Sacred Blacksmith: Cecile Campbell Should Get Beat Up More Often

Hey Get in Line. And no PushingCecily is done for


First episode that I can say I really enjoyed.  I thought this is what this show needs, It doesn’t need fillers about lolis going around town or crappy fights that end with only one shot and much less weak character development.  It needs more ass kicking, hopefully Cecily getting hers kicked and definitely more battles like these where at least they manage to fool me into thinking that one of the good guys might die for real. At some point I fooled myself into thinking that this a much weaker version of Claymore. It made me think that the 5, now 6 episodes that I’ve watched of Sacred Blacksmith wasn’t in vain.

Cecily punching one of them in the stomachSomehow it ended up like this 

what happened?

Unfortunately, midway it goes back to being what it was before, in other words  something less awesome of what I was actually watching. As usual Cecily is saved by Luke and the three brutal assassins are actually some loli princess’s babysitters. Disappointing how some possible  ‘bad guys’ are turned into normal characters which I’m sure will be for comedic valuable than anything. Too bad, they were cool for the first half of the episode at least.

Although some mandatory bashing is necessary because CECILE CAMPBELL (someone likes her own name too much) won’t stop being a noob for keep relying on others, having weak fighting skills plus having a retarded armor, I was actually surprised that she managed herself for a couple of good minutes. She might won the fight it wasn’t three against one. In the end, it was too much for her but she did OK all things considered. She ain’t no Claire or Gattsu so there was no way she could’ve won anyway. But hey, at least there weren’t any jokes relating to her breasts for once.


5 thoughts on “Sacred Blacksmith: Cecile Campbell Should Get Beat Up More Often

  1. The first half wasn’t bad, but the second half of the episode ruined it for me – the three people who are trying to end your life one minute are now eating dinner with you and staying at your house and everyone thinks this is fine? Mixing drama and comedy is hard, but this series is looking like a case study of how to fail at it so far…

    • I get the feeling that the creators thought that ‘Hey, if Cecily has a devil sword then everyone should get one too’ for some reason.

      I have to give it to Scared Blacksmith for making Cecily was a bit more likeable in this episode though. Too bad they had to use Luke to save her skin once again, I was expecting a twist :\ They ruined the other half of the episode by turning the bad guys from neutral to good guys. They had something there for a moment but took the standard route instead. I’m already 6 episodes into it so might as well keep watching.

  2. Maybe Cecily’s training is paying off a bit, since it was clear she could have beaten them individually. It was only when they teamed up three against her that she needed to be rescued by Luke again.

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