Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 25 – White Magic vs. Black Magic Showdown. Ushiromiya Ange vs Eva Beatrice

I get the feeling Ange is like the Churuya-san of Umineko

Ange reaches Rokkenjima with the help of the Captain. We learn that there is a second port  that only Kinzo, Genji, Kumasawa Nanjo and some of the old servants know about. That’s quite a crowd. The captain tells Ange that he used to ship supplies from and out of Kuwadorian mansion years ago. He claims to have never seen Beatrice nor the mansion in person though. Why did they even let him know it was Kuwadorian? On and, thanks for telling us this information NOW. You could’ve dropped something before this, Umineko.

One day they suddenly stop bringing stuff to Beatrice so his job stopped. I thought something happened to her so question asked. Even after years later after the Rokkenjima incident happened… he didn’t connect the dots and notice that something weird was going on back then? OK, a person named Beatrice died then a massacre concerning a ‘witch’ named Beatrice happens. Nah, it couldn’t be. Did they just not include that part?

Ange goes alone to visit her dead parents and save Maria’s spirit. Despite Amakuza’s warning she goes alone. She doesn’t get much time to speak with Maria as Kyrie’s sister interrupts her reunion. Kasumi is hungry to take her revenge on Kyrie’s daughter and orders her thugs to play beat Ange up. Is that game popular or what.

The two Ushiromiya sisters

Ange gets the Sakoto treatment and falls to the ground. Ange realizes that the chain of hatred the Ushiromiya family had for so long that has messed up everyone’s life including her aunt Eva and even Kasumi. Staring with Eva being denied her chance the headship. To Rosa being bullied by Eva. To Rosa being the a bad mom to Maria. To what Maria going psycho after holding up all that pain and not taking it out on nobody. Ange understands that it isn’t none of their faults that this has happened. THANK YOU! Finally someone who looks at the big picture and is able to understand the situation.

What a wonderful team. Bitch one and bitch two

Ange is able to see the evil presence of the one who has always been lurking around people who are close to her. It is Eva Beatrice. The bitch is back. Eva Beatrice makes fun of Ange for being pathetic and she wishes to how the real power that Black Witches have to her. She instructs Ange’s aunt on how to torture Ange’s in a more satisfactory way by directing her to mess with Maria’s diary. This actually makes Ange jumpy. Kasumi notices this and starts ripping pages of the diary while calling it stupid and creepy Eva Beatrice and are loving this cruel scene.  They reach one of the pages where Maria mentions the magic power to always behappy with her mother :  ‘Uu’. Ange is furious now and does not plan to hold back. Don’t mess with the Uu. Don’t fucking mess with it.

Kasumi’s uu was evil too

Ange stands up and is more than ready to show them what real magic is like. Kasumi’s thugs are already ready to spray Battler’s sister with bullets. Ange warns them that the moment they fire their guns their lives will be over. In the end, Ange summons the Harem of Purgatory and they kill  all the guards without hesitation. Unlike last time, when Ange couldn’t kill her annoying classmates, her resolve is strong enough to kill her opponents.

Even after watching that, Kasumi is not backing down. She fires at Ange. As expected a stake gouges Kyrie’s evil sister sending her to hell and ending her miserable life once and for all. Good riddance.

In your face, Eva Beatrice

It is the showdown between White magic vs. Black magic. Now only Eva Beatrice and Ange are left. We are shown a scene that puts the identity of Eva Beatrice in more mystery to say the least. Eva Beatrice takes the form of Ushiromiya Eva holding a shotgun. Reminisce of the last game? Eva Beatrice pulls the trigger but instead the shotgun explodes and blows up Eva’s face making her fall to the ground defendless. Luck? Did Ange cause it? Regardless of what caused it, Ange walks up to Eva’s body and puts an end to her misery. It’s fabulous engrish time. Have a nice dream. See you in hell. I still like Beato’s english better.


I don’t know when exactly this conversation takes place but I’d say that it was the second encounter Bern and Ange had after she finished her business in Rokkenjima.  So am I supposed to assume this is the world when Ange did not enter Beatrice’s game but rather stay on earth and solve her problems by herself rather than asking for a witch’s help? Bernkastel made it sound like Ange could save her family if she would go. It didn’t sound like something that had already happened to me. Ange confirms that theory that she will not be able to meet her family again even if they are released from Beatrice’s game since they are from different time lines. Ange is satisfied with the outcome after going to Rokkenjima and sorting things out – End of episode 25 –

– Turning the Chessboard Over –

Theories / Deductions

What is up with the second port? They kept it as secret for so long then they go ‘oh, by the way, there is a ultra secret port where the culprit could have easily entered the island. No way. Thanks for the tip.

Conclusion : So the Captain along with Dr. Nanjo and a bunch of other people knew about the second port. You know what this means. All of them are suspects just because they never revealed this information to anyone. Not even Kumasawa really talked that she knew that someone with the name of Beatrice did exist when she was questioned. She was always elusive. Genji and Najo are two of the most suspect culprits in this show. If I’d be forced to say who I think is most likely to be the killer it would be Genji.

Eva Beatrice taking the form of Eva Beatrice can easily be interpreted as taking the form of the person she hated the most. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, she fails and instead hurts herself. Still, it escapes me why Eva B, with all her powerful magical powers would rather use a shotgun to kill Ange. That’s just strange.

Conclusion: Is this really Eva Beatrice? Wouldn’t it make more sense if it was only Ange’s desire to see the force that was behind the killing ? I think that what she saw was the image of who she thought the killer was, her aunt Eva. Also, I don’t know how Eva Beatrice would have survived from last game or even left the game board but it seems strange that she is lurking around the place. What makes me doubt this scene even more is how weak she seemed against Ange. Pfft, a shotgun?

Eva Beatrice’s identity – Who exactly is Eva Beatrice? In the first arc we thought it was actually Eva fooling everyone. All the victims recognize Eva Beatrice as Ushiromiya Eva. Of course, it was revealed but not completely proven that this was all a huge red-herring and that the real culprit was not Ushiromiya Eva. Moreover, why would Eva B continue to take that form even after all of that? Also I can’t completely say that Eva Beatrice doesn’t exist. She is supposed to represent the evil in people’s hearts. I’ve reached an understanding that a certain type of magic might exist in the world. I think Ange made this clear for me too in past episodes. I’m unsure about how ‘real’ Eva Beatrice is. But what I believe is that the crimes are not committed using magic.

Conclusion : This brings back the memory of the only person that didn’t call Eva Beatrice as Ushiromiya Eva.. Maria. In the third arc, to Maria Eva B was ‘Beatrice’ meaning. We can’t trust Maria for anything now that she know she’s allied with the witch so I can’t take her word seriously. Nevertheless, this is what I got: Eva =/= Eva Beatrice. Beatrice ~the Golden Witch~ = Eva Beatrice. Beatrice = the culprit. Eva Beatrice = the human culprit. Human Culprit = ???

If we think that Ange’s magic is the real deal then Eva’s black magic is the only one that relies in cheap tricks to wreck havoc and kill people. Ange was able to defeat Eva Beatrice because she possesses real magic unlike Eva Beatrice.

Conclusion : Of course, this is assuming that a certain type of magic exists in the world. If you’re completely anti-magic then none of that even happened and this might be just another illusion that Ange had when she goes to Rokkenjima and meets her dead family and ultimately defeats her evil aunt. Is that how it happened?

The bodyguards killed each other. Ange used her own ‘magic’ to make this miracle happened. She picked up one the guns from the dead bodyguards and finished off her aunt who was caught in the friendly fire.1 kills the first one. 2 kills 1, 3 kills 2, 4 kills 3, 5 kills 4, 6 kills 5, 7 (Kasumi) and 6 kill each other

Conclusion : Ange made all the bodyguards missed with her ‘magic’. She then finishes off Kasumi.

no, the siestas don't have anything to do with it

No, the siestas don’t have anything to do with it

Conclusion 2 : Similar as the one above. 2 kills 1. 3 kills 4, 5 (where Siesta is) kills 6, 6 kills 5, 2 kills 7 then 8 (Kasumi) kills 2. Ange then forces Kasumi to kill herself or they fight and Kasumi ends up dying anyway.

I’m in your Umineko destroying your pro magic theories

Assuming that magic does not exist at all – Akasuma was told not to go with Ange. But he is a bodyguard. His job is to protect her client no matter what even more when her goal is so close. Will he take that risk? I think his job would come first and he would ignore the argument that his presence was too ‘toxic’ or something like that. So he followed her being her knowing she could need his help.

Conclusion : Akasuma could have been the one that saved Ange’s life. He shot all the bodyguards and Kasumi from afar amidst of the confusion. In Ange’s eyes it was her magic that saved her but in reality it was Akasuma that killed them. Maybe the miracle Ange created was to call on someone to help her. Likewise, the part when Ange finishes off her evil aunt who was still breathing is the same. She picks up the gun from the floor and kills her aunt.

More on Eva Beatrice and the real Culprit – I can’t completely accept that Eva Beatrice, the culprit, is a ghost/witch who killed everyone in the third arc. I said that I believe some type of magic exists but I never said that the crimes were committed by magic. In other words, I can’t accept that Eva Beatrice as a witch killed everyone. She is supposed to be an evil influence that fuels the person with hatred and despair. She is not supposed be ‘real’ as in tangible form. She can influence a person but she cannot do the killings herself. Therefore, ‘Eva Beatrice’ herself cannot be the culprit. The culprit has to be a human for the theory that crimes were not committed using magic to be true.

Conclusion : Kasumi seems quiet capable of murder. She seems more than any other Ushiromiya member or servant after all she has no attachment to that family. She’s got a motive and we are unsure what’s her alibi on that day. I s it possible that Kasumi  is the culprit at least for that arc? Eva Beatrice’s claim on how good it feels to hurt weak people making an argument that the culprit had suffered a similar history. This implies that the culprit might be limited to : Kasumi herself, Eva, Rosa, and Maria. Moreover, the fact that there is a second port on the other side of the island makes it easy to assume that the culprit came from the outside too. Of course, this is assuming that the words from Eva Beatrice are indeed words from the real culprit. This theory leads to Kasumi being the ‘culprit’. She would be outside of the 18 limit if we’re assuming that none of the people on the island are the killers. Also Kasumi could easily sent her people in to murder everyone or she could have done it herself which makes her a huge suspect for the series.

One a side note, I’m glad that Umineko proved me theory that there are two types of magic in the world, Witch magic and Black magic. I didn’t think they would use those actual terms though :P

One more episodes before the anime version ends. Oh god, the last episode is going to be so rushed. Good luck, Studio DEEN. You’re gonna need it.


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  1. you said it about the last episode.

    Well, anyway, Beato stated in red that there are no more than 18 people on Rokkenjima. She’s stated that already, meaning there’s no unknown person X.

    However, that second port lead me to create this theory: If it’s supposed to be a typhoon, then how do we know that the storm itself isn’t some fantasy scene that all people on the island are seeing? A hallucination or something. Because it would take quite a bit of effort to get to Rokkenjima by boat in the middle of a typhoon.

    Then again, that second port can mean that Rokkenjima isn’t a closed circle. Easy access. It’s been stated in red that there’s no more than 18 people on the island, Even after people are dead. do Dead people count?

    I doubt it. It’s easy to keep the head count up after each death. It’s easy for the culprit to kill the first six, then invite 6 more to the island to help deal with the bodies in some way.

    • If Kinzo was already dead from the beginning in each arc then Kasumi or another unknown X can easily enter the closed circle. To me, Genji could easily be the human culprit but if we assume that none of the 18 we know is the killer then the killer could easily be Kasumi or some of her assassins. With the claim that there is another port than the there might be a secret tunnel connecting Kuwadorian and the main mansion things just get more complicated. I doubt that she would know about the secret passage though.

      You’re right about Beatrice not being completely clear on the ‘there are only 18 statement’ I don’t think she ever said that there are only 18 are on Rokkenjima and said that they are alive. Moreover, she never said who exactly those 18 people are. She only says who dies. Not who is still alive on the island. To clear things up they did mention that animals/machines/etc could not be counted as humans. Furniture is also consider as humans (dont’ know why) btw.

      I can’t say whether it’s possible or not to count dead people too within the 18 people limit but getting more people after the first twilight is completed does sound a lot easier. We’ll have to consider the exact time when Beatrice declared in red that there are only 18 in Rokkenjima in past games to strengthen or disprove this theory.

      As for the typhoon goes. I believe all of them knew it was coming (TV/radio/etc) but they still planned to have that meeting on that day even knowing that because they were too busy to do it another day. Since Beatrice has no power outside of the island we can assume that the typhoon is real.

    • If it’s supposed to be a typhoon, then how do we know that the storm itself isn’t some fantasy scene that all people on the island are seeing? A hallucination or something. Because it would take quite a bit of effort to get to Rokkenjima by boat in the middle of a typhoon.

      No there is an actual typhoon. If that theory is true then the ENTIRE game is a giant fantasy scene because of the typhoon’s presence. That’s just too much of a troll and leaves no chance for even deducing what might be true or not.

  2. As I’ve said before on my own blog and on other posts: The Eva-Beatrice we see is NOT Eva-Beatrice. She’s the Black Witch. The Black Witch has no definite form and is seen in the image of who the viewer hates the most. Because Ange still has not forgiven Eva and hates her to some extent the most she sees the Black Witch as Eva or Eva-Beatrice. If you notice she never refers to herself as Evatrice or Beatrice, unlike the last game when she never gave up an opportunity to remind us she’s the new Beatrice. In the game the Black Witch says this herself:

    I can’t understand why DEEN omitted that line because it completely explains that the Eva-Beatrice is not actually Eva-Beatrice. It only confuses people because they think Evatrice returned, when it’s not actually her. Eva-Beatrice was destroyed by Beato – she’s long gone.

    As for Kasumi being the culprit I doubt it. She’s not some evil mastermind, she’s just a loser who wants thinks she can be happy by killing her niece. It’s not as if she has no money and it’s clear she doesn’t care about the Ushiromiya family besides Kyrie. Also I don’t like the idea that someone who was introduced in the very last question arc could be the culprit. It feels cheap. I love all the 18 characters on the island but one of them is the culprit. Pinging the blame on Kasumi is just as bad as pinging the blame on Beatrice.

    • @ Unraveltruths
      Kasumi might be decent pick for an outside force more so seeing that she is unstable enough to commit murder. In her case rather than for the gold she would kill the Ushiromiya family for revenge so she’d make it look like it was a witch’s. Still, we can’t ignore that she doesn’t share Kyrie’s cleverness so such complex plan might be too much for her. We probably won’t her again at all since this Ange’s chapter is apparently over. So we would go back to suspect whatever figure on the screen as the actual culprit. I think that Kasumi not being the culprit or an accomplice would be decided on how much more we will see of her in future arcs.

      I often go over all possible scenarios to get a clear view even though I might not think they are all that accurate, just for consistency. Then I’d go back to them and discard those that don’t match with the next arcs/hints and get a much clearer theory. I think the killer is not the obvious red herring with a huge sign that says I’m suspicious. I’m also expecting the creator to make the criminal someone who has been always on-screen, being a team player with a decent alibi for each arc. Then again I think the real culprit is the human Beatrice. Her accomplices would be one of the 18 people on Rokkenjima. Anyhow, I’m open to both theories that the criminal is someone from the 18 people circle and also that the culprit is someone from the outside. Same as before, only future arcs will decide which theory is stronger than the other. Both of them are almost as strong as the other.

      Corroborating the claim that Eva Beatrice =/= the Black witch. I would interpret this as Ange conquering her past instead. Her killing this ghost from the past is a symbol that she no longer has regrets. Her quest is over and she is satisfied with the answers she found. I think that’d be fairly accurate, wouldn’t it?

      For the looks of it, the original Eva Beatrice will not be back again unless a one of those endless witches are able to revive other witches, if it’s even possible to do so. “Try to remember what form you had?”

  3. I don’t want to post a lot right now, so I’ll answer more later. But basically I’ll say this: Bodyguard sniped everyone. The details such as the direction of the bullets are small details that don’t have to be payed attention. The only thing that matters is the result, and that is that everyone who was against Ange got killed.

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  5. “All of them are suspects just because they never revealed this information to anyone.” They were suspects to me from the very beginning lol. And as I’ve said a million times, Genji is a must-accomplice for me :P. He isn’t THE culprit though, judging by Genji’s personality, he is clearly following orders.

    By the way, I see that you continue talking a lot about the third game. It was all an illusion to trick Battler, I’m not sure how much you can actually trust from that game (apart from the red truth, of course. Red truth of the third game continues to be red truth.)

    Also, the typhoon exists. Period. Another thing, this is the only “there are only 18 people on the island” red text: # here are no more than 18 people on this island, # No life forms other than humans have any connection to this game, # Kinzo is dead, # Krauss is dead, # Natsuhi is dead, # Hideyoshi is dead, # George is dead, # Rudolf is dead, # Kyrie is dead, # Rosa is dead, # Maria is dead, # Genji is dead, # Shannon is dead, # Kanon is dead, # Gohda is dead, # Kumasawa is dead, # Nanjo is dead, # The 15 people mentioned are dead, # Battler is alive, # Eva is alive, # Jessica is alive.

    Look at how Beatrice mentioned that Kinzo is dead. If we assume that 18 people are on the island, with a X culprit, thinking that Kinzo is dead, then we have more than enough reasons to not truest Beatrice statement about only being 18 people on the island. Battler should make her clarify whether or not the 18 are alive >_>

    “Since Beatrice has no power outside of the island we can assume that the typhoon is real.” Beatrice being a witch would technically have power anywhere she goes. For example, if Beatrice appeared in Ange’s timeline at Ange’s school, Ange would still see her anyways. BUT, if let’s say, Beatrice killed Ange while she is at school, then from a human point of view Ange was killed by another person. Think it this way. Ange talked with Maria while she was at school. Ange’s classmates saw her talking alone. This means that that Maria that Ange was talking to doesn’t even have a human counterpart.

    Anyways, I think you missed something HUGE. Ange is Kyrie’s daughter. Oh, and another thing. The “uu” of Maria was “magic to have a better relationship with Rosa”, but I guess the “toxin” of Rosa destroyed Maria’s magic.

    On Kasumi being the culprit, I dunno. We know that the culprit had a connection with Battler. Battler could very well be Kyrie’s son. I can’t think of anything beyond that point :P

    • This might be confusing but this is how I think Umineko works. I’ll be expanding on it when I make a final full review on the Umineko when the show is over.

      This is a rather complex issue in Umineko that is confusing even more if you’re an anime watcher only. This fallacy that magic exists = Witches exists, magic exists = crimes committed using magic. Don’t forget that this is a game of twisted logic. You have to exploit the loopholes in all claims. Remember that the game against Beatrice is based on denying that the killings are committed using magic so battler can get a result that says ‘crimes were not commit using magic = therefore witches don’t exist.’ or rather Beatrice did not use magic to kill people, therefore the criminal is human and not a witch because witches don’t exist. Twisted logic indeed.

      Let’s recap. Beatrice has been unable to leave the Rokkenjima for years. According to story (can’t completely trust it either) Beatrice is a witch who has lived a 1000 years so she’s been a witch way before anything happened or so she claims. When she was imprisoned by Kinzo she took a human or rather her soul was trapped in a human body. Years later she died and was unable to retake her witch form completely. The ceremony is the only way to completely revive her again. Beatrice’s game forces people to believe in the existence of a witch. The more people believe that she is a witch, the stronger she gets. Ultimately, if she manages to make meta-Battler to accept her existence she would become a full witch again (remember how Eva Beatrice claimed she was a real witch unlike Beatrice in the third arc?) As long as Battler does not give up and accept her existence she won’t be a real witch outside of the chessboard. On the other hand, Bernkastel and possibly Lambdadela too can move anywhere and even travel between dimensions (kakera) they could easily do whatever they want with the world but they don’t. It is also assumed that those two witches were involved in Higurashi. Because Beatrice is not a ‘real witch’ and only a ‘witch’ inside of the game board she cannot do this. By agreeing that Beatrice is a witch both inside and outside of the game board you would be submitting to her and losing the game by default :p Ultimately, it all depends on your take on the whole magic issue but what I said above is what I understood from playing the games and watching the anime. I think it’s fairly accurate.

      Third arc was too damn tricky. I had already explained how most of the crimes were even committed and had more than enough to prove who the culprit was. Then the fourth arc came and destroyed all those theories by saying that Eva was somewhere else and make the whole thing more inconsistent than they already were. I think that some events were true. Of course not, all of them but I think that they can still help me reach some theories if I pick the scenes that make more sense to me. By discarding all that information I’d be ignoring possible crucial information, I wouldn’t want that. I’m well aware that not everything is 100% true though.

      I don’t remember saying that Ange wasn’t Kyrie’s daughter.. well, probably it was a typo or something like that that gave you that idea.

  6. “Let’s recap. Beatrice has been unable to leave the Rokkenjima for years.” – Because of the mirror which Shanon breaks at the beginning of the second game.

    “The more people believe that she is a witch, the stronger she gets.” For me it’s more of a “if everyone believes in witches, witches therefore exist”.

    “Ultimately, if she manages to make meta-Battler to accept her existence she would become a full witch again” Pretty much yes. I’m not sure if she can become a full witch after that, but everyone will definitely go to the “Golden Land”. One thing though. EVERYONE has to accept her as a witch. Meta Battler accepts Beatrice as a witch in the second game, but Rosa doesn’t. Because Rosa doesn’t accept her as a witch, everyone can’t go to the Golden Land again, and Meta Battler gets motivated to continue playing against Beatrice.

    Regarding all of your paragraph 3, for what I understand, Lambda was messing around with Higurashi world. Rika manages to defeat her (human counterpart, which is Takano I think) and “Bern is born out of the game” or something like that. As for the whole “outside” and “inside” the chessboard, it makes total sense. Thanks for clarifying it.

    “Then the fourth arc came and destroyed all those theories by saying that Eva was somewhere else and make the whole thing more inconsistent than they already were.” – Were they red truth in the fourth game? I haven’t read the novel yet, but I don’t remember seeing much red truth in this game. Besides, game 3 already says that Eva isn’t the culprit.

    “I don’t remember saying that Ange wasn’t Kyrie’s daughter.. well, probably it was a typo or something like that that gave you that idea.” – Rewatch the episode. Watch 0:28. Ange is Kyrie’s daughter.

  7. Forget my last paragraph I had understood that you were saying that Ange wasn’t Kyrie’s daughter, my bad.

  8. We can all say that Ange went matrix with her quick reflexes. It is possible if you notice that Ange is surrounded in a circular form. I wouldn’t doubt her matrix skills after learning in EP5 in the game that Kinzo can jump from a window 3 floors above the ground and make it alive. And was it even confirmed that Eva’s body real or a figment of Ange’s imagination?

  9. for unraveltruths:

    I’m very intrigued about the Black Witch thing; I only notice that Only Ange and Maria (The Ushiromiya psychos) are the only one to see the Black Witch (4 Maria its “bad mama” and 4 Ange “my crazy aunt”)

    Do you also notice that for the past three games Eva certainly killed George, Rosa hates Maria, and Natsuhi maybe killing Jessica earning the titles BEST MOMS EVER!!!

    • Well the Black Witch has no form at all. She’s the personification of hatred and anger being pushed onto another person. In the game itself you can see Kasumi battling between shooting Ange and not, since Ange did give her a chance to start her life again if she let go of her hatred for Kyrie. But seeing the Black Witch means you have to see the person you hate with an unbiased opinion, or with love as the game puts it (hence why the Black Witch was surprised Ange could suddenly see her)

      I don’t think Eva killed George. If anything EP 4 only proves even more than Eva is a complete red herring in EP 3 and probably isn’t a culprit.

      Rosa hating Maria might be possible, but the only time Rosa outright tells Maria she hates her is in Maria’s own dream where she kills Rosa. Of course it’ll be bias.

      As for Natsuhi killing Jessica I can’t see how she would have even a chance to do that (not that I think she would ever). In EP 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4 she dies before Jessica.

    • People can’t dodge bullets. Period.

      And Eva definitely survives. There’s no magic revolving that. Ange was raised up by Eva, and in this episode we also learn that the media confirms it.

      Finally, how is it “bad mama” for Maria? Then it would be some sort of Rosatrice, not Evatrice.

      And Eva is innocent IMO :P. Evatrice said something of she not doing some murders.

  10. @Random
    “Kinzo can jump from a window 3 floors above the ground and make it alive.”

    Imagining Kinzo do that does sound awesome for some reason.

  11. ^Now that you say that, isn’t Ange dead? She freaking jumped from the roof of a hospital.

    • Ange can’t be dead. Juuza, That boat guy, Elf Ears, and some of the servant’s relatives met her.

  12. If you watched the episode completely, everything you mentions happens before she talks with Bern at the top of the hospital and jumps down.

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