Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 17 – It’s Time To Make Things Right (also spotted a possible Clue(?))


Beato is accepted back into the room but Battler still hasn’t forgotten of the horrible things she did to his family and friends. Beato attempts to justify herself a bit Virgilia tells her that it’s best to  keep  her mouth shut. Although he sort of understands that Beatrice is doing all this to complete the ceremony he knows that whatever Beato is doing besides that is all her twisted pleasure. In addition, after hearing what an Endless Witch really is he tells Beato that she fails at that too because she doesn’t do anything to that they’re supposed to.  I know that Virgilia says that but I’m find it hard to believe that Endless magic exists for that reason.  Is that the real reason that it exist? If that’s so then wouldn’t someone higher up would have already begun proceedings to take away the title from crazy witches like Beato?


Beato still needs to think and practice her ~moe moe kyun so she asks Battler for some addition time to get it right. Battler wants Beato to get out his face soon but he still sees that there is some hope in Beato after all so he tells that he will not quit the game and he will wait for her until she becomes an opponent worthy opponent.

Gameboard Battler, George and Eva could not wait any longer and they go to the mansion to check up on Hideyoshi and the others since they were taking so long to come back. As we expected they find the bodies of the three lying on the ground with stakes stabbed in the respectively parts, chest, stomach and forehead. After all of them cry their fair share, they returned to the guesthouse. The remaining survivors: Eva, Krauss, Natsuhi, Dr. Nanjo, Jessica, George, and Battler barricade themselves in the guesthouse and make hope to make it to the next day or when the seagulls cry. Haven’t they already spammed that phrase plenty of times? I think I got the point.


Battler and the others are upstairs still mourning. Nanjo sensei is in the next room because he wanted to give them some time alone—again. George, who is in worst condition of all wants to be by himself and leaves the room with the excuse that he wants some coffee. George turns down Jessica’s request to go with him forgetting that it’s dangerous to be alone even inside the guesthouse. As soon as he steps out of the room he meets Beatrice who magically appears inside of the guesthouse and tells him that there’s a way that he can see Shannon again. George tells Beato that he’ll do anything to have Shannon back. Beato surprisingly tells George that she doesn’t need compensation at all for her trouble.  She opens a window and she transforms both of them into golden butterflies and fly to the big mansion to where Shannon’s corpse is. That windows should still be closed, right?

Eva Beatrice senses that two presences have left the guesthouse and asks Ronove and the other furniture if they felt something. Of course they all deny it, the bunnies saying that they were busy doing calculations, Ronove didn’t sense a thing and because Pride is a second hand furniture she couldn’t either. I liked Pride’s excuse the best because it was asking a lot of somebody who calls herself Pride to show that much humility. I like the fact that even though they’re supposed to be the bad guys they still have morals and respect for their former master.


Eva is having one those nightmares again where Eva Beatrice presents to her. Eva Beatrice tortures real Eva telling her that she is responsible for all the deaths. Eva can’t forgive Eva Beatrice for what she’s done tells her to get out of her sight and never appear before her again.


We notice that Krauss and Natsuhi are in a nearby table. After Eva wakes up from her nightmare  Krauss feels guilty for smoking in front of her even though he knows it annoys her.  They offer to bring her some water but Eva says she’ll go get some fresh air instead. Huh, Where I ask. Open a window or outside? Before she goes she tells Krauss and she’ll make some coffee when she comes back. Krauss and Natsuhi chat and he finally shows some guilty for treating his brothers like crap and realizes that he’s been a bad brother. It’s about time I say. Natsuhi is overjoyed seeing her husband like that.

Eva Beatrice who is still in the center of the rose garden with the rest of the furniture orders the Siesta Sisters to fire at them. Golden snakes-like projectiles go through the mansion like it’s nothing and ambush Krauss and Natsuhi. They strangle both of them to death at the same time in a matter of seconds and they carry the bodies outside. No one heard a thing.


Beato and George arrived the big mansion and begin the ritual. Because Beato no longer has the  Endless title she cannot revive people just like that so she’s forced to use George’s willpower to bring Shannon back to life.  She casts the same spell that Virgilia taught her a long time ago and voila, Shannon comes back to life.  Beato learns that even though witches have so power they still can be inferior to simple humans in some ways. George tells Shannon that it was thanks to Beatrice that she is alive again. Shannon didn’t seem that angry or afraid when she saw Beatrice again. Weird.


Eva Beatrice has already ordered the Siestas to fire at them. Beato watches as both George and Shannon get killed in front of her eyes by the Siestas. Beato unable to do anything transforms into butterflies and leaves the scene after seeing that her effort was useless. The siestas ask Eva B. if it’s alright to let Beato go. Eva B. tells that Beato wouldn’t die from that and that she already plans to deal with her later. As I suspected, Eva B already plans on betraying Beato. I told you she couldn’t be trusted.


The real Eva is worried that George is nowhere to be found.  After everyone notices that none of the people who were in the first floor are to be found  they decide to go outside and search for them. They find bodies of Krauss and Natsuhi lying on the middle of the  rose garden. Jessica breaks out in tears and goes to her parents, Eva realizes that George is in even greater danger now and goes to the mansion. How’d she guess he was there? He could’ve gone somewhere else. They entered the mansion and find a room with a strange scribble on it.  Inside that room she finds the dead body of her son next to Shannon. Eva is devastated now that she is now all alone. Jessica comes back  and blames Eva for killing her parents.  Eva was in the first floor with them after all.  Jessica was with Battler and Dr. Nanjo couldn’t have done it or could he? If there’s a person who would be suspicious out of the group it would be Eva.


Eva gets all teary eyed and asks Jessica that if that’s the case then why is George dead too? Well, her counter makes sense to me. Jessica isn’t listening to anyone anymore and tries to do something to Eva I’m guessing she wants to hit her. Anyway, you don’t attack a person with a gun, people.  Eva fires off the gun and because of that it leaves Jessica temporary blind. Dr. Nanjo takes Jessica to a nearby room  to separate her from the group treat her right away. This amounts to the already huge amount of guilt that Eva feels and she runs off who knows where, Battler goes after her thus leaving Dr. Nanjo and Jessica alone. Dr. Nanjo puts some bandages over Jessica’s eyes  until she gets better. He is pressed by Jessica to go check up on Battler since  leaving him with Eva is too dangerous. So splitting up is suicide but leaving Jessica alone isn’t? Nanjo leaves the room just as he does he meets Eva Beatrice who was just waiting for him. We don’t know exactly what happens to Nanjo but it is implied that he was murdered. Eva B. taunts Jessica from outside the room telling her that she’s got no magic power now that she can’t see. Jessica screams for someone to go help her. Who’s going to answer her call? It’s time for Mahou Shoujo Moetrice to the rescue!


Beato hears Jessica’s cry and decide that she wants to go help her. Ronove warns Beato that her powers are limited now to go against Eva Beatrice, Beato tells him that if she can use Jessica’s love for Kanon she might be able to do something. Beatrice gets up and walks away, says good-bye to Ronove and disappears. End of episode 17.

Wink wink

– Turning the Chessboard over –

Thoughts –

  • Wow, I didn’t think Beato would show this much compassion to others. Reviving Shannon was one thing that I never thought I’d see but even willingly go help Jessica is just out of this world. You know, I’m not exactly pro Moetrice mostly because it conflicts with the story but I liked the Beato in this episode. I was a bit moved by unusual kindness or whatever you call it.
  • I liked that Ronove and the furniture were behind Beato 100% I considered the idea that Ronove was actually working against Beato based on his previous actions but it seems that isn’t the case even the Siesta sisters might be on Beato’s side after all. Wink wink. It greatly improved the image that I had of all of them.

Conclusions and Deductions –

  • I’m finding Eva Beatrice’s behavior contradicting, no,  I shouldn’t use that word.. more like her actions don’t add up. I thought that Eva Beatrice was going to torture Krauss a lot more since she and Eva hated him the most. I expected her to do that but she proved me wrong on this one. What gives? She hasn’t passed up the opportunity of playing with corpses but she hardly touched Krauss and his wife. It was the same with George and Shannon. Does she want to get it all over with?  Or has she simply moved on from all that? But then she said that she was going play with Dr. Nanjo’s corpses and with Jessica later so it contradicts her actions again. Just plain impulsive after all? I’m not sure, maybe I’m thinking too much into this one.
  • On deaths – So Shannon not being really dead would be consistent with Beato not wanting to say that they were all dead in red in ep 15. It would mean that she really wasn’t dead?  Or is it an illusion? And how could George and Shannon have been killed in front of Beato so quick that she couldn’t do anything.  Were they really killed using magic? I have a hard time answering this question myself.
  • On dates – 07151129. Ignoring  the month  Battler was born (July  = 07) We can assume that it could be referring to the day that the remaining people were born and not the months. 07151129 can be divided into two parts and we will get 07-15-11-29. Exactly 4 dates for the four remaining people in Rokkenjima. The other explanation could be that they hold some meaning in Japanese.
  • Nanjo’s reactions when he saw Eva Beatrice left me thinking. Shouldn’t someone normally asks who that person who she is or what is she doing here? That “anta” sounded like he knew well who that person was. I’m guessing that Nanjo knew Kinzo’s sons since they were little but I wouldn’t normally recognize someone when they were little compared to what they look today. It would be a different story if it was Beato since he knows her from the  huge portray in the mansion but Eva Beatrice is another story. It just seem odd to me. How exactly does Eva Beatrice look like to the others? Does it really look like a kid or like the real Eva, huh?
  • I don’t buy it. I refuse to believe that Dr. Nanjo is dead until I see a recognizable corpse lying on that corridor floor. For all we know this could easily been an act that Eva Beatrice and Nanjo are putting on to mess with Jessica.
  • Well it looks like once again Eva Beatrice makes her appearance as soon as Eva steps out of the scene. The only times we’ve seen that they’ve met each other are in her dreams/ delusions. I’d always thought that Eva was the culprit but since I can’t explain when she got the time to commit all the crimes I’ve been forced to think that it was somebody else. Even in this scene Battler is supposed to be running after her so she couldn’t have done it, right? We’ll know what she was doing next episode.

Near the end of Ep 17

  • There was something nagging me about this picture the moment they showed it. Something didn’t’ fit in. Something felt out of place so I rewatched that part in ep. 16 and I found my answer. Here are screen shots from last episode and one at the start of this episode.

Near the end of Ep 16Start of Ep 17

Episode 16 and start of episode 17


Episode 17. Care to explain this to me?

I don’t know if they explain in the VN if they moved the corpses or not. I doubt that they did it though for two reasons. The first is that Hideyoshi still has a stake in his stomach indicating that they didn’t remove the stakes because it was evidence.  The second being that there’s no reason why they would leave the corpses lying face down and leave Hideyohi like that. Weird, huh? Just a mistake that Studio DEEN made while animating this scene or huge clue they’ve given us? What do you think it means?

A little too far-fetched –

  • Whoever is actually killing them does like to kill by strangling. Does it mean that it is the same person that killed Maria and possibly killed Rosa?
  • Was Eva firing off that gun pure accident? I’ve never trusted Eva and I’m sure not trusting her in this arc either.

Premonitions / Next Episode –

  • Beato is going to go save Jessica. This could be the trap that Eva Beatrice laid for her. She said that she was going to deal with her later. I don’t know when later is. Eva B. could be expecting her to rescue Jessica after seeing what she did for George. Beato could be triggering her own Death Flag next episode. I think we all know what happens when bad guys try to be good guys. I hope she comes out alive of this one.
  • Eva B. is almost done with the ceremony. What’s going to happen if Eva Beatrice wins? She gets to leave the gameboard, hang out with the other witches and do whatever she wants? More importantly what happens to Beato if Eva Beatrice wins? There’s no reason why Eva B. would give her title back so how is she planning on continuing this game? So many questions.

11 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 17 – It’s Time To Make Things Right (also spotted a possible Clue(?))

  1. In the sound-novel at least, Eva-Beatrice did revive and re-kill Rudolf and Kyrie multiple times until Hideyoshi showed up. I’d guess it got cut for time, as the SN (mercifully) didn’t describe what happened at all.

    Interesting analysis.

    • Yup, she was interrupted by Beato then by Hideyoshi who totally “killed the moment” for her. At the start of this episode they show the corpses are on the main hall with stakes in them already so Eva should be playing with them already, right? It could be Quality DEEN like Marion says after all so I’m not sure what to make of it.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Evatrice might have tortured them, just off screen. Actually the VN mentioned her torturing Krauss and Natsuhi so yeah.

    I still think it’s QUALITY DEEN. They don’t even show Kyrie properly, so you think she vanished :P Although maybe it is a hint – who knows. You might get more answers to that next episode (won’t say how :3)

    The Shannon thing was an illusion imo. Although they missed something about the numbers: July 15th is Battler’s birthday. First four numbers are 0715. Still I think the most insane thing is Battler following Eva. If Eva’s the culprit she could just kill him right away and then go back to kill Nanjo and Jessica. Though there’s no indication that such a thing actually occurs.

    Also, what do you think about Ange? The game actually mentions her a few times, but DEEN decided to leave out mentioning her until now for some reason (as a VN player myself I kinda find that odd)

    • I don’t know if Shannon was actually revived or not I doubt she was. Beato could’ve shown George what he wanted to see and he could have then been stabbed by somebody while he was having delusions. I agree Battler is crazy to go after Eva (she’s even armed and knows martial arts!)I would’ve stayed with Jessica and Nanjo and wait for Eva to come back when she’s feeling a bit better. Welll, we’ll know what happens to them next episode which I guess it should be last one for this arc. Ok, maybe 2 more episodes. I bet that Battler will be back and says something like he ‘lost’ her so we never know if she really was the culprit or not

      Ange’s name was thrown a few times though I don’t remember the context. The anime makes it seem like she wasn’t that important to him after all if he only remembers her now. Is Ange supposed to be related to Kyrie at all or is she Asumu’s daughter? Do the other cousins know she exists? I think we all know who the magic girl in the preview is (full of spoilers those previews..) Question is how is she going to get there.

      I know they only got 25m to fit everything but I’m starting to think that Studio DEEN is purposely keeping crucial information to confuse us even further. I already don’t trust what I see but if they’re going to animate things badly then that it’s going to be a real problem.

      The game is awesome. I always picked up plenty of new clues after playing it that I couldn’t have noticed if I only watched the anime. So I want to compare how well Studio Deen animated Higurashi (the next arcs) compared to the sound novel which is supposed to come out soon btw when I get the chance. I bet there were a lot clues they left out too.

      • Ange is Kyrie’s daughter from Rudolf and she’s about six years old. She gets sick every time and never goes to the island, but the other cousins do know she exists.

        Well DEEN has to leave things out, but as far as leaving the story intact they’re doing a good job of it. Anyone will tell you that as an adaptation Higurashi wasn’t very good. DEEN left a number of scenes out and rearranged some too. Heck Ryukishi made them add an extra anime-only arc before Kai began just to clear things up that they left out. Kai was far better and Rei did well too.

        • Six years old? As in six years at the time that the game with Beato starts? At least it’d make sense why they didn’t mention her in the anime much and why she isn’t with them. I wonder if she believes in witches like Maria does. Most of the Ushiromiya female family members seem to have a unusual side they posses.

          Really? I thought Higurashi was well done. Well, I’ve only played the first arc anyway since it’s the only
          one that has been fully translated so I can only say that they did a good job based on my personal
          experience. I’m still waiting for MangGamers to release the Higurashi games in english. Well, I’ll have to wait until Umineko is over to play them anyway because I don’t think I could handle another 07th Expansion right now.

  3. Unless there’s someone going around fixing windows, a couple episodes back, I think it was Krauss who broke the window to confirm Shannon’s dead body, so that window should have remained open for George to climb through if he wanted.

    • That explains how George could have gotten into the mansion: I had totally forgotten about the broken window and thought it would be a problem for the “George committed suicide” theory I have.

      • Actually, I think the broken window helps your George committing suicide theory (I think he did the same), because we don’t have to worry about any closed room issues.

        • That broken window actually works both ways :D

          Suicide Theory :
          If he really did commit suicide then George could’ve entered through that broken window, like RP says, and after realizing that he couldn’t live without Shannon he killed himself. After the culprit was passing by he/she saw dead body through the window, that person then drew the weird scribble on the door hoping that everyone would assume that he/she did it to put more pressure on them/cast suspicion away from Eva. So the culprit never had to lock the door because it was already locked even if he/she didn’t have a key.

          Theory in case George was murdered:
          I’m assuming that Krauss and the rest closed the rooms where they found the victims to keep the evidence intact. Actually I think they did. So whoever killed George was either
          1) Already waiting for him there.
          2) Open the door to the room with a masterkey and killed George (the culprit took the keys and the guns from Rudolf and the others after he/she killed them) or much less likely
          3) The culprit entered the room through the window. The killer later left the room after he/she/they(?) killed George. Shannon couldn’t have ‘seen’ it that person coming from behind to kill George because she was never alive to start with. It does sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?

          In other words, both murder or suicide theories are possible AGAIN if we consider those both theories. Unfortunately, it means that we’re back to square one. How does Ryukishi07 comes up with this stuff? I don’t know. And how does Beato fit in all of this? Was she angry because George killed himself? I can’t explain that now.

  4. I have doubt, but I have hope we will see that emo servant again.

    “Me and my girly eyelashes hate Kanon.”


    I know George killed himself. Why?

    George loved Shanon.
    George BEGGED Beato to help him.

    What I don’t understand:

    Why Jess said Eva was the killer. (I know Eva was with Nat and k, but maybe she ran away.)
    Battler chill, you still have Ange.

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