Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 26 [Final] – GAME OVER. YOU LOSE. I Turn the Chessboard Over One Last Time

Ange enters the Golden Land and gets Maria back by reviving Sakutaro. Beatrice is shocked that Ange has been able to do something she couldn’t. Ange corners Beatrice by declaring that because she couldn’t she is not a real witch. By granting Maria’s wish Beatrice is forced to leave the Golden Land since it was created by Maria and herself. What an inconvenient heaven.

Beatrice is really forced to come back to the game. Trollbadelta appears and tells Beatrice that running away is useless. In the game she actually puts frozen chain on Beatrice’s feet so she is literally unable to leave the game. Beatrice is forced to continue the game but in actuality the game cannot resume unless her opponent shows up or is acknowledged by her.

Bernkastel appears and she brings Battler from god knows where. Battler is sitting there but he’s like dead. Gretels declares in blue that ‘The one qualified to be Beato’s opponent must be Kinzo’s grandchild, Battler Ushiromiya. But it doesn’t matter whether he is Asumu’s son or not Beato is unable to fight back since they saw through her obvious trick. That’s why I said that it didn’t matter whether he was or not Asumu’s son. Everything is fine as long as he is Rudolf’s son.

Gretel encourages Battler to continue playing who has lost his soul because identity has been denied by Beatrice. She tells him no matter who his real mother is he is still part of his family and that it’s the bonds the make a family not necessarily blood.

Battler comes back to life like a phoenix. Here comes one of the many parts where Studio DEEN epicly failed. Ange comes behind and hugs Battler to give him the final push. She reveals that because of Beatrice she (Ange) has been left all alone in a horrible future where no one except Eva comes back. Ange starts bleeding badly and she finally disappears by the time Battler turns back leaving only her two hair ornaments. Battler turns to face Beato and points his finger at her again. There is no doubt in his mind that Beatrice must be defeated in order for him to get his family back and to return to Ange.

What is this? This scene was way too anti climactic compared to the game. Here is how it happened. After Battler comes back to life he’s all paranoid because he’s being so epicly trolled before by Virgilia and Beatrice (he remembers the third arc) thus he cannot trust Gretel and starts freaking out telling everyone to leave him the hell alone. It is then that Ange comes from behind and tells him that she is her little sister. Ange declares in red that she is Battler’s sister Ange therefore Battler has no doubt of who her identity is. In addition, Battler is unable to turn back at all. No, there is no damn camera showing Ange’s back so we have no idea what exactly they did to Ange until much later. When Battler turns back he see that Ange is gone but he sees that Bernkastel and Lambadelta are next to each other acting all normal. Battler then sees pieces of flesh and a lot of blood on the ground. He asks the two of them what just happened but they remain silent like hiding a secret. It is then that Beatrice explains to Battler what happens to Ange. Her description of the scene was so gruesome that will make your skin crawl. Battler is furious about how no one did anything to help Ange and is more furious on how Beatrice keeps mentioning Ange’s name and making fun of the way Ange died thoroughly the rest of the game. That’s how he got fired up. What the hell DEEN!? This was supposed to one of the most dramatic moment EP 4! You just ruined it like many of the scenes in this anime.

<There is a huge gap here that the anime does not cover all. I’ll make quick post about later when I finished reading the novel. I believe that this is crucial information that will help anime watchers with the mystery. Check back much later>

They skipped a hell lot of red and blue statements in the anime but I think that they kept the most crucial ones. Here is the basic rundown. ”Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead when the game starts. Therefore the true number of people is 17. By adding in an unknown person X, it becomes 18. Because this X exists, it’s possible for a culprit X to commit all crimes even if all 17 people have alibis.” Beatrice counters with how it was not possible for the culprit to kill George and Shannon in the second arc. Battler responds claiming that Rosa is the accomplice. She helped the culprit by giving him/her the keys in some way. ~Noryon-ron.

Third Game: It is possible to explain this if Aunt Eva is the culprit’s accomplice. Also it is possible to explain Dr. Nanjo’s murder with an unknown 18th X person!

I seriously thought he was gonna go Kinzo Rocket on Battler

4th Game: There’s nothing strange as long as the 18th person X went crazy with the gun! And murdered George, Shannon, and those who escaped from the dungeon. Beatrice responds that all Battler’s claims are possible because he trust that the unknown person exists because he believes that Kinzo is already dead. Kinzo’s ghost appears defending Beatrice, he transforms into a dragon (lord Pendragon?) and tries to devour Battler. Battler defeats Kinzo with his blue, claiming that :

“Kinzo is already dead. However, someone inherited that name, and everyone acknowledge it! In this way, everyone at the family conference acknowledged the existence of Kinzo!” Kinzo is unable to deny the possibility that there are characters who posses a variety of different names and is finally put to rest. Well, does that sound cheap or what?

Battler goes on declaring that in the 4th Game it was the unknown X who killed George, Jessica, everyone that escaped Kinzo’s cell, and Gohda and Kumasawa. Another stake pierces thoroughly Beato’s chest making her want to give up and give the victory to Battler. Battler does not accept this hollow victory and keeps the game going by not declaring that ‘therefore witches don’t exist’. Beatrice laughs at Battlers’ foolishness for not seizing victory and she comes back with her red disproving Battler’s noobish theories. Yes, here it comes!

Beatrice says in red that  “Kinzo is already dead by the time all the games begin. No more than 17 people exist on this island. So no 18th person exists. This applies to all games.” By saying this Beatrice destroys the theory that there is an unknown X and the Kinzo exists by the time they arrive at Rokkenjima. Doesn’t it mean that whoever spoke with Kinzo has been utterly lying? And just like that we’re back to square one. Let’s take it from the top.

1st  Game: someone in the first arc faked his death on the first twilight. That person is the one that kills everyone. Gohda, Kumasawa and Genji were killed by the person who faked his death or they killed each other simultaneously. After that Maria hid the guns. I can’t believe that claim. Why would they kill each other in the first place? Nevertheless, Beatrice surrenders that game to Battler because his argument is too funny. Perhaps, I think this was one of his most valid argument except for the part where they kill each other.

2nd Game: Battler claims that the first six were killed using small bombs put in their meals. What the hell? I have to agree with Beatrice (I was actually saying the same thing) That is the most ridiculous theory I’ve heard since the aliens theory in Higurashi. Again, nevertheless, Beatrice hands over that game to Battler because it was just that funny. You’re making this too easy for him, Moetrice. Fight back already! Fight back damn it! Why the hell put this game on easy mode?

3th Game: Pretty much whoever killed the first six is the only who found the key so he lied about finding the key on one of the bodies therefore it isn’t a closed room.  On Dr. Nanjo’s death: whoever played dead in the early part of the game is the only who killed Nanjo. That person died for some reason later and it is only after that Eva Beatrice claims in red that that person is dead.  A great loophole. Clap clap. This is not such a bad theory.

Beatrice must be some sort of C.C

A giant stake pierces through Beatrice’s body. Although she is so much pain she is unable to die. Battler thinks that this is an appropriate way for her to understand the pain she caused other people and stares at her. I kind get what he is saying. Beatrice asks Battler to help her die and shows her real form (heart/soul) to him.

Beatrice tells Battler one last riddle. She says that Battler is the only person in Rokkenjima and she (Beatrice) is about to kill him. Also  Beatrice is not Battler, in case you even considered that – then Beatrice asks “who am I?” Battler boldly declares that he’ll solve that last riddle that Beatrice gave him and kill Beatrice once and for all. No wait, why is the screen going dark? Credits? See you again. Have a nice day! Never mind there’s more.

Bernkastel and Lambadelta are shown lying on bed next to each other talking about this last game. Bernkastel revealing how ultimately it was too much of a hassle to prepare Ange to get Battler back on track and Trollbadelta claiming how utterly wrong most of Battlers’ blue claims have been. In the end, none of the mysteries was really solved. As the Witch of Miracles Lady Bernkastel and the Witch of Certainty Lady Lambdadelta declare that “Beato certainly cannot win, and a miracle certainly will not occur.” You lose. The Witches win.

~ Turning the Chessboard Over  ~

<Warning. Warning. Warning>  Long post is too long

On Battler! Pffft, what with this half assed reasoning? What’s with this weak Moetrice? Some of his theories were Ok but other just sucked. I feel like I should be disproving his theories rather than supporting them. Battler used the most obvious theories to break through Beato’s defenses like nothing. Rosa is the culprit for the 2nd game? Eva is killer for the 3rd game? Are you kidding with this? The show practically tells you that they are the culprit for those arcs! Those theories are what just about anyone could have come up with it even if they didn’t pay attention, Battler just ignored all possible theories where they aren’t the culprits for those arcs. Way to go. Battler’s reasoning is so over the top that I’m not even sure I said that sarcastically or not. There are some claims that are just plain on confusing so don’t be surprised if I got one of them mixed up with one another. This might seem long but it really isn’t taking into consideration I left out a lot of theories. So here we go. One last time. Turn the chessboard over!

  • They finally revealed that there are no more than 17 people on Rokkenjima and that Kinzo is dead by the start of the game. Note that they never said how long Kinzo has been dead. His death assures us that none of the crimes that are committed are done by him. Therefore, even though he may have given orders to someone to carry out the ceremony. It was not Kinzo who carried them out. The big issue for me is the reason why Kinzo’s body is always found burning. Here are more theories spawned from the fact that Kinzo is dead.
  • The real culprit knew that Kinzo was already dead. This means that culprit was in Rokkenjima long enough to know this for a fact otherwise he would not use a fake corpse to simulate that he was killed. This goes in two different paths either the culprit was the only one aware that Kinzo was not dead thus preparing a fake corpse so everyone would think he was killed or he did it because he thought that not everyone knew Kinzo was already dead out of consistency.
  • If Battler’s claim is right at all I believe that not everyone knew about Kinzo’s death i.e. the grandchildren didn’t know. Did they? What I think is that only certain people knew that Kinzo was really dead. If the culprit knew that everyone was well aware that the real Kinzo was already dead, the culprit would have no need to prepare a fake corpse in each arc. By doing so the culprit would only shocked those who knew for a fact that Kinzo was dead. Either the culprit was unaware of that fact, he/she wanted to get a reaction from them, or not everyone knew Kinzo was already dead. There is just too much of a contradiction here to get a clear view of the situation. So everyone knew that Kinzo is dead and didn’t do anything about it? I can’t accept that everyone did know he was dead. Plus this is so wordy and confusing that it can easily messed up a whole theory because of the way this claim is presented.
  • The Ushiromiya would stop having feelings of hatred and fear towards Kinzo if they would know that this is not their real father. The way they behave towards him is the same way they always do. Take your pick. If their original biological father is dead then the headship would go to Krauss or any other siblings, right? Why would they put somebody else that is not related to the Ushiromiya as head instead of them? Moreover, the contract that Kinzo made with Beatrice a long time ago should start triggering the moment he dies and goes to hell. There should be no exceptions. I’ll say this in blue: Because a witch has not started collecting what is rightfully hers it means that witches do not exist. There should not exceptions as the contract terminates the moment Kinzo dies. Yes, this claim is just plain weird. It’s just strange that Kinzo is dead yet this whole revival of the witch is still going on.
  • All the people who entered Kinzo’s study are considered culprits by default. This includes everyone who lied about meeting with Kinzo in or outside the mansion. Because he was dead in the beginning of all the games: all the orders, actions and claims related to him are all lies. All who acted on Kinzo’s behalf and followed the orders of a dead man are accomplices. Right now even Battler’s meeting with Kinzo in the 2nd Game is put in doubt. Can his drunkness explain him seeing Kinzo near the end of the 2nd Game? If there are only 17th people Kinzo or the fake Kinzo should not exist.
  • The inheritance discussion should have started the moment they knew the real Kinzo was already dead. If they were well aware that Kinzo was already dead then this inheritance discussion concerning Kinzo is pointless. It should be about the siblings asking Krauss to give them their share of the fortune like in this 4th game. Moreover, there would be no need to kill everyone over the inheritance, they would only need to expose that Krauss and his family knew that Kinzo is already dead if they want their money so badly. The only people who should be afraid are the ones who know well that Kinzo is already dead and wish to keep it a secret for their own reasons. Moreover, Dr. Nanjo has been lying about Kinzo’s disease and that he might die at any moment. He should have spoke up and reveal that Kinzo is already dead. He says that he is his closest friend yet he does not recognize that the fake Kinzo (if that claim is real at all) is not him?
  • In addition, Dr. Nanjo is responsible for giving a wrong diagnosis for all people that faked their deaths. +20 years of experience my ass.
  • The anime version of Beatrice is too Moetrice. I declare that with keikaku doori Certainty. Strike me down if I’m wrong.
  • This theory that a name is passed down also involves Beatrice whose real name is unknown. Presumably, it was Virgilia who had the title of Beatrice and when she retired she gave Beato the title of Beatrice. It is somewhat possible for ‘Beatrice’ to be dead yet be alive using this crazy logic.
  • Battler if you’re going to doubt Kanon as an accomplice then doubting Shannon is a must for crying out loud. Also you’d be forced to add the other furniture Genji to the group because he’s also furniture and could have easily been given a fake name. Genji Ronoue? Also add Maria ‘cause it’s a common name in anime. Oh, did you notice I was not being serious already? C’me on, Battler. There are more holes in these theories of his than there are in a Swiss cheese and in the ozone’s layer. Some of these claims are just plain laughable! Start fighting back, Beatrice!
  • I have no major problems with the way the 1st Game is explained except for Gohda and the rest killing each other. Why would they do that in the first place? And no, I still don’t understand why they even think Natsuhi committed suicide. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Rosa would be an accomplice if there was a way that she could give the keys to the criminal, for that it will require for Battler who has been close to her 24/7 or the rest of the servants not to notice anything.
  • Small bombs? Lolwut? Are you fucking kidding me? If I accept this I don’t know what I won’t accept.
  • I was surprised that there are no signs of Beatrice’s furniture in this last episode. No Harem of Purgatory, no siesta sisters, and no demons and witches to help Beatrice at all. Usually Bronove would be by her side helping Beatrice in some parts but all of them are gone for good in this scene. Did Beatrice purposely call them all off? That would actually explain why she’s being so weak. Is this part of her plan?
  • Beatrice proclaiming that there aren’t anyone on the island aside from Battler himself. The fact that none of the furniture are shown at all made me consider that they might be all be delusions of her mind that are projected on other people. They would be similar to what Sakutaro is to Maria in terms that they would fill their respective roles in her life. Having a nice older person she could look up to (mother?) as Virgilia, a close girl friend – Gaap, a funny servant like the one she had at her home  – Ronove, and the way she uses to get revenge on people she hate – the Sisters of Purgatory. Her life doesn’t sense that strange when one considers what they may represent to her. Of course, this is only a speculation. I call Devils’ proof on this one.
  • Beato’s real identity – It was already discussed last week the nature of the Black Witch. While its real existence cannot be explained by logic, its nature can be considered as the ‘evil’ in people’s hearts. Where exactly does Beatrice’s power come from? Beatrice’s last riddle is hard to answer using normal logic. If there aren’t any more humans around then it means that Beatrice was never once considered to be within the 17th people limit. As we all know Beatrice’s real identity is shrouded in mystery but it’s almost for sure that she isn’t any of the 17 people on the island.
  • For now I’ll think of Beatrice as a force pulling the strings on this game making people do things they normally wouldn’t. In other words, while she does not commit the crimes herself she might affect the human culprit and how things play out. That’s why she knows how the crimes are committed. In other words, she’s the player. She controls the pieces but does not commit the crime herself. While this contradicts the theory that magic or the supernatural are not involved at all, it does not contradict the theory that the crimes were done by a human as the culprit would still be human.
  • The reason why Beatrice could not revive Sakutaro is because Beatrice has no power outside of the game board. Whether or not she purposely not help Maria because she couldn’t or to get her on her side is not important. No matter how powerful you claim you are Beatrice. You are not an omnipotent existence. A real witch’s powers should not be this limited. If you are indeed not able to revive Sakutaro then you have no powers outside the game board and thus you are a real witch.
  • The scene where Lamdbadela and Bernkastel are shown lying in bed is similar to Maria’s own party when she was deep in her own delusions to keep herself happy. I wonder if there is any further connection than showing witches showing child-like behaviors because they’re eternal. Oh, did you not love the epic trolling?

The most evident thing on this episode was the lack of comebacks from Beatrice herself. She didn’t even attempt to disprove that stupid crazy theory that small bombs were responsible for the 1st twilight on the 2nd game. All she needed to say ‘A’ argument isn’t true because of ‘B’ also because I proclaim with red ‘C’ is also not possible either. The few times that Beatrice used red were just too little compared to the number of times Battler used blue. This cannot be all you got Beatrice!

Finally, what bugged me the most is that Battler merely covered up the most basic mysteries and skipped other parts that needed much explanation. Also he never made sense of the whole ‘magic exists if at all’ or why was his sister even in this game if magic does not exist. As I said before the big mystery did focus on ‘crimes are not committed using = therefore the culprit is human and not a witch, Umineko’s mystery is not supposed to explain the other parts of the mysteries  in case you were wondering.

If you have trouble understanding magic in the world of Umineko is because the show isn’t supposed to fully explain those things. Whether magic exists or not outside of the game board or whether or not Battler believes it exists it’s not related to the killings that occur in the Beatrice’s game. The different mysteries and contradictions that arise in believing in one and not believing in the other is an unrelated subject for the ceremony. “— Without love it cannot be seen.” Magic exists only if you believe in it.

~ Final words~

So what did you think of the ending? What did you think of Umineko TV? It was something else. Those are my thoughts. Well, thanks for reading! To all who commented on this blog giving their own theories, clarifying things, providing facts, and giving their impressions and thoughts for each episode to RPUnraveltruthsTaiyaki, JubbzMoichispa to all who regularly and not so regularly commented, and to those comment shy who enjoyed reading my reviews, rants, and theories. This was most fun I had blogging about a show. Thanks for reading! Have a good day! See you next time!


Hmm, did you actually think it was over ? Nah, it isn’t over. Umineko is a game that is still ongoing. This is not the end of Umineko. There might be a second season later on but for now there are games that you can play to understand the story better. Of course, this blog is not done talking about Umineko so expect Umineko related entries to pop up every now and then. Also expect a nice gift after I finish reading the EP 4 novel tomorrow. Also a review on Umineko TV (expect some bashing)  and other stuff the following days. See you next time!


23 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 26 [Final] – GAME OVER. YOU LOSE. I Turn the Chessboard Over One Last Time

  1. All the people who entered Kinzo’s study are considered culprits by default. This includes everyone who lied about meeting with Kinzo in or outside the mansion. Because he was dead in the beginning of all the games: all the orders, actions and claims related to him are all lies.

    Hold the phone – don’t think that everyone who lied about Kinzo being alive is automatically a culprit now. It’s the classical ethic word question:

    A woman goes to a store to pick up medicine for her sick grandfather. But she doesn’t have enough money to also buy food for her son. The clerk rings up the medicine wrong and ends up giving the woman a discount on the medicine, which means she now has enough money to buy food. But if she takes the money without telling the clerk that she rang the medicine up wrong then she’s lying. Yet if she does that her son will go hungry, however the grandfather needs the medicine to function. Is it okay for the woman to lie, in order to feed her son and give her grandfather the medicine he needs, or should she tell the clerk about ringing the medicine wrong.

    It could be that everyone lying about Kinzo being alive is doing an entire group lie for some reason. I mentioned in one of my first entries about the people who have claimed to meet Kinzo throughout the game. These people can easily be in a collaborative lie together. It questions the nature of fantasy scenes – is a scene a fantasy because of a magic scene Beato is putting on or because anyone involved in the scenario in some way is collaborating in a lie. This can explain why we always saw Kinzo alive, but he’s dead. Because the lie that he’s alive makes him alive, as long as the cat box (or in this case his study) isn’t opened to outsiders that are not involved within the giant lie.

    As for Kinzo not being the father of the four siblings I highly doubt it. It wouldn’t make sense to me, especially when the family always say how one or two members (normally Battler and Rudolf) look like him in his youth.

    Also do not doubt the small bombs, it is the true culprit. Beato never denied it in red after all ;)

    • Did I say culprits? Oops, I meant accomplices in some way. I’d have too much too on my hands if I that assume everyone who saw Kinzo are killers. For starters I’d have to doubt everyone at the dinning room in EP 4.

      That must be some huge lie they’re trying to protect.. important enough to put their lives on it. So, is there no one acting as Kinzo then? No fake Kinzo aside from the lie they’ve been saying? That’s the way I understood it. I’m unsure if they denied the possibility that someone with the name of Kinzo is acting as him or not though. That’s what led to some theories that I came up with.

      In any case, the biggest secret is revealed in this arc: Kinzo is dead and there are only 17th people on Rokkenjima and no ‘X’ person exists. There might be some loophole that Beatrice is exploiting but for that looks of it the real culprit is reduced to one of the 17 :( This is just getting weirder and weirder. Time to take the game to a higher level and start playing EP 5.

      *Edit* Playing EP 5 – Wow, Krauss is an idiot.

  2. The anime just covers up until the end of the question arcs, so there are answer arcs follow after the question arc, which is called Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru (right now it’s EP5 and EP6 will or already come out).

    As a VN-reader, I think it’s perfectly fine to end the question arcs like this. Ryuukishi07-san even said that by the end of EP4 (question arcs) all clue are presented and you should be able to solve the mysteries, even though they might be very hard to solve.

  3. “The real culprit knew that Kinzo was already dead. ” On a game the four siblings make a deal with Krauss, all suspecting that father is already dead. Also, I don’t think that the grandchildren knew of Kinzo’s death, except Maria perhaps.

    Also, for me, Rosa and Eva are definitely culprits. It makes total sense for both of them, and yhea, Battler just said the obvious. I don’t believe that Krauss has anything to do with the murders. I’m not sure about Rudolf, but I really doubt it. Krauss would want to continue using Kinzo’s gold for his personal plans, and the death of Kinzo would mean that he would be investigated. However, Eva and Rosa, knowing that they have no chance of becoming the next head, decided to go ahead and start acting as Beatrice. That way, whoever solved the epitaph, (Eva is the first one to solve it, quite fast if I must say so, with help of Rosa) would become the head of the family.

    On Battler seeing Kinzo in the second game, he had already surrendered and accepted Beatrice’s existence. Therefore, he would be vulnerable to magic and Beatrice’s illusions. By the way, all the people you mentioned, Rosa, Dr Nanjo, all servants, knowing that Kinzo is dead, is very true. But here’s another catch, Kyrie. Kyrie is also an accomplice, and we can only speculate about Rudolf. Kyrie claims that she met Beatrice in the second game. Therefore, she is an accomplice, as she never met anybody. I don’t think Natsuhi committed suicide in the first game, but rather somebody killed her. She had more than enough will not to suicide, as she was protecting Jessica. As Battler said, one victim could have faked his death and then continued to kill.

    Haha, agreed with all of your opinion on Battler’s theories. Small bombs theory made me LOL. The “Who am I?” of Beatrice might be a reference to two things. One, is human Beatrice, who kept saying that. We saw it in a flashback in which she constantly asked that while talking to Kinzo. Or, it could be a reference as to who the true culprit is. Beatrice’s identity is, for me, either Maria or Eva. Beatrice is more of a title passed. Virgilia gave it to Beatrice, Beatrice to Eva in the third game, and it also ends on Ange. For me, it’s either Maria, the only person who has anything to do with the occult that we know of on the island, or Eva, for Evatrice in the third game.

    From a “magic exists” point of view, I believe that it has been said that the most powerful magic is White Magic, which takes a lot of hard work to use. True magic is the magic that makes people happy. Beatrice doesn’t use true magic, so she’s a less powerful witch that Ange. And Maria when she’s not crazy.

    As for my overall opinion of the anime, I’d give it a 9/10. For somebody who hasn’t played the games, Umineko does its job good. It might feel rushed at some points, but it’s not bad at any point. From my anime point of view, and I’ve seen lots of anime, Umineko is something different. It makes you think. It actually requires the viewer to pay attention and think by himself, not trusting what is shown. Umineko is something completely different from the normal anime. Sure, the games are ten times better (can’t wait to finish them, I’m still in the third game…it’s so long xD), but when compared to other animes, it’s not bad by any means, and is actually pretty good. I’ve seen many anime bloggers blogging about the show, and it can be basically divided into two classifications. Those who watched it, and those who watched it, understood what the point of the anime was about, and made their own theories just like you and me have been doing.

    Anyways, great anime overall. Time to continue with the games.

    • It just shocked me that Battler went with the easiest theories I was expecting him to tell us something that only he could come up with. Something that would make total sense yet everyone just missed it. For most part I was OK with some of his claims but then it happened. He mentioned the ‘small bombs’ and I just Kyon face palmed myself so hard! It was just bad. His lack of seriousness and Beatrice’s lack of enthusiasm to keep playing put his theories and the credibility of the supposedly epic showdown in jeopardy.

      Hmm, I’m not 100% sure what you mean by Eva or Maria being Beatrice. You mean that they act as the culprit using Beatrice as a way to cover up their crimes? or that they are the very Beatrice that is fighting against Battler whose identity is unknown? If it’s the latter I doubt that they are the same Moetrice. The way this story is constructed is to make Beatrice a character that is someone or something else we don’t know about. Besides Beatrice X Battler sounds weird if I think that one of his family members is Beatrice. I think that ‘Who am I?’ indicates that Beatrice is somebody else that is not shown on-screen. Yeah, EP 3 is so long. I spent several days reading it lol.

      I wish I could give Umineko a 10 but I can’t. I’d give Umineko 8-9. The biggest factor is entertainment without a doubt. It was just so damn entertaining show that I could not stop watching. For those that didn’t understand it at all and just watched at the screen without thinking for the 26 eps, Umineko would be just a badly constructed show with random killings but for those that did get what it was about, Umineko provided an experience like no other. I’m glad you enjoyed reading these entries and also enjoyed the show the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. Mysteries and puzzles are always fun. Oh, yeah..

      Witch Hunt just released EP 5 Patch!!!! Best Christmas present Ever! Hurry up and finish those game :D

  4. Sorry for not post always. You know, when you suggested that kinzo may be death I hae already ended the EP4 so it was difficult to express an opinion without spoilers.

    “Because a witch has not started collecting what is rightfully hers it means that witches do not exist. There should not exceptions as the contract terminates the moment Kinzo dies”

    Maybe Kinzo died right before the family meeting and from that reason all the sacrifies starts. maybe it stars because because there is enough people (more than 15 people)

    “The Ushiromiya would stop having feelings of hatred and fear towards Kinzo if they would know that this is not their real father”

    Are you sure of that? Are you sure that they would forgive all what they have passed all this years easily. Ever if they are not blood related there is definetly something between them. Just think in Battler and Ange. for me thisis something that do not much bother to me really .

    “All the people who entered Kinzo’s study are considered culprits by default. This includes everyone who lied about meeting with Kinzo in or outside the mansion. Because he was dead in the beginning of all the games: all the orders, actions and claims related to him are all lies.”

    As says above not all who lied are culprits. Maybe they lied because it was more interesting if kinzo were yet alive like in krauss cause. Natsuhi wanted to hear that yourds on episode 1 so she invented them. Eva wanted to accuse Natsuhi and invented something of the paper scene.

    But lie is not the same that kill or be related to the crime. Remember “not in sight without love” we can hate the characters. we must try to understand them somehow.

    About miniboms yeah I felt a bit dissapointed on this time all it seemed too easy. But it seems that you have already passed the novel by your next post. so no problem

    The anime as stand alone, I give it a 8/10 is great but I were a bit disappointed about the music and more after hearing the great one of the sound novels.

    • Kinzo’s time of death is important. There are 2 ways this could go, either he’s been dead for a long time or he died recently. I think that it’ll be easier to image that the he died not so long ago. Like you said, sometime around the family conference would be ok. Maybe even that very day? Everyone lying about Kinzo seems to be the most reasonable explanation how he’s always alive yet he’s dead. The next EP probably shed more light into this.

      Yeah, I wished they would used more BGM sounds from the Sound Novels. There were times where they even timed them wrong when they used them. It was such a waste taking into consideration how great the BGM are in the games. Thanks for commenting! :D

  5. Hello, it’s my first time posting here, but I’ve been reading your posts regarding Umineko because they are interesting. After all, even with the clues Ryukishi07 has given us through the first 4 arcs, the mysteries are really difficult to crack. Seeing other opinions are part of the key to solving the mystery.

    “The reason why Beatrice could not revive Sakutaro is because Beatrice has no power outside of the game board. Whether or not she purposely not help Maria because she couldn’t or to get her on her side is not important. No matter how powerful you claim you are Beatrice. You are not an omnipotent existence. A real witch’s powers should not be this limited. If you are indeed not able to revive Sakutaro then you have no powers outside the game board and thus you are a real witch. ”

    I think this has to do with Ange’s understanding of magic and what she learned in her journey. Maria takes as granted that Sakutaro is dead because she saw it being torn in front of her eyes, and since Sakutaro’s vessel is the only one in this world, Rosa denied it and even lost the pattern to make it, it means it stopped “existing”. For Maria, and probably Beato as well, Sakutaro’s vessel = Sakutaro’s existence. If the vessel is destroyed, thus Sakutaro’s existence and he is denied in that world. Hence, no matter how Beato tries, she can’t revive it because “Sakutaro has died and doesn’t exist anymore in this world”.

    Ange understood that having Sakutaro’s vessel is not that important, it’s the existence that matters, and no matter if Rosa denied Sakutaro or destroyed his vessel, Sakutaro exists. Existence is not dependant on acknowledgement. Hence, Ange can “revive” Sakutaro, even if Beato, Maria or anyone tells her that he is dead or whatever. Beato hasn’t understood this important part of magic, hence why she wants to be acknowledged by Battler, she created the Mariage Sorcière, in order to power her up. So, she probably is that weak because she needs back up in her belief. Ange ends up being a greater and stronger witch (a real one) because she does not need others acknowledging her as one. She knows of the existence of magic, believes in it whether it is used in a world “where magic isn’t supposed or shouldn’t exist” and does magic. After all, magic is magic because it’s done when it shouldn’t happen.

    As for the anime, the anime isn’t that bad. It got me pumped enough to attempt to get the game and attempt things I had never done in order to play it. It’s my first time EVER using patches, getting foreign games and installing Japanese fonts. I even read a lot of blogs and forums in order to learn how to do things properly. The animation is not something I’m really interested in, for better or worse, and I really liked the voice acting. It was a shame that they cut a lot of things (I missed the ownage of Shannon-Kannon vs. Siestas, Krauss vs. Headgoat, the background music for several scenes) but it attempted to resume 4 long VN into 26 episodes. It got more people interested in the series, and despite the changes and cuts, it was entertaining and kept me long enough to finish the whole show, despite my ridiculously busy schedule due to college. I think that’s what matters. :3

    You know the small bombs are awesome. Don’t deny them! ;D

  6. mm Do you know that the Ep5 english pacth have been already posted on witch hunt page? just about 1 day before. I haven’t able to play it all yet.

  7. Haaaaaaah.

    I kinda think they should let Beato win the game. >_>
    That might make a miracle occur right? Because they clearly don’t want Beato winning.
    Battler’s ridiculous SMALL BOMBS theory is the BEST THEORY EVER. Made me lol hard.

    Ahem. Moving on from that, the Episode 5 patch is out, and I hope yur playing it now. :p

    Alas, The only theory that even made a lick a sense is the one about Nanjo’s murder in the 3rd game. The one where someone played dead and later died for some reason. Though only way that theory would work is if one of the people who “played” dead was actually mortally wounded and used all of their strength to kill Nanjo, Which then caused said person to die later.

    The other theory about everyone Recognizing the Existence of Kinzo… do we even know if they actually SAW Kinzo that time? REALLY? Piece Battler hasn’t seen Kinzo at all during the 4th game… And on top of that, The only ones who inexplicably mentioned Kinzo being there were Krauss and Jessica. OVER THE PHONE.

    This could mean Jessica is in cahoots with Culprit X. No, maybe she’s in cahoots with Kanon. If Kinzo can be an inherited name/title, then what about Kanon? His real name? I think it could be Kinzo. Kinzo Jr.

    • For me there are 3 parties involved…or more. Servants following Kinzo’s orders before he died, Eva and Rosa. I don’t know who Maria helps, but she definitely is an accomplice. Kannon in my opinion is accomplice for a while then defends Jessica. Shannon dunno. Kyrie is also an accomplice, but dunno of who. Eva’s husband is also an accomplice, but I believe he does try to stop Eva in the third game at some point and Eva accidentally kills him. I believe that the servants were the killers in the first game, Eva in the third, and if I remember well Rosa in the second. It’s the most ridiculous theory I’ve had, but it makes sense assuming that there are more than one culprit, and assuming that one culprit always ends dead in the first twilight, it is possible to believe that they all work separately.

      And for all we know Krauss could have lied at gunpoint to Jessica. Or who knows, in Higurashi they used needles and an unknown drug. There are so many ways to explain it :P. I do believe in Jessica not being a killer :P

      • Uh…I just found a flaw on my own theory. It’d be hard to explain why at least two parties both use stakes to kill. Whoever was the murderer in the fourth game didn’t use stakes, but in the other 3 they were used. Why is everyone using the same weapon? …Need to give that a thought.

        • ‘Whoever was the murderer in the fourth game didn’t use stakes’

          I was also under this impression but Battler disproves this claim in one of the parts not shown in the anime version. I should finish up that post by tomorrow along with some theories in case you’re interested ;) I swear taking screenshots take longer than writing posts.

  8. I deny that! Battle ends alone, and we get BernxLambda! Beato gets killed >:D My perfect ending.

    And the stakes aren’t necessary for the sacrifices. That is said in the second game. But still, more people might be working together than I thought.

  9. My bad, I just got corrected. Only in the second twilight you can kill as you want.

  10. Dont jump to conclusions yet there is plenty more of the story to unfold. I just hope they are making a second season of the anime. Someone told me they canceled the anime project……i hope he is wrong.

    • About the second season mm that’s hard to say. The story continues as you know on the novels. The sound novels has a great number of fan however anime DVD aren’t being sold too much.

      It would be better if you read the novel because there is a lot of info not shown on anime and also this first season of the anime adapts the fist 4 episodes and episode 5 have been completly translated to English a few days ago by the witch hunt.

      You can choose: Wait for a second season of the anime that you do not know for sure if it will be produced or go play the novels (greater that anime, of course)

      About conclusions, the author of umineko told in an interview that the mystery can be solved with just the first 4 episodes. from 5 onwards we are given more clues until the time the mystery would be solved.
      You can get conclusions however it would be quite difficult to resolve it just with 4 episodes

  11. I do get what your say’n but I do hope that they do the second season. It’s not the worst anime I’ve seen… I’ve seen some reeeaallly bad ones (shiver). Ugh that one why did I think of that one… Anyways. I get what your say’n ’bout that last episode!

    Sirously it was the last one (the still unknown about possibility of 2nd season) could ya’ not put more I don’t know umf!

    I finished that entire thing in 2 days (not gonna say if I am or not proud of that fact) hopping to find out the end. I was sadden on how that ended, the sure could have done better, for that!

    Ugh… I guess I’ll have to watc te game play, visual novel or what ever. It never a good as the anime. No offences it’s only the fact of the visual novels I’ve seen there’s no movement like an anime.

    An hey I dont know if everyone agrees or not, but I find it totaly aggravating when something like this happens. You watch the show hopping that it’s the ending you want to see, and bam the episode is a disappointment for what happened, the parts to make it better taken out. Then it’s a cliff hanger and (to this date) there’s no episode after?!

    Ps no offence to people who like to watch the visual novel an such it’s just my thought. And fact of probaly haveing to start at the begining again, for this to see what I want to see.

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