Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 21 – The Bloody Evil Witch Reappears. Power Corrupts Endlessly

Ange was about to go Kira

Ange has been trying to study but the harem of purgatory are such lively gals that won’t let Ange, as a result she fails a test. Ange’s classmates  are mad at her and force Ange to write a letter of apology because she got the overall grade of the class down. Bad grades? If this was Minami-ke  then bakayarou Kana would have been hanged in public then burned at the stake.  Because of the bullying, Ange starts crying. Why doesn’t she fight back!? This wasn’t even fun. It was just cruel bullying that these spoiled rich girls enjoyed. I’d like them to be part in Beato’s game to they get to see some real cruelty.  Heck, I’ll give them front row seat and see how they like it.

Ange cannot take any of this and orders the stakes to gouge them.  I was surprised that Ange gave in to the power of magic though I can’t blame her for it, those girls really were asking for it. Surprisingly and not so surprisingly the stakes are hesitant to accept Ange’s orders.  Ange becomes  enraged seeing that they don’t answer her with a Yes your Majesty! and denies their existence one by one since she’s now convinced that magic isn’t real and that all of this are delusions of her red-headed mind.  Ange does not forgive anyone and she even denies Sakutaro on the spot too. Maria begs Ange to not hurt her imaginary friend but it’s too late. Shotaro is destroyed (for the second? third? How many times does this guy die?)

So that’s the reason why Ange got kicked out of the Beato fanclub, huh. It sounds fairly simple but I get that saying things like that would get you kicked out of a guild that believes in the super natural.  Still, six years old and Ange already knew that magic/etc couldn’t possibly exist? I bet Battler had something to do with it. He’s such so anti magic. That hater.

Ange snaps back to reality and starts crying and begs someone to please kill her. Ugh, shigofumi bullying all over again. I’m growing disgusted with people outside of Rokkenjima. What a group bitches they were.  If they didn’t deserve death they deserved something close to it.  Hide my Death Note from me. It’s almost as bad as what happens in Beato’s game. Also I’m growing more sympathy towards Ange even though I’ll probably make some fun of her in some post I’ll have to respect her for putting up with this crap for so long.

How did Shion manage on that terrible school? I’d read the  manga but it isn’t 100% translated as far as I know. But really, so far this school is top among the worst school in anime.  If it’s as bad as  this school appears  than I can understand Shion better. Shitty school life + denied existence + Hinamizawa syndrome = Anti Christ.  Seriously.

We never knew when and under what circumstances she joined Mariage sorciere. Did she get talk into it or she just thought it was a game? Did she and Beato ever meet before?

Maria goes to a convenience store to get something to eat again.  Maria, you were told to not go to the same stores if I remember correctly.  Broken promise # 1. Brought the stuffed animal with her.  Broken promise #2. Talk with strangers #3. ~Uu’ing – Broken promise #4. Why doesn’t Maria have some instant noodles or something easy to prepare at home? Just stock up potato chips and pockies.

Maria goes home but she realizes that she lost her key along the way . She is forced to go back to the store and ask for help.  Maria is taken to police so they can contact Rosa.  Mr. Delicious is momentarily back (ha, gotta love  them for making these parodies/crossovers) I’m surprised at myself for not seeing this coming since something like this was just waiting to happen. I still don’t get why Rosa doesn’t hire a baby sitter.  I’m sure she can afford that.  Maybe it is mentioned in the VN but I don’t remember the reason why she doesn’t.  Is it because she doesn’t want anybody to see how childish Maria is?

This scene was powerful. I made a face worthy of the When they Cry series when I saw that Rosa was lying to the social worker. One little bit of me was hoping that that wasn’t the case but the overwhelming evidence is so great that it’s like defending a person sentenced to death penalty.  Still, I believe that there must be something else we don’t know that is making Rosa go like this. I refuse to accept such twisted reality without a good reason.

Not the bunnies!

Social worker gets chased out of the house.  Rosa once again displays her innate motherly abilities for the viewers to behold. One thing you should know is to never ever underestimate Ushiromiya Rosa. Maria tries to use Sakutaro to get her out of trouble but it is futile. Personally, I found it cute but Rosa didn’t so much.


Maria tries to make her mother remember about the ‘magic word’ (UU)  to calm her wrath. Rosa doesn’t know what her daughter is talking about and grows even more enraged at her daughter childish behavior. Rosa takes Sakutaro and rips out him in front of Maria’s innocent eyes when she sees that Maria wont’ shut up about the stuffed animal. That actually hurt.

Rosa said it in red

Maria meets with Beato in the loldark room and begs Beatrice to bring back Sakutaro to what Beato tells her that is impossible because Sakutaro’s creator (Rosa) has denied her existence therefore she cannot do anything about it.

Maria and Rosa together when they were happy

Maria is angry and confused why her mother makes her suffer so much. Maria refuses to believe that evil person is her mom and concludes that an “evil witch” must be possessing her. Maria cuts a deal with Beato to teach her magic (black) to kill the Evil witch. Beato doesn’t refuse the offer.

The last scene of this flashback is another flashback when Rosa and Maria were walking and Maria sings a happy song. She forgets the lyrics and starting “~uu’ing” instead to what Rosa seems to approve.  Both of them happy hey keep walking towards the horizon.  Another mystery is solved.

Ange is already on a boat heading to Rokkenjima island with her bodyguard (she doesn’t have her brother’s phobia) She opens Maria’s diary and remembers what she’s been doing wrong. She calls the stakes of Purgatory with much ease after her bodyguard leaves the scene.  Ange is even able to bring Sakutaro front the dead. Unfortunately for him he isn’t in Maria’s world. Ange promises him to reunite the two of them soon. Meanwhile, Kyrie’s evil sister is also on her way to Rokkenjima to assassinate her niece.  Ange can’t take a break.

Don’t open your eyes ever again

– Turning the Chessboard Over –

Thoughts and Impressions :

FailDEEN was fail last week. I have to agree 100% with RP that last episode looked terrible. Not only was animated badly (I was going blind) but they made a mess out of the episode. As you  saw, I had a hard time knowing what the heck was going on last week.  So thanks to those that help me get things clear because it also made the game easier to understand too.  The scenes where Ange was learning magic was  also gorgeous.  Also for additional useful info on the time line of Ushiromiya Ange you can head down to Flipping Boards to clear any doubts about that.

On the other hand, I liked more how this episode was executed. It was heavy on drama and on par of the When they Cry series.  It so heavy that I had some KAI flashbacks along this episode. I raged. I liked it then I raged again. The game is turning so emotional (even more).  Dammit Ryukishi07 you always manage to put me outside my comfort zone. Then again that’s his job.

I  would have liked that they’ve kept Sakutaro ‘dead’ until next episode. I felt sorry for the him but then I went oh’ wait he’s back so quick? I think the effect would have been stronger if he stayed dead longer. Nothing you can do about that.

Wow, no continuation of the game. Stop Zugzwang’ing me, Sea Cats! Grr. Hopefully (and for the looks of it) we’ll finally get the game going in the next episode. What is Beato and Bronove up to?

Theories / Deductions

  • I’m starting to think that the reason what Rosa she’s doing this is because she unconsciously wants  her daughter relive her own twisted childhood when Rosa’s own toys were destroyed by her older brothers and she was treated like crap by everyone. I grow disgusted whenever I remember that part in EP 2.  Seriously, I still don’t feel a thing whenever Rudolf, Eva or Krauss are killed and this is why. They aren’t innocent at all. They suck.  At least Rosa has an excuse why she is so messed up. It’s because of her crappy family.
  • The other day I was talking about possible conclusion for Umineko and one of the questions was about ‘people accepting magic on their own terms’ or something similar. For what I see, Ange has already done this in this episode. I think it’s fair to assume that the rest will eventually do this at some point.
  • The stakes refusing to accept Ange’ s orders was because Ange would have been made a real killer. The illusion they provide might have not been enough to fool everyone in the classroom, like it was mentioned in the third game when Beato explained to Eva B that magic wouldn’t work if there was too many anti-magic people (witness) in the room. So even if Ange was to kill those three the rest of the classmates could have gotten away or worse ”see the real culprit’ with their own eyes and told the police. The culprit would be Ange herself.
  • It surprised me how easily Beato accepted Maria’s request to teach her black magic to kill her mom. Beatrice didn’t try to stop or explain things to Maria instead she just goes along with a 9 year old’s request. It’s like giving a money a gun or making a mentally unstable teenager into a mecha pilot.  Does Beatrice have no common sense or..?
  • Oh, no no no. I won’t be trolled again, Beato. I have my theory that Beato’s gift to Maria was well-thought plan to make her an accomplice in her game. As we know this happened before the family conference so there’s a high chance that she was setting up the pieces for the game and getting an ally on her side. Let’s see Beato trolled Shannon, Kannon and every couple in this show, She had people stuffed into huge blender, make people eat human parts, and god knows what else. I think tricking a child into hating her mom isn’t the worst she can do.  Does she really nothing  to do with this? Of course this challenges the idea you have of Beatrice and how much you believe in Beato’s innocence.  Keep in mind that this happened before the game even started. I think I did my job for this week to put doubt in your mind. Kukukukuku.
  • Kyrie’s evil sister makes Kyrie seem like an angel.  Even though she got little scenes in the game, I disliked her right away. She seriously needs to get what’s coming to her. That greedy woman, killing your own relatives sounds more like a mafia theme if you ask me.  No, I don’t want your damn tea. Is Ange’s bodyguard going to be able to protect Ange from all harm?  Why doesn’t she hire more of them? In any case, run Ange. Run!
  • As I suspected, Maria knew what was going on in the past arcs. This ties back to my theory that Maria might have been responsible for her mother death in the last arc. Remember how she wanted to see her rose no  matter what? I think that’s why. She knew that the ‘witch’ was going to be there so she lured her ‘evil mom’ outside and get her killed. What she might not have expected is that she was going to get killed too right on the spot.
  • What worries is Maria will continue aiding Beato regardless of the outcome. She already got her mom killed a few times so how bad can it get? Did she know that she was going to get killed in the third arc? How much does Maria  really know about Beato and the ceremony?
  • Lastly, Maria has been talking about how great and apparently ‘good’ magic is. Still,  she is using it to kill her own mother thinking that this is OK.  What kind of logic is this? We also see how Ange almost used her magic to kill her classmates reminding us how people that have great power tend to abuse it. Is something like this what happened to Beato as well? Her teacher taught her well so something we don’t know might have happened when she was human that turned Beatrice to the dark side. Is this what Virgilia meant by being afraid of the power of the Endless magic?
  • On an unrelated note, no new Bakemonogatari this week again? What’s happening? :(

And if you’re still so anti Rosa then I dare you to object to THIS.

Rosa the Wise Mom


6 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 21 – The Bloody Evil Witch Reappears. Power Corrupts Endlessly

  1. oh, you get easyly a lot of theories for each episode that’s great. Some of them are quite interesting

    • Yeah, you can find weekly theories from each episode here. I post only those that I feel I can partially back them up. The rest I keep them to myself until more compelling evidence revealed.

      Oh, I’ll answer your question from last time since you’re already here. As for EP 5… I’ll have to wait just like everyone else for Witch Hunt to release an English patch. It sucks but what else can I do? I will however post impressions and theories after Umineko anime is over on EP 4 in case you’re interested. Mostly likely I’ll blog about EP 5 along with a load of theories when an English translation is released. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.

  2. For me this part in the sound novel made it clear that “magic” doesn’t exist. The stakes refused to kill Ange’s classmates because they can’t, they are just the delusions of a lonely girl. Mammon even says “if you are willing to dirty your own hands then we will gladly help you”. I interpreted this as “you should kill those bitches yourself”.
    The same goes with Sakutaro. When we see things from Rosa’s point of view, it is Maria who is doing Sakutaro’s voice while keeping the puppet over her mouth. Sakutaro moves and speaks only in Maria’s mind.

  3. Seriously, I still don’t feel a thing whenever Rudolf, Eva or Krauss are killed and this is why. They aren’t innocent at all. They suck. At least Rosa has an excuse why she is so messed up. It’s because of her crappy family.

    As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, this is very liable to be a bias. Krauss and Rosa for instance have at least a 20 year age gap. Do you really think Krauss would break his little sister’s toys at the age of 20, he was too busy getting into fights with Eva.

    Eva doesn’t have an excuse because she does pick on Rosa a lot and repeatedly calls her younger sister an idiot.

    Although with Rudolf, even though the age difference is closer (it’s probably a 10 year age difference at the maximum) it reminds me more of sibling fights and what not. I remember a good couple times when my brothers bullied me as a child and took my toys on occasion. Unlike Krauss and Eva, who you can see making jabs at Rosa even in 1986, Rudolf seems to be friendlier to his sister and even defends her on occasion and doesn’t call her an idiot like Eva.

    Not trying to defend them because all four of them are pricks in their own nature, but don’t be so black and white about everything :P Remember the entire ‘without love blah blah blah’ stuff.

  4. “# As I suspected, Maria knew what was going on in the past arcs. This ties back to my theory that Maria might have been responsible for her mother death in the last arc. Remember how she wanted to see her rose no matter what? I think that’s why. She knew that the ‘witch’ was going to be there so she lured her ‘evil mom’ outside and get her killed. What she might not have expected is that she was going to get killed too right on the spot.”

    Hmm, I’m curious why do you think like that. For me, an anti-fantasy person, there’s no way Maria would know about the past arcs.

    • I think that it is one of those times where thoughts and theories conflict because of the game.

      This is more of an opinion. In Umineko we are forced to either deny magic altogether or to accept its existence. As for myself, lately I’m trying to search for a middle ground between the two without losing to either.

      I was 100% anti magic before but recent evidence may prove that ‘magic’ might exist in the world. Just in different ways. Unlike Battler I believe that the existence of magic might not be all a lie but just that it doesn’t exist in what he is trying to prove. The culprit should be human after all. Denying magic altogether forces me to completely destroy many things that might affect others. One would mean that future Ange is a lie and all that future are also a lie since there’s no way that she could enter Beato’s game otherwise. The second would be Bernkastel, who Rika (I see no reason why she would lie) mentions in Rei ‘exists’. Whether she is really that person or not is in doubt but the idea that someone by that name does exist makes me think that there are supernatural elements in Umineko. Of course, this is going back to Higurashi where there were super natural elements yet the culprit for the killings were always humans. There are other small things but yeah. In conclusion, magic can exist but just not in what Battler is trying to prove or deny.

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