Fairy Tail – Giving a Little Piece of My Mind (impressions)

9k Natsu

I’m sure that it sounded a lot cooler in your head

Fairy Tail is a magical world where the use of magic is predominant. Mages go on adventures and fight against bad guys who are, well, evil. The main character is a guy Natsu who looks like a combination of Luffy with Battler’s haircut. He’s the standard shounen hero with a big heart, abysmal lack of common sense and an appetite that makes the starving children of the world rage.  What m0re could you possibly ask for?

His companion is some digimon named Happy whose name is so silly that I’m not even going to make fun of. It’s one of those times that the use of the English language should be avoided in anime. The pet has terribly annoying voice (not your best role Rie Kugimiya), easygoing personality, and oblivious as Natsu. Actually the story doesn’t seem to be all about him and his pokemon. There’s also girl named Nami Lucy (Aya Hirano) who wishes to join the famous guild called Fairy Tail. The strongest guild where the kweel mages go to. Both of them met, the hero saves her from a guy who looks like Kamina (don’t tell me you didn’t notice that), and they become friends and so the story begins. I’m amazed at its originality. The only problem is that FT is +10 years too late.

Take notes BATTLERMoetrice cameo

This is my first encounter with this show and my impressions aren’t very positive. The reason I watched FT because I was simply curious what the fuss was about. I wasn’t expecting much of it so I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Shounen doesn’t grab much attention like it used a long time ago when I had no idea that there were better shows out there. As you can see, things are different now and if I am to watch a shounen show it better a damn good one.

You can always say that Satelight and A-1 Pictures were at fault and the manga was horribly animated and that it gets better after x amount of episodes. You know what? It might. But I’m not so eager to watch a show with probably zero character development, generic characters, and predictable twists.


Fairly Tail is the type of show that I can totally picture being aired on national TV. That one that I don’t watch. FT is pretty much for young fans who are only starting to get into anime and haven’t seen the better stuff yet. I recommend that if you’re moderately new to anime and you’re watching this because of the shounen aspect that you look somewhere else where it’s been done before and better. This show is not for me and probably not for you unless you either 1)already heard great things about Fairy Tail 2) are a hardcore shounen fan  3)you’re already reading the manga and want to see the animated version.  As bad as you might think I made it sound, Fairy Tail wasn’t that terrible so I may give it a few more tries before I see what to do with it. I don’t have a lot of shows to watch this Fall but chances that Fairy Tail will be in my watch list are extreme little.

Fairy Tail is getting Five Devil Fruits out of 10
Judgment : Fairly Negative


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