Bakemonogatari – 13 – Tsubasa Cat 3 : The Return of Senjougahara


How can I not?

Wait, they don’t show what exactly happened after last episode.  Grrr. Araragi has a wide smile from cheek to cheek that for some reason annoys the heck out of me.  Interesting to mention that Araragi only has a big grin on his face but makes a this huge smile when he sees the loli snail. Yeah, apparently that’s how search engines want me to refer to her after all, I think of the readers.

Araragi spots his preyAraragi in denial

Unfortunately for Mayoi there are no ghost police to save her. Araragi sneaks up to Mayoi and assaults plays a prank on her again. All those flashbacks, whatever they didn’t show, worked him up too much.  The loli snail freaks out and bites his hand again. Did she forget that the number of people who can see her is limited? Just write off all the non-pedos from the list and the equation shouldn’t be that hard. Also Mayoi has moved from stuttering to biting her tongue and calls Araragi Muraragi. I see what you did there.


Despite? I’ll go grab my dictionary. I think there’s been an error.

Mayoi asking Araragi about his love life and questions him about his decision for choosing Senjougahara instead of Hanekawa. Hmm, Tsubasa before Hitagi? That’s one of those question that I’d know  what the outcome is but probably chose not to answer.

What’s with liking Senjougahara despite her personality? No way, man. Senjougahara’s biggest selling point is her personality. I doubt Araragi’s judgment if he is calling it a flaw. Hey, what’s with the blushing? That’s as almost as irking as some scenes in the latest Umineko episode. Ok, don’t answer that, Araragi. I liked that part where Mayoi meant to say “different strokes for different folks.” I’m not sure if I’d take that as a compliment or not. Good grief that ahoge is out of control.

In addition, Araragi tells Mayoi that even if he was interested in Tsubasa she would probably turn him down anyway. Where’d he get that idea? Hanekawa sends Araragi a message that she needs to talk to him. He is intercepted by Hitagi bumps into Senjougahara on his way out.

Even the ahogeSenjougahara's seiyuu is amazing

Senjougahara with dark hair

OMG, Senjougahara must one of those few people on earth with the power of making an ahoge turn bright red. I’m not entirely sure how ahoge are connected to the human body, its role , whether it works as a radar or not but whatever they are she can make them them turn red.

Senjougahara’s eyes met Araragi when she asks him where he is going. Of course, as a concerned girlfriend, Senjougahara is curious of where his slave boyfriend is going. She is displeased (though doesn’t show it) after Araragi says that has some humanitarian work he has to do. We all know that it has to do with helping out and getting into more trouble with more oddities. Anyone can read him like a book.

Senjougahara takes pity on him and tells him to go and don’t worry about school because she plans on answering roll call for him. Normally, it would impossible for her to do such thing since her feminine voice won’t allow it but Senjougahara informs Araragi that her seiyuu is so great that she’ll be able to pull it off. I wouldn’t be surprised that Senjougahara would previously recorded her boyfriend’s voice before. That’s, like, yandere 101.


Senjougahara says what she wants Araragi to say to her in Araragi’s voice (or not), Araragi chickens out.  That was a save by Senjougahara. If anything I thought she was going to take Araragi’s reaction the wrong way but she doesn’t. Senjougahara excels in finding  errors contradictions, and whatever in the most simple and complex statements. Too bad, she isn’t on Battler’s side otherwise he would’ve won the game already.

We see that Araragi is still a bit shy about his feeling. Holding back now is the least of thing he should do. He practically has it made. I’d think that it would be appropriate in the beginning of their relationship but right now he should go on offensive. I thought he was past that! He partly saves himself by saying that he will do it, before riding away.

D'sJust cause

I have a general idea

Tsubasa is sitting on a park with her pajamas and an orange cap on.  I thought it was Haneko Snake when I saw her. Her attire gives the idea that she never went to go her house or that she left early and very suddenly. Anyway, Araragi never questioned her on that. So, Araragi skips school to meet her and have a chat about what’s up. Araragi also stares at her asks her what’s up with the cap. After trying to make her take the t-shirt off he asks her to take the hat off and now for real, even if means that Tsubasa will hate him for it.  It’s been thrown around a few times that Araragi owes Tsubasa a great debt from saving him when he was a vampire. I’m not entirely sure what it was but Tsubasa in some way saved Araragi. To him, keeping his promise to do what’s best for Tsubasa is what matter the most, even more than their friendship.

Surprisingly, Tsubasa also indulges in short nonsensical ramblings about cat related shows that could be related to the issue  when Araragi asks her if she has any idea what triggered what’s happening to her.

Tsubasa begs Araragi to not laugh at her before she takes the hat off. She takes it off and shows that she has two big cat ears. Araragi can’t resist. He’s grinning. I don’t see what’s funny about it. I wonder what would my reaction be to see a person with real cats ears. It’s cute in anime but would be freaky IRL. I’m agreeing with the statement that some things are better left 2D this time.

Code Bakemonogatari : Araragi of the HaremNo one cares about Araragi anyway

Araragi is cheating! It’s actually funny that such evident thing slipped passed me this whole time. Charm and seduction are one of the most common vampire abilities. What sort of additional attributes did Araragi get besides regeneration? There’s our answer. It hasn’t been accepted as a fact but his outstanding success with his harem so far would make a lot more sense now. I bet that Ki-kun from Seito no Ichizon would give his soul for this ability. Araragi and Hanekawa go to Meme’s place.

Oshino might be a hobo but he is quite busy. He’s in the middle of a ritual when Araragi and company drop by but he isn’t that glad to see them. He is even less happy to see  Araragi again so soon. It goes without saying that Oshino already knows what they’re here for.  I liked Oshino’s reaction in this scene Araragi has been here so many times in the past he is pretty much tired of him. He tells him that he can’t take three meters without getting into trouble more or less. To tell the truth, he isn’t that far off. It’s almost a challenge for Araragi to get to the other side of a block or go to a  convenience store and expect him to come back oddity free.

Hanekawa is unconsciousCat oddity appears

Oshino is quite perceptible. He totally knows the situation. I got a kick out of Araragi denying everything that Meme said because that’s exactly what happened. Araragi is a likeable character but sometimes he pushes things a bit far by acting overly defensive  even when he’s wrong. I’m not sure how the original novel  makes Araragi’s character to be but I’m curious how they portray him compared to the anime. I get the idea that the anime makes him a tad too quirky sometimes. Oshino accelerates the process and by putting Hanekawa to sleep and letting the cat oddity that resides inside of Tsubasa awaken.

– End of Episode 13 –



Well well well, it’s been more than a moth since the last time we got some Bakemonogatari and some Stapler-chan. It certainly felt longer than that. Am I glad this show is back! Even if it’s for a few weeks I ‘ll enjoy the remaining the episodes of this great show.  Episode 12 could be considered the ‘end’ for this show. It might be in some way. I don’t think they can top it off. The last episode was, like, godly. The perfect ending for this show.

Interesting episode. Lately, I’ve only been focusing on Umineko because 1) that show is so damn entertaining and 2) because Bakemonogatari was on standby. Now that it’s back I can finish blogging it.

It was surprising seeing Hanekawa getting in on the dialogues too. She was always considered a serious character so seeing her acting so random was refreshing.  There was also some Senjougahara in this episode. As always we ask and she delivers. Her brief appearance in this episode to remind us that she is still here.  We’ll be able to get some more Bakemonogatari for a while longer. Let’s enjoy whatever is left.