Ookami Kakushi – 03 – When They Harass 『 Un-episodic 』

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I blame Isuzu and lack of the Dancing Wolf. They go on the trip that Issei promised Mana. Issei obviously most-definitely wants Hiroshi to go too. They go to the lake where shenanigans  take place…

Like in many things, Hiroshi fails so he isn’t catching anything on this day. Well, maybe he’s using the wrong bait. Issei would beg to disagree with this claim.

Kaname tells Hiroshi about how she feels the people feel like they are in a cage or something similar to that. Hiroshi has felt something similar to what she is saying. It turns out that she wasn’t being that serious after all saying that it was just a poem. It seems familiar to this one.

The frog in the well was happy.
It wasn’t interested what was outside the well.
The frog in the well was happy.
It was recluse to anything that happened outside the well.
And you were happy.
Because you didn’t know what occurred outside the well.

– Frederika Trollkastel

They end up trolling Hiroshi again. There’s a shot of Isuzu somewhere before but we don’t care about the clingy girl. So here’s one of  Kaname  instead.

Let’s whore it up! It’s like reminiscence of School Day, Ryukishi07 style. Kaname and Isuzu start teasing but most trolling Hiroshi. I’ll make a detective accusation. I suspect both of them as secretly being Trollkastel and Yuridelta in disguise. Oh, how fun that would be. Who knows maybe they are all trapped in some Kakera dancing in the witches’ palm or trapped by Studio IAC’s incompetence. One or the other..

Is that you TOKYO guys?

The guys from the white ban! It has to be them! What other explanation can I give two adult men fishing by the lake checking out Hiroshi and company, wearing the same outfits? Notice how the other guy looked away? Clearly suspicious. I may be a bit biased since I don’t’ like wearing caps.

It’d be awesome if they turn Ookami Kakushi into a crossover involving Higurashi. We could see Keichi almost getting also run over by them on the background when Hiroshi and the others are getting back home. That alone would make me give When Wolves Cry more points.

Nice acronym. Kaname is super slim in this shot, either that or some of DEEN’s quality is rubbing off on Studio AIC if it hasn’t already. Hiroshi gets a cold. Big deal. Awesome Kaname tells him to the go the hospital so he can get away from the clingy girl of town better. Hiroshi uses this opportunity to finally stay the hell away from Isuzu.

This girl just won’t leave Hirohi alone. Is she persistent! Isuzu is horny for the trap of the show she might as well accept it, just like the whole aniblogsphere is for the trap of Baka to Test. There is no possible counter to this claim. Isuzu hasn’t even reached puberty yet and she’s all like all ready to jump to adulthood with both feet. I see a bright future ahead of you, Isuzu. If she’s really kidding then she should stop.  Hopefully, shrink sessions will become cheaper in the future when she’s in her 30’s. You can sit next to Eva, Natsuhi, Rosa, and Kyrie. The more the merrier.

Hiroshi goes to a hospital. You already know who I was expecting to see next.  A certain blonde nurse~

Mr. Stalker here is playing Manhunt. I’m sure he has mastered all mastered all difficulties in that game. Hiding in the shadows was one of the basics. The second was attacking whey they least expect it.  The third was running like hell. Since Issei has a car I doubt he has any problems. Probably the real culprit behind the Witch’s revival played that game too.

NO! This isn’t Takano! Or even the lolicon doctor of town. It’s Nerumu’s grandfather who works at the hospital. Nerumu is one to talk to call Hiroshi weird. You can’t say such accusations and expect to get away unscratched. What’s with the brown tie? Who the hell wears brown ties? They take a blood sample to investigate everything there is to know about Hiroshi and probably over charge him for it. Medical insurance is paying for it, right?

Not much happens in this scene. Not much to investigate either. How am I supposed to get on with the intellectual reaping of this  mystery? There wasn’t much point to the initial part of the ep. Probably as pointless as taking any of these un-episodic reviews seriously. This scene served to from introduce Nemuru’s grandfather who wants to cash some serious money for his retirement. I see we once again skip the whole where are the parents at on this show.

*Wink* *Wink*I’m here to offer you a deal you can’t refuse *Wink* *Wink*  There’s huge amount of money for ya *Wink* Like I said when everything else fails, blame it on the drugs or TV or anime. I never intended to become a doctor or to work for/with pharmaceutical companies. Even more when Ryukishi07 makes them sleazy as hell. Possible side effects: You may go crazy and start killing people. Paranoia may be one of the symptoms. Please don’t consume with alcohol. See your Hinamizawa doctor for more details.

Issei hast just been waiting for Hiroshi outside the hospital. This should’ve triggered a danger alarm! the moment he saw him. Hiroshi without knowing is triggering the wrong flags for the wrong people. Oh, why yes hello. What are you doing here Stalker-san? Just passing by you say? Perfect  timing. I’m taken aback by Hiroshi’s naïveness, then again I’ve probably been watching too much Law and Order. Btw, detective Stabler wishes to have a talk with you Iseei.

For the record, I wasn’t going to say but since you started the topic. Isuzu is one of the reasons but I can’t enjoy this show as much as I wanted. She’s like a grown-up-all-whored-up-version of Satoko. I wish I could push her down the Sonozaki’s deep underground well.  I’ll make my own happy ending that way. I’ll probably get killed at the end of the arc but I can say it was so worth it.

Ah, Issei you need more help than the Winter anime session.

Most old brothers would be thrilled that the other guy isn’t making any moves on their sister but NOT ISSEI. No, NOT HIM! He’s actually shocked  (jealous) that Hiroshi isn’t. Why isn’t Hiroshi paying him attention instead of his creepy sister? That’s probably what’s really going through this perverted mind.

Issei is being very  straight forward to Hiroshi, then again that’s probably the only straight thing about him. Didn’t I use that line already? You probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t point it out anyway. It seems like there’s always someone like that in these series. Don’t forget to pick up a pepper spray and stun gun before leaving home. I think Shion has a spare one.

I think I’m in the wrong show. I wonder how Battler would feel about somebody else making moves on Ange, huh? I’m still pissed at Bernkastel for doing what she did to Angeburgers. And what’s this about Ange being uncute in EP5? What blasphemy is this? I totally agree with her being dull as a rock though, but I can’t blame her for that.

Forget about making any moves on Ange. We all know their siblings love is joined with superglue.  Sorry Amakusa. It’s useless. It’s all useless. Nice animation btw, at least I see where the budget is going. So you always drive on the left side in Japan?

It’s that scene. Ookami Kakushi is rubbing me the wrong way. This new series is telling me I should be worrying that there is a sexual predator in every corner instead of killer lolis or psychopaths hiding gentle faces. That’s a new one. This better not be the main premise. I order that they pick Issei as sacrifice for the first twilight and be done with it. The guy has enough screen time already, more than any Ushiromiya servant ever wanted.  I’m sick of him.

Some people call for help. Others fight back. Hiroshi kicks down the air fresher in the car and is saved. Didn’t I say that you should carry a raep whistle last time? This is what happens when you don’t listen to my advise.  Also, I think we got a fair idea what Issei’s Golden Dream is.

My blogging is sometimes like a book of prophecies. I’m scaring myself here. Last week I mentioned how Isuzu was off her meds when she was coming on to Hiroshi. Guess what? It was her brother who was off his meds. Well, here is a very far-fetched which probably turns out to be true because I’m not wrong, only a bit off. *Red true effect*: The meds he’s taking is/will coming from the very hospital. The drugs are probably connected to new evil pharmacy in town.  Someone will go crazy because of or for the lack of them. More importantly, where is the Takano of this show?

So we cool? U-huh yeah, we cool. We cool. Like hell we are! Hiroshi is so fucking passive. He’s more passive than a neutered 100-old turtle and shows as much interest in the opposite sex as Mariya does. He should’ve reported that  he was almost assaulted by Isuzu’s older brother to his dad and also to Mana so she’d stay away from him, unless he actually wants to be on the 10:00 o’clock news. It isn’t the reader’s imagination that un-episodic reviews are made in a way that it’s hard to respond unless there’s something  relatively witty to say. Keikakudoori’s Decalogue.

Nemuru is looking like the Rika of the show after seeing this. All this talk about a festival in town and how Nemuru seems to be the main attraction. Too bad that she got little screen time this time.

Mana is a great character because she disses her effeminate brother  who btw still sucks. Plus she does all of those things while in a wheelchair. It’ a good stepup from the overly annoying Nunnally of CG. There should be more badass character in wheelchairs imo like from Ayame from Gai Rei Zero and  Mariko (#35) from Elfen Lied.

I see that Mana  is already showing some love interest in Issei-onichan too.  Totally wrong. Hearing the word oniichan would sound so wrong, even more seeing what this guy’s intentions are. Oh, you weird kids. I’m glad I don’t understand you.

Hiroshi doesn’t say a thing about what happened the other day to anyone and acts like nothing happened. Meanwhile, Issei is still out there to get Hiroshi, smelling the clothes he lent him? Nine more eps to go and I still don’t think I’ll run out of names to call Isuzu.


10 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 03 – When They Harass 『 Un-episodic 』

  1. I was willing to give Hiroshi (finally learned his name) +50 cool points if he had hopped off the car while it was accelerating. Sure, the fall at that speed would have either killed him or hurt him so bad that he’d still be molested. But hey, that would be probably the coolest thing the poor bastard would have ever done. *sigh*

    “Isuzu is one of the reasons but I can’t enjoy this show as much as I wanted. She’s like a grown-up-all-whored-up-version of Satoko. ”
    Couldn’t agree more with you.

    Also, about the blood tests, at first I was thinking too hard and was saying “You’re asking for the wrong tests” and then thought that Hiroshi’s blood might have something to do with his stupid unreasonable popularity. Then again, I remembered that this was an anime and I shouldn’t take it too seriously. But then again, this is Ryukishi07. So, I don’t know what to believe. All I know is that I seriously need to stop watching vampire stuff. It’s messing up with my brain.

  2. Mana is a great character because she disses her effeminate brother who btw still sucks. Plus she does all of those things while in a wheelchair. It’ a good stepup from the overly annoying Nunnally of CG.


    Yaoikakushi is the correct name of this show by the way.

    • The connection I see between wolves and this town is that they’re both predatory, Issei specially. Hiroshi, on the other, is quite the herbivore man.


    This episode consisted 80% stupidity, 19.9999% of lovely homo raping time, and 22 seconds (I counted) of mysterious killer running around at night.

    Horrible. Just horrible. Seriously. And at the same time, lots of hints everywhere…

    The only thing that can interest me of this episodes are…yhea, the DRUGS! Seems like the drugs that lovely onee-san took are made of that fruit probably. So that fruit’s smell acts like a tranquilizer. Seems like the people from the city suffer from disease X and need to eat the fruit to live “normally”. In that sense, Isuzu’s friend is right. The city is surrounded by nature – full of fruit. The comment from the doctor was also interesting, “It’s a pity he has arrived with such a poor harvest of Hassaku this year” meaning that people will be out of control more often.

    The last thing I wanted to say is that a) Isuzu is annoying. More than Maria. I’m glad the very start of this show told us that she’s getting killed…hopefully. b) Oh no! I’ve got mucus! Couldn’t that be a consequence of falling into the water? Nah, ok, maybe…probably…oh, you have fever? Such a pity. Here, take some medicine (DRUGS!). Oh, and because you caught a cold, let’s just make a BLOOD TEST just in CASE. Seriously, wtf? Is this a hint of something awesome coming in the next episodes or is this just pure stupidity?

    Anyways, we should better keep an eye on main character. Apart from attracting guys and girls, and looking like a girl himself, he’s now taking blue and white medicine of doom. Let’s get the drugging begin!

  4. I forgot to mention my hatred towards pointless fanservice trying to convince the audience that the lives of the main characters are supposed to be interesting.

    • Fanservice and overlying annoying girl isn’t the best combination. I’ll care for them when they start dying. Oh, they can leave Kaname and Mana for last in case they’re going for the everyone dies ending.

      As for who is more annoying. Isuzu, Satoko and Maria are going to have to battler it out like lolis should.

  5. Wow, that was fast.

    I wouldn’t mind a everyone-dies ending in this anime. I mean, I would feel bad for Mana, she’s awesome and the only hope of the show so far, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for all of them to simply die. Except for the girl who’s on killing rampage every night. I don’t know who the hell she is, but she deserves to live.

  6. She’s clearly an ally of justice. The vigilante of Yaoikakushi who gets rid of all the supporting characters who we don’t need to know much about, like that guy whose name I don’t know and other people who we’ll never know about. If she successfully gets rid of Isuzu I’ll give her high Kudos. Also, the very least she could do is slash Issei’s tires.

  7. She could just nuke the new are of the town. That would totally work, right?

    Anyways, check Durarara! episode 3. It’s really good, you’ll like it, and it’ll get you in a better mood than the one you have after watching this episode.

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