Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 24 – What Is This I Don’t Even

A flustered Virgilia is fine too

Kanon, Shannon and the others escaped from the prison. Virgilia is informed by the siestas all of them have escaped and goes on a small rant yelling Gaap’s name. George is still taking names or so he thinks. Jessica is also fighting Ronove and she is preparing to put all her strength in one last powerful punch to finish him off. At the same time Gaap has led George into a trap. She teleports Jessica and switches places with her at the last moment. As result George and Jessica kill each other. Holy.. that’s one powerful kick.  Like a shotgun or something, huh. Did they got troll.

Doesn’t this mean that Jessica died after George did?

Conveniently, Bronove is giving Jessica a few minutes to finish up any business she may have in this world before she dies. Jessica picks up the phone and calls Battler to warn him they got her and they are really going against monsters NOT humans. Jessica dies in her room? Anyone? Check the mirror in the background.

Krauss and the others managed to escape to the outside and find themselves behind a mansion. No way, that’s Kuwadorin. Kanon isn’t even out the hole (what is that? a secret entrance?) and he is already shot by the SS. Next is Shannon and not even her boobs can save her this time, Nanjo then Krauss. Kyrie manages to get inside the mansion and call Battler before she is killed. Oh, I see that they don’t keep the place closed. And oh, I see that they even have a telephone. Lucky. OK, there is no way that is Kuwadorin. So were none of them the culprits? Something isn’t right.

Maria being more of a jerk than usual

Kyrie warns Battler that what they are facing are definitely demons and witches and that he should accept things as the sees them. This is the same thing that Jessica said to him. This is wrong. This isn’t like Kyrie at all. The topic of Asumu pops up again when Kyrie asks for Battlers’ forgiveness for being cold to him at times. Kyrie is killed by the Siesta Sisters. Battler and Maria are the only ones alive. Never mind, I’m forgetting about Gohda and Kumasawa. Btw, shouldn’t Battler heard a gunshot when Kyrie was killed?

How is it hanging?

Moments later Beato calls Maria and tells her the place where she needs to go to take her test. Where would that be? She makes her usual creepy faces and tells Battler she will not be killed because the ceremony has already finished and that she’ll go to the Disney Land. Battler picks up the phone and he is welcome for Beatrice’s awesome engrish. CONGRATULATIONS – she says. Aww, I want Beatrice to congratulate me too.

The Witch has been revived and she is chilling at Kinzo’s place. She sends Kinzo to supervise Maria’s test on behalf of her since she wants to test Battler herself. Kinzo as a good dog he is, accepts. Lol where is the mighty Goldsmith? Battler goes to check on Gohda and old Kumasawa and… as I predicted they’ve been killed a long time ago. They’ve been shot in the head and hanged. Isn’t that overkill? Ok, that was too easy. We all knew they were dead the moment they were locked in that shed. They might as well had a sign that said ‘Look. Prey here. Kill me.’

My thoughts on how they were killed? I think  either somebody has a copy somewhere of that place OR they open the door ‘willingly’ because they trusted the person they saw. Then that person killed both of them with a shotgun. Sounds logical enough, right? Is there another possibility I’m overlooking?

Not the puppy eyes again!

Beato and Battler meet at the front of the mansion (I think) Same deal as with the others, Battle gets a letter where he must sacrifice one to save the other two. In his case the second choice is blank since Beato doesn’t know who Battler likes. Isn’t it obvious that the person what Battler loves is his closest relative who he doesn’t dislike, Beatrice? The answer is his sister Ange. Battler makes a play on words and chooses Beatrice for the second choice so she can be killed. Ha. I actually applaud this attempt. Well played, Battler. Unfortunately, Beatrice doesn’t accept this because it doesn’t make the game fair at all. ~ Beatrice and Battler sitting on a tree…

Beato claims that Battlers is responsible for what is happening and that because the sin he committed 6 years ago this is happening. What? Where is this coming from? Beatrice wants Battler to remember what he did so he can atone for his sin but it’s futile as Moetrice did not consider that Battler to be a dumbass. So did Battler fail the test or not? A similar scene is happening in Meta World where Beatrice denies that the sin has to do with herself and something Battler did to her. She says that he is one of the causes of this tragedy though. Game board Beatrice is tired and goes back to mansion.


Goldsmith welcomes Beatrice back and mentions how Maria did great on her test. C’me on. This test + only two choice + mentally disturbed child. How can she fail? Oh, and uh, shouldn’t that make her head right away?

Beatrice is moody she sets the old bastard on fire again. Good! My pet theory is that Beatrice has a Roy Mustang as furniture ready to burn Kinzo to a crisp each single time.

I liked how none of the furniture or Virgilia gave a crap about Kinzo dying. They focus only on Beato, who is feeling sad and depressed. All of them leave Beatrice alone before they face her wrath. Somebody needs a hug.

I say it’s Trolling time!

Back in Meta World, Beatrice is pulling the trick that Battler did on the third arc. Now it is Beatrice who wants to put the game on stalemate. Battler, as usual, misinterprets this and thinks he has won since the opponent is willing to play anymore. The truth is that Beato is only putting the game on hold–permanently. She isn’t accepting defeat just not willingly to make her move.  Sucks to be on the other side, huh, Battler.

Trollbadelta, Bernkastel, and even Ange show up when they hear the news that they episode is almost over and they haven’t done a damn thing. Where have Gretel been off to in the past episodes anyway? Making friends with the other witches? Beatrice allows Battler to use the red to prove something. Beato makes a strange claim that because Batter cannot repeat in red that he (Battler) was born from Asumu Ushiromiya so he is not qualified to be her opponent since he is not Ushiromiya Battler. I scratched my head. What are you trying to pull, Moetrice?

As far as I know the Witch is going against someone who denies her existence and that’s why she cannot be a witch outside of the game board. Why does it matter so much who the person she goes against is? Beatrice leaves the scene and so do the other witches. Beatrice retreats to a garden with the company of the only person ‘who understands magic’ – Maria.

– End of episode 24 –

You know it, Umineko Days

– Turning the Chessboard Over –

I watched this episode yesterday night. For obvious reasons I haven’t been able to play the game this week either so these theories are only based on what I got from the anime.  Thus, I’ll back cutting back on the theories this week. Expect Deen to mess with my thinking though.

Theories & Deductions

On George and Jessica : Double suicide? Homicide? One way that I interpret this is this : she was killed at the place where she took the place after she failed it. Same for George who also was killed by the culprit. One thing that bothers me is that Jessica said that George died instantly meaning his body should be at the rose garden near the place where he was supposed to propose to Shannon. Is there a greater reason behind why the culprit chose those places? Anyway, I can’t say for sure but there might be a possibility that they actually killed each other thinking they were fighting against the enemy. They both chose to ‘sacrifice the others’ after all.

Conclusion: The place where Jessica dies suggests that she died at her testing place (same for George) meaning that neither of them left the testing place. What Jessica saw might have been an illusion (partially true since George is dead) that made her think she and George were killed. What happens next is this: Jessica is actually killed by the culprit after she speaks with Battler.

On death row: All of the prisoners were executed in the end so we cannot know for sure if that was indeed the second mansion or not. Personally, I never thought it was but I thought that the fact they were hold up against their will was at least true. However, what we saw is that none of them managed to escape at all so we don’t know where exactly their bodies are or even if they are really dead.

Conclusion: I said that I partially believe that the prison scene might have been real but that I never thoughtit was Kuwadorin like Kinzo (and Nanjo) said. I mean, the second mansion is god knows how many hours from the original mansion so it was never possible.  The theory that the prison scene never happened is now than very high. Too bad for Krauss and Kyrie though since they had some cool scenes there that they anime cut off. I’m sure fans didn’t like it one bit.

Fake Kuwadorin & Kyrie – So Kyrie manages to phone Battler to warn him about witches and demons, telling him that they are real and that he should accept things as he sees them. That is so not like Kyrie on so many levels.

Conclusion : Aside from the fact that this isn’t like Kyrie. If this was indeed Kuwadorin then why would Kinzo have a phone there? He kept Beatrice locked up there, right? Why put a phone there of all places when it is completely unnecessary? There are other reason why it cannot be Kuwadorin but I’ll say that that is not the second mansion. For all we know that phone call might have been made from the very mansion just like the ones from the prison were. Where do you think they’ve been calling Battler from?

Possible accomplices (maybe culprit too)  – I take no pleasure doing this part but here it goes. To me the people that spoke with Battler are immediately possible suspects meaning Krauss, Kyrie, and even Jessica. The reason for this is that fact that they are the only ones that spoke with Battler. Meaning that out of the group they are the only ones who are thought to be alive. The anime shows us that they all ‘died’ but since there is no red we cannot know if they are really dead or any of the people who died are really dead.

Conclusion : The people who spoke with Battler might be working together. At least one of them might be the real culprit.

On Ceremony and Beatrice’s revival- I think this has gone unnoticed or they never bothered to show it to us. Kinzo isn’t using the stakes for the sacrifices. You’re probably asking why is this even important? People are dead and they’re sacrifices. What’s your point, Keikakudoori? My point is this. I think most of us (at least who believe the culprit is human) is that the culprit who might be inside of the 18 person limit is possibly an Ushiromiya or a servant. The culprit uses strange stakes to gouge his/her victims. Then tell me how come someone like Kinzo who is in deep into the occult does not use these stakes for Beatrice’s ceremony. I’ll press further. Does he even own those things? The last culprit(s) have been following the epitaph to the letter so what gives. Did they not bother to show it to us? It is possible for the ceremony to be successful if Kinzo (who is thought to the culprit) isn’t following it correctly? Also why did the next twilights happen so damn fast?

Conclusion : I didn’t pay much attention to it since the first twilight doesn’t require stakes but the next ones are suspicious. Does it even matter if you don’t use the stakes at all to complete the ceremony?

Hanged pair: Kumasawa and Gohda were killed then hanged. No, actually based on what the anime shows me I would think that they were hanged then shot. Kumasawa’s face shows that she was strangulated by something or someone before she died. She was then hanged and shot in the forehead.

Conclusion: This might not be that important but I’m unsure about the order and cause of death.

On how they were killed: I think that they were killed because they willingly let the person enter. Maybe they thought the nightmare was over and that the person who was coming to set them free. However, there is also another theory. If you remember the ‘small window’ where Battler/George gave them the keys to the place you will also remember that there was ladder near the place…

Conclusion : The small window might be big enough for a small kid to enter. Now who do we know that might fit this description of a mentally unstable child? This is too hard. So many choices…. But how is it possible for that small child to hang them?

On Battler & Asumu & Beatrice – In reality Beatrice and Asumu were lover and they were forced to broke up because Battler was born. This is clearly revenge on the Ushiromiya family for getting on her way. That is so not what this is.

I’ll try not to dwell too much on it right now but I think the real issue is whether he is Rudolf’s son or not. The Ushiromiya blood apparently has ‘magic’ that Kinzo’s sons have demonstrated plenty of times so I’d think Battler that has it. Beatrice even mentions how Battler looks like Kinzo when he was young. Plus, they also mentioned how his powers might have been from the Ushiromiya blood. We don’t know even know Asumu’s last name. Ushiromiya is obviously not her last name. Who is this person and why should she matter to Beatrice? I actually asked how she looked like before many posts before. There was a reason why I was curious. For one thing, I wanted to know if she had blue eyes. No, Battler isn’t supposed to have blue eyes. They are brown/black in the game. The anime gave him the blue eyes. Witches usually are the ones who posses blue eyes. That’s why I wanted to know. To find out if Asumu looked anything like a ‘witch’. If Asumu isn’t Battler’s mother than who it is?

Conclusion : Beatrice is Battler’s mother. This Battler is a clone. This is just one big dream. Mindfuck. If anything, Battler should remember if her mother was hiding something from her family and why should Beatrice had anything against him or her mother.  This answer to this is probably something we’ll see more of this next episode.


15 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 24 – What Is This I Don’t Even

  1. IIRC the place where Kyrie made her phone call isn’t Kuwadorian. She managed to reach the Ushiromiya mansion.

    • Kyrie sure can run fast. Either than or she is faster than a terminator.

      If what you say is true than the chances of them are being locked up in the second mansion is reduced to 0 since there is no way that Kuwarodian is that close to the main mansion. I suppose that this more or less proves that the prison scene was not real at all. The only event that is real is that Kyrie was able to make a phone call to warn Battler.

      • There is a long underground tunnel that connects Kuwadorian to the main mansion, which is what the escapees were running through. The entire escape sequence was much, much, much longer in the VN. By the time they emerged from that well, they were already right behind the mansion.

  2. “The people who spoke with Battler might be working together. At least one of them might be the real culprit.”

    Kyrie could be. Jessica not, Evatrice used the red text to prove George, Battler and Jessica all innocent.

    “All of the prisoners were executed in the end so we cannot know for sure if that was indeed the second mansion or not.” No deaths confirmed with red text, no deaths that happened without magic on screen. This game was full of NOTHING. We can’t possibly confirm ANYTHING. Except that there might be indeed a X person, who is the culprit, who is a woman, and that is the “Beatrice” that Battler talked with.

    On the stakes thing- very good catch. They always use stakes. In fact, I think they are mentioned in the epitaph, although I can’t remember right now. The ceremony has always been done in one way. Also, we have to consider whether or not Kinzo is already dead. You know, the thing that has been bugging me a lot is Beatrice’s red text “No more than 18 people on the island”. I wonder exactly when she said it. Does somebody remember if she said it at the start of the game? ‘Cause if we assume that there are 24, and then 6 got killed, there would be 18 then. I’m starting to think like that, but it’s hard to go against the red text. What I can say however, is that this game was weird in one sense. Let’s remember the first game. 13 people are killed for the epitaph. 5 are left remaining, since 18-13 = 5. Of course, the culprit can perfectly kill beyond that. But he/she usually doesn’t try to do it. In the first game, some where left alive until Natsuhi faced Beatrice, got killed, and then Jessica’s George’s Battler’s bodies were never found. I’m just saying that for all we know, all deaths in this game go unconfirmed.

    I don’t think Maria hanged them. They probably heard somebody they knew coming and opened the door. For me, Maria was given the same test as everyone. And I’m REALLY sure about this…she probably chose option 2 and killed Rosa.

    And I have complete other theories regarding that last thing. First of all, Beatrice said that it wasn’t something between her and Battler. It was something caused by Battler that affected many things, and probably the reason why culprit X is murdering the people on the island. Now, here’s the catch. “Battler is the son of Asumu” = “Battler was born from Usumu.” But Meta-Battler couldn’t say this: “I was born from Asumu”. This Battler is definitely somebody from outside the family. Also, wouldn’t any son of Rudolf, not depending on the wife, be Kinzo’s grandson? So that would mean that Battler isn’t Kinzo’s son either.

    Also, on the number of accomplices…it could be the culprit + 3 accomplices. I’m saying this because of the scene with Beatrice + Gaap, Ronove and Virgilia.

  3. “So that would mean that Battler isn’t Rudolf’s son either”. Typo : P

  4. @ Sacchi

    If you might have also already noticed this but here it goes. Beatrice was not wearing the witch outfit this time. She was wearing the her other outfit, the one that she wore in the second arc when she put herself on the gameboard as the 19th person. The way strange way that that ceremony was conducted could indicate that Beatrice was always in the island from the very beginning. She was the human culprit killing everyone while Kinzo was playing (maybe he didn’t know) the part of the one who wanted to resurrect the witch.

    Beatrice has not said in red that there are more than 18 on the island. She has said it before in past games to corner Battler though just not in this game. Reason for this might be because she is the human culprit killing everyone.

    Because there are so many unconfirmed deaths we cannot know who the culprit is. However, if the epitaph is for real then to actually ‘revive’ the witch the lives of 13 people is necessary. If this is true than people who are chosen must be dead, I would think so. Unless, like I said above, the witch/culprit Beatrice was already present in the game (like in the second arc). Meaning that there was never a need to resurrect her = some people might still be alive.

    I think Battler must be at least Rudolf’s son since the Ushiromiya blood must come from one of Kinzo’s children. Who Rudolf cheated with is a different story. I’m saying this because supposedly Battler’s mother shouldn’t have any ‘special powers’ from the Ushiromiya family since she is not related by blood to them. There were many claims saying how Battler is like is similar to Kinzo and how his ‘magical powers’ (or anti) came from the Ushiromiya blood so I expect him to at least be related to Kinzo’s family. Unless, Asumu’s family might be similar to the Ushiromiya family on the whole strange link to the supernatural. Even so, then wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if Asumu was Battler’s real mother? I wonder what exactly is Beatrice trying to pull here.

  5. “There are no more than 18 people on this Rokkenjima” – Said in the second game, the same game in which Beatrice appeared in human form. I really trust that the red text said in a certain game applies for all games, since all chess boards start with the same pieces in the same place. Then, every game is different as the pieces move different */ends applying chess analysis xD*

    Besides, if we assumed that the red truth can’t be applied in all games, there’s no way to solve the murders.

    And I truly believe that the real culprit, person X, was already in the island when the family conference starts. Maria even says that she meets with Beatrice in every family conference, but I’ll admit it, we can’t trust Maria.

    Beatrice didn’t present herself in the second game as a 19th person. She presented herself as the 18th person, as no more than 18 are in the island. The true culprit was seen by Kyrie, who she hadn’t met ever, even though she had been assisting the family conference for at least 6 years. Kyrie only understood that she looked remarkably similar to Beatrice from the portrait. Genji immediately recognized her. The culprit is related with Kinzo, and now possibly with Battler. Shannon knows the culprit too and recognized her too, as she served Beatrice food in the second game, and has talked with her in the past as we saw at the start of the second game. Kannon also knows the culprit. Rosa has met her too. Maria and culprit X work together. That’s all we know for sure.

    The reason why Beatrice appeared in her human form in the second game was because it helps us think that Beatrice was “revived” in the first game, and therefore started to appear in the second one. However, if we use human logic, culprit X, who presents herself as Beatrice in the second game, was also in the first game acting in the shadows.

    As for your last paragraph, I really dunno and it’s probably too early to start making theories, we should wait for the next game. What I can say, however, is that you should keep 2 things in mind: either the Battler we know isn’t the true Battler, or Rudolf cheated on Asumu and had a secret lover. In a game I remember that Battler explained the ranks of the Ushiromiya family. If anybody knew that he was a son outside outside of marriage or stuff like that, we would know it by his rank. Not many clearly know that he isn’t Amusu’s son.

    • “we should wait for the next episode” (not game, typo >_>, isn’t there an edit button somewhere? :P)

  6. Great observations.

    But i wanna say something about Gohda and Kumasawa.

    The fact that they were dead in there, I’d like to say they’ve been dead for a while from the looks of things. I kinda think they died on the Second Twilight.

    And if stakes are involved in these murders, then I say the culprit staked their forheads, removed them, and then hung their bodies. Because when Battler and the cousins moved Gohda and Kumasawa to the shed, the culprit could’ve been inside that shed in the first place.

    And of course, as many others have said, I can’t see Krauss as a culprit because he just isn’t competent at all. He’s not competent enough to carry out a series of murders and get away with it.

    Now if i really want to suspect someone, it’d be George. Why? Because George and Jessica left for their tests. George got his test. He chose he’ll kill everyone else but Shannon. So he does just that: Kill everyone else, starting with Jessica. He shoots her in the head after she speaks with Battler.

    And then George went and started killing everyone else. Shannon gets got probably because she used herself as a shield during George’s rampage. And of course in the end, he kills himself.


  7. “The fact that they were dead in there, I’d like to say they’ve been dead for a while from the looks of things. I kinda think they died on the Second Twilight.”

    Isn’t the second twilight specifically designed to separate lovers? You know, Jessica and Kanon, Shanon and George, even Eva and her husband. Those two weren’t in love. I think that they were alive until Battler and the others threw the key through the window. After that, they were killed.

    Oh, and great thought. I hadn’t considered that the culprit could have been inside the shade when they entered it. That’s a good theory. Mine was that somebody had asked them to open the door, and the two servants thinking that they could trust that other person, opened the door and were killed. But that makes sense. Besides, nobody checked to see whether or not any of the two servants had the key, so it isn’t a closed room. As for the stakes, as keikakudoori said, I don’t think there has been ANY murder in this game with stakes. So seeing this two murdered without stakes isn’t a surprise.

    As for George being the culprit, I really think that’s way too complex and pointless. Shanon always seems to get killed. George, most of the time. The two were also killed during a second twilight in some game. It makes no sense for George to be the culprit. Besides, let’s remember that the scene with Gaap and George involved magic. As I said before, we can’t trust anything in this game. No confirmed deaths, no confirmed accomplices except for Genji who I’m sure is 100% an accomplice due to various reasons (main one being Ronove say: “Genji is probably my true form in this world” before he took the test of Jessica).

  8. @ Jubbz

    Not bad :D Taking things literally George could be the culprit but there are a few things that I’d have to consider. First would be George getting a gunshot or a stake to kill people. To me the human culprit has been using a gunshot/Winchester to kill people all along. There are a few times when he/she uses other methods to kill people but for most part a shotgun is included. To make this theory stronger you may have to explain how George got a hold of a gun or a stake.

    I wouldn’t dismiss this possibility the George might be an accomplice for this arc though. Still, seeing that Shannon is usually one of the victims in the past arcs might indicate that George might not be that culprit for those arcs at least. I think your theory that George committed suicide is right since it was also thought that George committed suicide in the third arc when he realized that Shannon could not be revived. I wouldn’t dismiss suicide for George at all.

    I agreed with the theory that the culprit could have been already inside the shed when they locked Gohda and Kumasawa in but this will also mean battler and his cousins are definitely not the responsible for Gohda and Kumasawa’s death. I’ll like to add that similarly if we believe that the two of them opened the door willingly thinking that that the person who was coming (culprit) was there to save them and there’s only 1 key for that place then what might have happen is this: They got killed then hanged (the anime may depict otherwise), Battler finds them then leaves. I can’t say for sure but I think that the shed was still locked when he arrived. So the culprit killed both them, took the key from Gohda then locked up the shed from the outside. Assuming that he/she didn’t throw it away then the culprit may still have the key to the shed on him/her!

    @ Sacchin

    On Second twilight. Not exactly. It can also work for relationship of affection such as Rosa & Maria (Third arc) It is what it says : ‘Those who are close’. I don’t think that it would be valid for something such as co-workers though. Btw, I don’t think that Gohda and Kumasawa were the second twilight either. I think they were part of the ‘The witch has been revived and none shall be left alive.’ twilight. It still brothers me that the culprit was that brutal to both of them though. One thing is killing with a shotgun but another one is to kill then hang them. The culprit sure had plenty of time on his/her hands, not to mention that he/she did know that no ones was coming to check on them. Why bother and actually torture this two?

    I think the three of us share similar and valid points on how Gohda and Kumasawa were killed. Either the real culprit was already inside the shed when they locked the two up or he came from the outside and they willingly open the door to him. Personally, I think that they opened the door because they trusted the person who was coming to save them. Maybe they recognized the culprit’s voice. If that’s the case then wouldn’t they distrust that person if he/she had the same voice as the people who died on the first twilight. Remember that they saw most of them died so it cannot be them who came looking for them, right? Additionally, wouldn’t they be distrustful of a voice of a person they don’t recognize either? Keep in mind that Gohda and Kumasawa do think that there are only 18 on Rokkenjima. That only leaves the people who they aren’t sure they are dead for suspects.

  9. Mmmm, I really think George could be a possible culprit because he’s smart, he’s good with kids (probably good enough to convince Maria that he’s Beatrice), and we just flat out don’t know much about him.

    I can see him being the next Johann Liebert. And it’ll be like Monster ALL OVER AGAIN.

    Oh and I got a theory regarding Battler’s Sin:

    What if he already found the Gold when he was younger? If the sin occured on Rokkenjima, then I would have to think he found the gold long time ago, and he probably became the family head. He Probably didn’t want that, and in a period of 6 years, he forgot.
    I say this because Battler is sometimes compared to Kinzo quite a bit, resembling Kinzo in his youth. Kinzo’s the family head, so why not?

  10. I just agree with what keika said. As for Jubbz, there’s one thing that caught my eye. You said that George could convince Maria that he’s Beatrice. I think that’s wrong. Maria is basically a confirmed accomplice more or less, for what we’ve seen so far. Here’s the catch in the second game. Remember how everyone got killed in the chapel? Beatrice red-text says: “Starting when Maria’s key was received, and until the instant Rosa unsealed it the next day, it passed through no one’s hands!!” Back then, I don’t think any of us thought about Maria being the culprit. But if we look at it now…this kinda confirms it, doesn’t it?

    As for your theory…I dunno. It becomes really doubtful. First of all, Battler didn’t know about the epitaph 6 years ago, so he just have just “came across the gold by coincidence”. And the only way to beat Beatrice is to find the gold. If Battler had found it already, why was Beatrice revived in the first game?
    The comparisons of him to Kinzo is mostly for his will to battler the witch.

    And lol for the Monster thing. Haha, if Umineko turned to be like Monster…how epic that would be.

  11. Quite a few characters might be heading that way if they aren’t already.
    “Look at how big the Monster inside of me has become, Beatrice/Shannon/Mama!”

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