Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 22 – Son I am disappoint. Mom I am disappoint. Beato I am not disappoint

All Hail Goldsmith

The expectation is just killing the Ushiromiya members. They soon find that their expectations won’t be disappointed as their father Kinzo finally comes to greet themselves. No, greet isn’t the right word for what’s about to happen. The siblings’ faces go pale when Kinzo announces that none of them will the next head. Kinzo continues to rant about how useless his children what a disgrace they are to the Ushiromiya blood. Dr. Nanjo is the only one who dares speak in defense of them. Surprisingly, he attempts to convince Kinzo how his children has done something with their lives and that they something he doesn’t like a real family (oh what a family it is). How money cannot buy everything and how it can’t put a price on the joys of grandchildren and whatnot. Kinzo, in his sick mind, deducts that if their grandchildren are that valuable than they must be put a test to prove if they are worthy of being the next head instead of their parents who are useless. Seriously, if you’re  to be playing that way, you can keep being head, Kinzo. I don’t want any part in your game.

After telling them that they are useless, he summons the Siesta Sisters and an additional Siesta (Siesta 00) to eliminate his children. The SS are given orders to fire randomly till they kill six people for First Twilight and so they do. Natsuhi, Hideyoshi, Rudolf are the first three then Gohda and Eva became the fourth and fifth victims. Few are left alive in the room but they still are, Rosa attempts to talk some sense into her sick father but it’s  all useless. He tells her to at least attempt to change herself in her last moments to what Rosa responds grabbing a chair and try to stop Kinzo herself. The new SS who still holding Krauss by the throat shoots at her to defend her new master killing Rosa with single shot. Goldsmith is not amused.

Siesta 00 is one Kinzo’s knights

Kinzo’s next move is to summon more allies. He summons both Bronove and Virgilia to aid him in his own ceremony to revive Beatrice. He even summons one new additional high rank demon named Gaap to the group. This new demon is the one is given  her master’s order to capture the next sacrifices for the following twilights. Using her magic she sends Dr. Nanjo, Krauss, and Kyrie and then Shannon and Kannon disappear using a black hole for an illusion. Gohda and Kumasawa who are still inside the room, manage to escape Gaap’s grasp. Goldsmith calls it a day for the time being since it’s too early for the second twilight to take place and lets the two servants escape as is impossible to leave the island even if they wanted to. It sure made every Ushiromiya rethink about ever wanting Kinzo to come out of his study room every again, huh?

Who else besides me really liked that expression Beato made? It was so fitting

Beatrice makes her move and Battler is disgusted as ever with her cruel methods. Ange picks up the fact that the witch has purposely left half their faces so we know that they are dead. As usual, Battler is lost as ever and takes his time to pick on this one. The reason why Beatrice has done this is because she wants to use the red as little  on as a way to corner Battler.

We jump to a scene after Rosa ripped apart Maria’s stuffed animal. This time when Rosa tries to hit Maria again for crying so much, Maria fights back and hurts her mother by turning her hand into porcelain and breaks it.  Unsurprisingly, Beato appears next to Maria, who has already changed into her witch apprentice outfit, to observe as Maria passes down judgment on Rosa for being a bad parent. Maria accuses her Rosa for the multiple times she has been horrible to her, Rosa also argues back saying that no one ever cared her happiness and how being a single mother has ruined her life. She finally says, in the heat of the moment, that she hates Maria and that she has never loved Maria because she ruined her life. Maria roars. Meanwhile, Beato acts like she is mother Teresa and criticizes Rosa. Not to convincing from someone who kills and tortures people at random if you ask me. Beato encourages Maria to carry on her revenge against her mother.

Mother vs daughter. When They Cry style

And Maria hurts her mother more than once. Rosa is almost as enraged as Maria and keeps denying Maria’s existence to which answer with killing her mother over and over. Of course, Beato makes things easier for her by reviving Rosa as many times as necessary so Maria can take taking her revenge for her lion stuffed animal Sakutaro. Did I say that right?

Maria keeps saying that this person isn’t her mom but an evil witch possessing her because her real mother isn’t that bad. Rosa finds this funny and Maria that the witch is Maria herself and not her. Rosa applies the final blow by telling her daughter that she wish that Maria was never born that way she could have been happy. In others words, she denies her daughter existence. This takes Maria over the edge leading Maria to use more violent ways to commit matricide.

Maria, who  is now clearly insane, reminds Rosa of all her broken promises she made in the past. Beato congratulates Maria for reaching the desired level of  psychopathy that characterizes witches. Well, it was something about reaching a certain level that indicates that she is oser to being a witch. But my explanation is just as good. Btw, good job Eva Beatrice 2.

After killings her mother a couple more times Maria goes emo saying that her bff damn stuffed animal won’t return because Rosa has denied its existence. Maria goes psycho for real saying she’ll forgive her mom because she’s witch. And by that I mean, eventually she will after she has killed her mom a couple more hundred times. Next time leave the gifts to the old guy that only works once a year, Rosa.

Gameboard Maria is woken up by due to the noise in the guest room. Battler innocently teases Maria about being a kid (in the game he says ‘half-sleep’) and by imitating her still annoying –uu sound. Maria does not like this and starts to rant like the baby she is. She starts making those creepy faces again like she had in past arcs and tells her cousins that she forgive them—because she’s a great witch.  Something is wrong with this kid. No, wait, we knew this from episode one.  Something needs to bitchslap that out or her system asap. Gohda and Kumasawa manage to reach the guesthouse and meet the young masters to inform them of the terrible situation they are in.

Krauss and the rest are locked up in a cage somewhere. Shannon has found a phone, which is surprisingly working… Krauss tries to call but he doesn’t have much luck the first times. Fortunately for them there is a place that that phone can connect and it is apparently the guesthouse where the kids are at. They picked up at the other end and Krauss warns them that Kinzo has gone completely crazy and that they better stay put there and barricade themselves like it’s judgment day. Krauss also tells Jessica to not attempt to go outside or try to rescue them by saying that they’ll manage somehow. Now why would they leave a working phone there?

The people in the guesthouse do as they are told and make that place into a fortress the best they can even though they know well they have slim changes of surviving now that they know that Kinzo’s allies being armed and all. Battler shows how frustrated he is. If only game board Battler was actually useful…

Kannon who has been ordered to set alert in case anyone approaches informs Krauss that someone is coming. It is Jon Sumisu Goldsmith who is  also accompanied by Bronove, Virgilia and Gaap. One of my eyes starts twitching whenever Ronove says Goldsmith for some unknown reason.

Dr. Nanjo tries to talk some sense into Kinzo but it’s futile. It’s useless. It’s all useful. Goldsmith asks Nanjo if he doesn’t remember this place at all. Kinzo reveals that this cell is below the the second mansion where he kept Beato imprisoned before as her sex slave. Can we take his word for it?

Krauss inquires his demented father about what he plans to do with them. Of course, Kinzo tells them that they will be the next sacrifices  for the ceremony but first he wants Krauss to call the guesthouse and contact his grandsons. So that’s the reason for the phone. Now, because Nanjo gave him that wonderful idea that children are important and all that jazz, Kinzo wants to test them and see if any of them is worthy of succeeding him. Kinzo does not answer Krauss’ question about what would happen if they children fail Kinzo threatens Krauss that if he doesn’t obey him they won’t be even given a chance to chance at all to survive in this game.  – Episode 22 ends –

-Turning the Chessboard Over –

Anyone believes in his innocence? If so raise your hand


Well, we don’t know what Ange’s answer was to Lambdadelta’s deal but we get GOLDSMITH instead.

They should have animated the part where Rosa met Sakutaro after she was killed. ‘Jumping’ to the scene where Rosa wants to hit Maria makes it seem like it was a flashback or just confusing for the viewr. The game makes it clearer that the happened after Rosa was killed. Also it would have been nice to see Rosa meet Sakutaro in the anime since it might not happen again. Also I’m glad that they cut the whole scene short because it was like 30 minutes worth of torture or at least it felt like it in the game.

Sympathizing with Maria? Pfft. Don’t get me wrong. Rosa received major negative points this episode too but for most part of this episode made me dislike Maria even more. She was acting just like Eva Beatrice after she got her powers. She was even enjoying herself at some points. I really wish Ange could see this side of Maria onee-chan.

I used to think that GAAP was a witch, not a demon based on the pics that I’ve seen around. I don’t know that much about her but isn’t her voice totally unfitting for her? It sounds way too serious to me. Oh, they should have also added the conversations the Bronove, Virgilia and Gaap had. They were, uh, interesting.


I’ve been itching to make some new theories since this game started. So it’s theory time. I think I have a few more but this will do for now. They have already been arranged in more easier to read fashion.  Plus you understand what I’m implying. Oh, there’s something else I’d like to show you but it’ll have to wait until everyone have already their impressions of this episode.

I was mentioning last time how Ange was about to misuse the power of ‘magic’ by killings her own classmates and how magic corrupts. Maria who was always  -Uu magic is beautiful –uu and whatnot is also misusing this wonderful gift under the excuse that an evil witch is possessing Rosa. So maybe we have to two of magic in Umineko One that is used to make happy things/memories (white) and another one that is used for evil/revenge (black). Magic is meant to make people happy didn’t someone say something like that? Well, it sure made Eva Beatrice happy.

Conclusion: There are two types of magic in the world.

I go back to my theory that Beatrice already planned that ‘seed’ to make Maria hate her mother even more. Beato might not be responsible for the events that happened at that time but by giving Sakutaro a body (human form) might have added more fuel to Maria’s anger by making her think even more that he is real. Not to mention, that Beato never seemed to have any intention of stopping Maria at all. It looked to me like she even welcomed her anger. If you look at things from this perspective, Maria’s anger is beneficial to  her.  Even if Beatrice isn’t actually involved she gets an ally in this battle. How  convenient and this act of ‘good’ made Beatrice looked to Maria, reinforces this belief.

Conclusion: Beatrice forsaw that this would eventually happen and tricked Maria into becoming her ally.  By being part of Mariage Sorciere means that Maria has sworn loyalty to Beatrice in this game.

The conversation Kannon and Shannon had about the Golden Land (remember the last post?)  reinforces my belief that there might be some people that actually remember what happened in last arcs. So my theory that Maria is conspiring with Beato to have everyone killed (or at least her mom) is standing. Now we have to question why these servants don’t do anything to stop the Witch.

Conclusion: Having some people remember past arcs would mean that there might be someone who might be manipulating things.

I might consider that this Kinzo might an impostor and that the real Kinzo is already dead but Kinzo is such a bastard that the chance he is the real deal is fairly high. Plus, why would this impostor know Kinzo’s and Dr. Nanjo’s conversations from that time? Only one of the close servants might have heard such conversations if they happen to talk about that.  We can’t think of the Ushiromiya ring as proof either since him dead would mean that whoever killed him would have it with him.

Conclusion: There is a high chance that this is the real Kinzo.

That whole torture scene that Rosa received could be interpreted as a nightmare (dream?) that Maria had when she was sleeping.  I was actually curious how they will handle this scene and I was right to assume that they’d show that Maria was sleeping at that time. Plus, the fact that red blood didn’t come out of Rosa’s makes this scene seem additionally unreal. No matter how evil or good a person is, red blood would still come out if you cut somebody. Lastly, supposedly Rosa is ‘already dead’ based on the massacre that took place at the beginning of the episode so the (real?) game board piece Rosa shouldn’t be ‘alive’ when she was killed by Maria.

Conclusion: this might have been a  dream after all.

Assuming that this is a dream that this creepy child is having then we can doubt how truthful that dream was. All of us have had nightmares that depicted things that weren’t real. Not everyone acts like they do in real life and things aren’t as we think they are in nightmares. They are meant to be nightmares /dreams for a reason. Granted. Rosa is not a good mom but maybe in Maria’s dream she added additional stuff that Rosa wouldn’t say and made  the image of her bad mom into the ‘Black Witch’ in her twisted dream. I have a hard time believing that Rosa has never even once read a picture book to her daughter. In Maria’s dream she might have been focusing only on the bad things.

Conclusion : This distorted dream that Maria had that does not entirely reflects the reality.

There might me more than 18 people on this island like Battler said at the start of this arc. Beato is purposely not saying things in red to bully Battler but also because she doesn’t want him to use it against her. This could be interpreted as she knows that there are more than 18 people on Rokkenjima. Assuming that there are more than 18 people then Kinzo is using that person to help him kill the rest. Either that or he himself is actually the ‘culprit’ and he’s using ‘magic’ as illusions to kill everyone. Didn’t they say Kinzo was only good at summoning and not good at magic at all?

Conclusion: The killer is someone we don’t know about and that person is aiding Kinzo carry out the ceremony.

Assuming that there are not more than 18 on Rokkenjima then one of the surviving members might be working with Kinzo to kill everyone. From those we can rule out the people in the guesthouse since they should be together most of the time (Battler, George, Jessica, and Maria). The most suspicious would be those who haven’t been killed and that there were at the scene of the first twilight: Krauss, Kyrie, Shannon, Kannon, Dr. Nanjo and even those who managed to ‘escape’  the massacre: Gohda, and Kumasawa. But I can only think that someone who would follow Kinzo is either very insane or someone close to him. No matter how much gold you offer a normal person he would not accept the deal if he’s well aware that he’s also going to get killed at the end.

Conclusion : Whoever is aiding Kinzo is possibly a  furniture.

I wonder where Kinzo knows Virgilia from. He already knew Ronove from before but this should be the first time seeing Virgilia. If what Beato said was true about Kinzo having her imprisoned for a long time and Virgilia is the ‘good teacher’ she appears to be then I would think that she would despite Kinzo for doing such thing to her pupil yet she doesn’t seem to mind aiding him. Just how powerful is Kinzo and his summoning orders? Is it because that by doing so Virgilia is aiding Beatrice win?

Conclusion: What the heck are they doing to Virgilia’s character? No, seriously.

Kinzo can summon demons. He has superhuman strength and all. This is almost a contradiction in in itself. Kinzo is damn powerful then how come he dies so easily in past arcs? He can summon even a Witch to aid him but he dies like a noob like he never puts up a good fight. Is this the real Kinzo? Is it only because of the ‘corrosion’ that he is able to do this now? Was he waiting for this to happen? Does he just not care about the game unless he is the one carrying out the epitaph himself?

Conclusion : Doubting Kinzo’s actions

I find it odd that Krauss, the one who went to see Kinzo, is among the group of the surviving members. Kyrie also made out alive as well. Still! Either of them killing their own partners and possibly the only person who really supports them would be huge mistake on their part. If anything they should at least let that person live out of the group.

Conclusion: Possibly the culprit is neither of them. Still, it’s too early to tell.

This is one my biggest doubts.. the fact that Kinzo was able to summon demons and furniture in front so many people. The anti magic toxic must have been reeking inside that room yet this does not bother Kinzo at all. He even purposely orders Krauss to even get all servants to join them. Not even Beatrice nor Eva B has been able to do this before. They always attacked in small group no matter the situation. They have never attacked when there was that much anti-magic inside the room so they always had to come up with a plan to split the survivors up. Is it because Kinzo is such a great ‘summoner’ that he can do this? Do the rules that ‘magic doesn’t exist’ don’t apply to him at all?

Conclusion: This is sure is a strange scenario that this episode has presented us this time. My theory is that not everyone was present at the time Kinzo started to have people killed. This way Kinzo was able to trick the rest into seeing something that wasn’t there while he kills or orders somebody else to do the killings. In other words, Krauss and the others were already captured before the scene we saw. This might also be consistent with how fast Krauss and rest were taken to a completely different place. Maybe they were drugged and are under the impression that their family has been killed that way.  Plus for Kinzo to carry them all the way over there (assuming they were in the mansion originally) would mean that there is one or more people helping him with his ceremony if not more.

Conclusion 2: We cannot assume that everyone is dead because their faces all smashed up. I know that getting half your face destroyed  is instant death but that doesn’t guarantee that whoever was killed is actually the person we saw it was. We have not heard (and won’t) get a confirmation from Beatrice. The surviving members have been sent to a prison and Gohda and Kumasawa have run for cover to the guesthouse. Know what this means? It means that  probably no one is coming to the mansion to check the bodies for two reasons. The first is that it’s dangerous to go mansion and it’s better to stay put. The second is that there is no need to go because those six are already ‘definitely’ ‘dead’. Those who survived saw them half of their faces blown up so they are sure those six are really dead, therefore there is no need to go re-check. Lastly, the last surviving people are trapped somewhere they probably think isn’t inside the main mansion.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Bravo! Wonderful move, Beatrice! I think you regained part my respect towards you as a character. The move you came up with was outside my possible three routes that I made at the start of this arc leaving me unguarded for this outcome. I expect nothing less from the Golden Witch. With this strategy of yours there is room for an additional person to exist outside the 18 people limit AND the real culprit could still might be among those 18! How will you get me to really believe that those six that died are actually dead when I don’t get a confirmation in red? Not to mention, you can deny in red whatever claimed that Battler has mistakenly came up with at any moment you wish to give the final blow. Ha. Truly frightening, Beatrice. This new game is truly interesting.


6 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 22 – Son I am disappoint. Mom I am disappoint. Beato I am not disappoint

  1. The idea of white and black magic is a very good theory and it makes sense.

    Although you have to turn the board over – if Kinzo is dead that means MANY scenes presented in this episode are fake. This includes the 1st twilight scene and even the prison scene. In the game Kyrie mentioned that from the time they were dropped in the dining room to being in the prison it had only been about a five to ten minute time difference. But the Kuwadorian is a far off way from the main mansion – carrying five people there in ten minutes should be impossible. Taking that into account you can say the entire prison scenario is fake as well. I mean who really keeps a wired telephone inside a jail cell.

    As far as Kanon and Shannon go if the prison scene is fake you can consider it to be a meta-scene. From what I can tell there are three layers to Rokkenjima

    Real Layer – The real world, no magic.
    Magic Layer – The layer where we see the magical scenes and what not.
    Meta Layer – Where Battler and Beato play their game.

    Implementing that theory it means Kanon and Shannon were talking in the magic layer: there hasn’t been any real world evidence that they are aware of the killings. Higurashi had similar layers.

    Real Layer – The real events that actually happened
    Paranoid Layer – The events we see in the eyes of another character going delusional (how Keiichi thought Rena and Mion were acting insane in the first arc for example)
    Kakera Layer – The kakera world where Hanyuu resides watching the events and where Rika is given her memories of the previous worlds.

    In any case don’t trust everything you see – including the prison scene. Battler being the reliable perspective if he sees or HEARS something then it’s happening. So if he gets a call himself then the phone call actually happened – if not then it’s liable to be fake.

    • In the game Rosa mentions that Kinzo gave Maria an umbrella while the Ushiromiya siblings were waiting for their father to come out. But as we have seen Maria is in Beatrice’s side so she could be lying about Kinzo being alive at all if she even met him. Otherwise if he was still alive at that time it would mean that he was killed after a couple moments after he met with Maria proving that this Kinzo is an impostor. Now, why would someone like Kinzo would leave his fortress to give the child an umbrella?

      If that prison scene was somehow real then this Kinzo is lying about that place being below the second mansion. The surviving members are probably locked up in some secret place inside the Ushiromiya mansion if they are alive. They were drugged and carried over there before the 1st twilight even began so they aren’t sure what happened themselves. Maybe they saw the illusion that their partners have been murdered but they actually aren’t.

      It’s suspicious that Krauss in the only one that has gotten ‘through’ and the only one who’s been on the phone. Maybe somebody else besides him also talked with someone in the guesthouse but that doesn’t mean that all Kannon, Shannon, Dr. Nanjo, Krauss and Kyrie are there in that place too. As you mentioned, if this whole is a lie then whoever is calling the guesthouse is probably calling from somewhere in the Ushiromiya mansion. Maybe the only ones who survived the first twilight are Krauss (and maybe Kyrie) and they’re setting up a trap for the others under the pretext that Kinzo has gone mad.

      Since we’re assuming that at least the ‘call’ was real (maybe the context of the call) then whoever ‘survived’ called the guesthouse to inform the rest of what the should do next. But whoever has picked up the phone should recognize the voice of the caller(though someone could imitate them I guess). At least it’s fair to say that, out of the group, Krauss is still alive since Jessica talked with him. This makes Krauss a prime suspect along with whoever is with him.

      Probably the biggest questions in this episode are. Is this the real Kinzo? And are all the 1st twilights sacrifices actually dead? Oh, I miss the red.

  2. So are you playing the game bit by bit following the tv series progression? Cool.

    WRT the Rosa killing scene my comment is: “Without love, it cannot be seen”.
    You have marked Beato as an evil witch and you are not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Each time Maria killed Rosa, Beato asked “Are you satisfied now? Did you forgive your mom?” and only when Maria answered “I still can’t forgive her” Beato revived Rosa for another round of torture. The decision was always Maria’s. Yet I can’t hate her after seeing how much abuse (both verbal and physical) she endured from Rosa. Blaming your own child for your problems is unforgivable. When she decided to give birth, she accepted to take care of her child until Maria could sustain herself. Leaving her alone to fool around with men is unacceptable. Rosa got her just deserts, at least in Maria’s mind (since I think that the whole magic world is just a metaphor).

    • Yep, I think that’s the best way to get the most of this great show.

      I hope you aren’t interpreting it as that I hate Beato. I like her character and the role she plays. I expect her to play the role of the evil witch thus her actions must meet what is expected of her. In addition, even is she does not want to do this Lambdadelta is forcing her to do anything to keep the game going therefore I can expect her to pull any underhanded tricks because of this. So the image I have of her is one that ‘plays the role of the evil witch.’

      Since Rosa is already ‘dead’ according to the 1st twilight then this might be as well a dream of Maria that she had. We can’t trust dreams at all since they are mixed with mixed emotions and twisted realities. I’m not exactly defending Rosa since this whole scene made me dislike her plenty. Actually it got SO ugly in the game that it made me think that Rosa really deserved what she got and even more. However, it also made me question the validity of the whole scene. The part where Maria mentions that Rosa has never once read her a picture book or made her food struck me as too unusual. I think there are limits.

      This is going back to the statement that ‘without love it cannot be seen’. I’m choosing to believe that even though Rosa is a horrible mother, she is not as horrible to go that far. Because of that I also cannot accept that Rosa would kill her own daughter, like Battler deducted in the last game or something similar. Therefore, I believe that even though Rosa is definitely a terrible mom she is not as horrible as a human being as to commit certain crimes against Maria. So I believe that even though there was some truth in that dream not everything that was said was true.

      Well that’s the magic of Umineko, the way it always leaves room both for people to be wrong yet right at the same and what we choose to believe as ‘truth’ depends on who and what we choose to believe in this cruel game.

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  4. “Conclusion : Whoever is aiding Kinzo is possibly a furniture.”

    I have been thinking about this for a while. Is furniture certainly magic-related? The 7 sisters are obviously furniture, and they got frozen when Ange stopped believing in magic. They obey orders without hestitation. Yet, Kannon and Shannon don’t. They both got killed and were part of at least one twilight, and Beatrice even considered Shannon as a person for a second because of Shannon’s strong love. This way, we could possibly assume that two types of furniture exist. Those who obey and those with free will. Or something like that. Otherwise, we could just get Shannon and Kannon out of the “18 in the island”, and there would be 2 more people that we don’t know of. Oh, and let’s not forget Genji, he is also furtniture, so make it 4 people in total that we could not know of. But I truly don’t trust this last theory of mine as Kannon and Shannon’s existence has basically been admitted in the whole series.

    It is also fun that I myself am counting Shannon and Kannon as part of the “18 people in the island” when I’m not counting the Siesta sisters and others.

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