Il Peccato : The Seven Deadly Sins – A Witch’s Perspective. Execute. Execute!

In Umineko another variation of prosecution takes place in each arc

I thought about this a while back when the Stakes of Purgatory were still a force to be reckon with. I kept thinking how related the Ushiromiya parents were to being selected as sacrifices to the Stakes. Then I thought about the part of the epitaph that says ‘the six selected by the key’ and why only one of the mothers (sins) were alive in each arc. When I thought about it, it made sense why the parents were  such good picks for the Beatrice’s ceremony. Reference can be found here in case you aren’t familiar with the game.


The oldest female the Ushiromiya family. A woman obsessed with becoming the next family head since little. Even though she’s put great effort by studying hard and also prepared herself for whatever is  thrown at her, her dream that has been denied by Kinzo and her older brother Krauss.  The epitaph, provides a way to make her dream come true, unfortunately for her she has been unable to solve it for years. Even after all these years, Eva has not given up on becoming the next head. Even though she has a great family. A family that is obviously closer than Krauss’s  ever wished to have she is not satisfied. She is not satisfied even though she possesses something the others don’t.  She wants to become the next head no matter what. When will this woman be satisfied?

If you’re not happy with what you have then might as well take it all away.  ~Kihihihihi

Eva’s sin is : Greed

Execute. Die and Repent


Little is known about Hideyoshi except that he is jolly good fellow that everyone loves. His role as a father and husband seems unquestionable in the series. Hideyoshi enjoys smoking but rarely does it out of consideration for his wife Eva. He is president of a restaurant cahin company but due to internal problems in his company  his position as president has been put at risk. He initially had great success when his business was small but things started to become too difficult to handle when his company grew. He wanted to be more successful but he got careless and is now in a a deep bind. Now, he wishes to take his chances and take a piece of fortune of her wife to fix his own mess.  Isn’t his man biting more than he can chew? No limits means your inner hunger won’t be ever satisfied.

Let’s see open you up and fill you insides with sweets.

Hideyoshi’s sin is Gluttony

Execute. Die and Repent


He has a story of two timing and maybe three timing in his relationship. His relationship with Kyrie and Asumu is a subject that pops up every now and then. Because of his unfaithfulness or lack of control he has hurt his those around him greatly.  He caused Battler to leave the Ushiromiya family to live with his grandparents because he married his new partner not too long  after Battler’s mother passed away. Rudolf seems to be sorry for what he did and has been apparently forgiven. Is it really ok to forgive a betrayer? Selfishness cannot be ignored. You will surely hurt more people.

Let’s throw you in a game where hundreds of cute onee-chans who will kill you over and over. That’s great, riiiight?

Rudolf’s sin is : Lust

Execute. Die and Repent


Kyrie has own side of the story too. According to her, Asumu was the only that butted in her relationship with her and Rudolf. Unfortunately for her Asumu won the battle and married Rudolf. Because Asumu took away the person she loved from her she was filled with anger for years. Kyrie didn’t feel bad after Asumu passed away due to an illness because finally the person who stole the world from her was gone. Similarly, because of the rivalry that was created she acted cold towards Battler because he reminded her of her old rival even though Battler wasn’t at fault.  Has she been swallowed too much by those feelings?

Jealousy is an ugly thing. If you’re so jealous of what others have then I’ll do favor take you out of the game very soon so you don’t have to keep seeing them. Kihihihihi.

Kyrie’s sin is : Envy

Execute. Die and Repent


The oldest of all the siblings. Krauss is considered to be one that will succeed Kinzo in a near future. Because his position has been secured, Krauss doesn’t put as much effort into as he should.  It’s not that he doesn’t work at all but his best isn’t enough to please Kinzo. He has an air of superiority around him but he isn’t as competent as he makes people think. He has a habit of giving orders and doesn’t take things into his hands too. The truth is that the projects he has been working on has not met much success. He loses plenty of money often and has been forced into embezzling money from his father. Although he has some of Kinzo’s gambling skills he doesn’t trust his instincts much therefore he doesn’t always win. In a nutshell, he lets his chances pass him by and he’s somewhat of a coward.

If you’re not going to live to the fullest then might as well not be alive at all. *cackle* *cackle*

Krauss’ sin is : Sloth

Execute. Die and Repent


A woman devoted purely to her family. After marrying into the Ushiromiya family, Natsuhi did whatever she could to put the name of her own family up high. She pays close attention to her own family which leads her to be too tough on her own daughter who is the opposite of her. Because of this her mother and daughter relationship isn’t the greatest. She defends Kinzo and go to great lengths to protect the Ushiromiya name. She is possibly the only one who defends Kinzo and possibly this has earned the dislike of Krauss’ siblings. Natsuhi puts the name of the Ushiromiya family before herself at all times even if it may undermine other parts of her life. Is it really all worth it?

Caring only about appearances means you don’t care about understanding the world outside your tiny bubble. Bubbles are meant eventually burst after all.

Natsuhi’s sin is : Pride

Execute. Die and Repent


with an outside image of a gentle mother lies a greater darkness with this woman. Rosa has a calm personally and relatively timid nature but all of that is lost when she loses control. The world shakes and her mind goes blurry, her eyes red. She loses to the black witch. Contrary to what she normally is, Rosa becomes violent and brutal. She sees everyone as an enemy and lashes out at whoever unsuspecting person may be around.  Her deep feelings of frustration, sorrow and hatred  provide a perfect place for a black witch to reside in. When will you learn?

Not understanding the consequences of your actions is a sin. You won’t get away without a scratch.

Rosa’s sin is : Wrath

Execute. Die and Repent

While I don’t claim this theory is 100% true I think Ryukishi07 had something in mind when he created the characters designs for Umineko no Naku Koro ni and how they even behave. For example, you can easily see the connections in Krauss and Hideyoshi to Sloth and Gluttony.  Well, that’s just something I thought I’d shared for those that never made the connections between the seven deadly sins and the Ushiromiya family. I have theories of my own that associates the sins with the killings to the members but the argument isn’t solid enough to hold up.

Whether there’s a greater significance to the connection between the two or it is only a simple reference it might be revealed later on. For now it might be something to keep in mind for future events. Are you without sin?


6 thoughts on “Il Peccato : The Seven Deadly Sins – A Witch’s Perspective. Execute. Execute!

  1. The idea of the parents representing the sins is quite a common one. My personal list:

    Natsuhi: Pride
    Kyrie: Envy
    Eva: Wrath
    Rudolf: Sloth
    Krauss: Greed
    Hideyoshi: Gluttony
    Rosa: Lust

    Now although it’s common to put Rudolf as Lust because he is a philanderer and what not you have to wonder: why did Ryukishi choose specifically to make Belphegor (Sloth) fight Rudolf. The entire idea of the EP 3 battles with Rudolf and Kyrie is that they’re going against their sin (hence Kyrie goes against Leviathan). So if Rudolf’s sin is lust then why not pit him against Asmodeus?

    Rosa on the other hand is shown to be very lustful. She neglects her obligations (her company, Maria, etc) to go sleep with a man in hopes of him being her boyfriend. Beatrice even says in the game that Rosa’s sin is lust.

    Eva and Krauss differentiate. I just can’t see Eva being greedy – in EP 4 it was clearly said and implied that Eva valued her family more than her wealth. However you can see many instances in which she’s the first to always pounce and attack. She also enjoys provoking people (Natsuhi specifically) and with Satan (the character) it says in her TIPs that she provokes her sisters so she won’t feel ignored or lonely.

    Krauss…well he is greedy. It’s a spoilerish reason though but I’ll just put it this way: out of all the siblings he needs the money the most.

  2. The young cast can also represent the Seven Virtues

    -we all know that she is
    -he’s pretty hard working to achieve the truth and save his family
    Maria: Humility
    -Even if she has nothing sorry about, she is able to forgive her mother even though all the pain and broken promises
    Ange: Charity
    -Gives everthing to save her family
    -I think this is true even if he doesn’t express much of it since he thinks himself as furniture
    -She willingly waits until Kanon acknowledges her lov for him
    -I bet he has a Nobel Peace Prize

  3. Krauss? Pride? For what? Natsuhi is definitely pride. She’s always defending the name of the Ushiromiya family, father’s reputation, etc.

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