Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 16 – Eva Beatrice’s Insubordination

Excuses, excusesWtf, man!?

I object too

Rudolf and the others are worried that Rosa and Maria haven’t come back. None of them know that Eva-Beatrice has killed them.. if only Maria hadn’t insisted on going outside to look for her damn flower. Rudolf go outside and finds their bodies in the middle of the rose garden as they were left in the last episode and comes back to tell the horrible news to the family.

Meanwhile, Battler is still mad and won’t listen to Beato’s explanations about just happened. He even refuses to consider her as an opponent. He cannot stand to see the sight of her anymore and tells her that it’d better is she leaves. Beato knowing not what to do leaves the room leaving Ronove in charge. Too bad that Battler kept interrupting Beato, I wanted to hear what was her explanation. That “actually” part got me thinking. And how is Beato able to communicate with Ronove to tell him what moves he should do next, huh. Telepathy?

Take that! What if she fails?

They check Rosa’s shotgun rifle and notice that not a single round was fired, confirming the theory that whoever killed her and Maria was someone she knew well. They were right on that more or less.

Eva is feeling better and she had joined the rest of the siblings. She is more freaked out than any of them because she knows what her other self did. The apparition of Eva-Beatrice in front of her eyes lurking around the siblings and it becomes more obvious that this really isn’t a dream. As Eva-Beatrice mentions she killed the ones that knew about the gold. Eva wants her to stop this madness since she already has what she wanted and there is no more reason to fight.  Not gonna happen. Eva-Beatrice confirms that theory that she is no longer part of Eva and has become a different entity of her own after being given the title of Witch. Traitorous alter egos. Sometimes the worst enemy sometimes is yourself but this is reaching extreme levels.

Go go go goWhat about elegance and dignity?

Eva Beatrice makes a weak promise that she will not pick Eva’s family for the next sacrifices before she disappearing. Come on. Who is going to believe that? Kyrie has a look that says that indicates that she already doubts Eva. Those small eyes of hers were fixated on Eva the whole time. Is that why she’s going to die next?

Kyrie makes a request to Rudolf to get food from the mansion since they got almost nothing to eat and they won’t be able to go on much longer. Hmmm, she is the only who suggests it right after that incident. Right. Rudolf mentions the plan to Krauss and he approves of the suicide mission because he is too chicken to go himself. Hideyoshi volunteers to go with them and carry the heavy stuff. Hideyoshi is such as good team player, man. It totally does not scream suspicious at all. Although, a coward, Krauss’s decision to stay behind saves him from triggering his own death flag. I’m kind of expecting Eva to leave him for last after she tortures the living hell out of Natsuhi and his daughter. No furniture will save her now.

That's almost on par with Slice me up..Equivalent Trade

That Hohenheim is up to something again

They storm the place and head right to the kitchen to get all the canned food they can get into a box. Hideyoshi lifts up the heavy box and they’re ready to go. Surprisingly, Kyrie is sensing that something bad is going to happen to them. Is Kyrie part of a special operations unit or something? I can totally understand that she’s sharp and all that but even giving spider senses is a bit overpower. See why I think so next.

They heed Kyrie advice and try to leave through the kitchen door instead. Unfortunately it was locked, as well as all the doors in the mansion thanks to Eva Beatrice. Rudolf and the others are forced to go through the main entrance again to go back to guest house now.  In their way they are stopped by the two of the seven stakes sisters who are also surprised that the ambush attempt they prepared for them failed. Ha, I liked that none of them hesitate to fire at the Seven Stakes. Male characters are finally pulling their weight and not leaving all the badassery to the Ushiromiya moms. After  realizing that Stakes might be too tough for them after all. They make a run for it and go separate ways trying to shake them up. As Eva Beatrice told the stakes, she only wants Kyrie and Rudolf and not Hideyoshi so they go after them. I see. They forgot to pick up mackerels! That’s why they’re going to die!

umi16-10Possible suspect spotted

Kyrie, why so serious?

Of course, none of them are able to outrun the stakes and they’re forced to face them anyway. Rudolf isn’t afraid of the stake then again no one would, based on how they’re dressed. Rudolf acts all GAR while pouting some funny lines. Now I know where Battler gets those lines from. Kyrie also faces Envy who has some complex about her body.

After hearing Envy’s lulz worthy story, Kyrie finally loses her cool and show us how angry of a person she really is. She tells her that Envy doesn’t know a thing about real rage and all that stuff. I have to agree with Kyrie here. Envy’s seven days seven nights was rather pathetic. Kyrie is all pissed about Asumu the slut for stealing Rudolf from her by using her body. Such underhanded tactics to use on a guy, amirite? Btw, they’ve never showed a picture of Battler’s mom. I wonder what she looks like.

I always thought that Kyrie got together with Rudolf right after Battler mom was gone and not before. Based on what Kyrie is saying, she and Rudolf were together way better Battler’s mom butted in. This is coming from Kyrie and I’m not hearing a confirmation from Rudolf so I can’t say that this is completely true for all we know she could have fooled herself into thinking that. Still, I’m willing that admit this as a half-true. No harm done in doing that. All of these tells us that although she acts friendly to Battler she might hold some serious animosity towards him.

What'd you get in the way?First Stake that dies

Slice me up

Surprisingly, Kyrie is able to parry Beato’s furniture attack. She must have some reflexes to see it exactly where it was going. Not something that average person could have done. As long as I remember Eva was the one with martial arts skills and not her. Rudolf isn’t doing so bad either. For some strange reason Eva Beatrice appears before him. To go mock him? Probably. But she didn’t have to appear right in the middle of the furniture and Rudolf. Rudolf recognizes (Rosa was first then Hideyoshi later) Eva Beatrice as his older sister which I can now say that it confirms the assumption that this Eva looks like Eva. Why did Maria think it was Beatrice? They haven’t answered my question yet.

I’m a bit surprised that Rudolf shoots the person that looks just like Eva without much hesitation even if she denied that she was Eva and she was the Golden Witch, I expected him to hesitate for a bit. Is it because he remember that Rosa was killed by someone she knew well?

Rudolf shoots at Eva Beatrice and the stake jumps in front of Eva Beatrice to protect her from the incoming bullet. Unfortunately (fortunately?) she doesn’t make it and dies because of her new master’s fault. Rudolf shows a bit of respect for the fallen servant and bids her good bye. Rudolf was kinda cool here for acting mature and respectful even to the enemy I’ll give him that.

You're overqualifiedHow'd Mikuru get in my Umineko?

They got Britanian uniforms too

Eva is upset that Beato’s weaksauce furniture lost to a mere human and calls her outdated and totally diss Beato’s minions. She then wishes that she would have powerful servants that are on her level. Personally, I’d say a lowly imp is good for you but the creator thought different. Two bunnies girls answer her call. Wait what bunny girls here too?

They are siesta 410 and siesta 45. Both of them deliver an interesting description of their abilities, though I don’t get the part about the dragon. I liked the voice of the green haired bunny. It was so fitting. She seems like the funny and silly school friend that you see in anime. Ok, now I know why I get that idea. If only Chiaki could see you now.

Bunnies are srs businessIt's starting to sound like Sumeragi is talking

I have control

See, it’s nice to have furniture with personality and not boring ones like Kinzo’s. What is with all 90% of the furniture being females? Fanservice after all? Not that I’m complaining.

After seeing how terrifying they look. Bunnies are intimating after all. They turn their backs and run away. Bad move, you don’t turn your backs to the enemy at any moment. They should’ve just shot them in the head like they did with the stakes instead of running away. Eva Beatrice orders the siestas to shoot them to death and to bring their bodies to her. No more fooling around. Did she just create them? Or did she summon them from somewhere?

I'm getting Nanoha A's flashbacksLeopard-o's Soul Shout

The bunnies have Lock-on’s accuracy when snipping and they killed Rudolf and Kyrie first try succeeding where the stakes couldn’t. I find it suspicious that none of the stakes took their stake form in this scene. I’m sure they would have definitely won if they did that.

Hideyoshi trying to beat some sense into Evaumi16-21

Don’t piss off people that dress in purple

Eva Beatrice wants to play with them like she did with Rosa and Maria but Hideyoshi who had been hiding somewhere (or just waiting) steps up and stops her from doing such things to Rudolf and Kyrie. He tries to beat some sense into her by giving her small noogies to the head and tell her that this person isn’t the real Eva. Eva Beatrice picks ups one of the guns and kills Hideyoshi. Like it was mentioned by Tenha Seiha it did feel kind of silly what Hideyoshi did compared to what just happened. I think that it would’ve done better if Eva would’ve felt remember or realize that what she’s been doing was wrong thanks to Hideyohi. In the end, it looks like it was  nothing more than annoyance to Eva. I’m a couple of hours behind this part in the game so hopefully it is better explained in the game what happened here, like many things are. When you aren’t seeing any posts is probably because I’m playing the game.


After she has killed all of them, Eva Beatrice (it’s becoming a pain to write it every time) plans on playing with them for a while before putting the stakes on them. Fortunately, Beato shows up and reminds Eva Beatrice of her promise to her. Eva Beatrice tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to her anymore since it is her game now and not Beato’s. She also tells her that unlike her she is a full witch that doesn’t need the recognition of anyone. Eva strikes a nerve by telling Beato that she only wants to do it that way to please her opponent. It looks like Ronove has been too talkative as usual and he has told her everything about Battler and Beato’s fight. Where can you get good help these days, huh?

I’m astonished that Beato didn’t fight back and just leaves the room after she gets the message that Eva Beatrice will not listen to her anymore. Whoa whoa whoa, you’re taking crap from this start-up human, Beato?  The oh-so-powerful-witch Endless Witch that lived over a thousand years? I’m disappointed in you. You better make up for it next episode.

umi16-24Stalemate? Do no want

In Meta World, not much has happened. Battler wants to Ronove to repeat in red to confirm Rudolf, Hideyoshi, and Kyrie’s deaths but he refuses since Beato isn’t here and he cannot make moves on his own so he says. Ronove and Virgilia both beg Battler to recognize Beato as her opponent again so the game can continue. Battler finally gives up and gives the ok to Virgilia to go talk to her even though he really hasn’t forgiven her for what she did.

What is coming down toumi16-28

Emo Beato

Beato is being emo, like Kuroko was when Misaka didn’t remember their anniversary, in the same place that Battler was just a few episodes back. Anyway, sad Beato is sad and Virgilia comes to cheer her up more or less. She explains to her that there is a big difference between her and current Beato who is happy with being a witch in the gameboard and Beato who wants to be one in and out of the gameboard. Virgilia also tells her that Beato has been doing it wrong since the very beginning and that this isn’t torture for battler but it is a fight for her to get him to recognize her. In other words, some changes are in order and it’d wise to apologize and continue the game. Beatrice smiles and agrees with her teacher. I can’t believe this what I’m seeing.


Thoughts / Impressions / Deductions

Once again I’m left with many “what if’s.” I’d love to see what would have happened if Eva Beatrice was shot at point blank. Would she have die and it was game over for her or not? The only time that a witch was physically hurt was when Beatrice was fighting another witch and when she was bitch slapped by Battler in Meta world.

I’m glad that Rosa’s innocence has been cleared at least in this arc. Sadly, it was at the cost of her life. Battler’s methods have been becoming more forceful lately. Remember when he was all like “I won’t believe that anyone in Rokkenjima is the culprit” it must a 19th or whatever person involved and whatnot? In a sense, Beato’s plan to make him suspect his own people has worked so she should be happy. Still, I’m mad at Battler for suspecting Rosa of killing her own daughter even if it was by mistake. She’s been through so much crap already that she deserves a break. +Respect to Ronove for disproving Battler’s accusation when he said that it was killed by other people.

Hideyoshi was suspicious for being so helpful as well as Kyrie who is the most suspicious in this arc after so far for accepting that she hated Battler’s mom. For all I know Kyrie might have worked out a deal with Beato in past arcs or was just working on her own until now. I can’t prove it but the revelations in this episode made her suspicious enough to consider that a motive exists. I’m just throwing this out there.

Kyrie hated Battlers’ mom.
Therefore, Kyrie might hate Battler because he reminds her of that person
Kyrie served as role model and techniques Battler all about objections.
Battler uses her technique to keep the game going
The game keeps going thanks to Kyrie, in a way
Kyrie wants revenge against all family members

I also think that the murderer from the first arcs is different from this arc. No one said that it was only supposed to be one criminal after all. It could be multiple culprits and they’ve been killings themselves until now. Kyrie could be involved somehow.

Beato is getting weaker and weaker. As I said before I’m not so cool with that. I’m surprised that Beato is listening to her teacher after so long. She was so strangely submissive and obedient in the episode. It reminded me when she was little and didn’t know a thing about magic. I’m assuming that the reason why Virgilia and Ronove desperately want Battleer to accept Beato as her opponent again is because they do not want the game to end in stalemate because it would never be Beato’s turn and all of them will be stuck in Meta World forever. Still it was sort of funny to see them beg Battler like he’s doing them a favor. Battler is also going to be stuck in that world if he doesn’t win the game, you know.

So the next episode is called Promotion. Who exactly is going to get promoted? The bunnies? Eva Beatrice or one of the remaining family members? I wonder if there is a way that Beato can get her position and game back from Eva Beatrice. Lastly, how is she supposed to have a proper match against Battler when Eva isn’t obeying Beato’s rules? All this time she’s always been in control of this game so we never knew what would happen if somebody else was in charge. I’m sure that there will be some strange changes to the game and the story in the next episode. I can’t wait till next week.

*Added info on 09/17/09

Why Rosa couldn’t the culprit  in response to “They were killed by other people” and even less  likely if she was killed before Maria.


9 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 16 – Eva Beatrice’s Insubordination

  1. This is coming from Kyrie and I’m not hearing a confirmation from Rudolf so I can’t say that this is completely true for all we know she could have fooled herself into thinking that.

    Remember, Kyrie said she had a stillbirth. If her and Rudolf weren’t together then how did she get pregnant ;). As for fighting Leviathan it’s explained that because her and Leviathan were fighting on the grounds of envy, and we know Kyrie’s envy is superior, then Kyrie could see the demon move in slow motion. Leviathan basically had no chance of winning against Kyrie from the start, because both their sources of power is envy and Kyrie is just better :P

    And yes, it’s not mentioned but Kyrie does say that she holds minor resentment to Battler because he reminds her of Asumu. We don’t know what Asumu looks like, but I think she probably has similar features to Battler (red hair, blue eyes?) to envoke such feelings in Kyrie.

    Siestas were summoned, not created. But also, I personally wondered if Ronove denying to state “Kyrie, Rudolf and Hideyoshi are dead” in red is really just him not doing the move because Beato should do it, or because maybe one or more of the three survived and just stating two are dead means the other one is possibly alive.

    Example: Ronove states Kyrie and Rudolf are dead, but nothing on Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi becomes automatically suspicious of surviving.

    • Oh, I was referring that Kyrie got Rudolf first before Asumu and it wasn’t the other way around. She could have fooled herself into thinking that she was the first one not necessarily talking about her pregnancy. I’ll just accept that that baby was Rudolf’s and not somebody’s else because there’s plenty of mystery in Umineko to keep me busy. Suddenly, a Nice Boat scene comes to mind I don’t know why. Hmm, so she might have an actual motive after all.

      As for fighting Leviathan it’s explained that because her and Leviathan were fighting on the grounds of envy, and we k
      now Kyrie’s envy is superior, then Kyrie could see the demon move in slow motion.
      I actually didn’t consider that. I was curious why Kyrie seemed to have so much advantage against one of the Stakes. Thanks for bringing up that point.

      I think Beatrice is going to either say it in red to humor Battler since they’re on such bad terms or refuse to do it altogether. Beato could refuse like she did in the other episode because it involves small technical stuff/god knows why that doesn’t make it completely true or because it works against her. Come to think of it, that was actually Ronove’s fault and not Beato’s since she put him in charge of it if I remember correctly. The key part is to know what part exactly did Ronove mess up?

      I’m not so sure that casting suspicion on Hideyoshi or any of the others won’t benefit Beato if that person is the real killer. If Beato is tricky enough she might purposely refuse to say that all of them are dead just to mess with Battler. But that would bring the question: Why aren’t they all dead if they were truly killed? Nanjo has confirmed their deaths so it should be enough to believe that they’re dead. If Beatrice makes this move it would mean that victims from the past games could have also been alive the whole time and/or Nanjo is an accomplice.

      There is something else too about this episode. Rudolf and Kyrie were shot by the Siestas. Whether it was actually ammunition or not I don’t know but Hideyoshi was shot with a rifle by something/someone who could have easily been lurking in the shadows. That floating gun was suspicious or maybe it’s just that weird camera angle that I’ve never seen before in Umineko. Another great episode.

      • Ah I see. Well we don’t know for certain, because Rudolf is considered very much a philanderer, but I for one take her word on it. And yes the Nice Boat joke is thrown around, and it’s actually theorized that because in the VN Kyrie talks about cursing Asumu to die for 12 years that she herself might have killed Asumu in a state of anger and Rudolf helped cover it up for her. I personally don’t believe it but the conditions of Asumu’s death are never revealed in the game so.

        Well if red is true it’s not as if Beato can say it just because she wants to. Besides, Ronove confirmed in red that Rosa and Maria were dead when Beato wasn’t around, so why is he saying now ‘its not my place to say they’re dead in red’ all the sudden? And it’s not uncommon for the doctor to be an accomplice in murder mysteries at all.

        You mention Kyrie and Rudolf were shot. Most times demonic furniture, since not real, take on a personification in the real world. The Seven Stakes, for example, represent the stakes the victims are gouged with. The numbers for the Siestas, 45 and 410, aren’t just coincidence.

        The Winchester rifles used in the game have .45 long colt ammunition loaded into them from the start – 45 being the number of the pink haired Siesta. You can say the Siestas represent the guns and their number being the bullet type (410 is also the number of another bullet type used for Winchesters).

        • @Marion
          I’m in the exact part where this episode ended. I noticed that they cut off some many conversations between Ronove and Eva B, Beato and Eva B. and even the moment when Virgilia have that pep talk with Beato. Lastly, even the fact that Hideyoshi showed up at the scene after Beato was gone and not before. What gives? As you can guess I drew different deductions based on what I saw. I wonder if Deen is doing it on purpose to not reveal too much or because they didn’t have enough time.

          There’s been something bothering me. Hideyoshi was definitely shot by someone using a Winchester. I know I shouldn’t trust what I’m seeing but they went through the trouble of making me remember that part well. Also that was the only time that I’ve seen a witch use an actual weapon since Beato always relied on her furniture to do the job for her. To increase my doubts, it was mentioned in the game that the culprit took their guns. Why would he/she do that now? Seeing that the culprit left Rosa’s Winchester intact lying on the middle of the rose garden a few moments ago? And wouldn’t they notice that Hideyoshi died from a bullet shot (if that was really the case) and not from a stake if they paid enough attention? Wouldn’t Nanjo notice that something is strange about his body too?

          Like you said, Nanjo could easily be an accomplice but I still think that it’d be way too risky for Beato to cast suspicion on that person and also because it’d mean that someone is actually faking his/her own death. Wouldn’t that destroy her claim that she killed them using magic? Still, I can see that lots of things would be explained if we assume that Dr. Nanjo is an accomplice then we could deny magic and the existence of witches at the same time.

          • @keikakudoori: I don’t understand why they did it differently either. Especially since the entire reason Evatrice didn’t continue to torture and kill Kyrie and Rudolf was because of Hideyoshi coming in, not because of Beato. Evatrice looking down on Hideyoshi after killing him is actually the first time you see some hint of guilt in the witch as well, because she realized she broke her promise to Eva.

            Well there are two options. One is that the killer of Rosa and Maria were rushing and didn’t have enough time to take the winchester and hide it somewhere. And yes, Nanjo would notice. But he isn’t. This means he’s a bad doctor or that he’s playing dumb in the midst of the chaos.

            Yes it would destroy her claim. But as long as she never confirms their deaths in red she can keep Battler and us guessing. Is she refusing because she can’t repeat (as it’s not the truth) or is she refusing in order to mislead us, just as she did before with the 18th person.

  2. Are you sure Rosa was cleared? It’s only been confirmed that both Rosa and Maria were murdered: Rosa killing Maria and then being killed by somebody else would be consistent with that.

    • Ronove’s “they were killed by other people” was vague enough to open for interpretation and the theory that Rosa killed Maria then tripped and killed herself does fit well too. I can’t deny that I did find it suspicious but I actually have a counter for that. Personally, I would ask Ronove one or two more questions to make things clearer without forcing him to refuse. First question: Did they kill each other? If it is true that they were killed by other people (not between them) he’d no trouble saying it since it does not conflict with the “truth”. If he refuses then I have to conclude that:

      First conclusion: The killer is either Rosa or Maria.

      If Ronove says they did not kill each other then I’ll ask this and I should expect that Ronove should have no trouble saying in it red either since it doesn’t interfere with the truth either. Second question: In what order did the two of them died?

      If Maria was killed first then Rosa would be the criminal. If Rosa was killed first then she might have been pushed by someone she knew well like Maria who lost her cool and somehow managed to push her mother to her death OR somebody else, who was waiting for them in the rose garden. Let’s not forget that it was Maria who wanted to go out to look for her rose after all in that rainy day. So after Maria or somebody else Rosa knew killed her either intentionally or accidentally then that somebody who was either there the whole time or just showed up strangled Maria to shut her up.

      Possible killer based on second deduction: Maria/somebody killed Rosa.That second criminal is the one who killed Maria. Rosa being innocent.

      That theory of mine could also consistent as long as Ronove doesn’t confirm the order in which they died. So that’s why I think that it’d important to make Ronove say it in red. I actually have a hard time believing that Virgilia didn’t catch up on that. I’d expect Virgilia would have said something about that like “he’s tricking you” or “he didn’t repeat what you asked”, just like she did in the other episode. So more or less Virgilia not saying anything has become Rosa’s defense for now :D

  3. Shounen A > The subs he watched say “Rosa and Maria were killed by other people”… which I’m sure is the correct translation.

    I think Hideyoshi/Evatrice’s scene was handled a little better in the VN, you’ll see why once you reach that part in the game. Evatrice is also apparently immune to gunshots, lol.

    • The red text clearly said “The case of Rosa and Maria is murder.” and does not specify anyone else being the culprit. Technically, “killed by other people” is an exactly equivalent statement, as long as you don’t exclude Rosa and Maria being included in the “other people”.

      Not that I truly think that Rosa killed Maria, but I would say it’s not definitely confirmed yet.

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