Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – EP4 Tea Party : Reconstructing All Twilights – More Things Studio DEEN Left Out

everyone knows a man’s crime solving skills go way up when he isn’t sober…

What I enjoyed most about this section are the actual theories that Battler comes up with which actually aren’t too bad. Yeah, game board Battler actually does something and tries to explain how things might have happened. There is no back and forth between anyone, no objections, no red or blue truths to destroy his theories. Battler was analyzing the situation while trying to explain how the crimes were committed relying on the idea that magic does not exist. Game board Battler actually has the same questions and theories that I and other viewers had when the killings happened. I think this is something that it should’ve been nice if they added to the anime since it gives the viewer more info on the mysteries of the 4th Arc as they were never properly explained. Well, that is the reason why this entry is created. Mostly for anime  watchers that didn’t get to see these scene where the main character tries to crack the big mysteries behind the death of his relatives. Battler’s claims and theories followed by my own.

Eva, Rudolf, Rosa, Hideyoshi, Natsuhi and Genji died on the 1st Twilight

Battler spends the day solving the mysteries of EP 4 since Beatrice didn’t kill him he actually has time to stroll around the mansion. Battler is terrified after what he happened the other day and he has not slept at all since the other day. He heads to the kitchen and gets himself drunk. He then heads to the chapel because Beatrice told her Maria was there instead Battler finds the set of master keys. All rooms he finds the bodies in are locked rooms.

The first six chosen by the key. Battler enters the mansion and finds the bodies of the first six. As we knew they’re all dead in the same way we saw on-screen (half their head destroyed) even Rosa who died different way on-screen. Battler theorizes that the culprit must’ve used a powerful gun to kill them.

I think that while ‘guns’ have been mentioned innumerable times before to explain with what weapon the culprit has used to kill everyone. I wonder if the culprit would rather use a weapon like an axe or hatchet to do the crime disregarding how obviously more inconvenient it’d be. Is the culprit really using a gun to kill everyone? That killer must have plenty of bullets in his/her possession. Not to mention carrying a pack of them would be dangerous if found. How many round does a Winchester or one of those rifles have anyway? I doubt that as many as a handgun.

Battler doesn’t doubt the identity of the first six at all. He mentions how convenient it was to leave half their faces intact. I think this claim hold ups if we assume the six died one after another and there wasn’t a huge gap between, say, the first 5 who died and the last one to go. Maybe the last one to die faked his death and committed murders much like in Dr. Nanjo’s theory? Of course, it could be more than 1 person who ‘survived’ the first twilight and went on rampage killings the rest and either committed suicide or died mysteriously because of an ‘accident’ (EP 3) so by the time Battler got there the culprit was dead. This sounds logical enough but exactly who of the 6 faked his or her death? Assuming this is theory is true.

Another theory could be that there was a huge conflict in the room and as a result people died. To cover it up they lied saying it was due to some freaky trick Kinzo (who is dead) did. Now why would they use ‘magic’ as a lie?

A similar theory is that there was a huge fight in the room and they end up shooting at each other. Either the last person kills himself/herself or is killed by one of the other people at the dinning hall. This incoherent theory would require at least a number of family members to be carrying guns (maybe 4-5) to make this even possible. It’s just easier to think it was one group working together who killed the rest. Does the theory that it was one group or person make more sense? Probably.

I think that either the survivors are covering up the whole incident by blaming it on magic since they are well aware that there aren’t more than 17th people on Rokkenjima so because they had to blame it on someone in this case they chose to blame it on ‘something’.

As we saw Gohda, Kumasawa as well as Kyrie’s group they all blame it on Kinzo and magic. All their claims are consistent but the thing is that Kinzo is dead! Why are they lying when people are dying? Are they covering up for the real culprit? Are they all forced to cooperate?

Maria died on the 10th Twilight

Maria’s death – Her body is found laying next to Rosa, sleeping peacefully. Battler theorizes that Maria drank poison since she was spitting out white foam out of her mouth. He also wonders why Maria was the only one who was given a very peaceful death compared to the others. Maria has her arms crossed around chest like she’s been put to rest.

I do wonder that. But it’s very obvious that Maria is the culprit’s accomplice in some way. Even if she does not do anything related to the killings she cooperates by keeping her mouth shut. She probably drank the position herself as her choice was probably ‘A’ : kill yourself. I doubt that Maria has any interest in becoming the next head and since Rosa is already dead she couldn’t have chosen ‘B’. ‘C’ might also be a nice pick for her because everyone would go to the golden land but I doubt she’ll interfere with Beatrice’s plans concerning Battler. Was Maria given the poison by the real culprit? By now, isn’t Battler supposed to be the only person on Rokkenjima? I can only conclude she ended her life herself in hopes of going to the Golden Land where she can be happy with Beatrice and her mother. Who killed Maria? and isn’t the ‘gentle’ way she is killed similar to the one in the Third arc when she is strangulated by Beatrice herself?

The Real Culprit – The way everyone is killed in the show demonstrates that the culprit sure knows how to handle a gun and has super aim. The only time I notice some lack of it was in Eva Beatrice’s arc. Not a single miss? All headshots? Like the Siesta Sisters who claim they never miss a shot? Is the culprit a marksman? Someone who has been in the service or at least had training? I can’t see old people like Kumasawa or Jessica even handling a gun. But we’re missing something here. The killer doesn’t necessarily needs super sniping skills if he/she is closed enough to not miss. The comment the new Siesta Sister said in the 4th Arc, apologizing to Kinzo for shooting at such short length rings a bell. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the shootings were done at chose range? Let’s keep that in mind.

Small bombs > Pitfalls

Pitfalls – While I can’t say completely deny their existence. ‘wouldn’t put it past, Grandfather?’ I really doubt there is such mechanism beneath the dinning hall. First of all, it’d require someone to actually control the trap (a boobytrap?) That switch would have to be controlled either outside or even better in the very same room to get full effectiveness. You want people to fall in those holes then you have to be able to see them stand on them first, right? A remote control would do the job better than pressing a hidden object or statue to trigger it.

Assuming that there is a button that trigger this trap in the dining hall. It will be strange if the servants have not come across it while cleaning up. Oops, I pressed a button and the floor is gone! what if it’s so well hidden that none of the servants have found it? Have they knowingly ignore it and kept quiet about it? However, this is no Indiana Jones movie and such mechanism is unlikely to exist and this theory is just too ridiculous to be taken seriously. There are no pitfalls and there must be another way to explain this mystery.

I still think they were drugged or something similar either prior or after the 1st Twilight took place and they were taken somewhere but probably not Kuwadorian. Also I’m against the idea that Kyrie or Krauss kill ing their partners, in great part because it’s simply not a wise move at all to eliminate the only ally they had if they were working together. Even if they would actually want to get rid of them it’d be wiser to get rid of them on the last twilight when it’s safe rather than on the first one, right? Or was it an accident that they eliminate them?

Since I don’t believe they were actually locked up in Kuwadorian. Maybe they were locked up in one of the room of the main mansion? I have to assume they must’ve been something for all those hours. So it comes down to this : Either they were forced to stay or they were just not able to leave, of course, the last option is that all of the them were working together. Is the real culprit among them forcing the others to follow others?

The false claim that they are in locked up in Kuwadorian by Kinzo leads me to believe either they’re all working together or the real killer is threatening kill them if they don’t cooperate with him/her. After all the real Kinzo is already dead by at the start of all game Beatrice said so herself so it cannot be Kinzo who told them to call his grandsons to take a test to succeed him. What is the purpose of this ‘test’ Kinzo is giving them? Is it really about ‘succeeding’ him? I think not. I’ll answer that after this.

Jessica and George died on the 2nd Twilight

Battler found George’s body in the open in the middle of the rain when he went to take his test. In other words George’s death is certain. He had a demon stake on his forehead. Battler heads to Jessica’s room theorizes that Jessica was hurt and thought to be dead by the culprit (she had not external wounds though) She escaped the culprit and called him to warn him about demons and witches. At that moment the killer entered the room (‘they got me’) and shot Jessica in the face. She died leaning against the wall. At that moment their conversation ended. Battler notices that the phone is not hung up so it’s possible that she was killed while she was talking to him. Battler ponders how Jessica knew George was killed first and also ‘instantly’ as it is just not possible to completely see the place where George took his test from her room. How exactly did she know that?

So Jessica might have been tortured by the culprit and she somehow saw or listened to George being killed so she assumed George was killed. Wouldn’t this theory be claiming that there are two culprits? But the biggest question is why did Jessica claim they were up against real demons? Like actual demons. Did she not see the faces of the ones who kept her hostage? Why would she lie to Battler at that point? How was she able to witnessed George’s death if she left first and the place where she took her test was totally different, huh? Is she covering up for someone else by hiding the identify of the real culprit? I can only think she’d say that if that person was very close to her. Is the real culprit very close to her? Was Jessica in on it?

On Kinzo’s Test – Kinzo’s test could be interpreted in different ways but they all have the same goal imo. One would be to choose the sole survivor of the Rokkenjima incident. It’ll be equivalent to the Epitaph or similar to the case that happened in EP 3.  But let’s not let’s not forget about the price they have to pay. There’s even more than meets the eye to this test.

a)    Sacrifice yourself.
b)    Sacrifice the one you love.
c)    Kill everyone except the one you love.

The phone call and that test was the only way the culprit could’ve forced the survivors to leave guesthouse and separate them (magic resistance toxin?). The guesthouse was secure, comfy, and they had plenty of food though surprisingly, they didn’t have much food in EP 3.. They could probably barricade themselves there until the boat came. What changed everything? That damn phone call.

In my opinion, Kinzo’s test was a surefire way to get people killed using the illusion that there might a possibility to free the 5 prisoners and also grant a shot at becoming the next head at the same time. No mater the outcome was, someone was going to get eliminated without a doubt. Let’s see this from the culprit’s perspective.

a)    Killing yourself – one less to worry about
b)    Kill the one you love – one less to worry about but since this person is held captive anyway it’s unknown whether this person is actually alive or dead at any time. Even if the person the player loves ‘dies’ she/he can actually be ‘alive’ and vice versa. After all the real culprit plans on killing everyone at the end. In any case the culprit knows the player won’t choose ‘B’ so the game is reduced to either ‘A’ or ‘B’.
c)    Kill everyone – This last one is definitely the most beneficial to the real culprit. You know why? Because the one being tested would be doing the culprit’s bidding and kill everyone in hopes of  saving his own skin. Quite a foolish thought considering the real culprit can easily kill the player at the very end after he has done the entire job for the culprit. Wouldn’t this explained why Gaap was so pleased that George chose ‘C’ and showing with how much ease they can be disposed of be consistent with these claims?

So I really think that this test was nothing more than a farce. It was basically a win/win for the real culprit. A clear fallacy that makes you think there is a choice when there really isn’t any. No matter what choice you picked you were screwed. I think that’s the real reason why no one ‘passed.’ Simply because it was just not possible from the beginning. Not even Maria because Kinzo never existed in the first place. If I were to add something additional to Kinzo’s test I’d say that it also served as Beatrice’s last move hoping that Battler will remember his own ‘sin’ (?). The rest of the theories I said above can easily be considered to be a back up plan she had. That might be the reason why she didn’t call for Battler to go first instead since she planned on getting rid of the cousins and the rest first.

Kyrie died on the 8th Twilight

Battler finds Kyrie’s body in the main mansion on the 1st floor. The door to the room was also locked. She has died near the telephone and a demon stake has pierced her forehead. He corroborates her statement that she was being shot at while they were talking on the phone when he sees the marks on the floor supposedly made by bullets. Battler checks the doorknob and sees that it’s just impossible for anything much less a bullet go through it. This contradicts what Kyrie told him about a golden serpent like arrow dancing around the room as the door was closed at all times. Battler also does not understand why Kyrie, Jessica as well as the others mentioned that magic was involved in the killings. What puzzles him the most (myself included) is why are all their stories so consistent?

This whole doorknob theory about bullets can be easily broken by declaring it was really not a closed room. The culprit had a master key and the door was never really locked. Since it was fairly dark Kyrie just couldn’t see the face of the culprit or was too afraid to turn around. then again she was busy on the phone warning Battler about what just happened to them. Let’s not forget what I mentioned about how good of a shooter the culprit is.. so isn’t it awfully strangely that the culprit was missing Kyrie? If I recall correctly, in the game, the Siesta Sisters say they were missing her purposely, of course that’s not true as I don’t believe they exist. What’s the real reason for them to miss? Isn’t it because they wanted Kyrie to finish her conversation with Battler about magic and also Asumu? How related is Kyrie to Battler’s sin that the culprit allowed her to finished her conversation with Battler? What’s up with the sudden use of the demon stakes?

Shannon died on the 5th Twilight
Nanjo died on the 6th Twilight
Krauss died on the 7th Twilight

Next is Krauss’s group. Battler finds the bodies of Nanjo, Krauss and Shannon. They’re all dead just like in the anime but half their faces are destroyed. TKrauss has been killed in a similar way Kyrie was. Strangely enough there are demon stakes next to the bodies of  Nanjo and Shanon that means that they are not piercing their flesh. Why? He checks the old well and realizes that this is probably the famous secret passage connecting to the secret second mansion.

Battler goes to fetch some type of axe that can help him get through those bars. He heads to the gardening shed but he remembers that it’s locked and none the master keys he obtained will help him. He heads to the main mansion again and has an idea of where the horrible stench is coming from.

Kinzo died on the 9th Twilight

He find Kinzo’s body burning just like in past arcs.  He checks his identity by counting the number of fingers on his feet. Yes, he has six just like Kinzo. Battler is confused why the leader behind the killings has been killed in this way. He questions if the real mastermind is actually Beatrice herself and Kinzo is just an underling. He cannot do much here since he cannot question Kinzo about the truth. Battler leaves with the axe and heads to the gardening shed first.

Same story. They burned Kinzo so we can’t check his identity. Kinzo cannot be behind the killings since he is dead at the start of all games. So who exactly is the person who was ordering Krauss, Kyrie and the others to call his grandsons to take a test. Moreover, who exactly put him in that boiling room to burn. Wouldn’t that smell be noticeable if he was put there when Jessica went to take her test? Is someone we assumed was dead stuffed Kinzo into that place? When exactly did this occur? and does it really count as a twilight even though the person is ‘dead’? If it’s the real Kinzo than he shouldn’t be alive. Does this mean twilights can  be fulfilled even if one is using dead bodies as sacrifices?

Gohda and Kumasawa died on the 9th Twilight

Battler uses the fire hatchet he found in the boiling room and breaks the shutter. He finds Kumasawa and Gohda’s bodies just like he saw them the other day. He notices something he didn’t when he saw them through the small window, Battler notices that their feet are slightly touching the ground and their bodies are in a position that one could suppose they didn’t die because of hanging. Battler thinks they were shot then hanged in this way.  He also notices something peculiar about the way the rope used to change them has been placed. Battler checks (finally!) Gohda’s pocket and finds the key he was given.  The culprit did not take it. Much like I did, Battler has no idea why this two were tortured like this or maybe I do now? Battler heads back to where Kanon’s body supposedly is.

While the theory that the culprit could’ve been hiding inside the shed is a good one now that I think about it, there is one slight problem. How did he get out?  Surely not using that small window. Also, it’s not possible to open the shutter from the inside of the shed. You have to open it from the outside. But similarity this theory can also be right if I expand on it a bit more. Here are my two theories:

Culprit is inside the shed, he kills both of them and hangs them so everyone could see. He knew no one was going to enter the shed since both Gohda and Kumasawa were dead and he waited inside the shed hiding himself in the darkness. He then waited for his accomplice to show up and he throws the key through the window so the other accomplice would open the shutter for him. The real culprit gets out, closed the shutter and somehow managed to return the key to Gohda’s pocket through the small windows in some way. I think the mystery can be solved if we focus on the reason why the culprit hanged both of them. I know there’s a bigger reason why they were killed in this way.

So don’t be fooled. This is not a closed room at all! The culprit could’ve also fooled Gohda into giving him the key so he could open the shutter from outside. So Gohda threw the key through the window, the culprit picked it up and opened the shutter. He then shoots both of them on the forehead and hangs them. Something similar happens as I said above but the difference with this theory is the culprit does not need a second accomplice to create the illusion of a closed room. How’s that?

Kanon died on the 4th Twilight

Battler tries to break the bars but he soon learns that it’s just not possible. He remembers Kyrie mentioning that Kanon could use some type of sword to cut through the bars like it was nothing. Battler does not understand how this make any sense and dismisses the thought the Kanon could not be human after all. He considers blaming Kanon for a sec since he cannot find his body (just like in EP 2). A mysterious ‘someone’ says in red that Kanon is dead but  no one can see his or her. ‘It’ says in red that among the five people in Kyrie’s group he was the first one to die. In short he was the 9nth victim.

I think it was pretty obvious that it was Beatrice who said in red that Kanon is dead so game board Battler would hear it. Strange though… I’m sure Beatrice knows well pieces can’t hear what they say unless they actually present themselves before them. Whoever said in red was probably a ‘witch’. Who else could have said it?

That well might not be where Kanon’s body is at. Maybe he died in a very different place and the culprit hid his body so it wouldn’t be found. As for Krauss and the others lying about  it I don’t know why they’d say such lie. But since ‘someone’ said in red that Kanon was the first to die, this  assures us that he wasn’t responsible for the deaths of Kyrie and the others so whoever killed them it wasn’t him. Moreover, it guarantees even more that Kanon is not the real culprit for this arc. Are they all trying to cover up that they really weren’t locked up in a cell in Kuwadorian like they claim by saying Kanon has supernatural powers? It sounds stupid but why would they lie about it? That’s one big mystery. The existence of furniture in Umineko is always troublesome when one is trying to solve cases.

In the end Battler is unable to solve any of the mysteries. He goes back to the mansion and he gets hammered again. As for me I think I did some progress looking at the crime scenes thanks to this scene. It’s almost 24:00 pm and game board Battler spends the last minutes staring at the portrait of who he thinks is the one behind the killings.

Beatrice appears from the second floor of the mansion and walks down the starts. At this moment it switches from game board Battler to Meta Battler. So what happened to piece Battler? You’ll find out looking at the pic below.

Battler ‘missing’ on the 10th Twilight

After those scenes are over the actual showdown between Battler and Beatrice start. Smalls bombs and all that stuff. As I said before, this is another part that the anime version left out because they didn’t have enough time. A pity really since it shows game board Battler truly attempting to solve the crimes as a human in the best possible way he can. This concludes EP 4 Tea Party.


5 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – EP4 Tea Party : Reconstructing All Twilights – More Things Studio DEEN Left Out

  1. The fact that Kanon’s body is never found by Battler in any of the games is highly suspicious. But then there is the red truth saying Kanon is dead. I suppose we could get around that by saying that “Kanon” is not Kanon-kun’s real name but only a pseudonym. If another boy named Kanon died there, it’s possible to speak this red truth, similar to what Eva-Beatrice did in the 3rd game with Kinzo. Another hypothesis is that the “Servant Kanon” persona of Kanon-kun died there and he regained his previous identity.

    • Probably this information is never disclosed to game board Battler to trick him into thinking it was Kanon who killed them but ultimately game board Battler resist the temptation of putting all the blame on Kanon just because he couldn’t find his body like in 2nd Arc. The one ones that could see the ‘witch’s red was the player so we know that it probably wasn’t him who killed Kyrie and the others.

  2. Kanon is a pseudonym, but can’t be used by anyone except for the person himself.

    Lambdadelta’s red truth from the ???:

    # The only one who can claim Kanon’s name is the person himself!
    # A different person cannot claim his name!

    • Kanon sure gets blamed a lot in Umineko. I don’t see them blaming Shannon all the time..

      I still can’t understand why they would lie about Kanon having ‘super natural powers’ even when they’re about to get killed. Why lie to the extent?

  3. well if we think about it,Kanon did die,i mean the name kanon was his name as a furniture,but thanks to the love he felt for Jessice he became a human just like Shannon,even though for just a few seconds

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