Spice and Wolf 2 Special # 1 : Studying with Horo

Obviously Horo can’t live without her Pizza hut

Ami Koshimizu must be really out to get me this year. You know there must be some cable wired to my brain stealing thoughts because someone released some Spice and Wolf 2 goodies.

Another mystery solved

The mini special revolves around good bread, bad bread, wine and more liquor. Yes, you heard that right. Cheap bread being the worst and white being the more expensive and harder to come by. Basically what Horo the Wise likes and dislikes.

Oh, yeah near the end of the special we are also reminded of Horo’s alcohol addiction. Ok, I’m kidding.

Well, that was extremely short (2:05 m)but interesting special. Wait, is there going to be more of this? That seems to be the case.

Thanks to Mazui for subbing this short special. Keep it up.