Durarara! – 02 – Second Impressions

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Before even starting Durarara I managed to finish up Baccano in hopes of seeing what I was about to get this season. To say the least I was fairly pleased. If I’d have to define the show in a few words I’ll have to use the terms cool and messy in the same sentence. So after watching Baccano it went without saying that was expecting something similar of that sort in Durarara.

So far it isn’t what I expected to see from the same creator. The second episode wasn’t exactly thrilling as it was mostly recap of the first episode with a couple of new scenes and some other scenes that were better explained by a narrator. Surprisingly, the second episode provided more dramatic and serious tones that I was expecting this show to have. This isn’t necessarily something I dislike but it isn’t exactly what I was expecting to see here either.

Durarara is still starting very slow but seeing that this is a 24 episodes series, I suppose that they have enough time to build up and get the story going around next episode(s). I suppose they’ll keep on quickly introducing new characters and developing their stories in future episodes. As we saw in the second ep, a more crucial character who happens to be far from normal made his appearance. In any case, I’m hoping to see that Durarara manages to keep going without losing the interest of  its audience. Based on what I saw Durarara is already providing a different type of treat that I previously had.


7 thoughts on “Durarara! – 02 – Second Impressions

  1. I wanted to watch Baccano, but never got down to it. Maybe this is a good time to watch it.

  2. yeah, it is meant to be messy the first time round try rewatching and that messy will become a-a-a-awesome! >_<

  3. I HAVE to watch Baccano! some day. It’s been on my to-watch list for over a year now. But first, I gotta finish Cowboy Bebop :P

  4. I liked how they placed the intro inside the opening song. I feel that especially the endings songs in anime in general tend to get a bit too distant from the flow in the episode. The opening song is normally not an issue, but the ending song easily feels out of place. Like a happy nonchalant song after a cliffhanger ending, that sort of thing. Then in the next episode everything is over and good again, it is not like anyone important would be killed midways in the series anyway, and then that song would probably be very fitting this time. So since the mood might change (and sometimes quite a bit) in different episodes I guess it is hard to find a song that would fit every episode well…
    Never the less I think the opening is okay, I’m not that much of a fan of this “introduce the characters” thing but it seems to work okay. I’m not that sure of the ending though, I don’t know how the story will turn out but right now I don’t think it fits the theme so well…

    Not a fan of previews either; it is not that bad, but it is not like I would miss it if removed…

    Well, there haven’t really been anything good lately in my opinion, so I hope Durarara!! will come to the rescue.
    The first episode seemed promising, the second episode caught my interest at first, but at the end it just seemed a bit stupid to me of some reason… The narrator was a good thing, as long as they don’t continue with it. The narrator sounded completely uninterested in the story which is probably the way it was supposed to be, but it got a bit annoying to me at times…

    If it turns out to be good then perhaps I should also check out Baccano! but I guess I will need to see a couple of episodes more…
    Well, even Umineko ep5 has been disappointing, I’m just a bit pessimistic right now… (I’m not done with umineko though but I’m nearing the end of this episode (I think, you never know ;) ) and so far it has just not lived up to my expectations : \ (Perhaps I just expected too much?))

    • I’m not so thrilled about this show having a narrator either. I could without a doubt live without it. Baccano was a great show that should definitely at least bbe in everyone’s plan to watch list. On the downside, I’ll probably be comparing Durarara to Baccano in more than one occasion because of it.

      I wouldn’t call it disappointing. It has some good points. It’s just that EP5 was.. different than the others EPs. I liked it but it isn’t my favorite EP of the series. I liked Erika, the whole anti-mystery and the introduction of the other characters but because the game was different to what I was expecting, not to mention there were some development I didn’t quite enjoy, EP5 wasn’t really one of the favs.

  5. Not sure if any of you have realized yet, but the show’s narrator is a different character each episode, so you get different perspectives. It’s actually quite genius.

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