Kobato – 02 – First Successful Mission


Kobato’s lack of common sense is almost on a level of its own. The episode established some general rules a.k.a obvious facts that Kobato didn’t know. The episode featuring Kobato helping out at an kindergarten and meeting again with Kiyokazu. Given the strange numbers of times that they’ve met  it wouldn’t be strange if he’d think that Kobato is stalking him. Is he plain unfriendly or  does he just dislike Moeato? We learn that Kobato doesn’t have a dad which probably indicates that she’s an orphan. No surprise here. Interesting to point out that the only times that I’d seen Kobato ever close to what it could be considered upset in when she’s interacting with Kiyokazu for being a meanie to her probably because he doesn’t give in to her moe powers.  What a terrible guy, huh.
We also learn that she won’t earn any points from just helping people out. She has to specifically heal those with scarred hearts. Didn’t they already mention that? I don’t know how she connected scarred with merely troubled but Kobato is Kobato. That’s the answer to any question I may have whenever I try to become explain her character.

Moeto heals one person this episode. Hmm, I don’t know how scarred he was. To me it like it was just a big misunderstanding between other concerned parents that led him to believe his mom didn’t loved/cared for him enough. Kobato’s role in this episode was to clear that misunderstanding and get rid of the negative thought of the kid’s head.  Although she didn’t present actual proof of her claim Kobato was right. It’s like she got this feeling that she knows what she is doing. Surprisingly, her way to solve things isn’t bad. I’d say that she’s more qualified for it than any other person based on the rules that were established. I’m using red here too. Yeah, red in Kobato too.

“If you’ve got ulterior motives just healing hearts won’t heal people”.

Dust/Candy : I don’t know. That dust was very little. I’m guessing that the amount received is measured by how difficult the deed was otherwise it’s going to take a immense amount of time to get that bottled all filled up.  Is there a time limit on her quest? Like 24 eps :p I don’t think they mentioned that.

Seeing how forgetful Kobato is. I can’t help but think what would happen if something were to happen to the bottle, it doesn’t look like it’ll be able to withstand much damage. I don’t remember anyone saying that it was indestructible or that she’ll get a new one if something bad were to happen to it. Emphasis on the word where a possible tragic twist might happen.

Kobato isn’t going to give up either and she’ll continue  stalking trying to get Kiyokazu to open up. So I guess that Kobato is going to be sticking around that kindergarten from now on. I don’t know how long she’ll stay there but they’ll probably drop a few hints on what Kiyokazu is so pissed about. If she really wants to heal scarred people she should head over to Rokkenjima island imo. That bottle will be all filled up in no time.


3 thoughts on “Kobato – 02 – First Successful Mission

  1. lol, isn’t Moeto Moetrice’s nickname? Kobato better watch where she’s stepping!

    Two episodes in, I’m already very annoyed at how emo ponytail boy is. Who does he remind me of? Hmm, oh that’s right… post-Euphemia Spinzaku! I don’t know why, but I have the same distaste for him.

    • Let me turn the chessboard over, nihihi. Actually we’re watching the same show. You see, Kobato and Beato are actually related thus the connection I created. They’re long lost sisters from a magical realm. If we continue this train of thought we can easily reach the conclusion that both shows share common factors: Kobato’s style of clothes = Beato’s, Bottle = the ceremony. Scarred hearts = sacrifices. Rules = Epitaph, Kobato’s goal = Golden Land, Stuff animal = Furniture. Interesting to mention that Lady Yuuko is called “The Dimensional Witch” of all things. She is a real witch in and outside the gameboard unlike that Moeto who is all about being moe inside the gameboard. I’d be glad that if Yuuko could shed some light on that issue actually, in red if possible.

      I’m also surprised at Clamp’s creativity when it comes to choosing names and whanot. Nah, I’m enjoying this show but Clamp’s been pushing it with their designs and names. I hope that Kiyo-zaku doesn’t end up spin kicking the moe out of Kobato like Battler did with Beato. Though I can’t say that I’m speaking for everyone.

      • You just had to make the analogy. Now I can’t get out of my mind the image of Kobato coming across a suicidal person, happily stabbing the person over and over again, and being very satisfied with having “helped” yet another person with blood all over her face and clothes. ^_^;;

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