The funniest thing is that not even Rio can do it properly. It was sort of pathetic like they mentioned. These soldiers need to eat all their vegetables and cut down on the sweets to make themselves useful.

None of the soldiers can’t even walk properly or even turn around with those bags on their backs. Such a disgrace. I wonder where exactly they would recruit lolis to be part of their army. These countries must really lack soldiers in their reserve or must secretly have mecha units stashed or magical suits somewhere ready to pull them out as their final trump card.  Well, at least they’re trying. Bad, but trying nonetheless.

What exactly is that? It escapes me what year exactly this is and how the battles are but some things are all over the place.  I wish they would’ve explained more properly what these small domes do, more or less they said they protected the city. Kanata’s cheerfulness even in these moments reminds how unfitted she is for the army but how fitted she is for the show.

Don’t run! It’s a minefield! I can sort of see that coming at some point.This wild imagination of mine works both ways.

The blazing sun, Kureha’s complaining, Noel’s silence…  Kanata is losing it. I think the word serious and Kanata doesn’t seem possible to be put in the same context. Probably secretly in some secret tongue Kanata probably has an additional meaning that indicates constant and unexplainable cheerfulness.

Mandatory splash scene. These trio takes a break from their arduous mission and go for a swim, ok, not exactly. How bad it is that Sora no woto seems to be doing it better than Ookami Kakushi while being fully clothed? Interesting enough, there also was someone spying on them too. Evidence hasn’t proven that is a spy working for a secret government organization or bisexual so we can only conclude she is reviewing their progress.

Kurehara isn’t feeling the love from their two superiors. She probably hopes her situation with Krauss was different than it is. Even Rio hating her? Isn’t that exaggerating a tad too much? I can see the rest of her squad hating her for not shutting up her trap though.

Kanata is fully displaying their gullibility by being fooled by looks saying that because Filicia is blond and has nice skin she’s ok. I wonder how being of a certain hair color got into the equation here. Nice.. I can totally see. Being voiced by Aya Endo.. I can see. Oh, I forgot about those glasses. I guess that explains it. At this moment, I came to the realization that putting both hands together has an strange effect that  forces me to agree with flawed arguments. I think that’s a fearful thought.

While they were resting it turns out they’ve been robbed, possibly by wild animals.  Why a boar would get their compass in the first place, huh? The one who took their things was probably Rio. The group rather is forced to leave their backpacks behind since they already failed that mission so they can accomplish at least finding all check points. Personally, I think that Rio did it on purpose so they wouldn’t have to keep carrying those heavy backpacks with them.

I wouldn’t put it past Krauss.

This is how rumors start. These rumors have really  gotten out of hand in my arrogant opinion. Much like those Chuck Norris jokes, Haruka being a banchou,  the Witch of Rokkenjima, Krauss-san murdering all his family and coming back from hell, and most shounen not being mediocre. I remember the time I took out a whole terrorist group using only a tranquilizer gun and a card-box. Piece of cake.

Ditz looking for food. *target locked* Aren’t most of the fruits in the wild poisonous or very bad for you? TV said so, so it must be true! I suppose they know them quite well to risk getting a stomach ache in the middle of their mission. Berries, man. They’re.. sour. I don’t like berries. How about apples or mangoes?

There’s always that fish you didn’t bother catching back at the river. You can’t be picky.

I’m bit of surprised that Kurehara is the one who complained the most about the actual training, seeing she doesn’t think this squad is the best EVER, then again out of a group consisting of a kudere and a genki girl, the tsundere was in a clear disadvantage in the field of bitchiness.

In this episode Kureha demonstrated to be the is the weakest link in the group. Didn’t she say she was gunner or something like that? She complains way more than I would expect of her, that is, ignoring her childish behavior. She must be younger than Kanata, right? Me. I’m more of a stop-screwing-around-don’t-panic-let’s-get-this-fixed sort of person.  I’d rather find the solution argue. Not much comes out of arguing in these cases anyway. It’s waste of time and energy. If there’s going to be any arguing it’ll be after we get out of that mess not before. Oh yeah, I’ll probably be the one holding all the guns.

Is it very noticeable that I don’t like Kureha?

Kanata finds the last of devices and saves the group from killing themselves. It was funny how they started to blame Kanata when the one who jumped in the river was actually Kureha. Everyone had a choice to go in or stay back guarding their equipment, right? I don’t see how this is Kanata’s fault aside from her being her usual self. Still I’d very worried if the one who manages to save the group is the ditz of the show. The upper ups better look in this if they plan on ever winning a war.

The trio reaches the last one and by doing so they complete their mission. They stare at the border of No man’s Land, a desolate and forgotten place where no one goes except they have to.

As it turns out Filicia was already waiting for them to arrive at the place. She shows them that this is the place where past soldiers painted their military graffiti on this very same wall and so everyone does it.

While all of that was happening, Rio was being cornered by an angry older version of  Botan while attempting to get some berries for the squad. It’s unknown what happens next but she should’ve had that thing for dinner. At the end of the day they all accomplished their mission and they all get bayberries as their reward. You know what goes after successful missions. It’s got to be berries after all.

no Kanata?


2 thoughts on “Sora-no-Woto # 05: Girls vs Wild – Mission Successful?

  1. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the kanji written next to “Kureha” and “Noel” is Kanata’s name.

    I thought Rio trying to lift up the backpacks was hilariously funny. Hope to see more of Rio and Felicia net ep. :)

    • It’s good to see that the Rio/Felicia duo is making the best of those three and preparing them for battle whenever that may come. It was hilarious to see that Rio couldn’t do it properly either. Not the best example for the trainees but hilarious nonetheless.

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