Dance in the Vampire Bund – I Won’t Believe In the Existence of Vampires

Probatio diabolica was thrown around all over the place

What could I expect of a show that was advertised as SHAFT loli vampire show?  I was actually not very interested when they put it like that aside from the fact that SHAFT was involved in it. Vampires, huh? I almost forgot what they were like before they went from evil counts and killing machines to emo teenagers becoming the ultimate fantasy of millions of fangirls who enjoy being sucked dried. Let us join hands and pray that isn’t what DoV is about. Since we aren’t getting vampires who wield neither twin guns nor delivers ultimate punishment to infidels, we are getting the another side of the coin we rarely see—a female vampire who hopefully isn’t troubled with her life-ending love life at school. So, how interesting is this show?

We can already see that Dance in the Vampire Bund will, as many shaft shows, contain a fair amount dialogue that will either hook the viewer or confuse him with its randomness. But for most part its shows are fairly good possesing an interesting and witty dialogues. I’m expecting Dance of the Vampire Bund to provide excellent entertainment in this area.

The first episode showed a decent amount of dialogue by cleverly introducing a talk show to be precise about Vampires and showing the common ideas that normal people and professionals have on the topic of the eternal night walkers. Personally, I thought it was excellent idea to go with it as it shows the human’s point of view before jumping to the whole supernatural segment. This is even more important because the premise of the show is about a certain group of humans attempting assasine the vampire queen.

Another thing I found interesting was that even although it was clear who that ‘girl’s identity was in the audience, it was throughout interesting to see how things would work out in the end. We had the well-red professor on the talk show explaining his reasoning of why vampires don’t exist, contrasted to the little girl’s whose minimal knowledge manage to put doubts then actually scare the prideful and knowledgeable man. Of course, as we saw the story ends with the revelation that vampires do exist and his claims torn to shreds. Devils are proven and the believe that ‘vampires don’t exist’ is denied ending with their existence becomes a reality to the world with the  of the proclamation of vampire queen herself.

There was actually not that much to complain about Dance in the Vampire Bund except for the rather lulzy kermit the frog monster who felt out of place. Dance in the Vampire Bund might be the first decent, if not good, start of the year. I’m not blown away but I don’t feel the need to drop this show right now. Certainly, there’s some potential in this show that they will be either greatly exploit or not. The first episode has me wanting to see what more even (then again they didn’t show that much in the first ep) even though the main plot doesn’t appeal to me that much to be frank.  Based on what I watched and taking into consideration that this is based off a seinen manga are good reasons to continue watching DoV for now and hoping that it will not demonstrates to be another ‘it could’ve been great show’ but it really wasn’t like many but rather expecting it to solidify its position on my currently watching list. Congrulations, DoVB, see you next week.

Verdict: Not guilty


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