Mirai Nikki : Ch 49 – Diaries can be so unreliable

*Jealous* Some moments in life are to die for, other you better not die for. As a matter of fact a lot people died so they would be sitting there.  I’d say better not waste their efforts or test Yuno’s patience.

This is a tough one. Let’s think this rationality. On one hand there’s a group of people I hardly knew the other day and who btw, tried to kill me. On the other hnd there is  the  hawt yandere girlfriend who saved my skin more than once.  What to do. What to do.

Yes.. He’s finally dead! No, unfortunately he isn’t. Some help Yukki?

Because this guy is in possession of the ‘Detective Diary’ he has been able to see through their plans (didn’t someone already had something similar?)

Yukkiteru is sent to take care of the 8th while Yuko takes care of  Akise which is actually what he wanted.

moment of truth

I’m tired of Yukkiteru making Yuno do all the hard and dirty work while he sits back and whines. He’s had his moments of greatness but he always switches back to his old mode. I have no idea if he killed her or not but I really doubt it.

the call

Is it weird that I was way more worried about Yuno’s condition then anything at this moment? It goes without saying that Yuno is the start of this manga, I think I have all right to be concern about her. If anything she is badly hurt. Btw, I still can’t believe that someone like ‘ ‘ managed to overpower Yuno. It just blows my mind.

Since my last post I had my doubts where this manga was going after they revealed that Yuno might have a hidden agenda. It was clear she was hiding something since, like, forever but it was hinted that her reasons might not be related to Yukkiteru. The good news (?) is that this text message tells us that at least Yuno’s intentions are still yandere-related. Anyone who reads Future Diary knows that  she’s a demented yandere. And guess what? We still fucking love her. It’s good to see that much hasn’t changed.