The Legend of Koizumi – Political GARNESS – Ex-Prime Minister Koizumi, Now In Your Animu

this guy should get reelected

Or so it tries to be. Koizumi got killed more times than Umineko characters in a single episode but GUESS WHAT? He is back in the game in the next few seconds like nothing happened. Koizumi cannot be fucking killed. This  part took the cake for great absurdity in the first episode. Koizumi looked like that drunk guy in Independence day ready to hit the mother space ship. But Guess what? He takes out the enemy but he is still fucking alive. Koizumi is practically indestructible in this anime. The only thing that can probably eliminate this guy is probably not getting reelected except he already retired so he is indestructible. Wiki description follows.

Junichirou Koizumi (小泉 純一郎)
The 89th Prime Minister of Japan, the main protagonist of the story. Armed with a natural talent for mahjong, passed down from his grandfather Matajiro Koizumi, Junichiro defends Japanese interests and integrity against the heads of the world’s superpowers, even after his retirement from politics. Signature skills include “Goumoupai” (轟盲牌, scraping tiles with a tight grip to make white tiles), and “Rising Sun” (Thirteen orphans).

This is an anime based of Legend of Koizumi manga which I never knew it existed before this. According to the description this show is supposed to air on February.

I don’t know but I keep watching anime that revolves around a game that I hardly understand how it’s played. I happen to enjoy them regardless as weird as that sounds.

Legend of Koizumi will be stupid, much pointless, and dirty so much like real politics. I’ll probably keep watching this show until stops being funny which can happen in a few episodes. Not all shows can be funny for the whole 25 minutes it runs. I think we’ve seen enough proof this past decade.

Personally I think that it’ll be fine if it was a 5-10m show but a whole 20 something? It might not be so enjoyable after all. If anything I want to see a showdown that Legend of Koizumi provides between George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il, Vladimir Putin and the Pope. That should provide plenty of laughs.

Also it’s worth mentioning that it isn’t the first time that the ex Japanese prime minister has been mentioned in anime like SZS. But he also voiced Ultraman for one of its movies among other things.

Japan’s ex prime minister is sure living the dream of one having his own show or rather anime …  Not many can brag about it.

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    • I believe this is the pilot ep they released. I thought those 6:53 were fine for the show but according to the description the rest of the eps that will air later should consist of +20m which doesn’t put me at ease.

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