Ookami Kakushi – 04 – This Case is now officially Anti-Fantasy. It’s theory time. I’m in your show tearing this mystery to shreds


or whatever till I say otherwise. Fallen wolves? Red butterflies? There’s a logical explanation for this! Awesome episode was awesome. You know what makes this episode better than the others? Proven fact: It’s the lack of Isuzu in this one for me. Nemuru opens the window like she’s letting out all the crappiness that partly filled the past episodes and welcomes the better stuff. I applaud her for this.

Hiroshi is still failing as a man. It’s a sad and futile sight trying to act any manlier. The sailor fukku that Hiroshi has on doesn’t actually help him per se. Who the hell designs those outfits? This is like an alternative version of the Siesta Sisters’ clothes minus the greatness.

That must be some fruit. Symbolism in R07’s work is always crucial even though I don’t always pick up on everything. Trick question while we’re here. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? *Check*

‘I’m not like that’ and then says ‘1h or 30m’. Talk about contradictions here and not matching your actions Shouldn’t Hiroshi YELL or something? He’s just standing there like a moron waiting to get molested. Like I said before, he is too fucking passive. He could  even get molested by anyone  from the Hanamaru Kindergarten cast.

Isuzu had to step in (she was very close apparently) and she finally does something not related to her clingy and save Hiroshi’s virginity once again. Stuff like this makes Isuzu a likeable character for a few moments, I just hope she keeps doing that. This clingy/terribly nice girl deal isn’t working so well as intended. Tired, Issei? Oh, sure, tell that to the judge.

Here I thought it was in my head.. Simply by the level of terrible obviousness.. this level of reasoning is possible. What do you think, everyone? Hiroshi still thinks that Issei is only ‘weird’ I think that in other parts of the world they have a term for that type. The worst thing is that he hasn’t mentioned anything to anyone else. He should at least carry something to protect himself if he really isn’t planning on telling.  I say it’s time to get a sudden interest in baseball, man.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Notice the creepiness around the whole scene? The sound and all that. Hiroshi notices that someone was checking him out through the window. We don’t know who that person is and we don’t know why he/she did it. We don’t know exactly if it’s that relevant but uncertainty is being created. Hiroshi acting  like everything is normal in front of Mana but he knows deep down that his peaceful days will soon be over. More to the point we want them to be over.

What a nice group of  old friendly people. WRONG. This equation of seemingly old people is = enraged deranged religious fanatics. White wolf? It’s that code name for the local evil deity? I welcome this event with great expectation.

Kinda looks like Sanae version of R07, wait, I think we already had a yangire version of that. 07th Expansion has stripped me from many things throughout the years, one of them being the sense of security in any of their works and also part of my sanity. Sometimes it’s like paranoia level 5 around here when I hear the cicadas cry. Last time they introduced a gentle loving character in the When They Cry series it left me a sour aftertaste when she turned bad. No, I am not being vague ->

Ah, the family is still alive. That’s unusual in anime in general. Are these parents at least going to be normal? Or sane for that matter? The Ushiromiya set the bar very high. The ‘you don’t have to worry because you’re our children’ isn’t very reassuring to say the least. I fail to see the logic there.

Huge revelation.  So Issei actually can’t control himself no matter whom we’re talking about. On other news, Issei is graduating from homo lust molesting predator to just molester in general. I see we’re making progress with him little by little. Is that a good thing?

In all seriousness, it’s now clear that this really isn’t something he wants (we can see him struggling) and it’s probably some sort of disease probably generated in the very village, fallen wolves and all that that triggers the animal instincts on people. There’s our theory for the time being. Of course, no actual prosecutor or the jury would buy this.

I KNEW IT! Didn’t I tell you to stop doing this!? Listen to the serious music. That expression. She’s hiding something. Do all the female population  in these stories either get killed or go insane? Not that I’m objecting to the later.

But Mana would. Hirohi leaves her physically handicapped little sister in the middle of the street to go fetch her witch hat. He seems enthusiastic. Hmmn, not that I blame him for it. At least his voice changed into a more manly one for a moment there. Ironic. Considering who is voicing him.

This is what the shows needs: introduction of more characters we don’t know much about him. I don’t know who this guy is, wait, I think I do. It’s that guy from past episodes that only gets a few seconds at the end and it’s all flashbacks. He’s acting all weird and whatnot, more importantly it makes me want to know who he is and what his goals are. Isn’t it weird that Kaori looks similar to her dead girlfriend? Wouldn’t it be totally weird to think that it’s possible for them to ‘reincarnate’ or be ‘cleanse’ and have their memories erased and by that I mean being forced to not act in the same way they did before rather than having them killed or something crazy like that? I don’t have faith in that claim though.

Rather bold words from the cornered prey. Why do I get the feeling she sounded terribly personal like she knew who her killer was? Surely you won’t ask your killer such questions unless you know or heard of her/him before. Friend? relative? And why does everyone seem to think this girl and Nemuru are the same? Also notice how the supposed ‘killer’ is the only one carrying a scythe.

I see these guys are borrowing Beato’s fireflies. Hiroshi ‘sees’ the mysterious girl kill her victim then runs away in terror. Illusion of the, uh, Wolf, I don’t allow you to exist. t’s worth mentioning that none of the followers chase after him! Isn’t that weird? I’d figure they would notice him seeing that he made so much NOISE. Either they’re ignoring him or.. There is perfect explanation for this, of course. Oh, I just noticed that the scythe has two oranges on it..

Silly Hiroshi. The last thing I’d use in these type of shows is the telephone, either it’s not working or you get massively trolled by the person on the other line. Why aren’t any police men on that post though? They, like many, villagers could be in on it of course. Here’s a more terrifying idea. The very local police is under the control of whoever is pulling the strings here. Have all the murders been reported? I don’t think so.

The phone not working was either never meant to work or Hiroshi is already having delusions. Couldn’t he come to this very place the next day to check whether the police is there or not? Maybe ask around without being too obvious?

I will not allow you to exist. There must be a logical explanation to all of this.

This guy is so relax is scary. He believes Hiroshi’s story because he also ‘witnessed’ the group of ‘people’ murder his girlfriend or did he? What we see after this is doubtful. This murder is full of holes. That is no good, Wolf culprit.

First claim

It’s not mandatory for the rest  of the followers to necessary ‘exist’ even more when the only one who deals the judgment is the leader of the group.

Second claim

It’s perfectly possible for a single person to be able to murder someone even more when the other person is defenseless. It’s without a doubt possible when the killer is carrying a weapon. Based on this reasoning it could be the work of ONE killer.

Third claim

Moreover, the fact that out of so many not a single one in the group  noticed Hiroshi is shocking. This shakes the foundation that the event even happened!

Fourth claim

The fact that there was no body to be found contradicts the claim that the woman was killed in that very spot in the first place. The hair pin found at the scene is the only reason why it’s plausible to believe that someone was at least  badly hurt BUT it doesn’t guarantee the person was indeed killed. No corpse, no dead body.

Fifth claim

Based on the amount of blood that there should be at the crime scene it would be very obvious that a crime indeed took place, however, the shocking non-existent/lack of blood allows to further theorize that the crime was NOT committed in the exact way Hiroshi witnessed it. It’s s possible he just freaked out and witnessed something different to what he thought he did. The fact that he was the only one who believed he was being spied on earlier while he was driving Mana already indicated he was being PARANOID since that moment. In conclusion, Hiroshi’s state of mind can now be put under QUESTION since although the murder could have been committed, it not necessarily have taken in the same  place or time Hiroshi believes it did!

Great episode. I declare the following with certainty:  Ookami Kakushi  is  definitely getting better.

Cleaning company is here to clean up more than they were asked to


9 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 04 – This Case is now officially Anti-Fantasy. It’s theory time. I’m in your show tearing this mystery to shreds

  1. Blue, effective.
    No red truth to disapprove these claims, because I suck at solving 07’s mysteries…

  2. Hmm, why didn’t I think of the possibility that Hiro himself could be going nuts. It’s so obvious considering the other precedents.

    Definitely agree that OK is getting better. Loved the Higurashi-esque moments, from the window peek, to the cicadas in the background, to Hiro trying to use a phone that didn’t work much like ole’ Keichii-kun.

  3. you are right ookamikakushi is getting quite interesting. But I must add some things.

    It is impossible to totally solve a 07mystery at the 5th episode of the anime. However start to get conclusions is interesting.

    About the phrase : you are our child . Well I have learned after following 07 works that every, even stupid thing like this can have a secret meaning

    • Yup, I was fairly pleased too that OK started to show greater promise :D I figure I’d start making some theories while I can, plus I’m sure I can enjoy the show even more that way. I don’t know what kind of mystery Ookami Kakushi is going to be exactly but I’ll taking the anti-fantasy stance until I get more hints of what’s really going on.

  4. “You don’t have to worry because you’re our children”
    That actually gave me the vibe that they are not their real parents.

    Hiroshi is still a moron, as he sort of starts noticing that the village is hiding a secret, and more importantly, that Issei is not the safest person to be around. It only took him several molesting attempts.

    I’m wondering all the “Why am I not allowed to fall in love?” the victims say. Why? Because they might have screwed up genes? If so, maybe their crazy disease is due to some gene and they don’t want to continue spreading the gene. Though there are quite good measures to avoid pregnancy. :/ If the werevampires do exist, I hope the reason is that they ate their beloved ones.

    Maybe the hassaku has some psychotropic drugs that are the actual cause of some people seeing funny things like the fireflies, and Hiroshi was also given the drugs through Kaori’s tea. In a way, that might explain his sudden manliness. And I’m loving the return of the cicadas and unnerving window peeks and unreliable phones. Things seem to be better now. For us, that is.

    • To me the mother acted awkwardly or maybe the anime just made her seemed that way. Some line she got though, “You don’t have to worry because you’re our children” Heh, Who says that?

      Hiroshi isn’t great but he is getting there little by little. At least he now knows there is absolutely something wrong going on in that village. It’ll be interesting how he’ll react the next day at school! Think he’ll question his classmates to see if they know anything? Hiroshi lacks the courage so I guess he probably won’t.

      Return of the cicadas and unnerving window peeks was a huge plus. It was the first time that I really felt like the tension and the uncertainty in that town. The old people praying was another plus too. This kakera isn’t so going to be so easy going for Hiroshi and company after all. Kukuku. Let’s grab some delicious tea, sit back and enjoy the show. *sips tea*

  5. [blue text]Hiroshi is so stupid his mind isn’t powerful enough to actually create illusions for him.[/blue text]

    I don’t think they’re delusions really. There has been no sign of them being delusions except for how quickly they cleaned the body, and they showed that accessory the girl killed was using.

    I’m keeping an eye on this new guy, he might be the only one smart enough besides Mana to notice relevant stuff.

    Anyways, here is my guess: Some people are seriously on drugs or they take medicine to alleviate a disease they have. The disease is related to the hormones of the victims. They fall in love too quickly. The murderers are of the old town and don’t like these people falling in love. Perhaps because the disease could spread? Fall in love, have sex, spread the disease? Who knows. The murderers obviously don’t want people with the disease falling in love for some reason. Only those who have been in the town for a long while know of this issue, but the attitude of Isuzu’s mother in this episode seriously confused me regarding this. If you knew your son is in trouble, would you be so relaxed? Nope.

    Anyways, the murderers don’t mind two people falling in love. Like, they don’t mind the process. But once they declare their love for each other, like the couple who kissed at the start of this episode, they start to kill. This explains Isuzu’s comment on how it is good to have obstacles during a relationship. The purple-haired girl in the class acts kinda as a spy, and Isuzu knows perfectly she’s being watched.

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