Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – EP4 – ???? – The Tea Party for Those Who Wish To Get Trolled [MUST READ]

Evil Witches have more fun

This is the conversation that happens after the 4th EP is over. It contains red truths denying several claims that Battler made in the final episode. Obviously this is not shown in the anime version because of the time and you’ll never it seen it unless you play the game. Enjoy. This is a gift from the crazy Umineko Witches. Merry Christmas.

Featuring Lady Bernkastel and Lady Lambdadelta.

I’d say more than enough.

You don’t have to remind us how much of a softy Battler is. I actually thought he might do the same here. He still might.

Hmm, I think this is the most crucial part. What exactly are their interests? See below.

Grunts are good. Ask Lelouch and Yagami Light for advise in the arts of manipulation.

Mcdonald Ange? I’m not finding this funny. There’s cruel, there’s crude, and then plain evil. The Witches’ humor falls in a different category altogether.

Moe and air headness hmm.  That should be my strongest theory in Umineko. I’m seeing more of a connection each time.

I liked Trollkastel’s sense of humor and how she acts like she doesn’t know much. Well, I don’t know about that! That phrase should be used more often around here considering the snappy nature of this Blog. Is Blacksmith a good show? Is Ryukishi07 a troll? Well, I don’t t know about that!

It was sad that anyone could have expected half of them being plain wrong. Doesn’t this mean that first six cannot be the culprits? Assuming that their identities are guaranteed would indicate that they are no longer alive therefore not able to commit the killings. The only people who can kill Eva/Hideyoshi are the ones who are still alive. I believe that Beatrice also said it was not suicide and they were killed by other people.

Here insert Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House. “You’re a moron.

Thanks for confirming much theory that suicide was just plain stupid. There’s no reason for them to do it, same for Kumasawa and Gohda. Maria being an accomplice and not seeing anything is the only thing I can trust from Battler’s claim.

How sad indeed. Like I said multiple times. Natsuhi did not commit suicide. Give it a rest already.

Trap ‘X’ was something that Battler used a lot to explain a lot of his claims. He was using Devil Proof so as long as Beatrice did not deny the use of a trap involve in the murders Battler could go on and on.

So the killer was actually inside the chapel itself? Hmmm. There’s one one key to the chapel, right? I believe the key was inside of a closed letter that Beatrice supposedly gave Maria.

I think it was more hilarious the way Studio DEEN censored the gory scenes. Of course, these two don’t know about that, otherwise they’ll be certainly mad. What kind of punishment would they give them if they could?

Assuming that Kanon is not dead. It would a rotten thing to say that he murdered Jessica, hid in the kitchen then later killed Kumasawa and Kinzo. Also I believe Shannon said that it wasn’t Kanon when she went to get that spider web. That only leaves the rest who were in the room as suspects  and whoever doesn’t have an alibi. Did they really see what they claim they did?

Worthless I say! What’s this about Ushiromiya Rosa being the culprit? Rosa does not know about any keys! She does not know about any culprits! She does not know about any vacations! She does not know about un-aired onsen episodes! Well, I don’t know about that!  Oh, the red. It is convenient.

Trollbadelta is supreme. I’d like to see Battler’s face when he finds out he was merely having a match against a boss set to easy mode. Where’s the fun in that?

I personally would like to think that Beatrice was not cornered at all. I think she could’ve easily destroyed Battler’s outrageous claims in this game if she really wanted. *Bang!* Objection! I still believe in the great Golden Witch Beatrice. You just need to show me proof.

~~ Witches don’t reform ~~ EP 5?

Beatrice should be actress for the millennium. Her acting skills far surpass any other I’ve seen this year that is for sure. No need to fight over who’s the start, k?  ~ Everyone can be one.  As climactic as the ending was the fact that there won’t be another episode next week makes this rushed last episode seemed as an incomplete piece for those who have no idea there’s more where that came from.

The market is bad. Horo recommend to not do anything I might regret today. I am not buying into Beatrice’s act just yet. Troll me once, troll me twice.. It’s going to get a while to earn it back.

Perhaps this is the final truth. None of the mysteries have been really solved. There are some claims that were right. Yes, I don’t actually think everything he said was wrong but they are heavily overshadowed by Beatrice’s apparent ‘defeat’. Of course, Beatrice has hidden moves left! She must have some beneath that huge dress of hers with many Schrödinger’s cat boxes that it will seem like an animal shelter. I wouldn’t like her as much as I do as a character if she wasn’t that crafty.

Indeed the Tsun and Dere Strategy did work very well last time, even I was partially fooled by it. As we all know Aesop is one of the first and most known trolls that mankind has heard of, wrongly thought to be someone who teaches morals to children. Clearly, Umineko has proven this.

Truly economical and profitable you say? The strategies these two are using do sound very familiar.

I have no doubt that Battler will fall for that trick again…

There must be some strange fetish that Lambdadelta has for hamburgers.

Not cool, man. Not cool. Now I’m really starting to sympathize with Beato. If Trollkastel even says so  then I can’t even image what sort of torture awaits Beatrice.

Lambdadelta is pretty straight-forward with her feelings. Well, possibly that’s the only straight thing about her.

Sadly, Bernkastel passed up Lambdadelta’s invitation to bath together. No, I’m not making that up in case you were under that impression. You should trust my words more often. I feel offended.

Why can’t the anime be as awesome as the game? A rhetoric question indeed. There should be parts that are left out and there should be parts that shouldn’t. This is one of them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who initially misread part of this dialogue. Oh, that damn Ryukishi07.

Bernkastel’s goal is to make Battler win (eventually?) but I suppose that she doesn’t want it to end right now. It’s sad that no one is betting on Moetrice. Since when did Beato become the underdog of Umineko? I thought it was just about anyone that is not Beato.

It has to suck to hear that you have no chance of winning. Damn you nippah look-alike. Also Halloween is already over Lambdadelta.

The game must go on. A possible for them not to go on would be to put Studio DEEN in charge again.

That’s just nasty. So pretty much even if Beato has the upper hand she is unable to win the game because of them. With this her role is restricted only to troll Battler but to never seize victory by herself. I would not want to have these two as enemies.

It does fun. In a very sadistic sense, that is.

Oh, Do Higurashi fans know this well….

Beatrice is so screwed. How is she going to get out of this mess?

Just as planned


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  1. Damn, I have to play the VN. So many details missing from the anime. Although, I’m glad to know where the whole Angeburgers thing came from.

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