Umineko no Naku Koro Ni : Fifth Move – Let’s take a tour through the ever peaceful Rokkenjima [You can run, but you can’t hide]

Welcome to Rokkenjima

We hang out so much around this place might as well explore it properly. Let’s review what we already know about Rokkenjima and make some of  it into certainty. We’ve got a couple of shots of different parts of  the mansion in both the sound novel and the anime. I think that anyone who has finished the anime or read the sound novel up to EP4 should be ok to read this. There are only very small spoilers for EP5 in case you’re worried about that but nothing huge. Enjoy the game backgrounds in case you aren’t familiar with the game. Let’s get to it and start cornering the main culprit.

The harbor: The first place they arrive on October 4, 1986. Everyone is welcomed by Gohda, Kumasawa and Jessica in many of the arcs. The harbor is important because it’s the only place where it’s possible to leave the island, however, since the boat doesn’t return until it’s October 6, we can safely speculate that no one actually left the island at any time before that day.

There’s also a claim according to the captain’s claim that there is a secret harbor on the other side of the island in EP4. Also Genji as well as other servants know of its existence too.  Surprisingly enough, none of the Ushiromiya knew of this harbor. It makes you rethink how loyal this servants are to Kinzo even after death..

Natsuhi was hoping that she could skip this day of the year to hide the fact that Kinzo is dead. At this point, all Ushiromiya who is not Natsuhi or Krauss is on that boat, therefore it isn’t possible for any of them to arrive at a different time/late for the family conference or on a different day because of the typhoon. EP5 makes it clear that it’s impossible to enter Rokkenjima after the typhoon hits. This claim is not declared in red but it’s likely the gamemaster is telling the truth.

It was declared in red there are no more people than 17 people on Rokkenjima by Beatrice in the 4th game and in EP5 Lambdadelta declares in red that there are no more than 18 people on the island that includes Erika from EP5, and doesn’t include Kinzo since he’s dead. At that point in EP5 when everyone is gathered they make it clear that there are no more people than the amount we see, therefore the amount of people is 18. If we really think that the culprit must be human then the culprit must be among that group. Is the killer on that boat? Are Natsuhi and the rest letting the killer into their house? How ironic that would be.

The beach: I’m assuming the beach/shore Battler and the others go to in EP1 and the very same one they go to in the 2nd game is the one that is near the port. Based on the amount of time that it took them to reach it from the main mansion  is quite possible that it’s only a 10-20 minute walk.

Nothing strange happens on the beach  aside from Shannon meeting Beatrice for some lunch and Battler and the cousins talking about the Witch’s gold in EP1. Personally, I doubt the gold is near that place even though it’ll consistent with the description the game says about hearing the sounds of water. Yet, if that gold was hidden near that place then wouldn’t it normal that whoever finds it would have sand on their shoes? Then again that’ll be too much of a hint for the readers..

The beach appears to be the only happy place in Rokkenjima.  It’s also is near the port where the seagulls can be heard.

The rose garden: yeah, that place where Maria’s rose goes missing and Rosa lets me down. This is a mysterious place indeed, here sometimes Maria gets an umbrella and a letter from Beatrice and one time Rosa also meets the witch Beatrice. The biggest conflict here is that Beatrice isn’t supposed to exist if we believe that there are no more than 17 people on Rokkenjima in past games. Does a ‘witch’ exist if we believe in it?

EP5 no one meets Beatrice but they still get the letter. It’s not known who exactly put it there but no one questions the existence of a witch named Beatrice.

The rose garden isn’t a common place to be when the typhoon hits and the only times any of the people on the island go there is when Maria wants to go look for her rose, which results in either getting a letter or having her mother and herself killed like in EP3.

After the typhoon hits no one usually hangs around that place. However, it’s still possible for the culprit to be spying on them from there like the culprit did in 4th Game when Battler and the cousins locked up Gohda and Kumasawa against their will after being ordered by ‘Kinzo’.

Is the real culprit the one who takes Maria’s rose away? In any case, it seems that the first place that Beatrice usually appears is usually from the rose garden. Why is that..

The one who take care of the garden appears to be Kanon. Also it’s quite possible to momentary hide the bodies in that garden since the rose garden isn’t that small.

The ones that are close – the place where George proposes to Shannon in most games. I’m assuming this place is very near the rose garden. This is an event that definitely takes place as we can see Shannon with the ring around her left hand in more than one occasion. It’s assumed that this doesn’t happen in EP5 since Shannon doesn’t have a ring on her left hand. How much would this affect the game I wonder?

It’s important to mention that no one knows about this secret engagement they have except Kanon in EP2 when he saw the two of them, not to mention he already knew about their relationship in addition from Jessica. What would happen if somebody already knew about it..?

George is killed very near that place in EP4.

I think this place is also used when Eva and Rosa discuss what to do about Witch’s gold. Rosa tries to force Eva into telling the rest of the siblings about the gold but Eva refuses and saying  she’ll tell them much later. Surprisingly, Eva Beatrice appears hours later and kills off Rosa and the others siblings because she wanted to keep the gold all for herself.. or so the story goes. Who or what is Eva Beatrice…? This is unnerving. I still can’t figure that out.

I get the feeling that this is the spot where the two who are close are picked.. George-Shannon (engagement ring),Rosa – Maria (Rosa has a conversation with Eva near that place), Eva- Hideyoshi (used to frequent it when she was little).

I’d stop hanging around that place if I were them.

Guesthouse – the place where the all cousins stay in. Even Jessica who should stay in her room at the mansion stays with Battler and the others in the 2nd floor of the second mansion for the rest of their stay.

Hmmn, I’d say that it takes about 1-2 minutes to reach the guesthouse from the mansion at a normal pace. For what I remember it’s mandatory to go through the rose garden to reach the guesthouse.

Something really special as far as I recall happens in EP1 or EP2 in this place. For most part the siblings sleep in and they go to the main mansion where they learned that the 1st twilight has taken place and their parents have been killed. In those arcs the guesthouse was a safe place.

Let’s talk about the deaths and events that take place here: Krauss and Natsuhi getting killed in the 3rd Game and dragged outside, the phone call from ‘Kinzo’ that they received in EP4, and Erika talking about the Witch’s riddle in EP5 as well as the 1st twilight in EP5. As we can see the guesthouse only became a more mysterious place starting from EP3 and up. Nothing should really happen there because the cousins don’t get killed in past arcs.

Lastly, It’s assumed that the guesthouse has only 2 stories so it’s quite possible for a person to jump down from the second floor and still be alive. Of course, there’s also another way to get down from the 2nd floor (see EP5) to the ground. Aside from the latest murders that take place there, I’d say the guesthouse is still a relatively safe place, which sort of corroborates my theory about the culprit wanting to lure the survivors out in EP4 Tea party.

Do all servants have keys to the guesthouse? If I were to compare which one is safer between the main mansion and the guesthouse I’d say the guesthouse.

Store garden shed – the place where they store all garden supplies of course. Not a single Ushiromiya should frequent this spot and the only the servants who take care of the garden rose should go near this place. There is only one key that can open the shutter if I remember correctly that is placed near servants’ place. It is certain that no master key can open this shutter so if we are to believe there is only 1 key to the place (no duplicates) then the culprit must gets his hands on it first. Also it’s impossible to open the shed from the inside. There is a small window on one of the sides but it’s too small for a grown man to fit.

In EP1 this key goes missing when the 1st twilight takes place and then the key is returned to its original place. Everyone wonders why the killer did that.

No deaths take place in EP2 or EP3 in the store garden shed.

In EP4 Gohda is given the key to the shed when he is locked along with Kumasawa but both of them end up being killed anyway. As I already mentioned I already proved how this is not actually a closed room in EP4 Tea party. A similar line of reasoning can be used for EP1. Lastly, Battler was only able to enter the shed when he borrowed a hatchet found in the boiler room after he found Kinzo’s corpse. If the shutter was to be open by force then it would be very noticeable. Because no one noticed in any previous games that the shed was opened by force we can safely assume that the culprit always a key to enter.

Similarly, no twilight take place on EP5 either in this shed..

The Chapel – Happy Halloween for Maria!

This place is one of the least frequented in the whole story. Considered to be a sacred place for Kinzo, the chapel has been an off limits place for all siblings since they were small. Kinzo was always crazy for what it seems so god knows what really happened in this place. ~Oh desire.

The chapel makes its first appearance in the 2nd game (1st twilight) when most of the siblings are killed and their faces butchered. At this moment, the ones who were keeping the secret that Kinzo was dead were murdered so the servants and Nanjo were the only ones that knew the real truth.. yet they never mentioned anything. Isn’t it futile?

Nothing special in EP3 or EP5

In EP 4 the chapel is mentioned once when game piece Beatrice tells game piece Battler that she sent Maria to the chapel. When he arrives there is no sign of Maria but he finds a set of master laying on the ground in front of the chapel.

Since there is only one key to the place (same as the shed) it is assumed no one would normally go to this place. Also because Kinzo always told the siblings to stay away from it, normally none of the Ushiromiya would frequent it. More to point, there would be no reason to do it.

In my opinion, this is a perfect place to hide the bodies. No, I’d say that this is the best place to hide the corpses. Basically, you only need to keep the key to this place in your possession, I doubt that anyone would notice among all the commotion. Because there is only 1 key to this place and it’s definitely smaller than the mansion and a bit safer than the guesthouse I would rather stay in this place if I were them.

It isn’t unknown who initially has the key to the place. Maybe it’s like the garden shed and it is placed near the servants’ place with the rest of the keys. In EP2 the key to chapel is given to Maria inside a letter by Beatrice in the rose garden.

I would guess that it takes 3-5 minutes to reach it from the main mansion.

Mansion: The place where the Ushiromiya and servants  spend most of the day. There are plenty of scenes that take place on the Ushiromiya mansion on-screen and off-screen we just don’t know how real those scenes are. There are so many rooms in this mansion that I wouldn’t know how many they got.

The ones that are mentioned in the game are the room Eva and Hideyoshi stayed in 1st game, Natsuhi’s room, Krauss’s room, Jessica’s room, Kinzo’s study, servants’ room, the guest’s room, the kitchen, the main hall where they watch TV/eat, lobby where Beatrice’s portrait is hanging that leads to the second floor, and the boiler room. In total the mansion has three stories according to EP5…

I’m assuming that the family conference as well as most of the conversation takes place on the 1st floor. It’s not unusual to think that is easy to reach the guesthouse from here. The basic rundown of the rooms is this:

The guestroom is on the 2nd floor
The servants’ room is on the 1st floor.
The VIP room where Beatrice stayed in is supposed to be either on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
Jessica’s room and possibly Natsuhi’s and Krauss are on the 2nd floor.
Kinzo’s study is supposed to be on the very 3rd floor.
The boiler room must be on the basement.

Main hall / Dinning hall – One would think that the mansion is a safe place but it really isn’t. Because the mansion is so big is incredibly easy for the culprit to hide in the one of the rooms and worse yet hide the bodies in one of the rooms that are usually not that used.

Additionally, because people start doubting each other they usually spit up in small groups making it too easy for the real culprit to get them. If one were to scream or the sound of a gun goes off it would be difficult to be heard than if it were on the guesthouse. Also, the kitchen provides plenty of sharp objects. There’s also Kinzo’s study there and also it’s possible to get guns (I think that’s from the guesthouse though) in the mansion.

Because it has never been determined how many rooms there are in the main mansion or if it exists any hidden passages do exist. If we were to ignore Knox’s 3rd than anything is possible. There will be always someone hidden in the shadows. Anyhow, the mansion is not a safe at all.

Corridors – Plenty of conversations between servants and Ushiromiya do take place on the corridors. Since there is a extremely high possibility that one of the servants is a accomplice it would be easy to think that these conversation have been monitored more than once. In the same way, an Ushiromiya could’ve heard the conversation between the servants about Kinzo begin dead or something that would catch his or her interest.

Important events that take place on the corridors are : Jessica giving her mother a charm (EP1), Rosa scolding Maria, Rudolf and Kyrie’s vs the demon stakes (EP3), game piece Battler looking for clues (EP4), and moving back and forth in EP 5.. and that letter.

In between killings the culprit runs through the corridors like he is a ghost. No one sees him. No one hears her. It’s quite possible the culprit can hide in one of the rooms that are not closed… How do you think the culprit moves the bodies from one room to the other? The killer must drag them through the corridors without a doubt. I think we can all agree on this (?) As I explained before the culprit must have used a blanket or something similar to absorb all the blood spilt.

How come no one catches the culprit red-handed?

Kitchen – servants’ place. Gohda displays his great cooking skills and prepares exquisite meals here. Also let’s not forget that delicious TEA is prepared here as well. All food comes from this place in Serving carts pushed by the servants, those usually being Shanon, Kanon and sometimes Kumasawa. Most of the conversations between servants take place here so only another servant would overhear these conversations since the family doesn’t usually goes near the kitchen.

There is a backdoor that leads to the guesthouse or at least to the outside, probably it doesn’t require a key to open it.

Clearly, the killer can find sharp objects in the kitchen so it would be not be strange to think he or she might borrow one knife or two in more than one occasion. It’s assumed that the place where they keep a set of keys for the shed and for the chapel is around here. I think that the phone and the electricity cables are also near this place…

Important events that take place here are : Many of the servants and also Maria trying to scare Battler into thinking that Beatrice exists (why?), ‘Kanon’ coming back from the dead and killing both Dr. Nanjo and Kumasawa then being destroyed by Shannon. Lastly, there’s Rudolf and the other trying to leave through the backdoor to get back to the guesthouse in EP3. Not much happens in EP2, EP4 or EP5.

The kitchen is a key place if we assume that the culprit put something on their food like poison, drugs, hallucinogens or SMALL BOMBS. More than anything, this place is crucial for any theory to explain how the culprit left the main mansion and head back to the guesthouse or to any other place for that matter without being seen leaving through the main door. No Ushiromiya frequents the kitchen therefore it’d be strange seeing any of them there…

Boiler room – That cozy place where Kinzo likes to chill. The boiler room is another of those places that is rarely frequented unless it’s mandatory to go there. Located in basement of the main mansion, the boiler room is the place where Kinzo’s corpse is found burning in almost all arcs. This is true for EP1, EP2, EP3, and EP4. How did Kinzo get here in the first place? I don’t know but we know that he is dead for a fact.. we don’t know whether who they find is the real Kinzo or a fake corpse the culprit prepared beforehand..

Interesting things that happen here are : Kanon being killed in EP1 by ‘Beatrice’, Kinzo found dead by survivors in EP1-EP4, and a servant not reporting seeing Kinzo’s corpse down there in EP5 when he went get a ladder. In addition, a fire Hatchet is found in the boiler which Battler uses to break the shutter of the shed in EP4. Lastly, there’s also a ladder that can reach the 3rd floor of the mansion.

The stench produced by burning flesh can only be smelled after the corpse is thrown in the burning fire. It’s not possible to know if Kinzo’s body was always hidden down there or not but at some point the culprit throws in that corpse so everyone can find his body, destroying Natsuhi’s plan that Kinzo is locked in his study room, however, this event changes it from Kinzo being dead to being murdered. I suppose that it couldn’t be such a bad thing for her and Krauss.

Why is Kinzo counted as one of the twilights when he is already dead, huh?

Rooms – so many rooms that it’ll make my head spin. The rooms that are used for the Ushiromiya members are locked by them although it’s not impossible to think there were times they ‘forgot’ to lock them. Who has keys to all the rooms in the mansion again?

In EP5, they revealed that under orders the zones that were considered not accessible to the public would also remained locked. To enter them the culprit would need a master key from one of the servants. In addition, I already solved how it was perfectly possible for the culprit to enter Natsuhi’s room in EP5 in my last entry.

If we assume that real culprit is always in possession of a master key then there really aren’t any closed rooms in that mansion like Furudo Erika mentions in EP5. All rooms except for one in the mansion can be open with a master key—Kinzo’s room.

Kinzo’s room – There should only exist 2 keys in the whole wide world that can open that door. One Natsuhi has on her possession and the other one is in the hands of a servant. It’s assumed that it is only Genji who always has it. After he is killed that key can fall under the culprit’s hands or anyone if Natsuhi doesn’t manage to retrieve it…

As we all know that door has an autolock system so it cannot be open unless one were to have one of two keys to open that door once it closes. However, because of that very fact, it’s possible for a person to be hidden inside the room once it has been opened once then leave afterward like he or she never entered the room in the first place. I wonder if that ever happened…

Not so regulars: Kumasawa, Krauss, and ‘Beatrice’. People who are regulars to Kinzo’s study are: Natsuhi, Dr. Nanjo, Genji, Kanon, Shannon. It’s assumed that Gohda is the only servant who never enters this room. If an Ushiromiya that is not Natsuhi he or she would need one of the two keys to enter this study. Master keys cannot open this door after all.

Crucial events here are:  getting Kinzo’s envelope and ring in almost all arcs. Siblings trying to enter it or at least talk with him in many occasions.

Kinzos’ room is the safest place in the whole mansion.  I’d lock myself there until it’s October 6 and I can hear the seagulls cry.

The Witch’s portrait – located near the entrance of the mansion. The portrait of the witch can be seen in all EPs. Kumasawa as well as others speak of the tale of the witch of the forest. Furniture without a doubt believe in the existence of the ‘witch’ Beatrice but I’d beg to differ. How real is Beatrice? Does she even exist or not?

The Witch’s epitaph is written on the portrait so everyone can see it. EP5 as well in past episodes indicate that in addition to the siblings and cousins there are servants who tried to solve it too, yet apparently no one has managed to solve it until this day except for a few.

Just who exactly is this person who calls herself Beatrice..?

Kuwadorian – We end this fabulous tour with a place we know it exists but we don’t know where is at. Kuwadorian is first mentioned in EP3 by Beatrice and Ronove. At that time at the family conference it was revealed that Rosa met Beatrice and found the second mansion when she was little. Also in EP4 the Kyrie’s group is captured and possibly imprisoned in Kuwadorian. We can doubt all of these claims but it’s certain that Kuwadorian exists somewhere on Rokkenjima and more importantly the human Beatrice lived there. That’s why Kuwadorian belongs to a different set of places we know it’s out there but can’t tell with certainty where they’re at.

The biggest theory is that the Witch’s gold is hidden somewhere in the second mansion but this has never been proven or denied. When all is said and done, Kuwadorian will remain a mystery for a very long time. One thing is for sure though, this place without a doubt exists.

~Welcome to Rokkenjima


6 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni : Fifth Move – Let’s take a tour through the ever peaceful Rokkenjima [You can run, but you can’t hide]

  1. How can we be so sure that the number of people on the island (including Erika) is 18? Because Battler saw 18 people in total when they gather in the room? I think it would be a grave mistake if we conclude the number of people base on that reasoning because:

    “Battler is not the detective in this story arc”.

    Therefore, he’s not bound by Knox’s 7 and there’s a room that he could lie.

    • That ‘I’ that game board Battler uses was strange. I considered the possibility that there could be someone hiding in the shadows at the very parlor while I was blogging this EP, but I realized that it would go against Knox’s 3rd : It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist.

      Bernkastel and Lambdadelta said about the number of people that are in the parlor right now is equal to the number of people on Rokkenjima. Lambdadelta said it in red so it must be true even though I don’t trust her. Battler isn’t the detective like EP5 mentions so they open the possibility that he could lie but if there was somebody not in the parlor the number of people would be = X < 18 and not 18.

      Don't get me wrong. I'd probably like to think that the culprit isn't any of the 17-18 but sadly the culprit must be someone we already know according to Knox’s 1st : It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the story. One way or another, that concludes that our killer is one of them.

      • I would just like to say one thing regarding Knox’s third, it isn’t perfect. Natsuhi hided in the closet in the fifth game, and that doesn’t go against Knox’s third. People can still hide in the rooms anyways.

  2. Good overall analysis. By the way, you forget to mention that Rudolf also knew of George’s plan to propose to Shannon(He overheard George practising confessing to Shannon in the toilet at the airport before they set off for the island in EP2)

    • Ah, that moment. I forgot about it. Something did seem off for some reason. Thanks for reminding me.

      I assume that that event happens in all arcs even though they don’t always show it to us. After all George tries to propose to Shannon in all arcs even though they don’t always let him. So there was someone who already knew of George’s plan for that day with certainty. I hope a certain servant-hating mother or the actual culprit didn’t hear the latest gossip.

  3. “I get the feeling that this is the spot where the two who are close are picked.. George-Shannon (engagement ring),Rosa – Maria (Rosa has a conversation with Eva near that place), Eva- Hideyoshi (used to frequent it when she was little).”
    It’s seems like a good theory, since at least one of them has been near that place. The problem is the two who are close in EP2. I don’t recall so far Jessica or Kannon being there. The weird thing is that, while George and Shannon are the first to be the “two who are closed” the couple itself hasn’t been chosen as sacrifices for the second twilight. George was, but he was chosen along Jessica. Shannon herself has never been a sacrifice for this specific twilight. Does that hold some sort of meaning?

    The culprit might be able to carry the corpses, if he were a well-built strong man or if the victim is small, like Maria. Still, that would only work for EP4’s Maria, since her murder is bloodless. Unless there was more to Kyrie, Hideyoshi and Rudolf in EP3. But yeah, dragging the corpses with a blanket is the most effective way to move the corpes.

    “Why is Kinzo counted as one of the twilights when he is already dead, huh?”
    Well, not everyone knows he’s dead. So, you can get some sort of alibi by saying you were with Kinzo, like in EP2, with Shannon and Genji. It also hid his status for a long time until EP4. Since the adults are taking him as a sacrifice and discard him being dead before the events, you can be led to a false conclusion that Kinzo was a sacrifice. It might mean as well, that he acts as an empty slot. It might give the culprit more time and allows him to screw around with alibies from when Kinzo goes missing to when he is found, I think. Though that would imply that the culprit knows that Kinzo is dead. It’d be too risky if the culprit assumes he is dead, but he “wasn’t”. Unless he was really crazy about the risk factor in magic.

    The chapel
    This may not be crucial information, but didn’t the chapel have that “This door only opens in one in a quadrillion chance” or something like that? At first it seemed like it was doing some sort of magic, creating huge risks. But then, Kumasawa took pictures of the chapel and even wrote the phrase. Does that mean a lot or is it a red herring?

    Nice summary of the locations. I remembered things about each place and putting clues together gives us a better view of the island, especially since we are lacking a map, which would be a quite precise clue.

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