SACRED BOOBSMITH – It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better (Trying Out my Meta Powers)


If you happen to like this show too much

Here we are again.


| STOP |

Why Luke? WHY? You should’ve asked this question from episode one when we thought that this show might be going somewhere. I’m glad that you’ve finally gone around and ponder why you keep helping Cecily at no cost though. While we still don’t know what your true goal is and what you plan to do. Meanwhile, you’re strolling the city looking for junk instead of doing whatever you’re supposed to do in this show. Btw, you’ve already forgotten the promise she made to you back in episode 5 about the slave thing. I just thought I should bring that up for a real twist. What’s wrong with your other eye?


I grow tired of hearing Cecily’s name and last name on every single episode. As if wasn’t enough to hear it from her, Luke also enjoys calling a person by his/her full name. You are not Setsuna. F. Seie, man.

Wait, that’s not her face

Apparently this is the show’s main attraction. Is there anyone who doesn’t think that Blacksmith has a strong fixation for Cecily’s upper body? You’d normally look a person a person’s face but this isn’t the case for BS.


Cecily Punch strikes again.

You don’t even look that good on it, Cecily. It’s still a major step up taking off that stupid armor though.


| STOP |

Luke is almost as serious as Ushiromiya Ange only he isn’t as cool. I liked how Luke’s spits out the rest of his remaining coolness when he’s punched in the face by Cecily for looking at her in a non-indecent way. Sadly, at this point I had the major and terrible realization that the main character of this show isn’t Luke but Cecily.


that’s what I’ve been saying

Everyone in Boobsmith consider this a fact. Regardless how seemingly cool Cecily was last episode she is back to square one. She can’t do anything and she is so spoiled. The only reason she’s still alive is because she’s got a overpowered demon sword. For some reason the people in charge let her have it. But let’s not gang up on poor Cecily and on this show. But at least she is smart. There isn’t anyone who can deny THAT.


| STOP |

I enjoyed how surprised Cecily is to hear this  and also how we don’t hear an objection from her. Did such thought cross her mind before? Still, Cecily hearing this from someone opens up new possibilities and TWISTS for Sacred BS. You heard that right. What are she going to say next?

a)    Fully explain why Cecily is so slow. Maybe it’s a gene passed down from tree of generic anime characters.
b)    Give constructive criticism on her behavior and how she can improve.
c)    Boob joke. Make fun of her body.  Give her the idea that being well endowed in anime is a crime.


Let’s hear her answer. No way they’re going for C. NO WAY.


Oh, so close

Notice the hostility in the pool towards Cecily’s gifted body. The piercing stares that they give her are full with pure jealousy. The looks on Cecily’s face that says is your problem and also where’s the plot in this show. It’s not Cecily’s fault that they’re underdeveloped so don’t’ be haters.  Moments, later Cecily is also surprised that Yuri isn’t something she signed up for. What the heck is an old guy in the same place? Open bath?


We’re up to episode 7/12 and you’re saying we’ll know in time?

I enjoyed how they fully explained why she is being kept in prison why the rest of the Demon Swords aren’t. I also enjoyed how she informs the viewers of the excitement twists that are left to come in Boobsmith. The only problem is that she doesn’t do either.

Would Boobsmith get any better if I ask kindly?

I’m sure this isn’t the last time


Last chance for a real Twist before the episode ends







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  1. Dammit, this cracked me up. Good job!

    Wish there was more of the maid, but she might take care of every baddie barehanded.

    • The maid is better fit to be a knight than Cecily. You could say that the only reason why they don’t have her in the front is because the good guys would win by default. Maids win. These demons swords are overrated.

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