Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 20 – The Birth of Shotaro. Mariage Sorcière is VIP Only

Pinky promiseLOLBattler

Sakutaro cheering up MariaRosa feels terrible

Lol Battler. He already knows the game up and down

The episode starts from the part where Rosa has brought back Maria into the mansion after the rose/candy incident. Rosa feels terrible for leaving Maria outside and makes a pinky promise with Maria that she won’t ever stay outside in rain like that again.  ~Uu Maria promises ~uu. Back to Meta World.

Battler and Beato (she’s Beatrice again, right?) are ready to start the game but Ange suddenly feels indispose and leaves the room because she feels ‘bored’. Battler isn’t pleased at all to hear this and tells her that the game is about to start and that she should stay. Ange doesn’t want to hear anything and leaves the room. What’s up with her? Ange is upset to see what Maria went through on that day and doesn’t want to see anymore of it. Ange asks Maria how can she be positive about it?

They remember what happened a few days after Maria’s birthday. As we know Rosa was out and didn’t come back that time. But this time Rosa call Maria one the phone again and tells her that she will be coming late for two more days. Maria is heartbroken that they won’t be able to go to the movies on Sunday. Too make matter worse it appears that Rosa had even forgotten about it. Oh man, those orders are really starting to pick up! Maria sits on the couch and she’s sad to know that she will be alone again. Sakutaro comes to cheer Maria up telling her that they will have a sugoi pajama party with friends and they will party so hard that they will put any MTV’s crappy sweet 16 and whatever quinceañera to shame. Once again the power of imagination saves another child from certain dementia.

When she returns, Rosa finds her daughter in unusual high spirits. A letter slips from Rosa’s pocket and Maria picks it up. Oh, here it comes. The contents are a ticket to a hot spring (!!!). Rosa makes a yangire motherly face, that we’re used to by now, and unintentionally frightens her daughter again. Maria apologizes for reading its content even though she isn’t sure what it is either (or maybe she did). Rosa realizes that she doesn’t have the right to be angry at Maria.  She cannot take the guilt and gets on her knees and asks her daughter to forgive her for being selfish.  *Sigh* You’re only making it worse, Rosa.. guilt issues are going to haunt Maria for all her adulthood if you keep this up. Gomen nasai Gomen nasai Gomen nasai Gomen nasai

Maria is a witchVirgilia is back

Ange is not happy at all that Maria is defending her mother when it’s obvious that she opted for leaving Maria and go some someplace to have fun and ditched. Maria pities Ange for being such a negative person for only focusing on the bad parts (whoa!) I get where she is coming from but in this case, based on what we’ve seen, Ange wasn’t wrong.

Beato shows up in this place too. She shows Ange a happy memory that she and Maria had on a certain day not much after they both met. Beato and Maria were having a tea party of their own. Beato is amazed that Maria has giving her stuffed animal a soul and Beato is even more surprised at Maria’s power for giving creating life from even zero. She acknowledges that one day she might be stronger than even her. Hmm, Beato isn’t so crazy after all.

Mariage sorciereOk, I'm now confused

Virgilia shows up at the party (laughing) and both of Beato and her sign a contract that allows Sakutaro to be accepted as a friend to the witches and also to be given a body. Sakutaro digivolves into shota Sakutaro for short SHOTARO. Maria is crowned as a magician apprentice. Beato calls Maria the “Witch of Origins”.  Go Dark Magician girl. Attack with Uu attack!

What is thisSakutaro defending Ange

Maria tells Ange that she also knows how to use magic. Maria tells Ange to try to call the Seven Sisters of Purgatory, Ange has a lot of trouble doing it but she is finally able to. The Harem of Purgatory see Sakutaro and rushes over to him and hug him. What is this I don’t even! Maria knows that doing this was too much for Ange so she makes her keep one of the stakes—Mammon. She isn’t pleased to see that Ange’s magic is so weak that she can hardly summon (and keep) one of the stakes. Sakutaro defends Ange because he wants all the chicks to himself. Well played, playa. And we go back to the time when Ange was still at school. Huh, again? This is confusing.

She's rightYES WE CAN

Ange recalls that it was so difficult for even call them before that she failed a lot of times. Luckily for her, she was able to at least summon one of them to keep her company. Mamonn stays in a ghost-like form that only Ange can see. Now, Ange is able to at least have someone to talk to now. We learn that the story behind the two spheres on Ange’s head, we know that were given to her as a present from Battler when she was little. Also, that they hold great magic power. Wait, how come that Ange just ‘forgot’ she was part of Mariage sorciere? You don’t forget that. I get the feeling either someone is messing with her memories or that the anime itself isn’t being clear enough.

Creepy dudeMaria's handwriting

Ange recalls the time where she met with an occult fanatic about the Rokkenjima incident. He tells her that the two message bottles which message described what happened on that day. He tells Ange that they were written by the same person (Maria) but the contents are completely different.  Ange shows the guy a diary and after seeing his expression she corroborates her theory that the handwriting are really the same. She pays the guy, leaves the place and meet with her bodyguard. Ange tells him that they will keep running until she finds some answers.

Lamby shows upSomeone got trolled


Time breezes and when Ange is having a conversation with Mammon and a certain yandere shows up. Geez, where’s no privacy in that place! She tells her that Bernkastel tricked her by telling her she will be rewarded for saving her family. Lamby explains even if she is successful her family will go back to 1986 and not to her future that is 12 years. Lambdadelta offers Ange a similar deal—to make this game a tie forever and ever so she can be with his brother for all eternity.  –End of episode 20-

Next Episode

Turning the Chessboard over

Confusing episode was confusing

Impressions: Ah, the week is finally over! I can relax and make time for more posts and whatever. Still I’m tired as hell since I’ve only gotten five hours of sleep so whatever I do will have to wait for tomorrow.

If the purpose of this episode was to make me feel like crap, it accomplished it. For the looks of it, this arc is going to be very Maria/Rosa and Anger, I mean Ange oriented which means that lot of hate on Rosa from the fanbase in this arc. In any case, let’s keep in mind that this is before the Rokkenjima incident. We’ll see how things play out for them after the game starts.

So much Ange and so many flashbacks. It’s really confusing to know what’s happening. I feel I’m understanding Ange better in each episode after watching the anime and playing the game, but man, do I want to get the game going already. I didn’t take it very kindly that she pretty much put the game on hold. I waited a whole week for this you know! Grr.

Maria was behaving unusually mature in this episode almost that it made me question if she was the real Maria. Plus, she is too friendly with Beatrice.

Theories / Thoughts:

  • Mariage sorciere. According to wiki: “It is revealed in Alliance of the golden witch that she is affiliated with the Mariage Sorcière, an alliance of witches she and Beatrice are exclusive members of. ” Very Important Witches only. In other words, it’s Beato’s fanclub. Beato must have liked Maria a lot to let her join. What other benefits and ‘duties’ are the members subjected to?
  • Finally some Virgilia! Based on Maria’s memory Virgilia and Beato were never in bad terms so this teacher / student feud was a trick after all. I loved Virgilia’s laugh. It’s the first time that I’ve heard her laugh too. It sounded both fitting and evil but not too evil. It was just right :p
  • They should’ve kept Sakutaro in its stuffed animal form. Seeing him seems out of place for some reason. I know it sounds crazy.. after all we get butlers, demons, bunny girls and goats all over the place. But I drawing the line at Shotaro. I heard that he can’t be targeted by the Alliance. Is that true?
  • I don’t like this back and forth. From future to present they’re doing in this arc because I’m bound to get things wrong because of it. For example, Ange remembering that she underwent training to summon the seven sisters of purgatory. It looked to me like she ‘forgot’ how to do it then they go back to the when she did.. then back again.  They don’t explain why she was kicked from Mariage sorciere in the first place.
  • As we saw Maria is on Beato’s side since she’s part of the alliance thus she is not neutral. Does that mean she is really not on Battler’s side? Would that make her Battler’s enemy?
  • This… I’ll call her ‘future Maria’ I don’t know what to call her exactly. Is she same Maria of 1986? Are they totally unrelated? Is this like Meta Battler and game board Battler? As you can see, I am too confused.
  • Irregardless they are the same or not, this episode proved that Maria is indeed on Beatrice’s side so she must know exactly what is going on. As we can see she isn’t what you’d call normal person. Does she think that what Beatrice is doing is fine? If given the opportunity would she help the others fight against Beato like in the Second Arc or not? Does she not care that her mother and herself are dying over and over again? Does the Golden Land mean that much to her?
  • I’m puzzled about this.. Mammom from the ‘future’ actually remembers Ange. How is this possible? She shouldn’t be able to since  this Mammon is from the past and the future one should be a different one. Are we assuming that furniture and witches are able to remember what happen in both times? Is there something I’m missing here?
  • The two bottles with different contents that were written by Maria sure are suspicious.  The fact that both bottles left the island indicates that they are too realities. When did Maria get the chance to  do this and why would she do it if she is in Beato’s side? And what’s more why would Beato allow this?  Also notice that there isn’t a ‘third bottle’ for the last arc since Maria didn’t make it to the last twilight. Or are we get an additional bottle in the future from an ‘X’ person? From one of the last survivors maybe?
  • Ange seems like a smart gal. Of course, it was a given that that she wouldn’t get to be with her family. I can’t believe that Ange didn’t realize this before. Was she expecting that everyone would just give up 12 years of their lives? Not to mention, that it would mess up with the total order of things (and the world). Hey, man. Where have you been? You know.. stuck in some time loop. Okay!
  • Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Bernkastel lied to her. Ange will get her family back. I don’t think she ever said that ‘this’ Ange will get hers. If she wants answer she must talk to Bernkastel asap.
  • Witches shouldn’t be trusted. Lambdadelta, of all people, should not be trusted. Choosing to stay with her bother forever inside Beato’s game is the worst decision she can possibly make. Don’t do it, Ange!
  • Lastly, the game didn’t progress a thing. We still don’t know whether Kinzo is dead or not! So back to the same theories that I made last week. What is Kinzo up to?

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9 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 20 – The Birth of Shotaro. Mariage Sorcière is VIP Only

  1. Maria did NOT write those letters. The handwriting from the bottle letters was the same as Beatrice’s handwriting (or whoever signed as “Beatrice” on Maria’s diary), not Maria’s. They just wanted to make it seem as if Maria had been the author of these letters by writing her name at the end.

    • o O huh? I actually thought it was Maria’s. Thanks for the heads up.

      So it comes down to why ‘Beatrice’ would do such a thing if her intentions are to keep this incident a secret from the outside world. Even if it wasn’t Beato who signed it the identity of this person and his of her reasons are a mystery. The only thing that is sure is that that person who signed it was on Rokkenjima because he/she knows exactly what happened on that day.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Ange should’ve figured out that her family wasn’t going to come back to her in 1998. It makes no logical sense. She even mentions that she’s not in her time when she talks with Bernkaster in the previous episode. That’s a bad deal sub-prime Lambda!

    • I’d like Lamby to go Deal or no Deal on Ange. Final offer! Take it or leave it.

      No way that Ange can even consider taking that deal. Accepting it would not only be betraying Battler but also her family. I think that all that seriousness that Ange has going on has clouded her judgment. Is she really fitted to coach Battler? :\

  3. About Ange forgetting about belonging to the Mariage Sorciere — I don’t know if “forgetting” would be the best way to describe it, maybe more like “not thinking about it for awhile” — as for why I think you’ll find out soon.

    One thing to note is that when Maria instructs Ange to summon the stakes, she’s actually in her school uniform — this is actually a flashback, the follow up to Maria’s line before the commercial break. Of course, DEEN’s stupid use of the “black room” makes it difficult to see the difference. In the VN they were actually floating high up in the clouds, and it was very beautiful.

    • Oh, Studio DEEN you.

      Thanks for clarifying that. I knew what was happening but I had a hard time telling what was the past and what was the present on those parts. God, a dark room. Really? I’m looking forward to seeing this scene over the weekend now more than ever.

  4. I wouldn’t say that Ange didn’t think about the possible paradox for 1986… she seems like a pretty bright kid. However, if some magical being appeared in front of you, wouldn’t you also believe that they might have magic to produce a Miracle that overcomes the paradox?

  5. “Ange recalls the time where she met with an occult fanatic about the Rokkenjima incident.”

    Let me clarify the timeline for you, since it was confusing in the VN and is downright mind-boggling in the anime:

    What we see is the Ange of the world of the third game, this much should be clear. After Eva’s death, Ange tried to commit suicide and met Bernkastel, who recruited her to fight against Beatrice, as witnessed in Episode 18.

    All of Ange’s talks with Maria, her school life, meeting Sakutaro and summoning the seven sisters took place BEFORE that moment. Basically, since reading Maria’s diary, she has been training to become a witch, but due to a certain incident she mentioned briefly in this episode, she stopped. After that, she didn’t have any contact with “magic” until she met Bernkastel.

    At this point, her Meta-self barged into Beato’s little party at the end of the third game, and is nor participating in the fourth round at Battler’s side. However, in the real world of 1998, she continued to exist and is now the sole heir of the Ushiromiya family, pursued by her aunt from the Sumadera family (Kyrie’s little sister)a and trying to find out what really happened on Rokkenjima in 1986. So, everything happening after her meeting with Bernkastel happens PARALLEL to her existence in the MEta world of the fourth game. Her journey in which she is accompanyed by Amakusa is not a flash back, but is currently happening in 1998, while she fights against Beato in 1986. Meeting the Witch Hunter wasn’t something she remembered, but something she experienced currently. Also, note that she hasn’t summoned any of the Seven Sisters or spoken to Maria or Sakutaro since her meeting with Bernkastel – Her talk with Mammon took place in the Meta World of 1986. Also, all flashbacks to Maria’s life before 1986 have already happened, and are told through her diary.

    • Thanks! The episode (and possibly this arc) makes a lot of sense now. That should make the game more enjoyable now that we got this sorted out.

      For the looks of it, it seems that they’re going to be doing this for most of this arc so I hope that Studio DEEN somehow makes things clearer for those who don’t play the games.

      Still, this is parallel universe are getting a bit out of hand but it makes sense that there is another copy of Ange still in her future.

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