Seitokai no Ichizon – 11 – Mafuyu Takes Over The Show

Such thing is not possible

The discussions in Seitokai are as serious as the internet and as highly intellectual as MAL forum  threads. Seitokai isn’t a serious show or rather it shouldn’t be. Make no mistake Aka-chan, having a meaningful meeting is as possible as getting drunk on mineral water.

There is a discrepancy from my part here.  This argument isn’t completely true. Epic conversations came be born from mundane and often ridiculously topics.  A perfect example of this would be Bakemonogatari and to another degree Lucky Star. Obviously, Seitokai has been struggling to get it right for as long as I can remember. Where is the teacher!?

I like how sneaky Mafuyu has been lately. She’s been throwing those sneaky lines of her like she’s a pro. I also enjoy how her voice isn’t too loud nor too low. Just enough for the other person to hear her voice yet not powerful enough to reach the whole room.  She keeps it low profile. Mafuyu is like Seitokai critic of this show, playing nice then verbally abusing the nonbelievers in orthodox ways,  much like this blog when I go into prosecutor mode.

I’m always interested in learning more about Chizuru. According to Setokai, Chizuru works as an adviser for a business company. No idea what exactly she does but whatever her job is, she probably executes it flawlessly.  Knowing Chizuru she has probably signed a contract where the moment she is relieved of her job she takes everything from them to the last coin. Zero. Nada is left.

I also like that fact that Chizuru is so secretive about what her salary is. Education reform, you say? That term is totally open for interpretation. I’m somewhat interested.

I’d like to see some characters in some shows go through point of no return and some to never return from the dead. With so many repetitions, time loops, and sequels is hard to believe they’ll ever stay the same.  I also see a black witch lurking around Mafuyu. I can’t see its exact form but what I can make out the letters K and A followed by the fourth letter of the alphabet. This is a hard puzzle.

Mafuyu provides some insights and tips on blogging too for those who wanted them. Not a total bad plan… Of course, it’s not like anyone reads these entries of mine anyway. I-it’s not like I care if people comment or anything. I really don’t.

I give Mafuyu props for coming up with this tactic. Still, her tsundere tactics may attract a certain group of fans but I’m not so big on tsundere types myself. I’m pretty selective, see? You’d have to work harder than that so I pay you attention, Mafuyu. Plus, it’s not like you can pull off a..

Wait, is the new Mirai Nikki chapter out already?

A yandere blog? Pure ingenious. Mafuyu got me. I’d be adding her to my bloggroll if I knew her blog address.  Hell, I’d even put  a banner. My keikaku doori skills were not that fast to predict that Mafuyu was indeed trying to go for the yandere appeal too. Does she do her homework or what? We don’t know what she showed to them but it really got their attention. Regardless, of what it was, Studio DEEN would’ve probably censored it too. I wonder if the DVD version doesn’t have that.

I wonder if this was supposed to be Kobato reference. It might as well been. In her case she wouldn’t have to deal with an overly aggressive stuffed animal each time she messes up, everything 5 minutes to be precise. A great possibility for a future career for Aka would be as kindergarten teacher. The only downside is that she’ll be mistaken as one of the infants as often as she’s called loli in this show.

Do I see Chizuru slightly blushing?

Searching Ken’s bag was a new development in itself. I have to give it to Kei though. The guy is prepared for everything! He’s like the solid snake of perverted bastards.

In the hands of a expert in pain such as Chizuru this object becomes enchanted. If you look closely you can notice that Chizuru had a solid idea of what to do with it too. She probably has a major on the whole subject said.

Btw, what exactly did they think the contents for that bag were? I’m disappointed that Seitokai didn’t use this chance to add the anime reference that have been lacking badly. It could have easily used this opportunity to list objects that were lost in anime and things that never existed to being with, like this show’s plot and the funny parts in FMP S2 to name a few.

I expected nothing less from Chizuru.  I’m more than sure she has other fitting ringtones sounds for all her preys friends. I’m dead serious when I say what I want to find out what Senjougahara‘s ringtone say. I’d hesitate about actually having an anime or game ringtone though. I haven’t reached that level yet nor do I want to.

Ken’s tactic has been working better than I thought it would. He has successfully got all the girls’ attention even though he is actually doing anything.  I guess all that time he spent playing eroge  finally paid off. Either that or this show is just like an actual harem.

middle school was always srsfkbiz

In some planet I’m sure that the argument these two make is valid. Hey guys, we bully people so we’re cool and teh awesome so you should totally trust what we say. Their lack of common is measure in negative numbers while their a-hole level is calculated in astrological units. In a nutshell, their claim make as much sense as saying that Santa exists. These are the guys who grow to be great politicians.

I didn’t expect Mafuyu to actually step up and defend Ken, I’d figure it’d be Chizuru beating up those guys for getting close to Aka-chan. I enjoyed seeing Mafuyu step for her friends though, no matter how weird they may be so kudos to her for not being a total haremete.

I’m not a fan of the Ojou-sama type but Lilicia’ is a damn good pick assuming there is no Chizuru route in Setokai no Ichizon. Which brings us to the reason why her name can be transformed into something else with so much ease. Is she part of the harem ending? Is it a closed circle of haremetes? Who cares, it’s a harem for a reason. It has no bounds. Restrictions aren’t always that good.

Ken says that he must’ve died after seeing how nice they were being to him. My pet theory on Seitokai is that it is actually a project that Studio DEEN uses to give the viewers hints to solve the Rokkenjima mystery, which totally explains why I can come up with so many for Umineko. If we turn the chessboard this could easily be interpreted as as an illusion of Ken’s tired mind had. Chizuru washing up his pajamas is just unreal to me. Also the huge amount of non erotic books on the shelf makes this scene seem even less valid. You can’t fool me, Seitokai. This cannot be.

I saw this coming the moment she opened that door. What I didn’t expect was to see her actually go through with it. Mafuyu is not a total bad pick. But hey, I like games and all but I still think she’s a bit funny in the head. Not that has ever made any difference before in my judgement. So Mafuyu is setting something in motion that will affect how this show will end. This is still a comedy, right? Just checking.


4 thoughts on “Seitokai no Ichizon – 11 – Mafuyu Takes Over The Show

  1. I totally love it and did not expect it. Having Mafuyu confess was out of no where. I hope they don’t just cast the confession aside and go with the “life goes on the same as before” ending.

    • I hope the preview was just making fun of the common act of ignoring a crucial event and jumping to something utterly unrelated then getting back to it at the last minute. Seeing as random as this show is, they might do it. I do want to know what Ken’s answer Mafuyu’s confession is going to be. Whatever happened to the harem ending though. This clearly goes against his code.

  2. Took me a couple rewinds to understand what was happening in the intro flashback, but the confession was great! Mafuyu’s my fave of the harem, so if Ken doesn’t get that harem ending, I think he gets the best girl regardless.

    I thought the first few eps were weak, but this show has been surprisingly good lately.

    • Mafuyu has been one of the center of attention since a few episodes back. Surprisently, her character development has been getting better and better so I get why she has her fair share of fans. Who knows, Seitokai might not end with the Prez ending we all thought it was going to.

      > I just checked Seitokai’s info. It now says it has only 12 eps instead of 13. Wat?

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