Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – Last Dumb Impressions

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Among the tremendous amount of harems, ecchi shows, and romance come Baka to Test, a most original story about straight F students who enjoys dueling. As intriguing as the idea of watching yet another show about students going to school to learn the arts of the dueling and becoming abusive Pokemon masters, Baka to Test is proving to be more that I thought it would in terms of failing to entertain and and moving on to the realm of I don’t see why they still make shows like this except for the fact that people still like it.

Story? Let’s see. We have the top straight +A girl who is most friendly towards the most incompetent guy on the whole student. Mind you, it should be hard to distinguish who is the biggest failure among the large amount of F students though but let’s flip a coin and pick the guy with the who is the undivided center of attention of this show even though he has have no other redeeming qualities to make Baka to Test any more or less interesting. I’m just assuming he’s the main character because he has the most amount of screen-time and his incompetence should make other F students feel better about themselves. Too bad that in those 25 minutes Baka to Test ran he or the show didn’t manage to make me grin once. You’re failing this course, buddy.

Mind you Mizuki’s l33t writing skills was the only redeeming thing I found

I half expected Mizuki to be the Louise of Baka to Tsukaima but that wasn’t the case, for better or for worse. What I saw instead was that Mizuki was the Miyuki of Baka to Test for better or for worse.  They should have added a pair of glasses to her design if they were going for that appeal.

Although supposedly Mizuki’s presence is supposed to make this show a bit more interesting, it doesn’t accomplish to make any difference at all. Ok, I’m exaggerating she’s likeable just doesn’t shine enough as the trap of the show. At least they introduced his twin sister who is actually not a guy in the first episode… or is she? The rest of the characters are more plain than vanilla flavor. It was more like, Hi, uh-huh, I’ve seen you before. We could be friends but let’s not. Let’s move on.

Mind you, I never had any real interest in RPG games and I don’t understand what’s so great about them. So this might be a good argument to explain why Baka to Test isn’t appealing to me at all. Maybe is the boring characters and ‘stupid” premise of a show, the unfunny jokes and a show whose  only good attribute was its surprisingly great animation. Frankly, I doubt that watching an anime with RPG-like battles is going to make me enjoy it any more. Even less when I didn’t find the first episode to be  any more interesting than the rest of the shows that I already stopped watching, but only less painful. Getting Baka To Test out of the way right now will save me the trouble of dropping it later on.

More shows that actually will  manage to catch my attention are supposed to air this week so I’ll patiently wait for them. Hopefully I won’t have to politely ask anime studios to wake me up when the season is over.

Verdict : Dropped


7 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – Last Dumb Impressions

  1. It’s as generic as it gets.. a battle monsters/cards show without the monsters/cards and boring battles.. so what’s left? The characters are dull and one-dimensional, the only semi-funny thing was the extended transformation scene of the trap, the visuals were nothing special, and the music was obnoxious. I guess I could be kind and say it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it certainly didn’t inspire me to watch any more of it.

  2. I think the show was funny. The main point of the show is about idiots climbing up the grade ranks by dueling. Yes, I know you know the main point of the anime, but we watched good animes before thats pretty much predictable just like this anime. The fun thing I really like about it is the sarcasm in it.

  3. This season, except for a few shows, sucks.

    And this is one of those exceptions :P. I found myself laughing while watching this episode, it was funny.

  4. Well, I for one found this show to be very very funny. Now, I should mention that I also very much enjoyed watching Kemeko DX which a lot of people hated as well, so maybe these shows appeal to people like me? Ive been watching anime for about 8 years (not hardcore) so I fancy that my opinion is worth something, but I think that people who don’t enjoy the slap-stick and random-funny humor of this show are going to hate it…

    I also have forgotten to mention, why isnt this anime considered parody? It seems to be parody to me i.e. the extended transformation sequence (I loled), and the main character’s special power being to feel all of the pain that his chibi feels. Maybe I am sadistic, but how is that not funny >:D

  5. Also, if anyone can recommend me any series that are along the lines of this or Kemeko DX.. tell me! I will love you and make a shrine in your honor.

    • I was one of those that hated Kemeko DX.

      I’d recommend Excel Saga, SZS or DMC if you haven’t watched them yet. Though you’ve probably have done it already.

  6. How is watching anime for 8 years not hardcore lol?

    Hmm..try Seto no Hanayome? It was my one of the very first animes that I watched, so I’m totally biased when I say I loved it. But it’s good. Just a reminder, watching episode 7 and 8 in a row makes them even more funny. You could always try School Days, which is just awesome comedy gold + awesome character development.

    Oh, and no need for love, but make sure to build that shrine.

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