Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – 19 – Moetrice Far From Dead. Introducing the Blue

Mou!Battler is still a bit upset

Stop making Moe faces!

The episode starts with Ange meeting Battler and seeing her family before they go to Rokkenjima. Bernaskel, disguised as a cat, let her see her family one last time. I’m sure many have the same question. Is that tail real?

Beato is ready to start the game but she is worried that her opponent isn’t to be seen. Ronove makes quick fun of Beato and tells her that in reality Battler is so depressed that he doesn’t want anything to do with anything. Battler appears chasing after one of the Seven Stakes who took a croissant that Ronove made. He isn’t depressed at all! Moetrice is furious that Ronove made fun of her. The last person who commented was right about this one, Moetrice is far from dead.

She is not really a girl!?Ange is on Battlers' side

Ange is here to stay

Battler is still mad that Beato played him but he’s already over it more or less. He’s got this hate the game not the player philosophy. Still, he warns Beato to not pull the same trick again. Once a troll always a…

Actually, Beato allows Bernkastels’s pawn to join in their twisted objection orgy. Ange presents herself as Battler’s ally. Sly as she is, Beato reminds Battler that this person might be on her side and she’s here only to trick Battler again. As expected Battler isn’t going to trust someone again so easily in this game again. Ange lets Battler know that at least she is not on the Witch’s side. Ange chooses a new name for herself to not add confusion to her brother. She is going by the name of Gretel. I’ll just call her Ange.

You know, being dead and allI don't approve of these uniforms

Ange is sent to a Yuri anime

We go back x years into the future and see how badly Eva treated Ange after they’re parents were gone. She took out her anger on and did whatever possible to isolate Ange and made her life a living hell.  If anything it’s Eva’s fault that her own son died not Ange.

For the looks of it Ange was sent to a all girls school where she is bullied by her annoying classmates. So she can’t relax in or outside home.  It seems that in anime you either fight for the world, have a school romance comedy/harem or get bullied at school and sometimes you become a trap.

Happy Birthday for MariaOh man, is Kon is here too?

Celebrating your birthday at McDonal’s. I’m  envious already

It’s Maria’s birthday and they’re celebrating it the two of them.  No friends (because Maria has none), no balloons, no clowns (thanks god), no magic show. The goods news is that Rosa had made a stuffed animal named Sakutaro for her only daughter.  I see that Rosa let Maria wear those clothes after all for her birthday. Happy Birthday for Maria.

That's totally understandable. Riiiiiiight?I had a stuffed animal like Maria's. Funny, I don't recall the part where it talked though

Rosa is a hard working mom

Every kid’s dream. Rosa calls her daughter to check up on her. She tells her that she isn’t coming home soon because she’s busy. She tells Maria to grab a bentou from a nearby convenience store in case she’s hungry. Rosa doesn’t want Maria going outside with her new stuffed animal possibly because she doesn’t want others to see that Maria is still a very childish kid. The scene turns awkward when it becomes obvious that work isn’t the reason why Rosa is leaving Maria alone.  Sakutaro, the stuffed animal, speaks to Maria. Oh, this can’t be good.

Ange holds Maria in her memoryRosa playing the Hanyuu role in this arc

Ange can’t relax in or outside home. She has at least found some peace by reading Maria’s book/journal. Either her strong desire to see a friend make Maria appeared or something is wrong with her head. According to Maria it was Ange’s power that revived her memory. Maria teaches Ange that magic is a wonderful thing.

So that's alibi, huhHahahahahahahaha. Sorry, I can't stop laughing.


We go back to Ange and some big building. This guy doesn’t believe that Eva couldn’t have done it because she isn’t that type of person. Of course, Ange doesn’t buy it. I doubt any Ushiromiya would. We also learn that Eva was 2k away from the scene in a stormy night. Say what? He tells Ange his theory of why Eva wasn’t present on that day was because Kinzo already gave Eva his inheritance, which is unreal if you think about it. Kinzo only would’ve permitted it if Eva solved the epitaph. Kinzo never showed any intention of doing it so why would he? She’s the culprit.  She admitted it. Open up your eyes.

Best Ange shot in this episode*Jackpot!

Ange sure likes to jump off high places

Someone from a different family want him to hand Ange over to them. Okonogi gives the time Ange to run for it before the guards go after them. Ange runs like there’s no tomorrow and even jumps from the second floor landing on a car. What is she made of? A guy named Amakusa saves her when Ange is finally caught. The person, looks like Kyrie’s mom,  who was coming to pick up Ange isn’t pleased to learn that Ange got away.

This new guy was employed to be Ange’s bodyguard. He owes the company president plenty of favors so he couldn’t say no to this mission. He plans to take Ange to whatever place she likes.

Because Kinzo is such a great fatherthat Natsuhi dyes her hair

Kyrie as always is the one with the ideas. It would be just shocking if she was behind everything

– Game start –

In Rokkenjima the brothers have once again come up with a plan to put pressure on Krauss. This time they suspect that Kinzo has been dead since a long time and that’s why Krauss won’t let them see him. Totally outrageous, right? Nah, it actually makes sense since the people who ever speak to him in person are limited. Kyrie makes a list of that must be kept so they won’t ask to see Kinzo.

Similarly, in case that Kinzo dies of any unnatural cause it would be the fault of Krauss and he will lose the headship. One in that long list is Kinzo gone missing. Will Kinzo go ‘missing’ this time too?

We wish, man.then how am I supposed to have fun now?

Oniichan control

As we can see in this new game it’s heavily implied that Kinzo might not be alive so it would be only 17 people instead of 18.  At least in this game, he starts his arguments by making Beato repeat that Kinzo is in the 18 people group. To his surprise (not the viewer I’m sure) Beatrice refuses just because she’s tired of doing that job. Ange criticizes his brother for allowing such things to occur.

Battler still has no idea who this person is? Ange looks exactly the same she when she was 6 years old only older. She even has the same haircut. I’m expecting Battler to at least make mention  to Gretel that she resembles her little sister at some point.

"No problem, onii-chan."umi19-23

Huh? I thought that was the way it always was

Ange doesn’t like Beato’s game at all and she calls it a waste of time. Beato gets slightly yet noticeably upset and introduces a new addition to the game-the Blue. I wonder if she did that because of Ange in great part, I kinda got the feeling.

Beato explains that Blue would only work when the person uses to make a theory that denies witches and magic. Battler is confused. Beato’s example : “there was actually more than five master keys. The culprit was able to enter or leave closed rooms using one of the extra keys!”

Ange has to explain it to his brother this new addition that he must approach the problems from different angles. Didn’t Virgilia say something similar before? Basically, it’s trying and trying until you get at least one right. That was what he’s been always doing this whole time, right?

Battler is all ready to go and gives the blue a try. Battler’s claim :  “Kinzo is already dead. Therefore the number of people on this island is 17. If we add an unknown person X in there, it becomes 18. If we suppose this person exists, the crimes will still be possible even if all 17 have alibis.”

Beato goes BRAVO

We'll see who is right next episode.Kinzo is so freaking strong!

Kinzo’s real identity must be Hulk Hogan. Watcha gonna do Krauss when Kinzo leaves his study room?

Although neither Krauss nor Natsuhi liked this unfair accusation, Krauss agrees to at least go talk to his father and try to convince to come out of his study.  He’s so going to get it this time. I’m amazed that he even let him inside.

Kinzo is angry at him oldest son for being so useless and goes ALL HAIL BRITANNIA on us. He takes Krauss by the neck and throw him a couple of meters away with only one hand. Holy… Kinzo wants to solve this issue himself and he’s going to come out. That, I did not see coming.


– Turning the Chessboard over –

Impressions : After last epic episode, this was very mild. The story has changed once again with a possible twist that Kinzo might be a key and influential character in this arc or not. The episode spent a fair amount of time retelling Ange’s past.  New characters were introduced once again. We also got see a bit of the lives of Ushiromiya members of before the family conference.

Theories and Thoughts :This is the start of the game so there aren’t that many theories actually to work with.  I’ll fill this section with questions and additional thoughts. I’ll start with my first theory.

Kyrie is extremely sure that Kinzo is already dead and that’s why Krauss won’t let them see him, huh. There are three ways how that this might turn out.
1)    Kinzo will not come out of his study after all. He will agree to do it but after Krauss and Natsuhi leave, Kinzo will be gone for good. They will keep waiting for him but no matter how much they wait Kinzo will not show up. They will then find him dead much later after Beato’s ceremony starts.
2)    The second theory is that he will show up and settle the inheritance and headship issue. He will then go back to his study and the game will proceed the same way.
3)    And less likely. Kinzo will actually stay and play an important role in this arc.

Additionally, let’s not forget that the servants and Dr. Nanjo are the ones who can prove Krauss’ innocence at any time. They just have to ask them when was the last time they saw Kinzo.

  • Where’s mai Virgilia? She has not shown her face so far. I wanted to see Battler’s reaction to her betrayal and of course, Virgilia’s response. Is she going to take Kumasawa’s role again?
  • So Ange is going to be filling the coach/teacher/ role that Beato’s teacher did this arc.  Siblings working together huh. The other Ushiromiya members should learn from them.
  • I had no idea how this Ange deal was going to work out. When I heard she was six I was, like, that doesn’t make any sense. How is she… then We know what Bernaskel grabbed her from 12 into the future and everything made sense at least in the anime world.
  • So much Ange this episode. I wonder how much this new character is going to grow on me. I’m sure not saying that I don’t dislike her but her personality might get to me. Right now, she’s too serious to like, well at least she has a reason to be angry after Eva put her through.  Anyway, those are my ‘impressions’ of Ange. They might change after a few episodes. I’d appreciate if they tone down the flashbacks and focus on the game though.
  • I don’t know much about the other new characters that were introduced in this episode. Hopefully, the game will explain to me more who they are and what exactly they do. I’d google them for more info but it isn’t safe to even check other pages because there are so many damn spoilers everywhere.  Well, for now they aren’t that important to the Beato’s game since they are in the 12 from now universe thus have nothing to do with it.
  • I’m guessing that this is in great part Ange’s arc and possibly Maria’s and we’ll get lots of flashbacks. Well, actually those things happen in the future so technically they aren’t flashbacks. I hate it when they mess with timelines, don’t you?
  • No signs of chairs, tables, sofas, whatever Bob’s discount Furniture  store so far. Where are they hiding? What about Dr. Nanjo? Some of them have to be present in this arc otherwise it’s going to be pretty screwed up.
  • Omg, what’s with Kinzo’s gorilla strength? I was, like, oh you gotta be kidding me, man. Krauss must weight a ton. How can Kinzo lift him like he weighed next to nothing? Magic?
  • Rosa is still the best mom ever. I’ve felt that we’re going back instead of forward at times with her. It’s like bad therapy.
  • Flux, more Kobato references for me to make in the future. A talking stuffed animal has made its appearance in Umineko. Why don’t they rename that show ‘When she heals’?
  • I still hate Eva. I don’t dislike Eva Beatrice per see but I dislike Eva’s character in general. Even more after the last arc so seeing her again makes me think she’s going to be involved in the murders too.  I know she won’t be because Ryukishi07 wouldn’t use the same culprit again just to confuse us.  Oh wait..
  • Is it me or Battler is acting dumb again like in the second arc where he could hardly strike back? Some of the stuff Ange told him was good but most of them were things he should either already know (duh) or learned already from Virgilia. Maybe he just have a terrible memory.
  • What’s with Maria appearing dressed up in witch’s clothes holding a staff in the new OP?  Weird huh? Well it might come as a surprise to those anime only watchers but not for those playing the games. Just read the description for her and you will find something strange. I don’t know how it will happen if that were the case though. We’ll find out.
  • In the last arc, the ‘New Beatrice’ was the culprit so are they suggesting that Maria will be the culprit this time? Is she going to use ‘magic’ to kill everyone? Why would she do such thing in the first place?
  • Additional Bunny girl included. This one has an eyepatch.  She looks serious.
  • Finally, the biggest thing for this arc (and Umineko) is this statement: “Without love it cannot be seen.” Hmm, this might as important as the When the Seagulls cry that they keep repeating. I’m currently thinking of additional meanings that this statement may have. What exactly are they really referring to? This might as well be the key to the mystery. We just need to truly understand its meaning and implications.

Also Viva for new Header


6 thoughts on “Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – 19 – Moetrice Far From Dead. Introducing the Blue

  1. Without Love It Cannot Be Seen is indeed a very important phrase. The message it sends is this: if you do not hold love for something you can never understand it. Let’s use Beato as an example. We know she trolled us into oblivion last arc, but some did notice her hesitation to do so. To those who never want to believe in her ever again and denounce her as absolutely evil – they have no love for her.

    We can even use Eva as a better example: Ange believes Eva killed her entire family, but then Okonogi points out how tearful she was over the death of her own family. We also saw the events themselves and how Eva completely broke down over George and Hideyoshi dying then. Because Ange holds no love for Eva she has decided to denounce her immediately, because she came back alive. As far as Eva’s confession at that time goes: Eva looked like she clearly snapped at that point and with only her and Battler left her rational could have been “We are the only 2 alive, therefore the other is the killer because I am not!”

    The all girls school is actually Saint Lucia – the same girls school Shion went to in Higurashi.

    The person, looks like Kyrie’s mom, who was coming to pick up Ange isn’t pleased to learn that Ange got away.
    Close call there. She’s actually Kyrie’s younger sister. By 1998 her mother is dead.

    I actually wished Wakamoto would have voiced Kinzo just because of EP 4 itself, but Mugihito is doing a pretty good job so far.

    • Believing that the culprit is not among them but it really is somebody else and to believe in your friends and family appears to be the message of ‘Without love it cannot be seen.” way I understand. When Okonogi said that she was 2k away on that day and all of that, it made me question what really happened on that day. To be frank, I was 99.9% sure that Eva was the culprit but after seeing this new development I might not be so much. So there is some room for Eva not being the real culprit of Banquet of the Golden Witch after all, huh. One question bothers me though.. why would Eva say that she was the Golden Witch if she never accepted the title from Beato in the first place? If she wasn’t with the rest of them like Okonogi says then she shouldn’t have been able to meet Beato or kill Battler, right? I don’t know… I’m not so ready to accept her complete innocence I think she’s guilty of something. Then again I don’t have love for her so maybe that’s why I don’t see it.

      Kinzo’s voice actor has been great but this last episode was just screaming to get Wakamoto for Kinzo role.

  2. What in the world is Okonogi doing in Umineko? Did the Ushiromiyas own the Yamainu or is this just one of those random universe crossovers that doesn’t really mean anything?

    Also, I still believe in Moetrice! ;-)

    • Oh – I knew that guy reminded of someone but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. He seems like a nice guy compared to the other dude. Maybe the author just likes that character design and decided to reuse it. I don’t expect to see an army raiding Rokkenjima in the last episode and taking all the witches prisoners. That’ll be hilarious though.

      I still believe in Virgilia’s ‘innocence’ so I get we’re on the same boat.

  3. Just a theory i got:

    Who else thinks that Kyrie’s family might have been somehow involved in the Rokkenjima murders? Apparently most of the time everyone dies on the island which would actually benefit Sumadera family the most of all people – six-year-old Ange will inherit the entire wealth of Ushiromiya family and Sumaderas as her only living relatives will automatically become it’s caretakers. I guess after Eva came back alive she got top notch security around her 24/7 making her extremely difficult to kill off, but now that she’s dead they’re after Ange, who seems to have only one bodyguard.

    • Would that culprit be within the 18 people limit or an ‘X’? I’ll follow this train of thought and see what results we get. I got three possible scenarios so far.

      1) They could have sent Kyrie to eliminate or make a brilliant plan to get the rest of the Ushiromiya family killed or to carry it out herself. Assuming that she was the only that is doing the killings in some arcs A problem for the theory that she indeed the culprit would arise for the rest of the arcs where they say in red that she is dead which would automatically result in a failed mission for her.

      2) Assuming that her family is the one who sends this X person to Rokkenjima to carry out all the killings. This theory appears more more realistic since that ‘culprit’ is never revealed. This person, who we have no idea who it is, doesn’t leave anyone alive, not even Kyrie. Kyrie’s sister and her family get all the money.

      3) Last scenario, it’s a combination of the first two. Kyrie and an X person are sent to carry out this mission. The difference here is that Kyrie doesn’t know that X has additional orders, being to get rid of her too and leave no survivors :)

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