Mirai Nikki – Ch 48 – Yuno is Worried and So am I

Lack of Yuno displeases me

Summary : Akise learns that he is actually the Nagato Yuki of Future diary. God goes just as planned on Akise and breaks the illusion he had by telling him he might actually be straight after all. Later, Akise stops being Deus’ furniture and reveals his diary—the detective diary. It couldn’t get simpler than that.

Is it cheap time yet?

So they cannot ‘revive’ everyone? Bummer. I don’t like when they introduce Time Leaps in anime, manga or anything for that matter at all as a way to end a show though. To me this a cheap trick that says ‘let’s go back in time and fix everything’ because we just couldn’t do finish this project properly. Especially when the series doesn’t even revolve around it.  Deus Ex Machina ending? Are they going to give Mirai Nikki a satisfactory ending? A sequel?

Oh, and wouldn’t it be crazy if someone would repeatably go back in time before repeat the elimination game all over and over without caring what happens to the alternative worlds? Don’t tell me that that is what Yuno is trying to do! Let me be wrong.

sounds like blogging to me

The development that it’s not possible to get a good ending and ‘revive’ everyone and going back in time would only delay the inevitable tells us that tells that they have to finish this manga one way or another, which saddens me as I want to see more of this.

So basically also everything that Akise did was because of Deus? Wouldn’t that mean that all his abilities and skills are basically given my Deus himself? Loved the way Deus denied Akisu’s shounen ai though. I wast not expecting that.

Few mysteries to be solved. Probably the biggest one is Yuno’s real identity and what is her real reason to get in this game. With Deus dying soon this manga is near its end. Why so quick? I missed Minene. Why’d they have to kill her? She was the coolest character after Yuno, that is. Also I didn’t want Akise to be the last opponent they’re going to face I thought it was going to be some other number. The only one left is the 6th right?

not the exact words I’d use

Look at that face! Yuko is pissed off and with all reason! I don’t like these new developments at all. Akise can have his BL fantasies with Yukitero for all I care. Just keep Yuno out of it. Now it’s clear why she wanted him to stay away from Yukitero so badly.

Is Yuno the ultimately bad guy of Mirai Nikki? I’m sure everybody who followed this manga would agree that the relationship between Yuno toward Yukitero is what makes the manga. Her godly insane yandere levels set the foundation for this epic manga. Are they going to shock us with a surprise that Yuno has been faking her awesome yandere-ism? That’ll be terrible. I don’t want to see that. I worry for the manga and what ending the author is going to give us. Don’t worry Yuno. I believe in your innocence! …more or less.

Awaiting for more yandereliciousness next month.