Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – 15 – Who Are You and What Have You Done With Beatrice? Beato? More like Kobato

Rosa is as stealthy as Sam FisherEveryone knows that you cannot be real Witch without a Magical Staff

— It couldn’t be. So I discarded the feeling that I have already written a similar entry before.

How is it possible that Eva’s other self was able to separate herself from Eva? That just isn’t possible from a logical point of view then again we’re talking about Umineko and making sense of it is even harder than learning Mahjong by just watching anime. I know that there is a high chance that Eva-Beatrice will probably win this round then does that mean that she is going to be still acting as a Golden Witch after the arc is over? I mean Eva skipped all the basic magic lessons and training and whatever and she’s capable of using magic like it’s nothing after being granted the Golden and Endless Witch title. I’m really surprised, no, shocked that the witches were so friendly towards her. I imaged that they wouldn’t let anyone else in their close tsundere circle.

6We're already taking things out of context

I’m guessing that Beatrice talked Lambda into it so she could vote for Eva in front of the Senate to become a witch. What is this I don’t even.. That makes as much sense as her getting an award for novel peace price. It makes me wonder what kind of government do witches and demons could possibly have. Demonocrasy? And are all witches like certified? Are they hiding a diploma beneath those heavy clothes of theirs?

Tsun. That was priceless. Still, damn that Lambda. She’s already putting the moves on Eva-Beatrice. I thought that she only had eyes for Nippah 2. That traitor. I liked how Bernaskel just ignores them, not showing that she cares for what is happening and saying what Loli Eva did was just pure luck and not a miracle. Of course, she’s right about that, if there’s someone who knows about miracles is our beloved wino.

I’m terribly curious of the reasons why Beatrice would give up her title so easily. Is it really just for the lulz? She says that she was surprised too that someone solved the riddle. But if I remember correctly the reward for cracking the code was all the gold and will grant the winner’s dream and all but Eva never wished to be become a witch like Beatrice unless they didn’t show that part. What expectations did she have for Eva?  There must be a reason I doubt that this move is just for random amusement. Lastly, why are they so sure that she won’t turn on them. They’re powerful and all but if they lower their guard too much.. Loli Eva isn’t the stable type. She is the hard follow others, backstabbing, pyshco type. I wouldn’t trust her with a butter knife or with my game collection. I sure hope that you’ve been hovering over the images to read the comments. I’ll make you watch Miracle Train (there’s an idea Eva-Beatrice for you) if you don’t.

You mean the *killer*?I'll call you Koba-Trice. How about that?

Battler is easily being trolled again by Beato and Ronove. Virgilia has to come and explains him again that he shouldn’t trust  everything he is told like the fact that the cake does exist and fake second seasons shouldn’t be called S2. Instead she tells him he has to  *interpret*  what he sees. That’s good advise. Virgilia is pretty helpful and awfully nice for a witch. Hmm.

Let the poor old man ALONE alreadyThat explains a lot of things...

Too late for thatDO IT. DO IT. DO IT!

I don’t know how Hideyoshi (I should just call him Yoshi) is able to put up with Eva. I kind lol’ed when Eva was telling him about her *other self* and he has that face that didn’t know what the hell his wife was talking about. What exactly was going through his mind?

People were asking for it. I was acting for it. Fans were asking for more awesome motherly moments featuring Rosa and Maria. Have you noticed that a great number of those rage Higurashi moments are delivered by Rosa? Let’s see Eva is fail, Natsuhi only rages when you mess with her husband, and Kyrie doesn’t get enough screentime so everything is up to her to keep the Higurashi spirit alive in Umineko. She does a great majority of those crazy facial distortions next to Beatrice (who hasn’t done many lately btw). There is actually a twist here though. The twist is that she doesn’t hit Maria. She has learned to control herself since the last arc. In fact she hasn’t hit Maria at all in this arc. Well, it’s the thought that counts Rosa. It’s the thought that counts.

How the hell does she look like Beatrice at all?You are the last person I want to hear this from, Ronove ~denwa

Silly Maria thinking that Eva is Beatrice, the former Beatrice. She doesn’t look anything like her. As expected Eva-Beatrice is not going to keep her promise to Rosa. She wants the gold for herself. I’m curious about the reason why evil Eva is following Beatrice’s plan to continue with the ceremony. She could have easily told her that she didn’t want to. She already won against the witches she should be able to decide what she wishes to do. Eva-Beatrice wants to do this. She wants to have her fun.

15Be as much detailed as possilble. This could extremely be crucial to solve the epitah

I saw this one coming the second she got her powers but I didn’t expect her to be this brutal to them. She kills Rosa and Maria several times, one of them being crushed by a hug cake. Which one was your favorite? With Rosa gone I’m left with the question what am I going to be  watching this show for? I guess Virgilia is awesome enough for me to cheer for and Rovone is fabulously funny. Don’t get the wrong idea. I-It isn’t like I care what happens to her anything!

Too easyAlmost like Blogging

So is Eva-Beatrice completely separated from Eva now? Is she going to be able to kill her the original Eva? Remember that the next twilight is the “two lovers” that could mean any of the three couples in this show: Natsuhi and Krauss, Kyrie and Rudolf, and Eva and fat Hideyoshi. My guess is that since Eva hated Krauss he will be the next one or save for last. One thing is sure though, he won’t have a quick death.

I’m not thrilled about this either: The title of Golden Witch is losing its power in every passing arc. We can see that the Beatrice’s name is being passed around as many times as the Death note book. This is looking like Code Geass R2 where everyone in the show got a Geass of some sort. It makes it seem like anyone could become a Witch if found worthy enough.

De javu all over again. Please, tell me you noticed the IRONY of this scene19

The cruel performance that Eva-Beatrice is putting angers Battler and takes out his anger on Beato. He may have been fine with the loops and repetitions, being killed and all but seeing awesome Rosa and her daughter go through death with so much detailed did it. I’d be pissed too but I doubt it’ll take me that long.  Haru-trice is confused and asks Ronove what is wrong with Battler. Even Ronove understands that what she may find funny doesn’t necessarily means that other will find it funny.

Virgilia burnWell, you know, loops and killings do piss people off

Beatrice is shocked by Battler’s words and she shows up to give Eva-Beatrice some advise on how to kill with style. Apparently, she’s been doing it wrong. She accepts that she’s been too flashy and that Witches must act with elegance. What she is saying is that she’s actually concerned that Eva is being too cruel on them. Wrong answer Beatrice. Who is this person?

what this is..

Who are you!? Give me back my Beatrice!

Rosa seriously needs to wield ebony and irony in both hands to blast those damn witches. Yeah, that lousy censoring again. I get Princess Lover flashbacks whenever I see censoring. Screw you, Eva-Beatrice! First episode and I already f’ing hate you for killing off Rosa so early in the game. Btw, it’s worth mentioning that this is the first time that Beatrice kills off Maria. She (and also Battler) was one of the few that always made it to the twilights but this time this wasn’t the case. You know what the means: no more Beatrice’s messenger and uu’ing. Sorry, I know you were looking forward to those.

The only one who I can see that can stop Eva-Beatrice is another Witch or Eva herself. She must know by now that her other self is going to kill her only son! I doubt the Eva-Beatrice will have any trouble after seeing what  she put Rosa and Maria through.

Beatrice acting all weak, timid and moe-like disturbs me. Not in a good way.  Why? Because it contradicts the image that she’s been giving us. Beato? She’s looking as soft as Kobato in this scene if you ask me compared to what she was before. Anyway, I’m actually very disappointed in Beatrice. She’s supposed to be evil. She is been acting as the backbone of Umineko. She provides the horror part of the show. Her cruel and sadistic behavior was as close as Umineko could get to Higurashi and seeing that image of her shattered in many pieces. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed much. What’s more she has lived for a 1000 years I’d think that someone who has lived for that long would undertand pretty much everything that there is to know about everything. The reason why she would act like is confusing. I had my doubts about the Beatrice’s evilness but I wasn’t expecting this. So I guess that Eva-Beatrice is going to on easy on them. Whatever that means.

9 thoughts on “Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – 15 – Who Are You and What Have You Done With Beatrice? Beato? More like Kobato

  1. The title ‘Beatrice’ is given to the new Endless Witch. However to become one you need approval from the current Endless Witch and a member of the Witch Senate. Beato only went through training because Virgilia decided not to just hand over the title, but Beato in this case gave it up because she promised that the person who solved the epitaph first would become the new successor. With becoming the successor comes the title of the witch too.

    It’s not seeing Rosa and Maria dying over and over that pisses Battler off, as much as Beato enjoying it and asking him to laugh with her at the crazy deaths. Beato killing them is one thing, but seeing her laugh and enjoy the countless deaths like it’s nothing is what makes him mad (he believe Eva-Beatrice is just a charade/fake put in by Beato, so he thinks it’s her doing all this and not Evatrice). You have to understand that Beato doesn’t enjoy killing people just because she likes to kill. She does it to alleviate her boredom. Evatrice, on the other hand, enjoys killing in brutal ways.

    Also again – try not to compare Higurashi and Umineko n_n; Higurashi is a horror story, Umineko is a mystery story. Even if the same chef makes two similar cakes they will never taste exactly alike, so you shouldn’t expect them to.

    • My first impression of Beatrice:
      [First arc] – Beatrice’s acts are of malice. She is cruel and unforgiving.
      [Second arc] – It’s a crazy battle of wits where Beatrice enjoying torturing Battler.
      [Third arc] – More like a “fun” game between the two of them. I guess Beatrice got the *fun* part wrong.
      [Fourth arc] – ???

      I don’t know it seems too cheap to just give all the powers to someone even if that person solves the epitaph. It’s like saying you can make someone God over night. I’m curious to know what would happen if a man would solve the epitaph like Battler or any of the other grown ups and more importantly if they can *stop* the game if they do. Eva’s evil side didn’t want to so I’m guessing that’s why the game is still on.

      Attempting to see this from the point of view of an entity with god-like powers, killing would mean nothing since they are freed from mortal laws. It means even less when they can bring them back to life like nothing happens. Still, Virgilia and Bernaskel seem to have the morals that Beato has lost a long time ago. Not all witches are evil so I’m assuming that that’s the reason why Bernaskel is helping Battler.

      Beatrice used to be human so she should understand what being human is like even after so many years. I suppose that is causing her to revert back to her old human self. Still, I’ve always considered her cruelty to be due to insanity than to boredom. That would make the image that she made for herself vanish. I wonder if that feeling is enough to make her stop this game at some point, huh.

      It’s difficult to even try to deny witches after such full display of their powers. In other words, it’s still difficult to understand Battler why he gets so worked up by existences who aren’t supposed to be real (witches) and something that isn’t supposed to be happening like deaths even if they are illusions. I’m sure some viewers feel that way too–confused. Still, I get the idea that it must be extremely frustrating to try denying something that you cannot begin to explain.

      Here like many I’m trying to figure out this show step by step. I don’t know how things will turn out. Umineko is a show where predictions are only limited to the next episode. The comment about the Higurashi comparisons is duly noted though I can’t promise it won’t happen again though since mostly meant as observations than actual criticism. My point about Beato is that it will be bad if the supposed “bad guy” starts to show such great signs of weakness then it would mean that another greater new evil would have to take her place otherwise I’d feel that Beato would not be right for the job.

      • What you said about morals and what not goes back to why Virgilia wanted to take Endless away from Beato. Beato has abused her power and would break a vase to alleviate her boredom because she knows she can repair it easily, so it doesn’t even matter to her. With this power she can be happy forever, but with that eternal happiness comes eternal boredom. She’s not insane she’s just bored – this entire game is for her to relieve her boredom.

        It’s not that Battler believes his aunt and cousin are being crushed by cakes and the like. It’s that he’s mad Beatrice is making their brutal deaths into a show for her own amusement. He knows it’s not real but it doesn’t help that Beato is sitting there laughing and even asking him to laugh with her at the sight of his aunt and cousin being killed.

        As for the last part – another greater evil would have to take her place? What about Evatrice then ;) Obviously she seems to be in control of the ceremony, otherwise if Beato had her way Maria wouldn’t have been sacrificed.

  2. Ummm Maria and Rosa’s death was actually the second twilight, the “tear apart the two who are close” one.

  3. @Taiyaki
    Yes, the first 6 sacrifices were the first twilight
    Rosa and Maria are the second twilight.
    I sort of considered what happened to George and Shannon in the second arc to be the next twilight. That probably caused the confusion.

    @ Marion
    Personally, I’d like to see Beatrice step back in the game. Eva-Beatrice pretty much has this game won. There are plenty of survivors left but only Battler and Kyrie seem to be the ones with great ideas. I suppose that since Eva has taken Beatrice’s then it also means that the game can end again if somebody else finds the gold, stops the ceremony or Eva Beatrice.

  4. Moetrice is good for fanboys, but not good for those taking this show super srs.

    I mean, We all thought she was some evil sadistic bitch killing people just for the hell of it, but come on.
    There’s gotta be a motive for Beatrice killing people over and over other than child’s play. Otherwise when it boils down to it, she really is just a kid who hasn’t matured. With that kind of mentality though, she’s enjoying her game with Battler, who on the other hand, is only playing so he can save everyone on Rokkenjima.

  5. *over analysis of fictional characters ensue, you are warned*

    I think that while the change of attitude from Beato is quick shocking, its not all the unexpected when you consider she is just super-human. I mean, the really core here is this:

    !!! What if Battler quits playing the game? !!!

    I’m sure that thought rattled her, since she is clearly having so much fun playing with him and wants it to continue on. I know she is endless and all that, but I’m wondering just how much power she has over ‘meta-Battlerkun’ versus the regular world. Also, even if she resets meta-Battler and starts the game again, that is kind of like calling a draw I imagine *scratches head*.

    On a side note, she has to have some other level of personality, or how would have the old man fallen for her in the first place?

  6. @Jubbz
    Totally. Moetrice is fun but it would kinda suck if she is actually a real softy. Simply because it hurt the srss part of the show and also because how are they supposed to continue the game if Beatrice becomes one of the good guys after all? Well, I’m hoping that this is Beatrice’s plan to mess with Battler’s head like she did with Shannon and Kannon. Although to be frank, it isn’t looking like it is :(

    She’s good looking and all but it isn’t enough for someone to go crazy over her imo. Kinzo is weird. The part where it’s mentioned that kept Beatrice imprisoned in a homunculus was creepy enough. I think that Kinzo is only attracted to her because she represents that something that surpasses everything he knows and understands. So he went crazy after seeing how much power someone like her could have.

  7. Oh yea, that is totally possible and one way to see it. I hadn’t thought of that, though in the crazy 07th Expansion sense, it makes more sense :)

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