Ookami Kakushi – 02 : A Little Too Friendly for Comfort – Clingy Girl is still Clingy

TL note : “What do you mean I am [classified] annoying ?”

We start with the episode with Hiroshi asking about the student that got transferred the other day whose name escapes me right now. Isuzu tells him that it’s probably nothing to worry about. I’ll think the same.. if I wasn’t in  one of Ryukishi07’s work. On a separate note, I think I’m getting used to the animation and its colorful colorfulness. *Rainbow effect* At school everyone is gathering around the new kid asking him questions and whatever comes their mind. They must be really bored to be asking Hiroshi to say something funny or interesting to them. See? This is what happens when you don’t have Internet.

I greatly enjoyed the irony of hearing Isuzu accuse the others of being annoying. That’s like me saying that Rena is yandere and Yuno Gasai is yangire. That’s totally wrong and it should be the other way around, should there be any sanity left in the wide world.

Nerumu enters the room everyone goes back to their seats without being told either that or Chie-sensei‘s class  is in session. The only one who refuses is the clingiest girl in the world, Isuzu, who stubbornly stands there until Kaname begs her to go sit. Isuzu stays so close to the trap of Ookami kakushi that you’d think they’re actually siameses.

– Me thinks a restraining order might be necessary to keep Isuzu at bay.


After school is over, Kaname has called out Isuzu to talk her into stop doing whatever she’s doing. Being annoying? Ruining this show? She needs to be more specific and I mean more When they Cry type of specific. A bat or a machete is mandatory to handle all situations. But Isuzu refuses! Saying that she will protect Hiroshi no matter what. A mere two days have gone by and she’s already putting her life on the line for him? It would be unimaginable to think that there used to be another student who suffered a similar fate who looked just like Hiroshi last year to explain her inexplicable clinginess.  Simply by the existence of Isuzu’s clingines. This level of reasoning is possible. How about that?

As usual they are accompanying Hiroshi after school. Isuzu wants to go eat some sweets. More to the point, Kaname wants to go meet Hiroshi’s father because she wants to hear more of the story that Hiroshi mentioned in class about the legend of wolves.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Kaname is so far one of the most likeable character in this story. The fact that she lacks the clingy trait is a plus. I hope she doesn’t die or turn evil or turn evil and then die. Whatever works out best. Isuzu, on the other hand still falls into the category of Eva Beatrice’s favorite phrase: Give up and _

Oh, I’m sure Issei has a closet full of surprises

They met Isuzu’s brother by coincidence on their way back from school. Issei gives all of them a ride since they live in the same building. Issei seems cool with Isuzu being clingy about guys. Kaname is also surprised that Iseei has giving Hiroshi the seal of approval. In more than one way I’d say.

Everyone meets Hiroshi’s father who happens to be a well-known writer. Awesome Kaname can’t believe Hiroshi is his son seeing how little interest he shows for the supernatural and his father’s work.

As it turns out Issei has also read Hiroshi’s dad work. He comments on how pretty Mana is. Of course, everyone knows that it’s completely totally right to flirt with the daughter of someone you just met. That would’ve been fine if the suspicious alert didn’t go right off of the moment he said that. This is probably him getting back at Hiroshi’s for getting too close to his sister. That or..

Sister.. brother.. that must be some small town

The next day, Isuzu and Issei come over again to Hiroshi’s house to continue chatting with his father. Issei wants to see Hiroshi’s father’s study so he sieges the change to go check out it out. Isuzu and Hiroshi are left alone and Isuzu starts coming on to Hiroshi like she’s some cheap School Days reject. I think you’re meds are wearing off, Isuzu.

No means now and Hiroshi pushes Isuzu away. For a second there it looked like he was about to blow the raep whistle on her but a simple push does the job. Isuzu eventually calms down. Just what is wrong with her?

After their visit is over, Mana tells Hiroshi that Issei has offered to take her on a ride. Hiroshi makes the right decision and tells her that he’s going with her. I think he was right about going. No way, I’d let her my little sister go with someone I just met the other day then again I don’t have  any little imouto but you get the point. Hiroshi stares at the mirror and a flashback reminds us that he’s still straight. Mana doesn’t want him to go with her though and she gives him the Higurashi Eye. Mana wheels away.

Jogamachi is too friendly

On their way back to their home, Issei goes with Isuzu for a walk. Issei mentions how nice Hiroshi was. Isuzu tells his brother that she was right about all. Possibly, he didn’t mean that in the same sense that Isuzu did or maybe he sort of did. Lastly, we jumped again to the scene of the guy from the last episode who is getting flashback of the time he found his fiancee’s (assumed) butchered body by the werewolf hunters. I still have no idea who he is.

Observations :

Nemuru gives the impression that she is the ringleader of the group. She is like the dominant alpha male wolf of the pack. Why do they obey or are afraid of her? That is not certain.

The bell. As we have already seen Isuzu as well as some other characters (I think) have a bell around their wrists. Her strange behavior went away (for a moment at least) the moment she heard the sound of the bell. Isuzu seems to want to protect Hiroshi from someone or something. Has Hiroshi been already chosen for the next sacrifice? What has he done?

I thought that everyone in the town already knew about you-know-what-is-going-on. Surprisingly, there are still people like Kaname who doesn’t seem to be in on it since she transferred there a bit before Hiroshi. Yet, she does seem wary of Nemuru even though she doesn’t know a thing about the wolf legend. Does this mean those two are not that related? Or that there is another reason to fear Nemuru?

The dancing wolf – without a doubt, he’s the one behind everything.

Orange / juice – the very same that we see in the OP. Surely, there’s a reason why it keeps popping up everything 5 minutes. Healing properties, related to the existence of the werewolves in the town? Why does Isuzu’s brother carry some of it in his car? Are they implying that it’s some sort antidote in case he needs to revert back to his human form or that it actually has the opposite effect?

9 thoughts on “Ookami Kakushi – 02 : A Little Too Friendly for Comfort – Clingy Girl is still Clingy

  1. yeah there must be something behind the juice.

    I like this series but mm It is just me or they are focusing too much in love (and what is more far than this) scenes. I hope this does not end destroying the anime

  2. Or the juice is drugs! Everyone loves drugs, right?

    Just kidding. If this wasn’t R07’s work I would have quitted by now, I want some action. They’re starting to abuse the whole school thing. It’s alright that they want to develop the characters, but it’s too much. And we only get, what, 3 minutes of awesome killing scene at the ending? If it continues to focus so much on the school part, this anime will start to suck. The last one I remember doing it for a lot of time was Shakugan no Shana 2 with the school festival and the whole thing about that girl looking like that evil girl, and that season sucked a lot. Fortunately, it seems that the preview indicates that there’ll be better stuff in the next episode.

    Oh, and Hakase’s character still looks like a girl. And it seems I’m not crazy, because the preview indicates that Isuzu’s brother also notices this xD

  3. The dancing wolf – without a doubt, he’s the one behind everything.

    Keikaku doori.

    So why is Tsumuhana not dead yet? Oh wait she dies later on. This series is still pissing me off, and we get yaoi next episode.

  4. @Moichispa
    The theme of friendship works well in Ryukishi07’s works but I never dug the romance parts. Hello there George and Shannon.

    @ Sacchi
    When everything else fails, blame the drugs.

    @ Panther
    Yaoi.Do no want. This is getting just plain awkward.

    • Yeah I know friendship and love is ok but most if most parts of the series is about it it will be boring for me at least. If we want a cute love story we would got a a shoujo not a ryukishi work. for me, at least. I want more shocking scenes and less teenagers-love stories

  5. -Nemuru gives the impression that she is the ringleader of the group. She is like the dominant alpha male wolf of the pack. Why do they obey or are afraid of her? That is not certain.-
    I’ve been thinking over that and I think that she’s the white-haired hunter chick. Probably. I guess.

    Other characters have been wearing bells? My lack of detail-attention is not helping.
    I thought bells are important because of Isuzu’s name. Urghhh, I should have paid more attention…

    And I don’t like one bit of this whole child molesting thing prepared for next episode. Do. Not. Want. :/

  6. Wait, what other character wears bells? I haven’t put much attention to this anime really. It’s not like it deserves it so far.

    PS. Am I the only one who was able to completely predict most of the movie Sherlock Holmes? For some reason, I doubt I would have been able to successfully predict so many things without having played Umineko :P Umineko has officially made me a better detective! :D

    • Umineko definitively helps a lot. While I was watching it, I remembered the Knox decalogue.
      But I fail as a detective, because the action sequences distracted me a lot. xD
      I envy you. D:

  7. Nah, when the action started, I just sit back and enjoyed myself. The fights are there for action, not for giving clues anyways :P

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